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What will be the output of the program?
int main()
    printf("%f\n", sqrt(36.0));
    return 0;
Error: Prototype sqrt() not found.
Answer: Option

printf("%f\n", sqrt(36.0)); It prints the square root of 36 in the float format(i.e 6.000000).

Declaration Syntax: double sqrt(double x) calculates and return the positive square root of the given number.

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Shailesh said:   1 decade ago

36.0 is double.

6.0 is float.

So the answer 6.0 is not possible.

Surbhi said:   1 decade ago
Why not 6.0?

Rajaasekaran said:   1 decade ago
Can you give me example program for square root of double ?

Ramkrishna said:   1 decade ago
6.0 is allso float right? Why can't I become a answer please explain?

Gaurav said:   1 decade ago
But sir, float has only 4 terms after decimal place and there is 6 six terms after decimal?

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