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Even if integer/float arguments are supplied at command prompt they are treated as strings.
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Aanandita said:   7 years ago
They are treated as strings until they are type casted using atof or atoi functions. So the answer in my opinion is true.

Avinash said:   7 years ago
The answer is False, if the arguments are considered as strings by default then there is no question of typecasting in the program.

Ramyadeepika said:   7 years ago
Please give us Correct explanation.

Prashant said:   8 years ago
I Thing answer. Should be false.

Only in java, all in the form of String.

Deepak said:   8 years ago
According to me, the given answer is right.

Gayathry said:   8 years ago
Answer should be false.

Revathi said:   9 years ago
I need explanation to this question.

Kaarthick said:   9 years ago
The answer is False. Only in Java and C#, arguments are treated as strings.

GURUPRASATH said:   1 decade ago
This is a wrong answer.. In java only the arguments will be treated as strings....

Nikhil said:   1 decade ago
Can anyone provide example for this expression?

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