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In 100 m race, A covers the distance in 36 seconds and B in 45 seconds. In this race A beats B by:
20 m
25 m
22.5 m
9 m
Answer: Option

Distance covered by B in 9 sec. = 100 x 9 m = 20 m.

A beats B by 20 metres.

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Himanshu Singla said:   1 decade ago
Here it is given that A can cover 100m in 36 sec and B in 45 sec. So when A reaches finish point B still has 9 sec left of his time to reach the final point. In this time he can cover the remaining distance by which he has been beaten.

In 45sec B can travel 100m.

In 1sec ------------- 100/45.

In 9 sec ------------ (100/45) *9=20 Answer.

HOPE you UNDERSTAND. Please clarify if am wrong.

Gowthami said:   1 decade ago
A beats=36sec
B beats=45sec
so 36----45
then 1 part=45/36=5/4
B covers A in 100m race=(4/5)*100=80m
so A beats B by=(total distance)100-B covers(80)
20m faster than B

Muneer said:   1 decade ago
Why we are taking 45 in the solution?

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