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Important function of cholesterol is to
modulate fluidity
enhance blood circulation
prevent bile salts formation
None of these
Answer: Option
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Birhan said:   9 years ago
Cholesterol, being a rigid molecule, resists change in fluidity of the biological membrane at extremes of temperature. So, I think option A is the best answer.

MazJobrani said:   9 years ago
The best answer choice here is that the Cholesterol Modulates Fluidity. Which is what it is known for.

High levels of cholesterol impedes blood circulation. Which is why patients have hypertension, and need to be put on statins amongst other drugs when dietary modifications fail.

In my opinion, Option A is the best answer choice.

IROAKAZI, PANDORA said:   1 decade ago
Cholesterol due to its bulky nature decreases the fluidity of the membrane and at the same helps in solubility when necessary. This also is as a result of the presence of the OH group on carbon number 3. So I know it also modulates fluidity.

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