Terrorism in India

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Sunny Rathore said: (Thu, Dec 18, 2014 09:10:13 AM)    
Hello every One,

Terrorism is the violent way to express the demand of the people who are basically working for those who want to become Dominant and rule the world by armory, terrorism is filling terror and rule. Any mind can become negative with some negative circumstances and some people chooses revenge with killing, hijacking, or any other violent activity which is in unity of terrorist or in individually.

Threatening and ruling for a negative demand. These demands could not be fulfilled by any government for example some followers of a specific religion does not want any other religion in the country or even world, they threaten people to switch their religion if someone refuses to switch his religion.

They are killed or punished, these violent activities should be stopped and counter terrorist force should d be trained and the level of security should be increased. Anything that threatens the freedom of humanity should be stopped. That's all from me thank you.

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Abcdefg said: (Tue, Dec 16, 2014 07:22:39 AM)    
I believe everyone here is aware of the term Terrorism. And everyone here know the reason behind terrorism. Instead of just reading and writing it, one should imply things. For example, people say that India is corrupted. Why? Because people are corrupted. Can India be a corruption free country? Thats the big question here. India as a country is corrupted because people in India are corrupted. It will change when People change. And when it comes to poverty and equality, a lot of us says that Government should eradicate Poverty and treat all religions equally. I believe that one should stop blaming government because Government is formed by the People. And People in India choose the Government. If we as People start helping poor, treat people of all religions equally and help poor with their education as mush as we can, then we might find a change and see the difference.

When it comes to choose a Government, a lot of us go by the Party's religion? For example, if one belongs to a particular caste or religion, that one tends to vote for the Govt of the same caste and Religion. Why do you think Government promotes their religion for? To catch the same religion people's attention and they succeed. Why? Because we as People choose that. Here, by choosing a government of same religion and all, shows how People in India treat each others religion. There are few exceptions though. But this was just an example to tell you all that If People Choose a government based on the candidates qualities and capabilities instead of their religion, we might see a change.

If we Change then India will change and if People are not treated bad and People get proper education and if they are employed, then we will definitely see a change.

Help Poor with education and money and employment and treat people of all religions equally. And its not mandatory that it should be done by only Government. It should be done by People.

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Shubham said: (Fri, Dec 12, 2014 12:15:20 PM)    
Terrorism is the use of violent and cruel way used by some people to get their demands fulfilled. The main motive behind terrorism is to influence the existence of common man by filling their lives with griefs. The main reason behind terrorism are illiteracy, poor people and religion based government polices.

The other man reason is the of social and moral values which results in the brainwash of these people to do terrorist activities. Some masterminds behind these activities have more knowledge in terms of technology then that of government people but they have been misguided by some people who are masterminds behind these activities.

So moral and social values should be taught to common man to stop it.

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Manish said: (Thu, Dec 11, 2014 06:46:53 PM)    
Hello friends.

The main cause of terrorism may be the revenge and by the feeling of frustrating revenge some people are destroying their own country. They don't even think that what steps should be taken and what will be the end of that step and at last they involved in terrorism.

This feeling of revenge should be controlled by every people. It is not necessary that only illiterate people think about revenge every people suffer from this stage at this time we have to be conscious.

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Devendra said: (Thu, Dec 11, 2014 09:51:43 AM)    
Remedies on terrorism:

1. Provide employment passed out youth.

2. Give them chance to prove themselves otherwise they will utilize their knowledge for destructive employer like this.

3. Frustration of youth to handle their family when they grow up and stay unemployed for longer time force them to take such decision.

4. Government should try to provide atleast necessary pay for basic needs.

5. Government should remove pressure from forces while facing with terrorism and allow them to handle it on their own level.

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Ashu said: (Mon, Dec 8, 2014 01:01:51 AM)    
Nowadays terrorism has become a serious threat in all over world. In India it's growing at a faster pace. We are in constant threat of terror. Attack of 26/11 were in mumbai were like heart attacks on India. In my opinion some of reasons for rise of terrorism are:.

1. Unsatisfied from government policies.
2. Unemployment.
3. Illiteracy.
4. Lack of proper guidance or to misguide.

India is constantly in fear of terrorist attacks groups.

We youth should have to take it seriously for proper development of our country & try to eradicate all above mentioned reasons of terrorism. So that we can breath in terror free India.

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Suraj Chauhan said: (Fri, Nov 28, 2014 02:43:57 PM)    
The main reason of terrorism is that unemployment, illiteracy, main reason is corruption. If we let terrorist exist but they attack on any country only when that country people involved mostly powerful people for their greed, their personal benefit.

Terrorism is end by stopping corruption. When we end corruption the reason behind terrorism is already stop like unemployment, illiteracy, poverty etc.

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Maqusud Alam said: (Tue, Nov 25, 2014 12:30:14 AM)    
Hello everyone:

I just want to say that terrorism can be stopped by providing equally to everyone by imposing a corrupt free government net across India. A government should be like as just they throw something and everyone get it.

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Mrinal Das said: (Fri, Nov 21, 2014 12:24:12 AM)    
Hello Friends,

Terrorism has become a grave issue in recent years which India is facing. Not only India but the whole world is facing the same problem.

According to me no one in this world born as a terrorist. It is the conditions and society in which he lives make him as a terrorist.

Terrorism is nothing but just a violent way to fulfill their demands. Which in result causes heavy loss of life and property.

In most of the terrorist attack young men are involved. Most of them are uneducated, poor and brainwashed by some mastermind behind these attacks. They are brainwashed in such a manner that they feel themselves more privileged in dying in attack.

The main reasons for terrorism are:

1. Illiteracy - Most of the young men who are involved in these activities are uneducated so they are easily misguided by their masterminds. They don't know that whether this work is good or bad?

2. Poverty - Poor people agrees to do this for few bucks.

3. Unemployment.

4. Government Policies.

5. Politics on the basis of caste and religion.

6. Reservation policy.

7. Lack of Proper Guidance to youth.

8. Drugs.

Terrorism can not be stopped by a single person or organization. If we will together create awareness about advert effect of terrorism then we can stop it.

Measures to be taken are:

1. By Giving opportunities to youth so that they can sharpen their skills and can give it a concrete shape.

2. Employment.

3. Better Educational Facilities.

4. Use of Technology to stop crime. Like using satellites to trace terrorist locations and all.

5. Government should interact with youth and should organize campaign to motivate these youths.

6. Better Health facilities.

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Manohar said: (Sat, Nov 15, 2014 12:36:35 PM)    
Hello friends I am Manohar,

Terrorism can be defined in different terms. If you consider people who support terrorism, they may call it as a freedom fight and the ones who are against it may call it as criminal act.

Terrorism in India is defined as use of violence to cause terror among people or government for religious or political goals.

In India, regions with long term terrorist attacks are Jammu & kashmir, Eastern states.

These attacks can be explained due to high unemployment and poverty in India. In a country like India where corruption is at its zenith, Poor gets poorer and rich gets richer. So, I suggest to make India a terrorism- free India, everyone should be given proper education and treated equally irrespective of their power, religion, position, financial condition.

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Manish said: (Thu, Nov 13, 2014 12:31:25 AM)    
Hello guys its me Manish, wants to do something for the country.

I don't like, if there's any terror attack in our country. Sometimes our own country people do so. They just don't know what they are doing, they don't know that they are affecting their own country, which is not at all achievement for those or for us. It is all called as terrorism.

Terrorism is nothing but,

"The use of violence and threats to Intimidate or coerce, especially for Political purposes."

We can remove such terror from our country if the political parties or the members of their parties think positive for the growth of our country without terror. Sometimes terror occurs from poverty, because we think they are poor. But for my concern no one is poor we all are equal, no religion comes in between us because we are proud to be indians. If this thinking comes for our heart no terror we face or our country face. !

This is just my thing but you must think at once what should we do for our country development without terrorism. !

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Parveen Singh said: (Tue, Nov 11, 2014 01:24:39 PM)    
I think that our government Make strict laws for everyone make the corruption free govt as my opinion corruption is the main cause for the increasing of terrorist attacks because a poor people is always go behind because of corruption they did not give the money for any job they always works hard but in end result is that the rich people get selected because he give money for the job so that's hurts the people so equality is important we make same rules for every caste and religion that's stops our terrorism. Thanks jai hind.

