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Discussion :: Selecting Words - Section 1 (Q.No.25)

Pick out the most effective word(s) from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.


I haven't seen you ...... a week.

[A]. within
[B]. since
[C]. for
[D]. from

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Tanvi said: (Jun 28, 2010)  
Can it be B...?

Narendra said: (Jul 8, 2010)  
Can't it be "from".

Rajesh said: (Jul 9, 2010)  
When given a week, day, month or year then we use FOR.

EX: for a week, for a year.

When given a particular point of time ie 6'o clock, 1947 we use since.

EX: since 1947, since 6'o clock.

Sunil said: (Nov 24, 2010)  
Thanks Rajesh.

Ruchi said: (Aug 8, 2011)  
Yes rajesh for can be used for intervals like week but since we use in case of any particular or specific date or time.

Saranya said: (Sep 3, 2011)  
Is that rite to use from are since,

I haven't seen you..... last week.

Rehana said: (Oct 14, 2011)  
Why can't it be from?

Zoya said: (Jan 19, 2012)  
Thank you so much rajesh.

Santosh Sn said: (Aug 22, 2012)  
Seems from or since.
=> Can we say tat it has over(since or from) and to be over(for)?

Preeti said: (Jun 15, 2013)  
But for or from used in perfect continuous tense as present past or future perfect continuous tenses as used have/has/had/will/shall + been.

So how it possible anyone pls tell me?

Priyanka said: (Jul 21, 2013)  
Since is used for point of time.

For is used for period of time.

Swetha said: (Aug 6, 2013)  
When numbers are came 1947 11 o'clock since is used.

For words days week for is used.

Mamatha said: (Dec 17, 2013)  
When we use "from"?

Gaurav Sharma said: (Mar 28, 2014)  
Used to indicate a specified place or time as a starting point: walked home from the station; from six o'clock on.

Navina said: (Sep 10, 2014)  
For means period of time.

Since means point of time.

Charu said: (Oct 22, 2014)  
Here we can't use since or for because sentence is formed with present prefect tense and we can use since or for only with prefect continuous tense.

Devil Said said: (Dec 23, 2014)  
Since is used in case of "point of time".

And for is used in case of "period of time" week in this sentence is representing a period of time so the answer is 'for'.

Rahul said: (Sep 18, 2015)  
We can't use time with have+3rd form.

Rahul said: (Sep 18, 2015)  
The answer is within or from.

Kashish said: (Oct 21, 2015)  
It has been raining since morning.

But morning till now is period of time? Please help?

Krishna said: (Dec 30, 2015)  
I haven't seen for a week.

I haven't seen since last week.

Both are correct. You can use any.

Logi said: (Aug 3, 2016)  
Thanks @Rajesh.

Sumit said: (Aug 20, 2017)  
Thanks @Rajesh.

Prashanth Reddy said: (Oct 14, 2017)  
Can we use I hadn't seen fora week?

Niharika said: (Dec 26, 2018)  
'since' is preferred for a period of time which starts in the past & still is continuing. And 'for' is used when something had started in the past but stopped. The answer is FOR since the action had stopped by seeing the person.

Priyanka said: (Aug 19, 2019)  
Thanks @Rajesh.

Renee Sewalia said: (May 6, 2021)  
The answer must be 'since' a week.

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