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The most stabilizing force for nucleic acids is

[A]. hydrogen bonds
[B]. electrostatic bond
[C]. Van der Waals
[D]. conformational entropy

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Owoyemi Olayinka said: (Oct 21, 2014)  
Van der waal's force is a weak kind of force. Why would it be the most stabilizing force for nucleic acids?

Usha said: (Jan 21, 2015)  
It will be hydrogen bonds.

Alex said: (Oct 24, 2016)  
It's Van der Waal forces they are significant in base stacking.

Nikhil said: (Nov 9, 2016)  
Yeah. Van der Waal forces act as stacking forces which play an important role in stabilizing the DNA structure.

Alex said: (Feb 19, 2017)  
Please explain Van der Waal forces.

Zeenat said: (Apr 23, 2017)  
Van der waals interactions between adjacent bases and hydrogen bonding between complementary strands.

Syed Yousaf Raza said: (Apr 11, 2018)  
Van der Waals forces are weak but they are in high concentrations collectively they play important role in stabilizing the DNA.

Abegail said: (Sep 29, 2018)  
I think hydrogen bonding is a more stabilizing force than Van Der Waals.

Youngest Oldman said: (Feb 7, 2019)  
Its Hydrogen bonding.

Tonny Marik said: (Mar 19, 2019)  
How come a weak hydrogen force become brought a stable compound?

Please give me an explanation.

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