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Shyam said: (Sun, Nov 9, 2014 09:08:29 AM)    
Hi everyone my thinking on terrorism is that many people says the root causes is unemployment but one thought say to youngster. Unemployment not means join terrorism its means try do something about your life not stand against our country. Your first responsibility is love your our country our nation our people. Jai Hind.

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Manjary said: (Fri, Nov 7, 2014 10:16:20 PM)    
The main motive of terrorism is, 'spread terror to grant what they want'. But problem is that, to fulfill their unwanted desire, innocent people become victim. Although authority gives its 100% attention to control such type of activities but some time their all efforts become failed.

At that time as we are Indian it is our duty to make peace as soon as possible. It is very sensitive issue. There is need to make unity to wrecking this devil.

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Ponsurya said: (Fri, Nov 7, 2014 10:48:17 AM)    
Terrorism is a major issue which is occurred in most of the developed and developing countries. A person become a terrorist while there in lack of money, education, unemployment, poverty etc.

Terrorism is a illegal activity which spoils the growth of the country. It can be stopped not only by killing the terrorist person. We can stop it by knowing their needs and also to make them recover from their mental activities.

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Impossible Anil said: (Thu, Nov 6, 2014 08:21:44 PM)    
In my opinion, Terrorism is to create violence and kill not only innocent peoples but humanity also. Terrorism is not a problem for India only but its a matter of global concern. Terrorism can take various forms and is of two types.

1. When the Terrorist are within our country.
2. When the terrorist are in other countries.

But the main motive of both is to cause destruction on a high scale and to create a fear among the common people.

Its CAUSES are :

1. Lack of education because of which they are not able to figure out what is wrong what is right.
2. High Unemployment rate and the strong feelings to earn more money in less time.
3. Corrupt government and political minds.
4. Increasing population.
5. Lack of guidance for the youth who should to lead the nation.
6. Lack of unity and cooperation among the developed and developing nations.

Main effects of terrorism are :

1. To affect the economy of a country.
2. To cause destruction and a feeling of fear among the common people.

Solution and Remedy.

1. Provide proper Education facilities for everyone.
2. Select a corruption free govt.
3. Spreading awareness about the harmful effects of terrorism.
4. All countries need to work together and form a common defence organisation to fight terrorism.
5. Strict Laws should be practice and when the terrorist are caught instead of interrogating they should be hanged immediately to set standard for others.
6. Countries like Pakistan should be given tit for that who support and promotes such inhuman acts.
7. Govt should come with the idea with new factories to provide employment to prevent the youth from getting driven towards terrorism and.

Above all we all as individuals need to take responsibility and support govt I eradicating terrorism and remember a DROP OF water cannot make ocean.

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Divya said: (Thu, Oct 30, 2014 01:01:06 AM)    
Hello friends,

My friends are saying terrorism happens only due to lack on education, unemployment, poverty and the terrorism focus on the destruction of other people. But in my opinion terrorism restricts the growth of our country.

India is a developing country. Technologies in our country is developed by day to day. But other countries doesn't like the development of our country. Then they introduce a term 'TERRORISM'.

Our country has more well educated people. That's why India is developed by day to day. Other countries get afraid about our country whether our country get first place in the world both technology and economic wise and so on.

Thus they do some illegal activities is called 'TERRORISM'.

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Ravali said: (Mon, Oct 27, 2014 10:46:56 PM)    
Terrorism is the violence and blasting the some rushing places. Their done blasting means what get? their get energy. So many people are affected by them. We have do something to solve this problem. We have to save our country. We have to done something for that problem. They what to answer for one question? what purpose their doing this things.

Friends this my first writing words. Any mistakes means tell me the right sentences.

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Drajganesh said: (Thu, Oct 23, 2014 08:18:47 PM)    
Terrorism is not a disease its not a something which you must be AFRAID of its the people who are in that group. Terrorism is a fear which is created in brains of 10 lakhs by just 1000 members.

That's what happening in India a group has 12 has entered into Mumbai has killed more than 100 members and commandos. When it come to the members of the terrorism youth play a 91% of that job what ever may b the reason. But think for few seconds if they have taken a step forward to destroy can't we make at least.

5 step to destroy terrorism so we if deny have started terrorism we will start anti terrorism (terrorists are everywhere) AND REMEMBER SAVING MOTHER LAND IS NOT JUST THE DUTY OF ARMY. ITS THE DUTY OF EACH AND EVERY INDIVIDUAL CITIZEN.

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Muthukumar said: (Fri, Oct 17, 2014 05:49:51 PM)    
Hi friends,

Today terrorism is a severe headache for many countries including our India also. It is very difficult to control terrorism without people contribution. Terrorists convert common people into terrorist those who has negative thoughts on the government rules and proceedings. They are like cancer cells. People must have awareness on how terrorism affect our country. Terrorists use many weapons. In these very dangerous and not destroyable weapon is RELIGION.

To face this weapon we need one protection called brotherhood. With this we simply attack any kind of weapons and save our world.

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Prakash Munde said: (Sun, Oct 5, 2014 10:40:46 PM)    
Hi friends,

According to my opinion about Terrorism, no one can born with tag of terrorist, his/her nearest climate and condition are responsible to choose such cruel path. Some of the reason's of people involving in terrorism:

1) Poverty.
2) Increasing Population Rate.
3) Unemployment.
4) Unsatisfied with Work.
5) Earn Money in Short Period.
6) Guided with wrongly about any religion and caste etc.


1) Provide Basic Facilities to everyone.
2) Education.
3) Proper Defence/security System.
4) Employment.
5) Don't involve politics with any Caste and religion.
6) Respect each other etc.

God gifted the life everyone with lot of blessing and joyment then why people choose such path who only go to End of himself and other life. Main agenda behind terrorism is corrupted politics and lack of government facilities in rural area. In the overall world faces the problem terrorism then according to me, All nation's come together and build one common Defence organization against terrorism. This Defence team will help which nation suffered from terrorism.

From the today's discussion, I conclude that the terrorism could be finish, when we all together face them with such passion to love with our self country.

Thank you!

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Ajay Nayak said: (Fri, Oct 3, 2014 05:23:13 PM)    
Hello friends good morning to all.

Terrorism means to create a violence.

Our world and India is also affected by it Mumbai bomb last is example for it. We often read in newspaper train bomb blast as well as serial bomb blast in crowd place. India is large county with huge population terrorist also choose this type of place for violence. They have not a particular goal their one and only goal is to divide humanity. But at present era our government is very sensitive towards terrorism.

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Nikhil Sharma said: (Tue, Sep 30, 2014 06:21:13 AM)    
Good Morning.

As per the topic we are here to discuss on the topic terrorism in India by why only in India it is throughout the world. A person is not terrorist by its birth but the challenges which arises made him to feel insecure due to which they try to take a path which they feel is the only right way to solve all there issue but we need to understand there feeling we need to understand them what they actually want and we need to provide them with a treatment which could solve there mental illness due to which they are behaving in a different way, due to which they are thinking that the way they have opted is the only way we need not to kill or harm those people but we need to kill that mentality of people due to which a terrorist rises.

At the end I would like to conclude in a way that we need to kill the mentality of people which give rise to terrorism in India and then this issue of terrorism can be solved.

Thank you.

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Saroj said: (Sun, Sep 28, 2014 10:34:38 PM)    
Terrorism is a disease, which has created havoc not only in India but many nations. Few organization allure the youth to become terrorist in name of religion or money. And in this way they fulfill their crazy desires. Why do terrorist exist and how they become terrorist? no is terrorist by birth and obviously nobody wants to kill people but often conditions force them to do so.

Illiteracy poor living standards, unemployment frustration poverty force people to take wrong path and adopt illegal methods to earn money. Today's youth gets driven easily. Hence govt should take initiative to remove such social stigma and use youth potential to make India and not destroy it.

Fire has the capability to burn a forest as well burn a candle now it is our choice whether we bring light or destruction in this world.

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Kartikey Rana said: (Wed, Sep 24, 2014 04:47:54 PM)    
I would like to put my views on the topic 'TERRORISM'.

In today world every country is affected very badly by terrorism. Recent example is Syria where a terrorist group name ISIS has captured the whole country. They killed many citizens of the country. Many youths of the country joined the group. They are being misled on the basis of religion. It is the main cause of the terrorism.

Other causes are:

1. Poverty.
2. Unemployment.

A poor is not capable of earning his livelihood, so when he get such opportunity he get attracted to it.

Being a educated person one did not get any employment so in frustration and to earn money fast he did such heinous crimes.

