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The advantage of using DNA polymerases from thermophilic organisms in PCR is that
the DNA polymerases of these bacteria are much faster than those from other organisms
the DNA polymerases of these bacteria can withstand the high temperatures needed to denature the DNA strands
the DNA polymerases of these bacteria never make mistakes while replicating DNA
all of the above
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Noumal Hassni said:   3 years ago
The polymerase chain reaction is a thermo-cycling process involving high temperature as 94°C, DNA polymerase of thermophilic bacteria can survive such temperature. An example is a commonly used Taq-polymerase enzyme isolated from Thermophylus aquatics.

Anu said:   6 years ago
Denaturation of DNA means separating two strands of DNA by using some bacterias at temp 94 to 95-degree celsius.

Samuel Terkper Ahuno said:   7 years ago
Thermophilic as the name suggests, are -heat loving organisms. They have the ability to withstand high conditions of temperature. DNA pols from these organisms are widely used.

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