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Problems in obtaining large amounts of proteins encoded by recombinant genes can often be overcome by using
expression vectors
all of these
Answer: Option
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Raj said:   5 years ago
Yes, but good vectors for cloning large DNA. But expression vectors are specific for the expression for an insered gene.

Vinita said:   6 years ago
Bac and yac are advance form of cloning vectors, they are not expression vectors.

Deep said:   6 years ago
Why option D is not correct? As BAC and YAC are also expression vector's.

Afzal said:   7 years ago
Vector is not just a plasmid. There are many types of vectors. Like bacterial artificial chromosome and Yeast chromosome etc.

Caroline said:   9 years ago
Hi, according to wiki, An expression vector, otherwise known as an expression construct, is usually a plasmid or virus designed for protein expression in cells.

The vector is used to introduce a specific gene into a target cell, and can commandeer the cell's mechanism for protein synthesis to produce the protein encoded by the gene.

ANJU said:   1 decade ago
Recombinant DNA works when the host cell expresses protein from the recombinant genes.

A significant amount of recombinant protein will not be produced by the host unless expression Factors are added.

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