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You can easily solve all kind of questions by practicing the following exercises.


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Hi Friends

This was my whole experience of TCS placement, I hope you will be benefitted from it.


It consisted of 10 antonyms, 10 synonyms and two passage in which you have to fill in the blanks with correct sentences. It's a bit difficult but don't worry u can get through even if u don know anything in verbal. Refer barrons.

1. The size of a program is N. And the memory occupied by the program is given by M = square root of 100N. If the size of the program is increased by 1% then how much memory now occupied?
Ans. 0.5%

2. Number of faces, vertices and edges of a cube
Ans. 6, 12, 8

3. Find the result of the following expression if, M denotes modulus operation, R denotes round-off, T denotes truncation: M(373,9)+R(3.4)+T(7.7)+R(5.8)

4. G(0)=1, G(1)=-1, G(N)=G(N-1) - G(N-2), G(6)= ?  

5. A power unit is there by the bank of the river of 750 meters width. A cable is made from power unit to power a plant opposite to that of the river and 1500mts away from the power unit. The cost of the cable below water is Rs. 5/- per meter and cost of cable on the bank is Rs.6/- per meter. Find the total of laying the cable.

6. In Madras, temperature at noon varies according to -t^2/2 + 8t + 3, where t is elapsed time. Find how much temperature more or less in 4pm to 9pm.

7. A 2D array is declared as A[9,7] and each element requires 2 byte. If A[ 1,1 ] is stored in 3000. Find the memory of A[8,5] ?

8. (Momentum*Velocity)/(force * distance ) find units.

9. Match the following:
1. Male - Boy ---> a. A type of
2. Square - Polygon ---> b. A part of
3. Roof - Building ---> c. Not a type of
4. Mushroom - Vegetables ---> d. A superset of

10. Which of the following highest Standard deviation
a.5,0,5,0,5,0 b) 5,5,5,5,5,5 c) 5,5,5,5,0,5 d) -5, 5, -5, 5,-5, 5

11. Which of the following are orthogonal pairs a) 5i+3j=7 b) i=-jc) 2i-j=3 d) 3i=5j+6  1.a&d  2.a&c   3.c&d     4.b&d

12. My flight takes of at 2am from a place at 18N40E and landed 8 Hrs later at a place with coordinates 36N40W. What is the local time when my plane landed?

13. 2 student get 3 and 3.5 in their class exam And 1.4 and 1.65 in final exam respectively. What might be the class marks of 3rd student who have got 0 marks in final exam? (not exactly same values)

14. Odd one out:
a. Linux NT c. SQL server d. Unix

15. A person was fined for exceeding the speed limit by 10 mph. Another person as also fined for exceeding the same speed limit by twice the same. If the second person was traveling at a speed of 35 mph. Find the speed limit ans: 15 mph

16. In the word ORGANISATIONAL, if the first and second, third and forth, forth and fifth, fifth and sixth words are interchanged up to the last letter, what would be the tenth letter from right?  

17. the graph of tan x was given.

18. If TAFJHH is coded as RBEKGI then RBDJK can be coded as?

19. 43. If A, B and C are the mechanisms used separately to reduce the wastage of fuel by 30%, 20% and 10%.What will be the fuel economy if they were used combined.

20. A, B and C are 8 bit no's. They are as follows:
A -> 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1
B -> 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 0
C -> 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1
Find ((A-B) u C)=?

21. A finishes the work in 10 days & B in 8 days individually. If A works for only 6 days then how many days should B work to complete A's work?

22. Find the singularity matrix from a given set of matrices?

23. (a) 2+3i (b)1+i (c) 3-2i (d) 1-7i .Find which of the above is orthogonal.

24. (466)decimal= what is the number in base 7?

25. which one is the power of 4= (ans.4096)

This section consisted of 3 questions wit sub parts. It was for 25 mins. All the questions were from 12 edition barrons. They don even change the data and the order of questions. Its just cut copy paste from BARRONS 12 EDITION. Since it was online test for us so everyone had different set of questions. I was lucky to get exact same questions from barrons so I was the first one to come out of the hall with the TCS application form in the hand.
1. first question was red and brown marriage group....
2. second was tat ned allen larry willy and rick lives in the first floor
3. third I don remember. But it was something G is father of... and there are more no of females in the second generation.

We had the technical cum hr interview the next day. I had in the afternoon just after lunch. The panel was very friendly and made us feel very comfortable.

It was a round of 30 min.....
1. Introduce yourself.
2. Describe oops concept of C++.
3. A code was shown to me and asked me to sya the output.
4. What is object.
5. What are the advantages of C++ over C.
6. What is function overloading.
7. Control or looping structure of C.
8. What is link list and describe with suitable example.
9. How can you protect inheritance in C++.

HR Questions....
O Be prepare with all the questions which is given below....

Introduce yourself
what do u know abt T.C.S
why do you want to join T.C.S
why do you want to join software companies or IT industry.
What are your strength and weaknessess with explanation.
How you can overcome your weaknesses.
There will be some questions on your hooby.
Do you have any questions to ask the interviewer.

For the last question don't spellbound. Show your interest about the company.

Like the question may be; what are the projects will be assigned at the training period. And observe the way they answer your question. it will help you to guess whether they select you or not. That's all about the hr round.. So I do hope that this all questions will help you to crack T.C.S.

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