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By default a real number is treated as a
long double
far double
Answer: Option

In computing, 'real number' often refers to non-complex floating-point numbers. It include both rational numbers, such as 42 and 3/4, and irrational numbers such as pi = 3.14159265...

When the accuracy of the floating point number is insufficient, we can use the double to define the number. The double is same as float but with longer precision and takes double space (8 bytes) than float.

To extend the precision further we can use long double which occupies 10 bytes of memory space.

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Vasam sai prathyusha said:   3 years ago
I can't understand. Anyone Please explain once.

Satish said:   5 years ago
Here, What is mean by var?

Sai veena said:   5 years ago
Why we use long double for computing quadratic equations and why not floating point?

Aathiraja said:   6 years ago
Please explain clearly.

Mounika said:   6 years ago
Thanks for the given explanation.

Rekha said:   6 years ago
I have a doubt. What is the difference between the following terms?

Int a; and int a=20;
Int a=b,b=20;

What will be the output causes if the values consider first a = b or b values.

TAMIZHARASI said:   6 years ago
Thanks for the given explanation.

Lavanya said:   6 years ago
Is there far double data type in c?

Jack said:   6 years ago
Long double is also the right one. Why to take only double?

Kriti said:   6 years ago
Why it is not long double?

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