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Directions to Solve

Each of the questions given below consists of a question followed by three statements. You have to study the question and the statements and decide which of the statement(s) is/are necessary to answer the question.


What is Ravi's present age?


The present age of Ravi is half of that of his father.


After 5 years, the ratio of Ravi's age to that of his father's age will be 6 : 11.


Ravi is 5 years younger than his brother.

I and II only
II and III only
I and III only
All I, II and III
Even with all the three statements answer cannot be determined.
Answer: Option

  I. Let Ravi's present age be x years. Then, his father's present age = 2x years.

 II. After 5 years, Ravi's age = 6
Father's age 11

III. Ravi is younger than his brother.

From I and II, we get x + 5 = 6 .   This gives x, the answer.
2x + 5 11

Thus, I and II together give the answer. Clearly, III is redundant.

Correct answer is (A).

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Anome said:   10 months ago
Let Ravi's present age be x years.
And ravi's father age be y years.

x = 0.5 y ---> eqn.1
After 5 years, so x+5 & y+5,
x+5/y+5 = 6/11
11(x+5) = 6(y+5) ---> equ.2.
put equ.1 into equ. 2,

Then, put y into eqn.1,

VIGNESH said:   2 years ago
Is Ravi age is 25? Please explain it.

Nishant bhat said:   2 years ago

Father's age is 2x (since double of Ravi's age, and after 5yrs mentioned as above, will be 2x+5.

Azeema said:   3 years ago
How 2x+5? Explain please.

Ankit kumar said:   7 years ago
Good one. Thanks for giving this question.

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