Terrorism in India

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Jay said: (Dec 7, 2017)  
It creat great fear in young ones mind.

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Madhu said: (Nov 18, 2017)  
Terrorism is just like a nuclear bomb. I think it is mostly happen because of political issues. It's increasing day by day that which we seen in jammu kashmir issues. I think there is no word like terrorism it's only a misunderstanding and jealousy of countries.

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Aryan Mahila said: (Oct 27, 2017)  
Terrorism is a great threat to our world life eco.

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Mohammed Tufail Assadi said: (Oct 9, 2017)  
Many people think that there is islamic terrorism in India specially in jammu & kashmir. But its not true. We do not know the trurh until we visit there and check.

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Mrp said: (Oct 8, 2017)  
Terrorism is an unlawful use of violence against civilians for personal or political or religious gains. But the medias especially foreign medias have influenced our thoughts, now when we hear terrorism our prejudiced mind concludes its Islamic related. But terrorism doesn't have any religion, caste or country based.

India is the most diversified country in the whole world, similarly, India would be the land of most diverse terrorism. Religious terrorism, political terrorism, state terrorism or pathological terrorism, you can find every kind in here.

Unless we the civilians are more responsible and tolerant eradication of terrorism from India will be impossible.

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Mohammed Tufail Assadi(God) said: (Oct 5, 2017)  
There may be terrorists in India and in world. But islamic terrorism does not exists. Islamic terrorism exists only in movies and videos.

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Hunter said: (Sep 19, 2017)  
I don't think that terrorists belong to any particular group, caste or religion. They could belong to any group or religion. According to me, they can be misled by someone or harassed for some reasons. Most of the people's mentality marks Muslims as a terrorist. If we say, terrorist, then the image of an Islamic guy sketched in their mind but is it a right way to recognizing a terrorist? off course not, because any person who is disturbing nation's peace and harasses people can be called a terrorist and he can be a Hindu Muslin Christian whatever.

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Anushka said: (Sep 18, 2017)  
India is a developing country and it has faced many challenges such as poverty, employment etc. One such challenge is terrorism. Terrorism is defined as an unlawful act done by a group of people to create fear in the minds of people. It is done for political, religious and ideological reasons. Terrorism has become a threat to India and other such parts of the world. Examples include US embassy being attacked, 26/11 attack in India, 9/11 attack in the US. Terrorists attack to fulfill their individual and unfair purposes. Due to these attacks, many people have lost their life. This problem should be removed if all the citizens of the country come together.

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Mishra Sh said: (Aug 26, 2017)  
Terrorism can be defined as the indiscriminate violence to create terror and fear in order to achieve some political, religious and ideological aim. The word terror was first used during French revolution n 18th century.

Terrorism in India is of many types such as ethno-nationalist terrorism, narco-terrorism, religious terrorism.

The main cause of terrorism in India is Pakistan and separatist groups that exist in some part of India, who continuously work together to create fear and terror in India to achieve their goal to make Kashmir the part of Pakistan.

The regions of India who have had been most affected by terrorism are a western state. Jammu-Kashmir. Seven sisters of India and northern states like Punjab. South and central states of our country like Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh are mostly affected by Naxal attacks. In some states of our country, some people are creating fear to achieve their goal making a separate state India or outside the India.

Northern states of our country have had been a victim of religious terrorism and riots in order to fulfill their some religion related goals.

Terrorism is just created by some sane but obsessive minded people.

Terrorism is a threat to humanity. Thousands of innocent people have had been led to death because of some fucking bastards.

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Pankaj.. said: (Aug 25, 2017)  

Terrorism is a serious problem of India as well as the whole world. The main reason of terrorism is discrimination in religion. Even educated people are involving in terrorist activity. When the ISIS was on there utmost many people from India were getting involved in terrorist activity. So I believe that dominating other religion and to rein on the world is the main reason apart from illiteracy. To overcome of this inevitable problem the whole world need to get together to thrash terrorism.

Thank you.