Government should take some initiative to minimize these causes. Government should start policies so that a poor and a unemployed person get some assistance to start their businesses, so that they can earn some money.

Apart from these we also must be attentive and careful in our daily life. If we get some suspicious or unattended thing we immediately inform to the police.

We should show respect to other religions.

Thanks to all of you.

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Payal said: (Wed, Sep 24, 2014 01:37:51 AM)    
Hello friends, today we discuss about the terrorism in India. First of all we know that it is the big issue our country first we know about the root causes of this it is occur to lack of illiteracy and also affect the humanity. This is a vast and destruction problem.

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Nataraj said: (Tue, Sep 23, 2014 10:33:41 PM)    
Hello friends, my opinion is terrorism is fully come from those who are not educated properly and if some people educated they also some reason for terrorism because when we are not getting proper job then it leads to terrorism. Poverty also playing big role in this and some other reasons are lack of social availability, religion etc.

Our Government not only ours all countries are too many arrangements to destroy this but it will rising one after another so govt should take mose strict steps to avoid terrorism.

Friends, I have some problems with my words please accept this one.

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Nishant Kishlay said: (Tue, Sep 23, 2014 12:03:25 AM)    
Hello friends, we are here to discuss on the topic "terrorism in India". As we all know terrorism in India is a great matter of concern. First of all, we should know the root causes behind terrorism. I won't say for each and every cases, but for most of the cases one don't want to be terrorist, its the situation and the condition which makes them to be. Let us take examples of Maoists, these people are all backward & poor people who face problem from the current running system. And as they don't have any option to sort out their issues, as nobody listens to them and hence they take up the violent method in order to get their work done. They don't have any hard feelings for common people nor they wanna harm them.

Many people says that terrorism is just because of illiteracy, unemployment, etc. To some extent its correct, but not completely as many a times the head running all these are well literate and influence people to work for them either by giving them good amount of money or in the name of religion, etc.

Terrorism basically is harmful for one and all as it gives birth to criminal activities, etc.

And concluding with my ideas, terrorism in India is harmful for all the people and certain measures should be taken by our country in order to eradicate terrorism from India.

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Avnish said: (Mon, Sep 22, 2014 09:43:57 PM)    
The idea of terrorism is totally based on intimidation of public and government on the name of destruction. If we talk of it's foundation so terrorism it is generated from differences in caste and religion social status of a group or community of people. But it expends because of the master persons who runs terrorist groups. The diverts everyone wash their brain and provide good sum of money for such activities.

The major source of money for such groups is extortion, kidnapping, human trafficking, drugs racket at the grass root level and by these activities they gain huge amount of money with which they buy weapons and attract people to join their groups. Today ISIS has total assets of 2 billion USD. IRA 450 million USD, Taliban over 400 million USD abd Al-Qaeda over 100 million USD.

There are various organisations at national and international level working to eradicate terrorism. But everything is in vain. In India there is weak policies regarding the such activities. There is need of as strong law implication as possible, otherwise it will become unremovable black spot on face of country.


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Sam said: (Sat, Sep 20, 2014 11:55:20 AM)    
In my point of view terrorism in India is increasing on the daily basis:

1. The people who are below the poverty line they are not able to survive and not able to do anything for their family. And the terrorist are taking advantage of that and offering them a great amount of money to become a terrorist.

2. Government should create some ideas of new industries and factories where they can give the employment to X no.of people so that instead of being a terrorist they can work as a employee and can be with their family.

3. Terrorism should be completely eradicate from India because it is ruining our country and people of out country in many ways.

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Avinash said: (Tue, Sep 16, 2014 10:42:40 PM)    
Terrorism - I don't think all terrorists are so cruel, but the situation demands them; they suffer from poverty; they may be unemployed; they may be rejected because of religions, castes Etc; they may have lacked opportunities because of recommendations for rich people; even the motivators for terrorism will cultivate bad ideas intelligently, they will tune their minds do anything for them. But before doing anything we have to think first whether it is good are not and we should feel failure is not final and the situation comes where we may be in the driver's seat and able to get success.

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Madhu said: (Tue, Sep 16, 2014 09:01:20 PM)    
Hello friends, I am really happy to share my views on Terrorism. In my point of view, Terrorism is spreading all over the world. In India corruption is the root cause for the terrorism. We have to eradicate that. People who are well educated, even personalities who are all in the higher government positions and people who work in government sectors are getting bribe from the terrorists and make them to enter our country. There starts terrorism. If educated people itself gets bribe and making our country ruin Why won't the people who are having poor backgrounds make our country ruin. First government employees should change (not all the government employees am referring to).

We got right to vote. We have to make useful our right by voting the right politician to rule our country even to our states.

We INDIAN citizens must create awareness about the aftereffects of terrorism among the rural people so that we can avoid terrorism to some extent so that we can also feel that we did something to our mother country.

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Honey said: (Fri, Sep 12, 2014 01:14:02 AM)    
Terrorism is the major problem of our country. It is those violent act that are intended to create fear. The root cause of a person to become terrorist is:.

1. Historical pain: Terrorist target those people whose family is destroyed in some attack & they are easily brainwashed & converted into terrorist.

2. Poverty & Unemployment: Terrorist target those people who are greedy to earn money & can do anything for money. They used those people as a "Sleeping cells" to place bomb in public area.

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Dhiraj Burnwal said: (Tue, Sep 9, 2014 08:05:28 PM)    
Hello friends.

In my opinion terrorist are spread all over country, we are not safe. It is not only concern terrorism, it concern there thinking, poor life. They are not born in terrorist, but there problems are becoming goes to terrorism. If there proper education are provide and unemployment reduce in their life then there life becoming a good person and they proudly live in society. But we are does not doing ever. Thanking you.

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Praveen said: (Mon, Sep 1, 2014 01:38:56 PM)    
Hello friends my point of view is that terrorism is a major problem for all the world. The terrorist want to create terror ol over the world and there is no result of terrorism. The terrorism is due to lack of knowledge and nerrow minded thoughts of the terrorists.

We should have to remove the terrorism by fighting, talking,

And we have to advertise that the terrorism is not the solution so that our youth is safe from the terrorism.

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Ankan Dey said: (Fri, Aug 29, 2014 06:38:15 PM)    
Max ppl are saying that the main reason of poverty is unemployment but all the terrorist are not poor. The root cause for a person to become a terrorist are,

1 - FRUSTRATION AND RAGE - ppl from developing and underdeveloped countries are going to developed countries and earning lot of money while the ppl living in that country are still unemployed.

2 - INEQUALITY - unequal distribution of income. The richer are becoming richer and the poor are becoming beggars. No-one is satisfied those who earn lakhs possess crore and those who earn crore possess billion.

3 - Brainwashed in the name of mankind and spirituality - 26/11 attack in mumbai where all the terrorists were brainwashed. So they didn't fear to kill women, kids, animals.

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Piyali Parida said: (Mon, Aug 18, 2014 08:32:21 PM)    
Hello friends, I would like 2 enter my views.

As we all know that terrorism is one of the gravest problems that India faces today. It is an issue of global concern. The presence of terrorism can be felt all across the globe. It is the most debated issue in all the countries of the world. Terrorism has become a global threat and needs to be controlled from the grass root to the international level to make the world a better place to live in.

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Bindeshwar Sharma said: (Sun, Aug 17, 2014 09:20:35 PM)    
GOOD evening friends, according to my point of view terrorism is one of the great issues for our country. It creates due to lack of knowledge, lack of understanding, poverty, unemployment etc. Terrorism in our country could not be controlled until fighting among the people due to caste, fighting among the people between rich and poor etc many more cases would not be controlled. Thank you.

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Lakky said: (Wed, Aug 13, 2014 03:40:18 PM)    
Hai friends,

In my opinion terrorism is nothing but fight for something in a cruel way, involving the innocent people in their cruel way and made them to die. I think the terrorism born due to dissatisfaction. This arise due to lack of education, proper family background. So our constitution has to take care of that people and educate them and give proper facilities to them, by education only they get moral values and kindness among the innocent people.

Thank you friends.

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Sandeep said: (Sun, Aug 10, 2014 02:53:26 PM)    
Hi friends,

Terrorism in India is the cause of two major issues.
First, is that they want the whole independent Kashmir.

Second, is that some terrorist feel that a particular community is not treated too well.

