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Which of the following organic groups are found in naturally occuring amino acids?
Guanidinium ion
All of these
Answer: Option
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Lemomu tajudeen said:   4 years ago
Thanks all for the explanation.

Almas said:   5 years ago
Thanks for explaining.

Vijay Pal Singh said:   5 years ago
Good for understanding. Thanks.

Awgchew kebede said:   7 years ago
Thanks for posting this interesting question.

Siganda Hellen said:   7 years ago
Thank you for providing the useful question.

Sulti Amao said:   7 years ago
Thanks for providing this type of question.

Laqtar Odhiambo said:   7 years ago
And tryptophan is the bulkiest amino acid.

Badrinath N said:   1 decade ago
The Correct Answer is [D].
A]. Guanidinium ion is present in arginine
[B]. Indole is present in tryptophan
[C]. Imidazole is present in histidine

Debi prasad Mohanty said:   1 decade ago
Because all the organic groups are present in amino acids.

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