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Jithin R said: (Aug 21, 2017)  
We all know that terrorism is one of the worst activity in this 21st century. Currently, many terrorists groups have been actively involving in violence, killings of innocent lives, social and economic destruction, Etc.

In order to fight against them, we should think first wisely despite the violence. For instance, many international and national organizations should come up with awareness programs and must strictly ban activities favoring terrorism. Social medias and the Internet can be a better conveying media for creating anti-terrorism activities.

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Dbz Fan said: (Aug 17, 2017)  
Terrorism is nothing but to force people to do things according to one. 's order and if not followed then people might be tortured or even killed. Terrorism has destroyed the lives of many people. It is just terrible. One childhood go school to study but he goes there to learn how to fight & how to be terrorists. He is forced by his parent but the result is he becomes a terrorist. Terrorism should be removed from this Earth otherwise we will be completely destroyed. Terrorism is very bad for humankind. We ought to remove it completely and it will better be done by war (as I think) because communication will not be any solution. A Terrorist does not think about other the only thing matter to them is their aim.

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Ravi said: (Aug 5, 2017)  
Terrorism is very dangerous because so many people will lose their lives, explosives make injury to people, every day we feel fear to go out of the home.

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Mayank said: (Aug 3, 2017)  
Terrorism is something which all over the world is a major problem at the moment. Its effects are very much that it can deteriorate a country's economy and can cause between the countries. Terrorists were not born but they were made in the name of religion. None of the religion preaches terrorism nor asks the followers to take the lives of other people but it was preached by wrong leaders and innocent people fall a prey and lose their lives and kill other people as well.

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Negi said: (Jul 30, 2017)  
I think terrorism is the biggest problem a country is facing. Not only India but many other countries are there who are also facing this problem like Israel. There are many terror groups which are responsible for terrorism like jamayt ud dawa and isis and many more. So most of them have same motive and that is to establish sharia law in that particular area. Like isis also want to impose sharia law in iraq and siria. Similarly terror group in kashmir also wants an independent kashmir where they can impose sharia law on them. That is their main motive. So definitely terrorism is bad for any country.

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Ashish said: (Jul 25, 2017)  
Hello Friend's!

Our topic for group discussion is "Terrorism in India".

Terrorism, this seems to be a small world but the impacts are very harmful. In India inspite of decreasing it is increasing. Most importantly the point which is require to be concern that our country Youth are included with this crew (terrorism).

Terrorism affects the country internally and it affects the base of the country. Terrorism affects the country economy system, architecture of the country, it affects the harmony within the people.

As per the US state department, India is the 3rd largest terror target. There are 972 terror attacks took place in India across the world.

The main reason of having more terrorism is the religion. Politician also play the role in happening of terrorism. Politician use the religion as a weapon for the votes and incite the people and terrorism occurs.

Another reason of the terrorism is lack of education among people and Corrupion also.

The big example of the terrorism is 26/11 Mumbai attack as the most dangerous terror attack. Many terrorist cover the Taj Hotel and attacked on it.

Terrorism can be controll if proper education is given to people and people are not discriminated on the basis of education.

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Munna Kumar said: (Jul 22, 2017)  
Hello, friends. The 8th report on terrorism in India published in 2008 defined terrorism as the peace-time equivalent of a war crime. An act of terror in India includes an act of violence that causes death, injury or property damage, induces fear, and is targeted against any group of people identified by their political, philosophical, ideological, racial, ethnic, religious or any nature. India subdivides terrorism are on four major topics such as Ethno-nationalist terrorism, Religious terrorism, Life-wing terrorism, Narcotisation. Several states have been bomb-blasted in India. Leaders and religious people are behind it. So all people should think about terrorism how to eliminate it.

