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During which phase of growth of Penicillium chrysogenum maximum antibiotic production takes place
during the first phase
during the second phase
during the third phase
same in all the phases
Answer: Option
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Anoop kumar pal said:   3 years ago
The maximum growth occurs in stationary phase. It should be in third phase.

Sir AB said:   6 years ago
Please I need a better explanation on why it is the second phase (a phase known for optimum growth and no or little production).

Sourav said:   7 years ago
But most antibiotics are obtained in stationary phase.

Then how in 2nd phase?

Kapil said:   10 years ago
Because Microbial Growth in increasing rate in only second phase such as Exponential growth.

Mrosso said:   10 years ago
Why in second phase?

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