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How many molecules of ATPs are synthesized per NADH oxidation?

[A]. 2
[B]. 1
[C]. 3
[D]. 4

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Brenda said: (Mar 12, 2014)  
There is 1 ATP for every 3 NADH produced. How did it become 3 ATPs for every 1 NADH?

Seye said: (Jun 28, 2014)  
Its the other way round, for every NADH oxidation, 3 ATPs are synthesized.

Rik said: (Aug 23, 2014)  
When 1 molecule of NADH is oxidised in ETS. IT produces 3 ATP.

Kevin Tony said: (Oct 19, 2014)  
The accuracy differs for every molecule of NADH oxidized, 2.5 ATPs are synthesised for every molecule of FADH oxidized, 1.5 ATPs are formed.

Oluwole Simeon said: (Mar 4, 2016)  
1 molecule of NADH oxidized by the complex 1 of the ETC produced 3 molecules of ATP.

Mosley Hazard said: (Jul 14, 2016)  
1 molecule of NADH are oxidized to produce 3 molecules of ATP.

Tvesha Sharma said: (Jul 24, 2016)  
To answer precisely, 2.5 ATP molecules are synthesized for 1 NADH molecule.

Aneth said: (Dec 17, 2016)  
1 molecule of NADH oxidised to produce 2.5 ATP.

Jennifer said: (Apr 21, 2017)  
NADH is it reduced or oxidised in the TCA cycle?

I thought NAD+ goes into the cycle there oxidising the cycle.

Enyo said: (Oct 9, 2017)  
It depends on if it's malate-aspartate (3) or glycerol phosphate pathway (2).

Bala Morgan said: (Feb 15, 2018)  
It always depend on if it's malate-aspartate or glycerol phosphate pathway.

Jaithanya said: (Jan 25, 2020)  
1 NADH produces 3ATP Molecules whereas 1 FADH produce 2ATP.

Kessiena said: (Mar 4, 2021)  
1 NADH oxidized to give 3ATP molecules (malate-aspartate shuttle).

On the other hand, 1 NADH oxidized to give 2ATP (in glycerol phosphate shuttle).

1 FADH2 oxidized to give 2ATP molecules.

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