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A group of students decided to collect as many paise from each member of group as is the number of members. If the total collection amounts to Rs. 59.29, the number of the member is the group is:

[A]. 57
[B]. 67
[C]. 77
[D]. 87

Answer: Option C


Money collected = (59.29 x 100) paise = 5929 paise.

Number of members = 5929 = 77.

Hilal said: (Dec 16, 2010)  
y taking square root??

Sandeep said: (Jan 25, 2011)  
No. of paise to be collected = no. of members = x.

Hence total amount = x * x = (x power 2) = 5929.

Nearest perfect square is 80*80 = 6400

Therefore ans is 77 paise.

Pavan said: (Feb 4, 2011)  
Why taking square root??

Ami said: (Feb 20, 2011)  
Why taking square root?

Pardhu said: (May 3, 2011)  
59.29 = 5929/100
5929/100*100 = 5929

Here we are calculating in the number of groups so we have do the root

Sqr.Root(5929) = 77

Rishi Shaunak Mehta said: (May 9, 2011)  
Square root is taken because the amount of paise each member will give is equal to the number of members in the group so the total amount will be square of the members in the group.

Bhaskar said: (Jun 14, 2011)  
Sir, I did not understand why square root is taken and I am not satisfied with the answer.

Suleman said: (Jun 28, 2011)  
I am also confused why square root is taken, would anyone please hlep me to make it understand.

Ved said: (Jul 29, 2011)  
Dear Suleman, number of paise and number of student both are equal. In this case we always use square root to find them. This concept also based on 9*9 grid (suduko).

Vishal said: (Aug 19, 2011)  
Kindy explain if some one find appropriate sol of why square root is taken.

Nipun Jolly said: (Sep 10, 2011)  
Read the question carefully!

it means
if 1 member then he will give as many members in the group i.e 1 paisa

if 2 member then they will give as many members in the group i.e 2 paisa per person. Therefore the tottal amount is 4 paisa

Similarly if there are 77 people in the group then total amount collected is 1529 i.e. 77*77.

M.V.Krishna/Palvoncha said: (Sep 11, 2011)  

From given condition,

No. of paise to be collected = no. of members.

because each member of that group giving one paise.

given amount= Rs.59.29.

coverting rupees to paise, we get 5929ps.

in any case when each one gives same amount as other, we get total

amount in this method i.e amount each one gave*no. of persons.........(A)

in above problem.

if there is one person, we get one paise.

if there are x persons, we get x paise

from the condition ...........(A).


then x=77.

Hope you understand.

Raktim said: (Jul 19, 2012)  
Lets take a similar example..

Let there are 4 students.
So each member will contribute 4 paise.

i.e., Total amount= 4+4+4+4
Hence, no.of students= square root of 16(i.e., total sum)which is equal to 4.

Thus we need to do the square root of the total amount.
Similarly relate to the given question.

Jyoti Manchanda said: (Aug 19, 2012)  
@M.V. krishna and Raktim............Awesome!! very helpul tips to understand this question

Ramesh said: (Mar 12, 2014)  
Why we have taken 100 in above problem?

Gunjan Rana said: (Mar 12, 2014)  
Can any body can explain how to find square root of digit 5929 ?

Krishna said: (May 9, 2014)  
@Gunjan Rana.

7|59 29 |7
   |49 |
   147 |10 29 |7
          |10 29 |
           00 00

First of all we should divide the given number into two equal pieces it is 5929 so that 59 and 29 are the two pieces.

Now we have to divide the first part with the squares only.
now 10 is remainder.

After that we have to take the second part of the number that is 29.
now the value is 1029.

Previously we took 7 to divide the first now we should take the double of the 7 that is 14.
if the number can divide with 147*7=1029.
remainder is zero.

If it can able to divide 146 then you should multiply with 6. that is 146*6.

Similarly 145*5.

The last position should be match.

Another example for you.
1|1 69 |1
   |1 |
   23 |0 69 |3
       |0 69 |
           00 00

13 is your answer.

Carlo said: (Aug 22, 2014)  
Why it has 100 in solution but no 100 in situation ?

Sarath said: (Dec 2, 2014)  
What will happen if the number is 15625?

Santhi said: (Feb 25, 2015)  
Please @Krishna Garu. Can give one more example please?

Sohabran said: (Apr 4, 2015)  
As the question says, that the amount in paise being collected from every member = The number of members.

Suppose if there is 1 guy then he will contribute on 1 paise.

Similarly 5 members will contribute 5 paise each. Which means the total amount collected will be 5x5 = 25.

Therefore here also 5929 = mxm.

Heena said: (Jun 24, 2015)  
How it would be if a remainder is a 2 digit of first division? For eg : sqrt(7921) would be 89 how?

Abhinav Kumar said: (Oct 3, 2015)  
So, in such kinds of sums, do we always have to convert 1 to paise?

Vinitha Raj said: (Oct 8, 2015)  
If question demands we have to convert it into paise.

Sbn. said: (May 15, 2016)  
@Vinitha & @Abhinav.

First, you have to understand the problem and convert the paise into a square root.

Mei144 said: (Aug 12, 2016)  
There is a flaw in this question, the question doesn't mention "each member contributes the same amount", therefore, one could contribute 2 paise, another may contribute 25 paise, another may contribute 50 paise. This will result in an alteration in the no.of the members.

Karunya said: (Jul 8, 2017)  

The question says "as many paise from each member of the group as is the number of members".that means the numbers of members and the amount donated is the same. There are 77 students and each donates 77 paise so 77*77=5929.

Hence the answer relates to the question.

Amaraiah said: (Jul 29, 2017)  
Why taking square root in the last step?

Deep Dey said: (Nov 10, 2017)  
Here first we know when money is collected then this was paise not rupees.

But here the amount given in Rs.59.29 Which is eqal to Rs.59.29=(59.29*100)=5929 paise.

Secondly the conditon is if there was x menmber in a group and one member gives x paise then we can said,
X^2=5929. Or x=77.

Saurabh Kumar said: (Jan 13, 2018)  
Why taking the square root of paise?

I didn't understand.

Manoj said: (Mar 27, 2018)  
They will collect "as many paise from each member of the group as is the number of members" that means amount of paise collected from each member is equal the total number of members. As they collected 5929 paise that means there should have been 77 members. And they collected 77 paise from each member.

Gaurav Sarode said: (Apr 27, 2018)  
Here, it is not given the accurate number of group members, so why we should take a group of 2 members or 3 members?

Kanhu Charan Mardi said: (Apr 13, 2019)  
How? Please explation the answer.

Divya Nesana said: (Jul 29, 2020)  
First, let's take an example.

Consider there are 10 members in the group and everybody pay 10 paise.
So the total amount collected is the number of members * total money paid by each member = 10*10 = 100.
Now remember this and consider the given question..

Here number of members = Money collected by each member = x
total money collected = x*x
5929 = x^2
X =√ 5929.
x= 77.

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