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Vivek Rai said: (Jul 18, 2017)  
Hii friends. I don't know what is terrorism. I only know if terrorism will not be completely destroyed from all over the world especially from India then I think there will be an end of humanity and rise of uncivilised, un cultured groups of men. Actually, terrorism means not killing people. It is just way, a path through which those people want that world should call themselves terrorist. They kill people. Some kill for money, some kill to promote their names throughout the world, some kill to just break the economic system of a country. Our India is financially a good country among the world and our Kashmir is a small state which defines how much India is beautiful. Many terror organisation wants to destroy the beauty of India by harming our beautiful Kashmir. Many meetings were held by India with many other nations to establish a good relationship. India also holding many meetings with many nations to erase the word terror. We are supporting our nations by all means. JAI HIND.

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Chsharad said: (Jul 17, 2017)  
We know that terrorism is the biggest problem I think that is not an individually problem that is the problem of the whole world that's by we should get together and solve that the problem we are many more time face to terrorist attacks like 26/11 Mumbai attack and Hyderabad and Jaipur bomblast there are many times to face the terrorism now the time to stop this and secure to our coming generation I believe one day is totally destroyed this terrorism our government is taking some strict decision like surgical strike and those country are support to terrorism so our relation disconnected of those countries.

Keep help to someone and support to person whichever is needed to help. Thank you for reading my opinion STOP TERERRISOM.

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Kajal said: (Jul 9, 2017)  
Good morning everyone.

In order to discuss the terrorism in India, we should know what a terrorism is? Terrorism is an unlawful use of violence and intimidation especially against civilians just because of political aims.

We can take the example that lynch mobs that beat up and kill people suspected of carrying beef are terrorist and Muslim killing policemen in Kashmir.

Terrorists can be anyone not only Muslims. Even terrorists come into this terrorism because of unemployment, poverty.

Our PM wants to sell India to the world as global manufacturing hub that will not be possible if India's fastest growing industry is lynch mobs.

So govt should pass strict rules against this to reduce terrorism in India and should provide an opportunity to the youth for self-employment.

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Mayank Bhardwaj said: (Jul 9, 2017)  
Hello friends!

Terrorism is one of the biggest threat our country is facing, not only it is deteriorating economy of the country but many innocent people are loosing their life. Every day we heard in news channel about the insurgency in Kashmir, so is it a serious threat to mankind in 21st century, now let's talk about India, India is facing not only threats of terrorism from outside but also from India like

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Ajit Kumar Nayak said: (Jul 1, 2017)  
Namaskar friends.

Terrorism is nowadays an attribute, not an individual character. It can be changed by changing the thinking of the terrorist. Everything is possible, so why not terrorism. It is the black bull of human civilization.

So it should be the right way to stop the country from giving any kind of help who is appreciated to the terrorism. But it should be the slogan, change the terrorism to change terrorist. Govt should take care for that. Not INDIA but the other nation should realise that. Because terrirism stands like a stone against whole world. So to prevent from this, we have to meet together (i. E all nations) and do which is favour of whole world. All nations should take unique actions for the better results. Remember we should destroy terrirism through the world.

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Varnit Kumar said: (Jun 29, 2017)  
Hii friends,

Terrorism is a hazard for mankind and our nation. It is a worst way of threatening the people and government. Now a days this problem is spreading throughout the world.

According to me people who became terrorist are illetrate, poor and corrupt. They do not have enough knowledge about right and wrong things. These type of people easily mislead by someone, who wants his personal benefit only.

Not only government, we the people of our nation can help to solve this issue. We should have to give awareness classes against the terrorism in all over the country whether it was rural and urban area. Terrorism should be stopped for ever and ever since it obstruct the development of our nation.

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Sathvik said: (Jun 25, 2017)  
Nowadays, terrorism is spreading all over the world. Only cruel animals were killed other animals for eating food. But those who are attracted to terrorism that they behave like animals. They did not know the value of life.

Due to terrorism, many innocent people who lost their lives, and some other left refugees and orphans. So, all countries should come together in order to curb the terrorism.

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Raj Kumar said: (Jun 20, 2017)  
Terrorism means the unlawful use of violence and intimidation especially against civilian, in the pursuit of political aims. The main resoans for this unsatisifaction on rule of present government. The persons are group trying to come down the present government. They are take help from the other partys who are not in ruling. And another reason is unemployment so the youth gointo join in the terrorist groups. The terrorist geuop leaders are give some targets to with in the members in order to excute the plan they are attack on civilian and blasting.

