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In what form does the product of glycolysis enter the TCA cycle?
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Hira khan said:   3 years ago
No, the right option is pyruvate.

Eleazar Chola said:   6 years ago
The end product of glycolysis is pyruvate and for it to enter the mitochondria from the cytosol it needs to be converted into oxaloacetate by the citrate synthase and a CoA enzyme Acetyl CoA hence making the AcetylCoA a perfect answer.

Jennifer said:   6 years ago
AcetylCoA the end product of glycolysis which is pyruvate(3C) undergoes oxidative decarboxylation to form acetyl CoA(2C). And in this process, NAD+ is reduced to NADH + H+ and this Co-enzyme doesn't add up to the three present in the proper TCA cycle.

Nicholas Mutai said:   7 years ago
Actually, pyruvate does not enter the citric acid cycle but undergoes some chemical grooming in which a carboxyl group is removed and given off as co2. The 2 carbon compound remaining is oxidised while a molecule of NADH+ is reduced to NA,DH.

Coenzyme adjoins with 2 carbon groups to form acetyl coenzyme An abbreviated as acetyl-CoA so I can say acetyl coA is the best.

Winifred said:   7 years ago
AcetylCoA is the hydrolyzed form of pyruvate under aerobic conditions, and this ACoA enters into the Kreb cycle to react with oxaloacetate to form citrate.

Selma haitembu said:   7 years ago
It actually said in what form dies pyruvate which is the end form of glycolysis enter the citric acid cycle, and the form is AcetylCoA, just go through the question again.

Sushil said:   8 years ago
Pyruvate enters the mitochondria where TCA cycle takes place. Pyruvate then forms acetyl CoA which in combination with oxaloacetate proceeds the Krebs cycle. So answer should be pyruvate as per my knowledge because the question demands the end product of glycolysis which occur in cytosol.

Khawla said:   8 years ago
But pyruvate is end product of glycolysis.

RONIT SHARMA said:   9 years ago
AcetyCoA is 2 carbon containing component which along with Oxalo acetic acid (4C) forms citric acid hence also called citric acid cycle.

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