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Malate-asparatate shuttle operates in
lungs and liver
heart and liver
pancreas and liver
none of these
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Chileleko Moono said:   1 month ago
Someone, please explain more about this.

Emmy said:   4 years ago
Please explain on how it is the heart and liver?

Maurine said:   5 years ago
Please, explain it clearly.

Aneth said:   6 years ago
How this malate-aspartate shuttle occurs? Please explain.

Selma haitembu said:   7 years ago
I never knew about that, thanks!

Prarthana Badiger said:   8 years ago
The enzymes required for this shuttle system are only found in liver, kidney and heart.

Durga said:   8 years ago
Please explain how is it in liver and heart?

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