The first one involves many political factors. So, we are not right people to discuss that. But the second factor can be sorted out by spreading awareness and improving the state of that community in the areas where it is required.

But our government should not be too soft against the terrorists because ultimately their manner of presenting any demand is completely inhuman.

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Swaranim said: (Thu, Aug 7, 2014 07:54:35 AM)    
Terrorism is a problem of the entire world, not just one nation. The recent activities which caused such shock and fear across the world was the result of terrorism. The problem is terrorists are not born because of illiteracy or unemployment or whatsoever. The brains that operate behind creating terror are well educated, technologically very adept, having a wealthy reserve of resources which makes it possible for them to create such nuances. They force people on the barrel of gun to do what they say.

They set up schools, camps where they brainwash the people and train them how to handle weapons and how to even sacrifice their own lives in the name of religion. Al-qaida and el-muzahiddin are the epitomes in the wrong way. We cannot eliminate terrorism on a complete scale. On the world basis, all nations could join their hands together and cooperate with each other whenever some terrorist activity spread its wings. They shouldn't look for their own selfish motives then. For internal security, India could make strict defense and security so that no one could get into the country without proper identification. Higher patrolling of police around public areas should be there.

Stringent actions needs to be taken which needs lots of planning. People who participate in such heinous crimes should be immediately prosecuted by a separate court and a strict verdict should be given. We should not hold silence and let everything pass by.

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Suraj R said: (Wed, Aug 6, 2014 08:52:41 AM)    
Hello friend I would like to enter my views.

We all know what is terrorism and why its getting broaden right. So instead of accusing and putting allegation on others or govt, I think we student should take initial step towards it just by spreading awareness of terrorism among various rural areas, I know it won't completely eradicate the terrorism but as a countryman we would be proud of our self that at least we did something for our country.

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Suraj said: (Tue, Aug 5, 2014 07:49:42 PM)    
Hello friends I would like enter my views on this topic.

We all know what is terrorism and how it gets broaden right. So instead of accusing and alleging others or govt we can at least take some small initiative as a student to go to rural areas and spread or make certain awareness regarding terrorism and pronounce them how it affect the entire world towards destruction, I think if not entirely we could eradicate terrorism but as a countryman we would be proud that at the least we did something for our country.

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Sainath said: (Sun, Aug 3, 2014 04:25:38 PM)    
India is the nation of many languages and many Religions. And is having wide spread of different communities each one have their own customs and traditions.

We the Indians strive hard to uphold our customs, not ready to give up our traditions even in this age of westernization.

So called our leaders of the nation, our politicians they are completely misguiding the people. They taking the name of the religion for their selfish purpose.

Due to this communal politics the disturbances are created among the people. Taking the advantage of these some culprits try to exaggerate the conditions start the violence in the society. Their number of terrorist groups in the 'Jihad',

They kill the people so barbarously of no cause or purpose. Number incidence such as 26/11, bomb blast in trains and another instances are their where the innocent people lose their lives.

And our the neighbouring country which as try occupy our land and it failed, lost the wars number of times. So in order to to provide the inconvenience for nation by giving shelter to these these terrorist groups and running the illegal activities.

In order to stop these all terrorist activities irrespective of the the religion we be united and be in harmony. And also fight against all these odds and to never give a scope of ill-treating others in name of religion.

Then we can see our nation free from the terrorism and all such activities.

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Gautam said: (Sun, Aug 3, 2014 09:06:54 AM)    
Hi friends,

Now a day terrorism growing more and more. And for that we are responsible for that because among us there are some people who are at higher post in government and government sector. They take bribe from terrorist and allow to enter in india's border. I am telling that we are also responsible for that because we know them even we support them by choosing in election and we give honour them in our society. We don't need to support them but we need to wipe them we need to choose right person for that right place. If they are good then everything will be good in country. Then only terrorism will be stop.

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Priya said: (Sat, Jul 26, 2014 05:58:39 AM)    
Now a days the terrorism in India is increasing. Many of we know what is the reason behind it, but we are not ready to take any action because of the that someone may do something to us. They may do something let them take the lives of you what would be happened you're in the history of India recorded is it not great. We have to sacrifice our lives for our country, but not for fear. The terrorism in India is mainly because of two reasons.

1. Corruption: if in India all the people be sincere then how would the terrorists enter India.

2. Unity : now a days in indians the unity is decreasing. Our views are opposite as a the new terrorists are coming it light.

Mainly the government has to do something for this.

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# S. K U M A A R # said: (Fri, Jul 25, 2014 02:30:16 PM)    

Cyber terrorism in India is not a new concept. However, for long concepts like cyber warfare, cyber terrorism, etc were not taken seriously by Indian government. Naturally, cyber security in India also could not flourish. The cyber security capabilities of India also could not develop in such circumstances.

Techno legal experts of India have been warning against growing incidences of cyber attacks, cyber crimes, cyber espionage, etc against India. Further, the fact that critical infrastructure protection in India is needed has also been reiterated from time to time.

Sophisticated malware like Stuxnet and Duqu have already proved that critical infrastructures around the world like power grids, nuclear facilities, satellites, defense networks, governmental informatics infrastructures, etc are vulnerable to diverse range of cyber attacks. The truth is that cyber attacks are affecting Indian critical infrastructure and we are not even aware of the same.

The cyber law, cyber crimes and cyber security trends by Perry4Law and Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) have shown the loopholes of Indian cyber security capabilities. It is high time to plug in these loopholes and deficiencies of Indian cyber security capabilities.

Menaces like cyber terrorism and cyber warfare cannot be effectively tackled till we have both offensive and defensive cyber security capabilities. Further, cyber crisis management plan of India must be urgently formulated and effectively implemented so that cyber terrorism can be prevented in India.

These anti cyber terrorism solutions must be implemented by India as soon as possible. Cyber security skills development in India must also be ensured so that we have a skilled cyber security workforce in India.

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Santosh Welcomes U said: (Thu, Jul 24, 2014 08:27:19 PM)    
In 1947 India prove that our country is independence, but up to now they can't save people from crime work. Because all people in India are not same. Some people want money or some people want other goods. So I want to say that those people want money, they want try terrorist work. Some people also their who helps the terrorist to earn money by giving weapon, drugs, heroine etc. So for this work government should be responsible, because government should be take high strictly rule for this statement. If this work will be continue then for next 10 years onwards India will be called as terrorist country.

So I want display one words if we do best work in our country then our next generation.

Also create good image in our country. Because when the child is born, from the childhood we give suggestion how we can stand in our own leg. If we are failed to try that then our child can't stand their own leg.

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Megha said: (Mon, Jul 21, 2014 10:04:32 PM)    
Hello friends.

The word terrorism really makes terror in our mind. Terrorism is a big problem today not of India only but of whole world. The roots of terrorism are so vast and growing day by day and in this sense we can not eliminate it completely but we can restrict it by some ways. Terrorist has no religion not they have any softness. They just want to conquer the regions and want to sow the seeds of fear and terror in every human. But since it is the problem of world so every country should come forward to fight against it. As one of my friends said that the causes of terrorism is poverty, illiteracy, unemployment etc. I m agree with it, so awareness regarding this is the important one.

Secondly the group of countries should make the special military force who work together against the terrorist activities. The should have specialisation in this. In this way any country which will suffer from terror attack, this special forces comes together to fight for that country. This will increase the integrity all over the world.

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Reshmi said: (Tue, Jul 15, 2014 02:17:49 PM)    
Hello friends, I appreciate all who gave valuable points. I agree, The Government should take strict action against terrorists and have to bring strict rules that will cease it to some extent. In addition to that each one of us should take initiative to respond this heinous action. We have to keep classes that will help to convince the common people about the aftereffects of terrorism and how it will affect our country.

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Sneha said: (Mon, Jul 14, 2014 06:09:51 PM)    
Hello friends,

Terrorism is undoubtedly a major problem, but friends if we observe there is something that we can actually learn from them. These terrorists are always ready to die for their country, they possess a huge passion for their country. If these people can do so much for their country, then why can't we do something for our country. I am not saying that we people too should go out and keep taking revenge from innocent people, yes I completely agree that the way to show passion, that these terrorist people have taken up is inhuman and heinous in nature, but the love and passion that they possess for their country cannot be denied.

So friends why shouldn't we too show that we too love our country. Why not take a stand and everyone try and throw these people out of the country, or better way just not allow these people to enter our country. And one way can be by electing the right government.


