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In the intestine, the dietary fats are hydrolysed by

[A]. triacylglycerol lipase
[B]. adenylate cyclase
[C]. pancreatic lipase
[D]. protein kinase

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Lokesh said: (Jul 19, 2012)  
Why adenylate cyclase ?

Henry said: (Jun 17, 2013)  
Don't bother with it, the right answer is pancreatic lipase. Adenylate cyclase is involved in the production of c-AMP.

Dina said: (Feb 12, 2014)  
Definitely it's pancreatic lipase, as Henry said adenylate cyclase produces cAMP.

Tolosa Getu said: (Aug 7, 2014)  
Yes answer should be pancreatic cyclase.

Tsega said: (Sep 19, 2015)  
I agree with them pancreatic lipase.

Esmeralda said: (Oct 13, 2015)  
After lipid emulsioned from gallbladder and biliary salts, they hydrolyses by pancreatic lipases. This enzymes secreted by pancreatic gland toward intense and converted Triglycerides in glycerol and fatty acids. I think is C.

Naburi said: (Oct 17, 2015)  
@Tsega can you explain it to us.

Zerihun Gizachew said: (May 30, 2016)  
Yes, the answer is 100% Option C.

Millicent said: (Jul 12, 2016)  
Thank you @Esmeralda.

Sagar said: (Aug 9, 2016)  
I also agree with the given answer.

Oswald said: (May 7, 2017)  
The correct answer is C. I agree.

Ramesh Nayak said: (Jun 18, 2017)  
C is the correct answer.

Fikadu Gidi said: (Apr 28, 2018)  
The answer is pancreatic lipase. Adenylate cyclase involved in the production of cAMP.

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