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In the meiotic cell divison in daughter cells are produced by two successive division in which
first division is equational, second is reductional
first division is reductional and second is equational
both divisions are reductional
both divisions are equational
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Shanthi Priya said:   12 months ago
Yes, option B is correct. The first division is reductional and the second is equational i.e., similar to a mitotic division.

Riya basu said:   4 years ago
First division is reductional as homologous chromosomes are separated in anaphase 1 (so if there are suppose 8 chromosomes i.e., 4 pair of homologous chromosomes then each daughter cell receives 4 each thereby reducing the chromosome number) whereas the second one is equational as sister chromatids are separated in anaphase 2 and each of the chromatids now behave as chromosome of daughter cell thereby chromosome number remain unchanged i.e., 4.

Asit said:   5 years ago
Answer is B, because the homologous chromosomes are separated at anaphase 1.

Maninder said:   6 years ago
Answer is correct because in 1st division chromosomes doubles and hence they are diploid but in second division they divide and become haploid.

Md. abdullah. said:   6 years ago
I think the correct answer is B. Because the number of chromosome is halfed in meiosis I and in meiosis II only mitosis like cell division occur.

Maria said:   10 years ago
Meiotic division is reducing division of cell so how first division is equational?

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