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Directions to Solve

Each of the questions given below consists of a question followed by three statements. You have to study the question and the statements and decide which of the statement(s) is/are necessary to answer the question.


What is the capacity of the cylindrical tank?


The area of the base is 61,600 sq. cm.


The height of the tank is 1.5 times the radius.


The circumference of base is 880 cm.

Only I and II
Only II and III
Only I and III
Any two of the three
Only II and either I or III
Answer: Option

Capacity = r2h.

I gives, r2 = 61600. This gives r.

II gives, h = 1.5 r.

Thus, I and II give the answer.

Again, III gives 2r = 880. This gives r.

So, II and III also give the answer.

Correct answer is (E).

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Pooja said:   3 years ago
Using one and three we can be able to find only the radius.

So, using 2 can get h that is h=1.5r after getting height we can substitute in 1 or 3 and then finally we can substitute all in capacity.

Shengxin said:   3 years ago
Answer can't be D since I and III can't give the volume. Both gives the radius. We need height for volume.

Jay said:   4 years ago
The Right answer must be D.

Pragnesh Rana said:   5 years ago
The Right answer is option D.

Abhinash bardhan said:   6 years ago
Please can anyone explain this?

Amol said:   1 decade ago
( I and II) Or (II and III) will give the answer

Dibya said:   1 decade ago
Only option II is not sufficient.

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