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The absence of ascorbic acid in the human diet gives rise to
pernicious anemia
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Zeeshan Afzal said:   4 years ago
Ascorbate deficiency can cause Microcytic anaemia.,

Macrocytic or megaloblastic anaemia is caused by Deficiency of Vit. B12 or folate.

Ashfaq bhat said:   5 years ago
There is metabolic inter-relationship between vit c and vit b12. So, deficiency of one may lead to a deficiency of other vitamins.

Naina said:   5 years ago
It's not a correct answer because of vitamin B12 deficiency cause pernicious anaemia. And what it correct answer?

Umar Farooq said:   6 years ago
Pernacious anemia is a disease in which b12 is not absorbed in the body. Usually an intrinsic factor is attached with it in stomach but due to deficency it cannot attach to vitamin and vitamin cannot be absorbed in body and condition is called pernecious anemia.

Jenipher said:   7 years ago
That is not a correct answer because pernicious anemia is caused by the deficiency of vitamin B12 and not vitamin C.

Ayubu said:   7 years ago
Pernicious anemia is due to lack of cobalamin b12 not due to abscobic acid. Which its deficiency leads to ber beri and wernickle kersakoff.

Yollam Shaban said:   7 years ago
Pernicious anemia is caused by vitamin B12 deficiency not vitamin C.

Mrugesh Patel said:   7 years ago
Cataract is the correct answer.

This reduction in Vitamin C is due to the eye's impaired ability to secrete Vitamin C into the aqueous humor and the body's overall Vitamin C deficiency.

Puttu said:   8 years ago
Pernicious anemia is deficiency of B12.

Yoyo said:   8 years ago
What is pernicious anemia?

Scurvy gum decay and tooth loss.

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