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Discussion Forum : Odd Man Out and Series - Find Wrong No. (Q.No. 11)
Directions to Solve
Find out the wrong number in the series.

64, 71, 80, 91, 104, 119, 135, 155
Answer: Option

Go on adding 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19 respectively to obtain the next number.

So, 135 is wrong.

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Sudha said:   1 decade ago
7,9,11,13,15,17,19 i can't understand y 17 is missed explanation
thn,155 is correct in the series.

Mirajkar89 said:   1 decade ago
Just add 119+17=136 but not 135, therefore 135 is wrong.

Tarun said:   1 decade ago
I can't understand please send us details how this solve brefely.

Debashree said:   1 decade ago
Yes this logic is right.

But If we say 71 is the only odd number in the series where others are even then?

Manikant Thakur said:   9 years ago
But we can also think in this way that all no is composite no. other than 71 (Prime No).

So 71 should also be the right answer.

Bindu chauhan said:   9 years ago
I can't understand this solution please explain.

Pramod g said:   8 years ago
I can't understand this solution please explain it clearly.

Manish said:   8 years ago
The difference between 1st two number is 7 now add 2 in the difference of 1st 2 no. You will get the difference but 2nd and 3rd. Similarly, adds 2 in this difference you will get different between 3rd and 4th. Check in this way you will find that 135 is wrong instead of this there should be 136.

Sanky said:   6 years ago
I can't understand this logic. Please explain the logic.

Kunal Shriwas said:   6 years ago
But 71 is the only Prime number in the series so it should be correct.

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