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Which of the following amino acids can form hydrogen bonds with their side (R) groups?
Aspartic acid
All of these
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Abby said:   9 years ago
How are all these Amino acids are gonna be able to form a hydrogen bond with their side group.

Pride said:   9 years ago
I think it's because all these amino acids are polar.

Debabrata Mohanty said:   9 years ago
It is because of the presence of N atom in all these amino acids which is more electronegative, suitable to bind with H atom to form H bond by strong dipole dipole attraction due to electron with drawing properties of electronegative atom.

Maluni vincent Nzuve said:   8 years ago
Because asparagine and glutamine have amide group which is hydrophilic. Also, the cooh group in aspartic acid is hydrophilic.

Vipul said:   6 years ago
I think the amino acid that is given is not polar.

Nazo rahim said:   3 years ago
Serin, threonine, Tyrosine, each contain polar hydroxyl groups that can participate in hydrogen bond formation the side chain of asparagine and glutamates each contain a Carbonyl group and an amide group, both of which can also participate in a hydrogen bond.

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