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Bitwise | can be used to multiply a number by powers of 2.
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Ionut said:   8 years ago
<< (LEFT SHIFT n positions) multiplies by 2^n.

>> (RIGHT SHIFT n positions) divides by 2^n.

Abhayraj SN said:   8 years ago
<< (LEFT SHIFT) multiplies by 2.
>> (RIGHT SHIFT) divides by 2.

Correct me if it's wrong!

Ranjit said:   1 decade ago
Multiplying by a power of 2 is the same as shifting to the left. If you shift it left by 3 places you multiply it by 2^3=8. Similarly shifting to the right is division by powers of 2.

Raushan said:   1 decade ago
For power operation, multiplication is done repeatedly the same number of time as is the number. Direct bitwise operation for power is not available.

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