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How many chromatids does a diploid body cell contain just prior to cell division?
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Ayesha momina said:   4 years ago
Please explain briefly.

Sajida said:   5 years ago
Chromosomes undergo duplication during s phase. So, chromosomes appear with two chromatids. Therefore in 46 chromosomes there are 92 dna as well as 92 chromatids.

Sonia said:   5 years ago
Chromosomes consist of two identical strands called chromatids formed during S phase so 46 chromosomes mean 92 chromatids.

Saloni surabhi said:   7 years ago
The diploid body cells contain 46chromosomes and the no. of chromatids is just double of the number of chromosomes i.e..92.

G N S Hema Sree said:   1 decade ago
In meiosis for the gamete cell to obtain the haploid condition the half set of the chromosomes are removed as polar body. So the parent cell contain diploid in nature i.e., 2n 46 chromosomes. But in mitosis the daughter cells must retain the diploid condition. The 46 chromosomes are replicated and are distributed to the daughter cells. But 92 represents tetraploid nature i.e., 4n nature. This is seen only when there is defect in distribution of chromosomes. This is mainly seen in triticum aestivum. Please explain the answer how it is 92.

Pallavi Gharat said:   1 decade ago
Haploid cells contain 1 set of chromosomes in their nuclei. Diploid cells contain 2 sets of chromosomes in their nuclei. The human species contain 46 chromosomes in their nuclei. This is the diploid (2n) number. The sex cells of the species have 23 chromosomes in their nuclei. This is the haploid (n) number. When fertilisation takes place the 23 chromosomes (n) from the father (called Paternal chromosomes) and the 23 chromosomes (n) from the mother (called the Maternal chromosomes) combine to form the diploid (2n=46) number of chromosomes in the fertilised egg cell.

Farhat said:   1 decade ago
Just prior to cell division it is diploid but please explain it for which organism chromosome no is 92.

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