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Dharmesh said: (Sun, Jul 13, 2014 06:38:57 PM)    
I am very happy to read opinion about terrorist and I am also interest to share my views about terrorism. Friends terrorism is nothing but it is humble human as like us. But difference is too small i.e. we are employees and got sufficient salaries and hence we lives our life properly and peacefully but they not lives properly and peacefully. Just it is to small things makes a great changes in our life or terrorism lief that's why they form terrorism as terrorism. And loss of the life others and even in small villages or own country naxalites are formed in our entire country.

If they have chance to take meet him terrorist and create a large amount of loss in our entire country (but our government is not to see this action between terrorism and naxalism) our Indian government is too restrict. It having attentive forces that's why terrorist attack in India is too short by this way our India is so great. Most of the people see mumbai attack on taj hotel in India at the second last month of the 26/11 that time our forces work very properly and attentive finally terrorist loss the operation. That is great for INDIA.

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Akanksha said: (Tue, Jul 8, 2014 10:42:40 PM)    
Hello friends.

Question arises what is the main problem in India. Is it terrorism? Is it Corruption? Is it Population? In my point of view corruption is the main problem. Due to corruption people are illiterate For example seats for colleges and school are reserved according to caste and religion not according to financial conditions. Then the person who are poor who don't have money to send their children s to school so unemployment occurs. Due to unemployment they become terrorist. If government don't do corruption, if they give sufficient salaries to employees then nobody do corruption. But if the government is corrupted then what can do the employees. Due to corruption, terrorism occurs because ministers or policeman's take bribe they they enter the criminals so that terrorism spread. Due to illiteracy the population grows because they don't have any knowledge about family planning.

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Nikhil Kurai said: (Thu, Jul 3, 2014 02:09:45 PM)    
Terrorism is the outcome of uneducated and frustrated young mind, Yes I am saying this because I think that when the youth of any country do not get the job or they fail to achieve their career objectives then some of them choose the way of terrorism for fulfill their family's daily needs as they don't find any other way.

So friend if we want to live peaceful life then first educate the people and make them employable. In short make them human beings then and then these people will realize the feelings of old parent whose son was killed in terrorist attack.

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Mamatha Reddy said: (Wed, Jul 2, 2014 11:28:43 PM)    
Hai friends I am very happy to share my opinion. Terrorism is very dangerous and fear cause word,

Reasons for the terrorism:

1. Poverty.
2. Lack of social responsibility.
3. Financial and family problems.
4. Religion.
5. Politicians.
6. Lack of education.

Solutions to reduce the terrorism.

1. To aware the people about the terrorism and how it spoils our life.
2. Provide the education to all people.
3. Provide the basic needs for the poor people.
4. Elect the good politician because some politicians help to the outer country terrorists.
5. Everyone take the responsibility of the our own nation.

"Single drop can't make the ocean".

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Rajesh said: (Tue, Jul 1, 2014 09:40:35 PM)    
Terrorism, a word which bring fear in the mind of every man and woman. Every year our country spends lots of money on this issue.

Terrorism in India is mainly of two types - One which was born out of struggle for good governance in bengal. Earlier it was known as communist part but later on its meaning got changed. The original party was formed to protest against bad governance but later people who were filled with anger, people who wanted to take revenge started joining the party. The motto of party got violent slowly and slowly. Some political parties support them. This terrorism is known as naxalite.

The second type is based on religion, brotherhood. Pakistan since independence is the main source of this type of terrorism. Pakistan sends its terrorist to India to cause heavy destruction if life and assets from time to time. They have wisely used the poor youths of jammu and kashmir in the name if brotherhood and jihad to help them in their activity. And now these youth of our own country are considering us as their enemy and assisting pakistan in their ill plans. Jihad means to protest for something in a peaceful manner for something unlike they do.

According to me the main reasons for terrorism are.

1. Illiteracy.
2. Unemployment.
3. Brotherhood and religion.
4. Corruption.

Yes we can't fully control it but we can reduce it.

1. By creating employment especially in rural areas.
2. By educating youth and making them a part of mainstream of development.
3. By minimizing corruption.
4. By minimizing the gap between different religions.

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Lavanya said: (Sun, Jun 29, 2014 09:00:39 PM)    
Hai friends,

Terrorism is a wide term which affects our people more. The main cause for terrorism are religion, lack of education and poverty.

Any man who is suffering in poverty will be brainwashed by a person to do terror activities.

So, the government should take actions to find the root cause to eradicate the terrorism.

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Rohit said: (Wed, Jun 25, 2014 11:54:39 AM)    
Terrorism is a loss, loss of precious lives, financial losses. To tackle this terrorism we have to know its sources, which are religious disbeliefs, poverty, illiteracy and unemployment. These sources could be sink down if we are able to provide them good education system so that they will not motivate with religious disbeliefs and by providing employment they could complete their basic needs, which help them not to indulge in this poorest game of earning.

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Sumit Kumar said: (Tue, Jun 24, 2014 09:03:28 AM)    
Similarly in case of Iraq this time it is one type of terrorism we can say. It is the violence created by different people from different religions to full fill their needs. So the terrorists in Iraq only giving the life those people who will knows the meaning of "Iraq" otherwise he will dead. So terrorism one kind of violence to dominant people, government. Etc.

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Tanishka said: (Mon, Jun 23, 2014 01:49:41 PM)    
We are the culprits behind this destruction caused by terrorists. If people within India will not help terrorists, then how could they do all that? Terrorism in India is a matter of great concern. Terrorism should be stopped. Innocent people lose their lives, property of crores destroys in a minute, moreover, many lose their precious ones and some become physically challenged and many become homeless. The Indian government should take strict measures to stop terrorism. Terrorists do what they want to do and still roam freely. And according to me the main reason behind Terrorism is corruption. A-Z of Indian politics is all corrupted. We need a better government.

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Shweta said: (Thu, Jun 19, 2014 11:39:08 AM)    
Hello Friends,

Terrorism has been in India since we were kids! And even now when some of us are having there own kids it still exists! What has the government done? Ya its true it is difficult to keep a tab on each and every activity. But that is the reason India is divided among different states. And terrorist are not related to just one religion. We have just recently seen death of Mr. Dabholkar, death of Mohsin Mohammed Sadique Shaikh in Pune due to his comments on facebook, naxalities etc. All these deaths are caused by whom?Indians residing near us. State Government should try to tackle first the conflicts within India. Central Govt have to find measures for external attacks through terrorism.

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Akanksha Mishra said: (Sun, Jun 15, 2014 07:08:12 PM)    
This is my views about the Terrorism in India is a World Problem.

The recent terror attack in Mumbai was condemned severely by various governments across the world. What is the effect of this attack. ?

Well, financially India lost Rs. 50,000 crores and the foreign inflow of funds had reduced which included the tourism that was affected to a great extent because of this and an article said Taj on which the attack was done has to shell out Rs. 500 crores to bring back the lost beauty but on top of this we have lost the important element which is the precious human lives. There were some who did a brave act including Major UnniKrishnan and NSG Chief who lost their lives in order to protect innocent tourists.

Terrorism is something which all over the world is a major problem at the moment. Its effects are very much that it can deteriorate a country's economy and can cause between the countries. Terrorists were not born but they were made in the name of religion. None of the religion preaches terrorism nor ask the followers to take the lives of other people but it was preached by wrong leaders and innocent people fall as a prey and lose their lives and kill other people as well.

Terrorism is in different forms in various countries. In Somalia, it is done by pirates where they hijack lot of ships every now and then and get a hefty ransom because of which UNO has asked the member countries to counter attack this by sending their respective force. India has been doing this for a long time wherein Indian Navy has done a great job having prevented lot of ships being hijacked. China is sending its ships soon to that region. In Afghanistan, it was in the name of Taliban who almost ruined their own country. In Iraq, it was in the name of one dictator in the name of Saddam Hussein who is no more but the effect he has created in his own country, will take a decade at least for that country to recover from its current position.

We saw the brutal attack on Twin Tower on September 11 in USA and did we not cry even though we were in different country. We saw people struggled and lost their lives right in front of our eyes and could do nothing which eventually led to attack in Afghanistan by USA to demolish Mullah Omar's regime. If USA would have done this earlier, they wouldn't have lost their own people and again on the other hand at the present moment they are funding Pakistan for various causes including purchasing armaments having known the fact that renowned terrorists like Osama Bin Laden and Dawood Ibrahim are very much based there. They haven't done anything to curb these people who only made an attack on Taj and killed the people of US and UK. We can't blame the Government of US or UK entirely because British Prime Minister Mr. Gordon Brown has condemned Pakistan and said it is done by them. Now people of US should join together to pressure their own Govt to act against terrorists based or camping in Pakistan because it is only us, the common people who can make this happen.

