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Thin layer chromatography is
partition chromatography
electrical mobility of ionic species
adsorption chromatography
none of the above
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Afja ansari said:   6 years ago
Thin layer chromatography (TLC) is another type of adsorption chromatography , which invovles seperation of substances of a mixture over a thin layer of an adsorbent coated on glass plate . A thin layer (about 0.2 mm thick) of an adsorbent ( silica gel or alumina ) is spread over glass plate of suitable size .

Tadesse B said:   6 years ago
The answer is partition not adsorption.

Riya said:   6 years ago
It should be partition chromatography.

Moinul said:   6 years ago
Answer is not clear to me. Please explain in detail.

Lec said:   6 years ago
Could you please provide the relationship of adsorption and layer chromatography?

Lysa said:   6 years ago
No, it is a partition chromatography.

Sadbirdjassy said:   8 years ago
I don't understand explain the answer more, please.

Bhavin Uttekar said:   1 decade ago
As the solute does not make any of chemical bond to the inert support but the solute that is to be separated is gonna be form weak forces on the interface of surface and mobile phase so it is defined as adsorption chromatography.

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