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How will you free the allocated memory ?
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Sourav said:   2 years ago
I have one doubt, why not dalloc (var-name)? Please explain.

Mohamed Mosad said:   7 years ago
To be more specific we shall say,


Rashmi said:   7 years ago
Dealloc does not exist.

Only malloc, calloc, realloc and free are the methods of dynamic memory allocation.

Vasu said:   8 years ago
free in place of using realloc. realloc(*ptr,0) this function is also deleted memory space in heap section.

Kartheek said:   8 years ago
Using free.

Void free(void * ptr);

Roger said:   9 years ago
By Using Free-Var, you get random memory allocation.!

Nitish Dhok said:   9 years ago
If you allocate the memory using new then you should deallocate using delete and if you allocate the memory using malloac then you must deallocate is using free.

Kayalvizhi Selvaraj said:   10 years ago
Here free() means releasing the memory, also dalloc() does. isn't it?

Sindhuja said:   10 years ago
malloc, calloc, dalloc means? How does they differ each other?

Narasimham said:   10 years ago
What is meant of calloc?

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