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Is standard library a part of C language?

[A]. Yes
[B]. No

Answer: Option B


The C standard library consists of a set of sections of the ISO C standard which describe a collection of header files and library routines used to implement common operations, such as input/output and string handling, in the C programming language. The C standard library is an interface standard described by a document; it is not an actual library of software routines available for linkage to C programs.

Subhash said: (Sep 30, 2011)  
If standard Library is not a part of C. Then why "stdlib.h" is included in some cases.

Debendra Nath Tiwary said: (Sep 2, 2012)  
Subash: this is because the function u might be using in ur programme its declaration is in the header file and function is in the library file

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