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The Southern blotting technique depends on
similarities between the sequences of probe DNA and experimental DNA
similarities between the sequences of probe RNA and experimental RNA
similarities between the sequences of probe protein and experimental protein
the molecular mass of proteins
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Anni said:   6 years ago
Southern blot for detecting specific DNA molecules and nitrocellulose is used.

Shruthi said:   7 years ago
Southern blot for DNA.
Northern blot for RNA.
Western blot for protein.
Eastern blot for PTM.

Ravi said:   7 years ago
@Ayan Sinha.

Chemicals used in southern blotting are salt buffer and nitrocellulose paper is used.

Shyam said:   8 years ago
This is one of the processes of finding the similarities in the probe DNA and experimental DNA.

Ayan sinha said:   10 years ago
Tell me the chemical used in southern blotting technique?

Chaitanya said:   1 decade ago
Mainly southern bloting techinque is used for dna.

Izo said:   1 decade ago
Is a laboratory method used to detect specific DNA molecules from among a many other DNA molecules.

Love sandhu said:   1 decade ago
Probe DNA and experimental DNA are correspond to each other.

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