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In which numbering system can the binary number 1011011111000101 be easily converted to?
Decimal system
Hexadecimal system
Octal system
No need to convert
Answer: Option
Hexadecimal system is better, because each 4-digit binary represents one Hexadecimal digit.
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Akash c said:   3 years ago
It's very easy when we convert binary to hexadecimal why because.
If we convert binary (2) to Hexa (16) then we try to make 2's power which is equivalent to 16.
i.e 2^4= 16, here the power is 4 now mare a group of 4 digits and write for corresponding decimal number (for example 10111010 make a group of 4 digits.

Like 1011 = b, 1010= a).

Praveen said:   4 years ago
Converting into octal is also not difficult because every three digits from LSB(least significant bit) in the binary system will represent 1 digit in the octal system.


It is 133705 in the octal system.


Linus said:   7 years ago
There are 16 numbers in 1011011111000101. 16 is evenly divisible by four, but not by three, so hexadecimal is easier than octal.

Ganga said:   8 years ago
Binary number easily converted to decimal. But why not hexadecimal?

Chetan patil said:   9 years ago
The conversion of binary 2 hexadecimal is easy.

Subhash said:   9 years ago
Ya 3 digit of binary is very easy to convert to octal.

Monika said:   1 decade ago
Why not octal ?

Sailusha said:   1 decade ago
Please tell me how to write 15 table by using bitwise operators?

Madhu said:   1 decade ago

Cmsullad said:   1 decade ago
In hexadecimal only four letters required to represent, hence it is easy. Note, in octal it is represented with six digits ?

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