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Krish said: (Jun 19, 2017)  
Terrorism in India firstly terrorism defined as the deliberate act of violence by creating sufferings of the people.

Terrorism in India poses a significant threat to the economy of the country and also effect on our torism department. The main cause of this is unemployment.

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Satyajit said: (Jun 18, 2017)  
Terrorism is nothing but spreading terror among people to gain some target what they involved for. It has no religion, no identity but most of them wrongly called it Jiihaad, which is not true at all.

Nowadays all world facing the same problem, whether you could say from West to middle-east or from West Asia to South Asia. India is also facing the same threat from old age enemy like JeM and Let. Some cheap politics also add fuel to this problem which is not good for our country.

I think we should spread awareness about the hazardous effects of this mainly among the youngsters so that they should be kept a distance from it. The govt should also make policies which could beneficial for eradicating poverty and unemployment.

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Abhishek said: (Jun 18, 2017)  
Terrorism in India is maximum in Jammu and Kashmir. The reason behind this is that they want freedom not only from India but also from Pakistan. Yes, I agree with the fact that unemployment and lack of education lead to terrorism but friends you can see that India government is forcing the youth of Kashmir to study but they are just stone pelting to the forces just for a sake of money. Kashmir was one of the most visited tourist places in India and was known globally for its beauty but they themselves have to make Kashmir hell and unemployed. The only thing that can make peace to Kashmir is educating the youth because youth has the power to change the world.

"agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast, hasmin asto hamin asto hamin asto. Of there is a paradise on face of earth it is this, it is this, it is this (KASHMIR) ".

Jai hind and keep supporting INDIAN ARMY.

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Sakshi said: (Jun 13, 2017)  
Hii guys.

I respect all your opinions but according to my opinion, terrorism do not have any religion, any caste, any country or heart they just want to destroy the lives of people.

I would like to share that what is happening in J & K (jammu and kashmir) media and many people are thinking that people living in j&k want to be a part of pakistan but I don't think so I think that they just want peace and want to send their life peacefully therè. Yes I agree that they are in a little bit confusion that to whom they should follow to terrorism or to Indian govt.

And if we talk about the Terrorism. They cannot do anything till we all live united so. It's a humble request that please be united and love each other.

Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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Twinkle said: (Jun 9, 2017)  
I think government should take proper steps to avoid terrorism in India. Should put cctv cameras in most of the places including both rural and urban areas. Military people should take care all the border areas and sea areas. In India should place emergency offices so that people get easily help within a short interval interval of time.

Government should also take strict action against those who are supporting terrorism so that no can go in the field of terrorism.

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Ranjith.M said: (Jun 2, 2017)  
According to me, the meaning of terrorism differs from person to person. And various from country to country. Even though terrorism is ill to the nations. Some claim so terrorist organisation as revolutionary.

For example, The insurgencies happening in Jammu and Kashmir were addressed as terrorist activity by Indian government but were as the protesters will claim that as a freedom struggle.

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Ree said: (May 18, 2017)  
Terrorism is the means of using terror to achieve one's selfish needs. Terrorists exploit the sentiments of a group of people to attain their goals. They are ready to go to any extend to get what they want.

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Ankita Roy said: (May 17, 2017)  
Terrorism done by terrorist and terrorist are the common man.

The know the depth of terrorism we should know the right structure of query i.e. "Why -> How -> What". Why -> would answer the reasons leading to terrorism. How -> the event of a terrorism attack. What -> the agenda of attack. Talking about the first key "Why" it is to showcase the power, to dominate, etc. The second key "How" it is done by unlawful acts like bomb explosions. The third & the last key "What" to attain an object, to take over something or the agenda. In the recent times, there has been an increase in terrorism. Few terrorists have been nabbed by the government authorities. But that alone will not prevent or stop terrorism. To reduce or prevent terrorism the whole concentration shouldn\'t be on the terrorist. The main focus should be given to the measures to avoid it. The question arises " "under what circumstances the situation of terrorism occurs". The act is executed after well planning. It's not an overnight decision. We have good intelligence officers and probably a few more increase in the officers to gain the secret information would help as a measure. The better training & programming of STF (Special task force) officers to deal with such events would be an added advantage. Also, few members should be dedicated to the anti-terrorism programme. With these mentioned above the steps to be taken before & during an attack can be taken care. Post attack preparation should be done by keeping one hospital equipped with many emergency units & other resources needed during an emergency act. We all can contribute to this by being little alert and informing the government officials about any suspicious acts around us.

