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D-Alanine and L-Alanine are technically known as
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Don joe said:   6 years ago
Anomers are diastereoisomers of cyclic forms of sugars or similar molecules differing in the configuration at the anomeric carbon (C-1 atom of an aldose or the C-2 atom of a 2-ketose).

Don joe said:   6 years ago
Diastereomers are compounds that have similar configuration at some carbon and dissimilar configuration at some carbons.

Whereas epimers are compounds that differ in configuration at only one chiral carbon.

The point of difference arises in the fact that epimers have only one chiral carbon which is different in configuration whereas diastereomers can have any number of different configuration around its chiral carbons (except all being different).

If two compounds would differ at all stereocentres, they would be enantiomers or if a pair of stereoisomers are non-superimposable mirror images of each other, then they are enantiomers.

Awe Tobi (AWISTO) said:   6 years ago
Enantiomers are D and L---- isomerism monosaccharide containing from 1---4 chiral center which therefore has different optical isomers.

Kahf sadam said:   8 years ago
I don't understand clearly the meaning of the others.

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