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Dear Friends

I like to thank everyone associated with this site for the wonderful work they are doing in enlighting many careers. I was able to get into TCS with the help of many materials and experiences given in this site. I'm also sharing my interview experience with TCS

Life is full of unexpected surprises. be ready to have your bite of the cake. I registered in the TCS site and they called me to take the test on 24th September 2006. I guess thousands wrote the test on 23rd and 24th. They shortlisted 2011 candidates for the interview. For me the interview was on 10th october.

Test prepartion
1. Try to have an idea about the Antonym and Synonym part.
2. Try to learn the frequently used it as much as you can.
3. Try to have some idea the comprehensions.
4. Eventhough we get a few questions on aptitude, having a
good touch on that, will be beneficial. Try reading Agarwal's books for the same

My Interview experience
I reached at around 12:50pm at the interview venue. My interview was scheduled at 1 pm. The interview consisted of 3 rounds (Later I  heard that in the evening they took only 2 rounds due to time limitations)
The rounds were:
1. Technical Round
2. HR Round
3. MR Round

Technical- the guy was very friendly, he kept me very calm and I never felt tensed...the time went like anything and only later I realised that he asked a lot of questions!!!!
some of them are
1. Explain your project???? you need to have a very good idea about your project....he also asked a number of questions related to my project.
2. Different protocols..TCP & UDP, difference between them???
3. How can we achieve correct data order in UDP???
4. Which all programming languages u know???
5. Write an eg. for an abstract class??
6. upto what level a database in normalised???
7. what is normalisation????
8. what is 1NF, 2NF, 3NF???
9. what is full functional dependency???
10. what is waterfall model, what are its disadvantages???
11. which other models do you know???
12. what is prototyping model???
13. what is iterative model?
14. what is operator overloading??
15. what is polymorphism??
16. what is encapsulation??
17. what is abstraction. give an eg??? and a few other questions from object oriented programming As you have noticed he kept on changing the topics (subjects).then he asked a few other questions like
18. Is this your first interview?? wat was the result of your previous interview???? then he asked a few things about the previous company and asked me why I want to join TCS rather than the other company????

With this the technical round (more than 15 minutes) was over, and he told me to wait to know  whether I got through the technical round or not...after 5 minutes one guy came to me and said that I have to attend the next round of interview. In the technical round, talk about the things which you have some idea about... dont jump into troubles by talking about topics that are not familiar with u..becoz they catch our words and coin the next question....... the most important thing is to be confident and feel free..and  dont forget to smile, rather keeping your face tense.....

the next round was HR
I was seated in front of him and and there were no tables between us?? so he can see my poise and body language and all he took the resume and started asking the following questions
1. Apart from your personal details and educational details say something else about you???
2. Asked questions about my hobby??? It depends on wat you have written in your resume.......have some idea bout wat you have written...
3. He asked me a lot of questions on TV media since I told him that I love watching debates, interviews etc.
4. How many newspapers do you read???
5. What are the headlines in today's newspapers???
6. as I'm from Kerala, he asked me to comment on the political scenario in our state, asked about the plans of our government, what the govt. is doing for the general public???
7. He told a lot of details regarding the TCS terms and asked whether I was ready to sign the bond with them and all

Here also be calm and answer upto the point...the questions are thrown according to your resume, so be sure wat you have written in it. Try to develop a natural flair in answering the above questions, which may be asked in different manners...and since there is no table between us, I had to keep my body under check. so I kept both my hands on the lap all the time....but I used my hands a few time to show some gestures. Towards the end he disclosed that he is also from Kerala, I gave him a smile.  Dont get excited or try to talk with him in the regional language, because it may land you in trouble (which happened to one of my classmates).  Even though the questions are few, the round went for about 10-15 minutes and he told me to wait and after 5 minutes I was called for the third round, which I assume was the MR round..

Third round MR round
here apart from the HR, there was table between us and the interview was like a discussion on differnt topics, the guy having an age of 30+ kept me under great comfort and allowed me to speak out my views and thoughts on diffent things that we discussed..... the different questions that was asked were
1. Tell me about yourself???
2. What is your specialities??
3. About my family???? In between this he asked a lot of friendly questions, which doubled my confidence and spirit.....
4. now the interview proceeded according to what I had filled up in the  resume????? He caught my words and started asking about anything I touched...
5. We had a lot of discussion on the Indian IT industry and its growth He allowed me to tell my views and after hearing he told that he cannot agree with me in some of my views....I tried to back up my views with the data and numbers that I had about the Indian IT industry, he drew on graph according to my data and started arguing with me....but I tackled him with my smiling way of presenting things...but he was not agreeing with me at any point, so at the end, as he told I agreed to have a study of the things in much more detail and he was happy that I acknowledged my defeat in that discussion....
6. Then he asked me whether it was my first interview and about the previous interview & its result......he also wanted to know why I left it for TCS???? here also I had my views and sufficient data to backup my decision for choosing TCS as my life.....
7. To my surprise he asked a few technical questions as well
--which is your favourite subject??
--what is normalisation????
--what is parsing???
--what is symbol table??

Then it was my turn to ask questions
I asked him about certain plans of TCS outside America and asked him about the opportunities that I will be able to get for further studies.. He answered my questions and after that he offered me a handshake, I accepted it and he wished me a bright future.

during that discussion itself I could smell success, because he was extremely happy over my views and thoughts regarding IT industry and the different data and numbers that I had about different IT companies. He was also happy, when I told him about my entrepreneurial views, and he asked what is my dream project is ??? I told him that I havent thought about that seriously and will be looking forward to that in the coming years. on october 23rd they published the results in their site and with god's grace, my name was also there. Now waiting for the joinin date

I had only 66.55% aggregate and was not able to attend many oncampus interviews due to the backpapers that I had at that time, but at the end, like a bollywood masala, I passed my BTech and out of the 4 companies I attended, I was selected in two but I chose TCS as my foundation....and waitin to join there in January 2007. Be confident, cheeful and patient, dont care about your 99 weak points always think about that 1 single strong and positive aspect of yours, success is along the way.......tomorrow is yours...

best of luck......happy New year
Mohanachandran  A G

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