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Ram Prakash said: (Apr 14, 2017)  
Terrorism is the frustration of individual, group or any state, to others state. When this frustration reaches to its higher level then they try to harass other's people by making an unlawful effort like bomb blasting. And in rewarding they get some of the money from the external group or terrorist centre.

The people's who are included with this type of worst effort are mostly uneducated and unemployment. We can sort out this type of problem by giving the proper education and employment to every person.

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Priya Kar said: (Apr 10, 2017)  
Terrorism is a hazard for mankind. Our beautiful World is facing many problems like over population, global warming, recession, literacy and unemployment, but spreading terrorism is menace to the world and has been most frightening of all. Terrorism is the cruelest crime of all because it kills less criminals and more innocent citizen.

At present growing terrorism has become a head ache foe government and a nightmare for public. Outlining the causes lack of education seems to play an important role in growing terrorism. Majority of people living in a society are uneducated and it is easy to brainwash them and use them for violence, their first priority is only bread and a shelter to live in. According to a survey it is proven that majority of the innocent illiterate people became the victim of violence.

Moreover, the other leading reason is unemployment. People want to be rich and earn money to dwell luxuries, so they easily get involved in illegal activities to earn money which increase terrorism. In addition, poverty is also a factor that play a pivotal role in terrorism. In Times magazine last year it was delivered that a 10 years old boy was locked up in jail because he tried to stole a bread from a bakery. Besides these factors revenge is also a prominent to boost up terrorism.

To eliminate the growing terrorism government should take some serious and remedial steps. Initially government should provide education to all citizen. Next law and order department should perform fairly, hard and powerful laws should be passed for the criminals so that they can be nabbed with the help of these laws.

In conclusion, government and public should work together to vanish the element of terrorism from the world.

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Priya Kar said: (Apr 10, 2017)  
Hi, terrorism is just a word but it is a hazard for mankind. So youngsters of India are mainly contributing to terrorism so as we're youngsters we should not participate in the net but we should make peace in the world so that every country will be in peace and economically it will develop and the peoples in a country could survive properly. Due to terrorism, many peoples are ruined so we should not support terrorism and start the revolution against it thank you.

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Rishi said: (Apr 3, 2017)  
Terrorism in India- Terrorism is the biggest facing problem till now. Many of the terrorist groups are focusing on the youth and training them to attempt these attacks. This can be controlled only when each of the terrorist group has vanished.

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Ghg said: (Mar 29, 2017)  
Nobody wants to become a terrorist or born as a terrorist but people who criticise others on the basis of religion, caste, unemployment and poverty. Terrorism is one of the burning problems in India as we hear about terrorist attack all over the world. In my view solving this problem is important as every thousand of youth are being radicalised by these groups. We have to go deep to know why youth is being drawn towards the Terrorist group and eliminate those problems. Terrorism can be controlled by awareness of people if something is found terrible then inform to police and learnt humanity that is more important than religions. Terrorism is generated by a human being, we can't blame anyone so we need to understand what is the root of terrorism where it came from and how could stop this.

