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Coomassie Blue stains the proteins by reacting with
arginine residues
free c-termini
peptide bonds
aromatic ring
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Don Joe said:   7 years ago
How does Coomassie blue staining work?

The Coomassie dyes (R-250 and G-250) bind to proteins through ionic interactions between dye sulfonic acid groups and positive protein amine groups as well as through Van der Waals attractions. Coomassie R-250, the more commonly used of the two, can detect as little as 0.1 ug of protein.

Which amino acids does Coomassie Blue bind to?

In acidic conditions, the dye binds to proteins primarily through basic amino acids (primarily arginine, lysine and histidine), and the number of coomassie dye ligands bound to each protein molecule is approximately proportional to the number of positive charges found on the protein.

Nikhil said:   7 years ago
I can't get the answer so, anyone please explain it.

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