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In a 200 metres race A beats B by 35 m or 7 seconds. A's time over the course is:
40 sec
47 sec
33 sec
None of these
Answer: Option

B runs 35 m in 7 sec.

B covers 200 m in 7 x 200 = 40 sec.

B's time over the course = 40 sec.

A's time over the course (40 - 7) sec = 33 sec.

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Srikanth said:   5 years ago
When A reached 200m B reaches 165m.
So, B reaches last 35 min in 7 sec,

If B reaches 35m in 7 sec then how much time it takes to reach 165m is (7/35)*165 = ?.
= 33 seconds..

When B reaches 165m in 33sec then A reaches 200m in same time.

Bhawani Pratap said:   6 years ago
According to question if you read clearly it says that,
A beats B by 35 meters this statement clearly says A has completed 200 meters and B is lagging behind by 35 meters.
or A has completed the 200-meter distance 7 seconds early to B.
So both the information is about the completion of A.

The correct answer is

Speed of A =35/7=5 m/sec.
total time to cover 200m will be.
Time taken by A =200/5,

Surya senthilnathan said:   6 years ago
Speed of b= 35/7=5m/sec.

When A finishes 200 m, B completes 165m.
Time taken to complete 165m gives, A's course time.

Rajon debnath said:   7 years ago
200-35 = 165,
(165/35) * 7 = 33.

Paul said:   9 years ago
All you know is B runs the LAST 35 m in 7 seconds. This does not necessarily relate to speeds in the earlier part of the race.

In the extreme, both A and B may have taken an hour to run the first 100m (the information supplied does not disprove this).

The answer is D.

Anmol said:   1 decade ago
Simple it is.

B reaches after 7 secs when A has reached to the end point.
Actually 35 meters to cover B takes 7 secs.

So 5 meters per second.
Or 1 meter in 1/5 secs.

For 200 meters it is 40 secs.
So A's time is 40-7 = 33.

Imran Ansari said:   1 decade ago
For B:

35m - 7sec.
200m - (x) sec.
x = (7X200) /35 = 40 sec. (For B).

For A = 40 - 7.
= 33 sec. Answer.

Priyabrata said:   1 decade ago
After A covers, then B reached the destination after 7sec. And B covers 35 metres within that 7 sec.

Then B runs 35m in 7sec.

Ans 33sec.

SHAMBHU NATH DEY said:   1 decade ago
A beats B by 35 m or 7 seconds, here mention B runs 35 m in 7 sec.

Actual meaning A runs 35 m in 7.

Ans 40 sec.

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