The attack on our own Indian Parliament was also one which again checked our patience. We were always united and doing action like these will make us even more unite and fight more strongly than ever against it.

Terrorism affects innocent people because people in Bangalore clearly witnessed the effect in UK bombing where in a Doctor was added as a Prime Suspect just because he is a Muslim and finally he was relieved after he proved himself as being innocent. There are many cases like this across the globe for years together.

Terrorists don't understand that by acting in the name of terrorism, they are bringing disgrace to their own religion and at the same time ruining their own country and people and when they are no more, hardly they could realise the damage they have done and if we have another life or the so called Spirits, these people will realise and make this world a safe and a peaceful place to live.

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B.Divya said: (Wed, Jun 11, 2014 03:58:41 PM)    
Hello everyone.

Terrorism is the biggest issue growing across the world. The main target of terrorism is to reduce the country growth economically. The main cause of terrorism is due to the lack of money, poverty, unemployment. The terrorist who train the people and wash their brains on behalf of religions. First of all to eradicate terrorism we should make the people to realize that it affect to our country itself. The terrorist from outside the country will do nothing if there is no help from inside. The government should take the promissory steps to eradicate the terrorism by punishing them.

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Mithra said: (Sun, Jun 8, 2014 03:57:07 PM)    
Hai guys.

Terrorism is the one which always create fearless in our mind. Mostly Terrorist are the persons who failed in their life due to several reasons like poverty, education, unemployment etc. These people are cultivated as terrorists.

Due to terrorism, more number of innocent people are died. It also affect us mentally. To decrease the terrorism, the government should consider this as a serious issue and take corrective action. As the citizen of this country we must support the government and we have to give proper response.

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Divya G said: (Thu, Jun 5, 2014 12:15:20 PM)    
Hello friends.

Terrorism in India is definitely something that is of great concern to everyone in the country. It has taken away the lives of thousands of innocent people. This violent mechanism not just causes a lot of destruction but also mentally disturbs the people of our nation.

The main reasons behind why people resort to joining terrorist groups is because of the lack of education, poverty, lack of social responsibility, unemployment and the surrounding you live in.

The only way to get rid of terrorism is by creating more employment for people, increasing educational facilities and by improving security measures.

These methodologies will definitely reduce the number of terrorist groups in India and will thereby make India a more peaceful place to live in.

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Vaibhav said: (Tue, Jun 3, 2014 01:18:41 PM)    
Hello friends! As we got a very curious topic of discussion that is Terrorism in India.

I would like to add that it is not only killing the innocent people but also creating difference in religion. The reason behind the terrorism is that there are some people who wants something like land, prestige in society, etc. Which they are not getting easily by convincing to government and people, therefore they are taking the help of such ways and also they are making the youth of their religion to carry out terrorism.

This is resulting in only ruining of society and peace of nations.

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Lakshmi said: (Sun, Jun 1, 2014 10:22:26 AM)    
Hi friends today terrorism is the huge problem facing by the people community where this happen due to their lack of employment, poverty, religion problems, etc. The government of India should solve these kinds of problems in each and every citizen of India or else try to bring an awareness in people & mostly the states which are in backward solve the problem first then some what may rectify and the POLICE they must alert in each and every place by doing all these we can consolidate the terrorism.

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Manish Kumar said: (Fri, May 30, 2014 12:26:16 PM)    
Good morning to one and all present here.

In my point of view, terrorism is a very wide term which will include violence from other country's people as well who have originated in our own counties. We can't say that a particular state or region is more terrorist affected but it has spread to each and every corner of the country. Lack of education, employment opportunities, misguided youths in the name of religion, are the main reasons of increasing terrorism. But there is no end to hope if we are willing to curb this problem.

Serious employment generation by government, bringing the backward class to main part of society, strong coordination between different intelligence bureaus are some steps which will help in reducing terrorism and make our country a safer place to live.

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Tapas said: (Thu, May 29, 2014 11:31:12 PM)    
Hi everyone. Now, in my opinion over last 40 or 50 years terrorism is a concern for India. As a developing nation not many actually cared what was happening in the past but when it happened in America or England then everyone used to pay attention. We actually don't care about conditions of our people, we just follow the foreigners act. So, in some quantity we are also helping terrorism. Hunger, poverty, illiteracy, religious superstitions all are the reason behind terrorism.

A class of rich people also supports it to maintain the turbulence and make profit of this situation. Media plays a two faced role because in one way it helps to increase concern and make it global problem while it passively helps those who loves blood & revenge and take this as a passion on the other way. So, its our responsibility to come forward and helps other who are suffering from this disease.

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Chetan Mehta said: (Sun, May 25, 2014 10:12:06 PM)    
Terrorism. Is the issue which is concerned not only with India but its Global Issue. I think instead of discussing what are the reasons of terrorism we should think what majors we should take to curb it.

Thousands of peoples lose their lives due to terrorist activities every year.

People known as Jihadis are the main culprits who are promoting such devil things.

We need to understand from where this bunch of people gets courage to engaged in such things.

Its their political background and their affection for their religion which makes them think that they are above all other and they can rule over 5 billion people in the world by inculcating the feeling of terror and fear amongst the people.

But its time we should warn them that we are not going to tolerate this anymore,

Its for their sake that they should stop such activities otherwise they will have to deal with its consequences.

The water have rise above and if we won't take measures to stop them, then the time is near that our rising sun will fall.

So, lets unite and deal with this global issue together after all unity is the strength.

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Maninder Singh said: (Mon, May 19, 2014 10:23:24 AM)    
So in my point of view. There are many reason behind terrorism. Today we all know that population is increasing day by day and inflation is also increasing most talented persons are not able to obtain job because of corruption. Corruption. So there is no source to earn money. Ao persons choose wrong way to earn money. Secondly we all know that the main fight of terrorism is to get there haq so most of the young people misguided by some one and choose wrong way.

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Teena said: (Sat, May 17, 2014 07:14:52 PM)    
Hi friends.

We all know that about terrorism. I want to discuss why they follow this way. I think they have some personal reasons Like they want education but because of their ability they can not do that, where they lives. I think everyone in this world want happy childhood but some people childhood is to difficult. I know nothing is impossible in the world. So I have request all peoples, NGO save their childhood.

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Brahmani said: (Fri, May 16, 2014 09:31:31 AM)    
Hey guys,

In my view terrorism means using violence and dangerous methods to cause destruction. It is not only a threat to India but also to many countries. Terrorists are of two types. They are,

1. Terrorists from our country.
2. Terrorists from other countries like Pakistan.

Both groups work for the same motives i.e. destruction.

The reasons for becoming terrorists are:

1. The surroundings in which they live.
2. Religious feelings.
3. Unemployed situation.
4. Family related problems.
5. Lack of social awareness.
6. political mind.
7. Lack of education.
8. Lack of social responsibilities.
9. Lack of unity.

Their motives:

1. Destruction.
2. Revenge.
3. Releasing captives.
4. For political demands.
5. To get control over a place like jammu and kashmir.
6. To get worldly pleasures.

How to stop them:

1. Increasing defense system.
2. Improving educational facilities.
3. Improving employment.
4. Destroying terrorist organizations.


Thank you for reading my views.

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Milind Patil said: (Fri, May 9, 2014 12:28:02 PM)    
The major problem is there is lack of proper communication between government and all other agencies. Like intelligence bureau and others.

Most of the time information is already given to state govt by agencies but no state govt doesn't acts upon it.

We need create good network between state govt police and intelligence agencies.

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Raj said: (Sat, May 3, 2014 05:02:51 PM)    
Terrorism in India is a world problem, since India has lost 50,000 crores financially as foreign inflow of funds reduced that affects tourism to a great extent and because this an article state taj on which attack has done has spent around 500 crores to bring back the beauty of taj.

Terrorism is something which all over the world is a major problem at the moment. Its effects are very much that it can deteriorate a country's economy and can cause between the countries. Terrorists were not born but they were made in the name of religion. None of the religion preaches terrorism nor ask the followers to take the lives of other people but it was preached by wrong leaders and innocent people fall as a prey and lose their lives and kill other people as well.

