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The event(s) which does not occur during interphase, is/are
Chromatin condenses
Protein Synthesis
Organelles replication
DNA replication
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Rohit yadav said:   9 years ago
Interphase is a stage before cell division that involves G1, S, G2 phase while condensation start in prophase by the enzyme condensin that come in M phase.

Ankita said:   10 years ago
G1+s+G2 togetherly called interphase, and chromatin condensation occur in mitosis i.e. in M phase.

Pallavi said:   10 years ago
Chromatin - a chromatin strand - consists of a DNA double helix with associated histone proteins, giving an appearance like a string with beads on it. The string is the DNA and the beads are separated clusters of 8 histones with DNA wrapped around them (technically, these are called nucleosome core particles, but most of the time they are just called nucleosomes).

Chromatin can fold upon itself to form higher-level structures, making it more compact. During prophase, that is what begins to occur: the chromatin begins condensing by twisting and coiling upon itself, making it shorter and more compact.

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