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A macro must always be defined in capital letters.
Answer: Option

FALSE, The macro is case insensitive.

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Ruku said:   6 years ago
True, a macro is always case-sensitive it's probably a good rule of thumb!

E.G. #define, #ifndef, #elif.

Rach said:   8 years ago
Macro should be written in capitals.

Sindhu said:   8 years ago
Where macro is used in C?

Bhannu prakash said:   9 years ago
MACRO should be in capital letters. It is case sensitive.

Supraja said:   1 decade ago
We can declare a macro in small case, but it is preferred to be written in capitals so that it can be easily discovered that it is a macro.

Sindu said:   1 decade ago
Case sensitive in the sense the compiler can work either on capital or smaller letters so macro is case sensitive.

Gopi said:   1 decade ago
Macro is case sensitive

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