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At what time between 7 and 8 o'clock will the hands of a clock be in the same straight line but, not together?
5 min. past 7
5 2 min. past 7
5 3 min. past 7
5 5 min. past 7
Answer: Option

When the hands of the clock are in the same straight line but not together, they are 30 minute spaces apart.

At 7 o'clock, they are 25 min. spaces apart.

Minute hand will have to gain only 5 min. spaces.

55 min. spaces are gained in 60 min.

5 min. spaces are gained in 60 x 5 min = 5 5 min.
55 11

Required time = 5 5 min. past 7.

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Nithya said:   1 decade ago
How is that at 7 o'clock they are 25 min space apart ?

Nitesh Nandwana said:   1 decade ago

This is very simple just see clock at the time of 7 o'clock.

The difference between hour hand and minute is 25 min.

Gopal said:   1 decade ago
I think they are counting clock wise direction from hour hand to minute hand. If they count from minute hand to hour hand it will be 35 mins

Aparna said:   1 decade ago
Simple method:

In one hour,once minute hand and hour hand comes in straight line
so our answer is something 7 past,not 8 past
use formula,
titha is 180,hour hand is on 7
put values
we get titha=60/11
convert into quotitent*remainder/divisor format
we get

So answer is 5*5/11 past 7.

Karthik said:   1 decade ago
In 1 hour the min hand will gain 60 min and the hour hand will gain 5 min (i.e if the time is 5 the hour hand will take 5 min spaces to reach 6) so 60-5= 55

Did you understand this?

Fatima said:   1 decade ago
Please someone clear that what angle in 8o'clock9 between.

Harshad said:   1 decade ago
How do you know that at 7 the difference is 25min?

@ Nitesh: Assuming I don't have a watch to look at and count the minutes.

Vivek jain said:   1 decade ago
How 55 min. spaces are gained in 60 min. ?

Please somebody tell me!

Scientist said:   1 decade ago
Dear aparna how did you got 11/2 ?

Faiz said:   1 decade ago

Man at 7 o clock, the hour hand is at 7 and the minute hand is in 12 i.e 60th min. assume the display in your watch is like 5 10 15.. 60.. so at 7 the hour hand will be at 35 and the min hand will be in 60.. now jus go on adding the minute space clockwise or els simple (60-35) gives 25 mins space..!!

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