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Molar absorbtivities of compounds exhibiting charge transfer absorption are
none of these
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Kala said:   8 years ago
Elaborate the given answer.

Kotresha k said:   8 years ago
Why molar absorptivities of compounds exhibiting charge transfer absorption?

Shobhit Tiwari said:   8 years ago
Species that exhibit charge-transfer absorption are of particular importance because their molar absorptivities are very large (max > 10,000). Thus, these complexes provide a highly sensitive means for detecting and determining absorbing species. Complexes exhibit charge transfer absorption are called charge-transfer complexes. In order for a complex to exhibit a charge-transfer spectrum, it is necessary for one of its components to have electron-donor characteristics and for the other component to have electron-acceptor properties. Absorption of radiation then involves the transfer of an electron from the donor to an orbital that is largely associated with the acceptor.

Vineetha said:   7 years ago
Give correct explanation.

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