Terrorists don't understand that by acting in the name of terrorism, they are bringing disgrace to their own religion and at the same time ruining their own country and people and when they are no more, hardly they could realise the damage they have done and if we have another life or the so called Spirits, these people will realise and make this world a safe and a peaceful place to live.

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Nitin said: (Wed, Apr 30, 2014 03:57:42 PM)    
Terrorism is never going to lessen or end. Until unless government want to do so. As we all know that our government Is so kind towards terrorists. After detaining any terrorist they used treat them like a Celebrity and they keep them for very long time in jail. Government should used to hang them at earliest state rather than going to court for hear.

Terrorist are the murderer, who never thought about the decent people, never care about anyone, anybody, just kill them in the name of JIHAD or revenge, which they are self initiator. So why should we give them a chance to escape by hearing, it just a wastage of time of court. However, they are rendered by the service of court, the final verdict should be "TO HANG TILL DEATH" within a week.

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Pratik said: (Thu, Apr 17, 2014 09:44:16 AM)    
A common definition of terrorism is the systematic use or threatened use of violence to intimidate a population or government and thereby affect political, religious, or ideological change. Terrorism in India, according to the Home Ministry, poses a significant threat to the state. Terrorism in India are basically two types external and internal, external terrorism emerge from neighboring countries and internal terrorism emulates from religious or communal violence and Naxalite - Maoist insurgency. Terror activities involve either Indian or foreign citizens.

The regions with long term terrorist activities today are Jammu and Kashmir, Mumbai, Central India (Naxalism) and the Seven Sister States (independence and autonomy movements). As of 2006, at least 232 of the country's 608 districts were afflicted, at differing intensities, by various insurgent and terrorist movements. In August 2008, National Security Advisor M K Narayanan has said that there are as many as 800 terrorist cells operating in the country.

Terrorism in India has often been alleged to be sponsored by Pakistan. After most acts of terrorism in India, many journalists and politicians accuse Pakistan's intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence of playing a role. Recently, both the US and Afghanistan have accused Pakistan of carrying out terrorist acts in Afghanistan.

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Dushyant Chaudhary said: (Sun, Apr 13, 2014 12:38:44 AM)    
Hello friends, actually terrorism is a word which doesn't need any explanation to understand for us all because we are seeing it in our daily life. India is a victim of terrorism from many years which hampered the development of our country many times from jammu kashmir to kanyakumari.

The main reasons of terrorism are lack of education, unemployment, casteism etc. And an another reason is lack of political coordination by our government. So to eradicate the terrorism from our country we need an effective and tougher policy like in other developed countries like USA, UK etc.

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Krishno Kanto Saha said: (Thu, Apr 10, 2014 02:41:22 PM)    
Hi friends,

Terrorism in India is on of the most vulnerable problem which is growing in India.

Well I think there are two kinds of terrorists in India. One who are originated in India itself and the other who are descendant of some other country like Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Well the main reason for the home growing terrorists in India are Unemployment. We can see in Northeast India, That various educated peoples are joining terrorism. Because for them no gate is open. Our government can neither provide them employment nor the gate of politics is open for middle class peoples. So, in our country govt should arrange employment for the educated peoples and the barrier on the way of politics should be removed.

And for the other kind of terrorist, Our govt is responsible. Our Border are not guarded properly specially in the north eastern region through where peoples with some wrong ideas can easily come. That should be stopped.

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Manish Negi said: (Thu, Apr 10, 2014 11:53:01 AM)    
We can say that Terrorism in India is a most burning disaster the people are facing around. Due to that we have lost many lives since last 3 decades.

According to me the key factor which is motivating such type of critical activities is the lethal security, law and government system of our country. Nobody thinks before attacking in our country's major parts because they know our system is too weak to take quick reaction on those activities.

We need a solid and tight system like many other developed countries like US, Russia etc to fight with this problem so that one should think ten times before actuating any destroy full movement inside our nation.


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Arvind said: (Wed, Apr 9, 2014 08:52:18 AM)    
Good morning friends, as per my view terrorism in India is increasing at high rate and the main reason behind this is LACK OF AWARENESS, AVOIDANCE OF GOVERNMENT, UNEMPLOYMENT, LACK OF EDUCATION, LACK OF PATRIOTISM, POVERTY. So our government make sure that whatever new plan is implementing in Indian it should be mostly benefited for minority and also it should be confirmed that REMOTE area is getting benefit from it.

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Om Prakash said: (Tue, Apr 8, 2014 01:00:33 PM)    
Hi friends.

As all you know that terrorism is most serious problem in India. So our government must take strong action against terrorist like america.

And also add a compulsory subject on humanity in education system from class five to Ph.D. And also provide education of everyone.

I want to share a best remedy for terrorism is that if from now any terrorist who say that will you join terrorism that kind of information you must tell government that time and government will make a law that who will tell us that kind of information we will help you and your family.

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Kriti Shivhare said: (Tue, Apr 8, 2014 09:43:32 AM)    
Terrorism is one of the major problem faced by india, there are basically two types of terrorism in India as social and religious terrorism. This creates a lots of instability among the environment and among the people of country. This forced poor people to do nuisance activity for money and the reason behind this is unemployment and illiteracy. People kill other people without any reason and generally poor people are killed mostly.

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Aneesh said: (Thu, Apr 3, 2014 06:05:36 PM)    
Terrorism is the act of resorting in the creation of terror among people to achieve once goal. The goals may be religious political territorial or any other regards. This is a crucial act since they are not respecting others feeling while trying to pursue their goals. So it is considered as heinous.

In India we mainly face two kinds of terrorism one is religious in nature while other is social in nature. We can find religious terrorism in northern states that is sponsored by some destructive forces works outside our country. Their prime motto is to create a political unstable country and use this time to destabilise our nation.

Second kind of terrorism was the product of social backwardness. This type can widely seen in eastern and some southern states of India. Marginalised groups of community of this states took arms against the socially elite group because of the deprived states of their life and oppression form the affluent group of community. It is basically due to the unsymmetrical income. Now the strong rooted terrorist outlets are denying gov. To provide better amenities to the marginalised group of community since once they come to the mainstream of society the terrorist group will lose their strong grip on them.

To fight against terrorism, we need to cater a strong feeling of nationalism among people. So radical groups can not find a place among these communities. And we have to address the issue of marginalisation of some communities and uneven distribution of income among people. We have to foster nationalisation above the cast creed and religious thoughts to tackle terrorism.

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Uma said: (Wed, Apr 2, 2014 06:42:07 PM)    
Terrorism mainly occur for the people does not understanding each other. This is the main reason for the terrorism. Life is a beautiful journey so don't angry with others don't attack others. So follow the tips the terrorism will not be happen.

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Jahanara said: (Thu, Mar 27, 2014 04:25:03 PM)    
Hi friends,

Terrorism is the most serious problem that India is facing from past 40 years. Why the people are killing others and behaving like animals. No holy books says to destruct the human race. Don't involve GOD in this inhuman activities. Everyone has equal rights to live on this mighty earth. No one should threaten others. Its my humble request to live as a human being.


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Divya said: (Sat, Mar 22, 2014 11:43:36 AM)    
Hello everyone.

Terrorism is one of the major issues that every country faces these days. No one chooses to become a terrorist, it is the situation around them that makes them do terrorist activities. People in need for money due to unemployment or some financial crises usually resort to such means to earn quick money. They are unaware of the consequences of these activities that they perform, because they are mostly illiterate. Hence more awareness needs to be created among all individuals about the ill effects caused due to terrorism. Terrorist attacks usually occur on the basis of religion or politics. It takes away the lives of many poor individuals and will also destroy many man made and natural structures.

Therefore we must make sure to use the advancing technology for the betterment of the society and economy and not for its destruction.

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Priya Sachdev said: (Fri, Mar 14, 2014 01:44:34 PM)    
Hello, Terrorism. Its a ridiculous Action, which takes away the lives of thousands of innocent people, who does not belong to any of the social or inter-continental Rivalry, all they belong is from the community of a Human being, that's why they all suffers just because they all possess the humanity, which is not seemed by these terrorists who attacks on these innocent lives, only to fulfill their demands or to move themselves higher in their own vision, they don't even have mercy to take those people's lives, who does not have any relation with their selfish needs.

According to me, the government Should think that if they can't have mercy to take the innocent lives, then why should we feel guilty in taking actions against them, just for our security & for the nation. So, we should take the crucial steps & make some affordable plans to stop this injustice, with the whole nation & with the Humanity.

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Meenakshi Subramanian said: (Tue, Mar 11, 2014 09:21:03 PM)    
Hi, every one. According to me terrorism occurs in India due to lack of unity among all of us. We all know that INDIA IS SECULAR COUNTRY. India is a nation with unity in diversity. We have to accept people from various region, religion, caste, creed as our brothers and sisters.

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Harish said: (Fri, Mar 7, 2014 02:57:39 PM)    
Good afternoon to everyone, I am really excited to share my view on this topic, the root cause of terrorism is poverty, unemployment, personal failures of individual and along with this some antisocial elements brainwashing these people in the name of religion or in the name of revenge over society.

Most of the terrorism activities occurs with the help of people in our own country, and its very sad to hear that our people are helping to destroy our own country and this happens because of the big gap between rich and poor, and is directly or indirectly related to corrupt government.

The government has to take appropriate actions to reduce the gap between rich and poor and provide education to poor people and providing employment to them.

My request is love your religion and respect other religion because of which most of the problems are raising.

And I pity the terrorists wasting their wonderful life only to take revenge on other people.

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Suraj said: (Tue, Mar 4, 2014 04:15:11 PM)    
I think the one reason that needs to be addressed is that the concerns and needs of the north eastern regions have been long neglected and as Terrorism in India has its roots in these regions. Sheer neglect by the Government in these regions regrading even the basic necessities of life have made these people pick up weapons and righteously claim their rights through a war which we call terrorism.

We cannot always blame them as such from moral context, its not right to create violence and terror all over but looking through their perspective, they resort to the last option of terrorism.

Our Policies needs to be changes relevant to these areas and we need to include them in to the mainstream economy. Our Government has only exploited the natural resources in these areas and ultimately deprived these people from their livelihood that is the forest produces. The ultimate root of terrorism lies in there.


1) Provide basic amenities in these regions which automatically entails EDUCATION. Without education the unemployed youths are misguided the wrong way to take such steps.

2) Moral values are very less or none in the youths of these areas, making them vulnerable to being brainwashed to jump into terrorism for money or other material possessions they fascinate of !

3) Government should stop exploiting the forest areas and keep a safe distance with the inhabited regions where these tribal areas thrive.

4) Dispel the middle men who take away all the profits of the forest produce from the tribal and reform the economic reach ability to free markets for these people.

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George said: (Tue, Mar 4, 2014 11:18:53 AM)    
Terrorism is one of the problems faced in India next to corruption. India is the second most populous country next to china, but when you compare the security measures implemented in china and India, china is more superior. India is more vulnerable to the acts of terrorism primarily due to lack of stringent security measures, most of the states in India do not have proper security checks in malls, railway station and other areas where the crowd is more. The only security check that is quite stringent is in the airport, 5 star hotels and big shopping malls.

The government of India must create more awareness to the public and also must make sure more polices men are recruited in order to protect the welfare of the society.

There are many people who are unemployed and are willing to contribute to the society so by recruiting more people for policing can improve the security of the country.

The other main problem is in India it is more of reactive approach than proactive or preventive, when a terror strikes all of a sudden there will be rise in security level and it will stay for few days but it needs to be through, because one does not know when it will strike, we need to educate people to be alert and any if any suspicious found need to be informed to the police immediately so that acts of terror can be avoided, so its not only the police but also the entire nation should stay united to eradicate the acts of terror through the form of prevention and education.

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Sudhanshu Pandey said: (Sun, Mar 2, 2014 02:31:06 PM)    
I am totally agreed with the views expressed for the cause of terrorism mentioned above and like to add something for the remedy for this problem, in my opinion a strong and balance education system having equal weight age for morality and technicality would definitely help us to overcome this problem a lot, as moral education will not only help us to develop an individual who will respect his country and countrymen but also help that individual not easily get misguided by antisocial element, now coming to technical education, a quality technical education will help to get employment which will also help an individual to not get misguided and take wrong path.

One more point which I think is to take into concern is day by day rapidly increasing population which is not only creating negative impact on our social and economic condition which somewhere leading to terrorism.

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Ravi Kumar.P said: (Fri, Feb 28, 2014 10:45:21 PM)    
Good evening friend. Terrorism is a threat to not only india, and other countries also. Day by day the terrorism is increasing. I can say some reasons to increase terrorism:

1. Lack of education.
2. Un employment.
3. To create violence among the people.
4. To earn money.
5. Misunderstanding the religion.

There are some countries encourage terrorism for their benefits. ''I can say nothing is impossible'' the terrorism can also eradicate in the world countries if governments and people work together. And I want to thank defensive service of our nation, with whom efforts we can feel safe.

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Manimegala.M said: (Thu, Feb 27, 2014 05:33:04 PM)    
Good evening friends,

The terrors are developed in our country from ordinary families. The main reason for terrorism is earn of money. The terrorism is one of the easy way to get money. Unemployment is the reason for most of the Indian peoples are going to the terrors group. Every human wants love from others. But most of the peoples are doesn't get any love and affection others. This is the most important way the peoples are pulled in terrorism. The above problems are solved the most of the peoples doesn't go to terrorism.

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Uma.J said: (Fri, Feb 21, 2014 11:08:01 AM)    
Hi dudes,

There are much more reasons for the rise of terrorism. Mostly, the reason for terrorism is Poverty and religious problem. Few people are doing terrorism because of poverty. They need to survive their life. So they want money for that. Hence, they fall into the group called terrorism. Most of the people are falling into this because of religions. By the name of religion, Most of the people caused by terrorism. This is because of Lack of education but some of them are strong in their education was fallen into terrorism. I agreed with all other suggestions.

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Vidhya said: (Mon, Feb 17, 2014 07:48:22 PM)    
Hi Friends.

Terrorism is one of the issues that should be brought into everyone concern. Reasons for terrorism are many. One of them is poverty. For getting food it is the human nature to do anything. Another one is lack of education due to which people cannot understand which is good and which is wrong. I don't think any religion promote terrorism.

All religions believe in truth. And also our military forces are trying to eradicate this from our nation. Securities, weapons, technology all are getting upgraded every day. Still attacks are happening in our nation. If we read the news about these attacks we can find at least one Indian behind it.

So I think most important measure to eradicate this problem is to reach minds of individuals. It is not an easy task. They should be given proper education and help them tackle poverty by helping them to get their basic needs. Not just government we young people can also contribute to it. We young people are the ones who are going to lead our country. If we raise our fellow people and stand and a wall against this terrorism, it can be easily removed.

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Shivam said: (Sun, Feb 16, 2014 01:39:16 PM)    
Hi friends.

We all know that terrorism is one of the biggest problem in the path of development of our country. We all have lots of examples to be shared. But if we want to eliminate this problem we should know that what is the basic cause of this problem, why it is originated and from where.

According to me the terrorist are those people who attain wrong way to say what they want. They have a certain objective which they want to fulfill. They traps other innocents and immersed them in their work. The peoples who join the groups are those who not have education and employment and other basic things to survive, so if we want to eliminate the problem we should first educate and employed the people of rural areas. I am sure that this problem will automatically eliminated.

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Pari said: (Thu, Feb 13, 2014 10:55:50 PM)    
Hello friends.

Terrorism become the biggest problem of world. But in India its effect is more. The reason behind that :

1. Unemployment:- when a person doesn't get any job then to fulfill their basic requirement they have to adopt this path.

2. Human nature:- most of them they want to earn money in shortcut way. And this is the way to earn money in a short time period.

3. Lack of education and moral values.

This are some important reason.

According to me no one want to become terrorist but due to some reason and some situation they are pressured by someone to become terrorist.

But it can be overcome when their will be a job for everyone, everyone got education, and for that Indian government must have to take smooth step towards this problem.

My conclusion is that "terrorism is the big problem not the terrorist". All country of the world they have to become one country and then they should try to understand their problem and try to remove their problem. Hence one day we will get success to make our world free from terrorism.

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Suraj said: (Wed, Feb 12, 2014 10:30:21 PM)    
In my opinion, terrorism is one of the biggest problem for a developing country. The reason for that is nothing but some disaster minds. Our youths do not get jobs. Unemployment, corruption poverty and lack of patriotism.

Youth should change their mind, should have patriotism. And the most important thing is that government should also think about the employment.

In this way, terrorism will be decrease.

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