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Dimpy said: (Mar 29, 2017)  
Hello everyone, In my views terrorism is one of the biggest problem, not only for our nation but for the whole of the world. It is a devil which curse humanity, lives and growth of the country. Especially in the context of our country, it is one of the major issues. In past, we have been victimized hundreds of times by this devil of terrorism such as 26/11 attack, parliamentary attack, the bomb blast in hydra bad or Jaipur and many more. But now its time to take some serious steps to stop the terrorism and the supporters of terror. The Government is taking many good decisions regarding this issue such as surgical strike done by our army, keeping eyes our the neighboring countries who support terrorism. Even India tried a lot in United nations conference to declare Pakistan as a terrorism supporter. At last, I want to say that I strongly believe, in future we able to get rid of terrorism.

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Avnish Rathour said: (Mar 21, 2017)  
Terrorism is the biggest problem in the world, it plays with human feeling and destroys there live and money. Main cause of terrorism is that increase poverty, population and also unemployment in the country. So many terrorist groups find those people who is unemployment and feel very stress nobody wants to meet this guy so terrorism group call this guy and give handsome amount of salary.

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Jilu Lisbath George said: (Mar 19, 2017)  
Hello Friends,

In 1992 Babri Masjid got demolished. As result, many riots took place in India in particularly Mumbai. After that many extreme youth got emerged to take revenge against Mumbai riot. This is taken as the first incident gone to concept of terrorism in India as this riot was supported by foreign countries. As counter to this riot they're come an attack in Mumbai which was conducted by D company. This considered as the first terrorist attack in India which is said to be supported by Pakistan intelligence agency. There were many other attacks took place in India as 2001 J&K assembly complex, Indian parliament attack on Akshardham temple, Delhi serial bomb blast, Bombay train blast, Mumbai attack now it last with Uri attack of 2016. Uri attack is not the last but beginning of something new. So the Indian courage approach to terrorism is the only mean to destroy it. The present surgical strike is one among this.

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Nikhil said: (Mar 17, 2017)  
Terrorism is an act of violence which is created in the people mind to achieve their goals by breaking the rules.

In India terrorism is huge due to political problems, poverty, business issues, enemies attacks etc. Due to this, the terrorists are playing an vital role in planning to destroy the nation and public. Terrorism is use of fear and acts of violence in order to intimidate societies or government. Also, they demand their achievements, goals from the government. If the government do not respond to their demands to the terrorist they will show their 100% performance on the public like blasting in the public areas, Kidnapping, Hacking, Robbing, murdering etc.

The public was scared by the terrorist by many violence. The politicians also play a key role in the terrorism to achieve their goals.

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Hari Om said: (Mar 9, 2017)  
Hi to all, I am Hari om Dubey, I want to say that in India there are many traitors, not a terrorist. I have dared to say that terrorist belongs only one religion and we all know that so please stop saying "terrorist not belong to any religion" to they are I give you some name of most wanted terrorist and you can easily decide they are come from which religion.

Name ===>> Imad Mughniyah, Hasan Izz-Al-Din, Aliff Najmi, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Mughassil, Ibrahim Salih Mohammed Al-Yacoub, Mohammed Atef, Osama bin Laden, Abdul Majeed Sofi, Amir Reza Khan and there so write a name.

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Harshi said: (Mar 9, 2017)  
In terrorism most of the young students so first we should educate them.

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Sahil Fulwani said: (Mar 8, 2017)  
Terrorism are increasing by political support to attack opposition party this is so wrong to collect votes to power by terrorism and cast so please your vote is very benefits for you. Please vote the good person to work in benefits to our society and country I promise to see that terrorism is decreased our country and world. Thank you to listen me so please give your answer like and comment.

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Sandeeep said: (Mar 6, 2017)  
Everybody know terrorism is a serious problem then why we are silent get up my friends and all human beings against terrorism is prepared on our center to first stop the arguments on uneducated as well as jobless person then the terrorism is stopped.

Thanks to all.

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Aishwarya Shetty said: (Mar 6, 2017)  
Terrorism is the most googled and the least answered question, the term has no international definition so interpretations are always open. My understanding makes me write terrorism as a political entity backed by religious affiliation and sentiments. A word mostly is mistaken and affiliated to specific groups and communities. For any debate fell free to mail me.

The binary view is too narrow for the understanding.

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Neha said: (Mar 4, 2017)  
Terrorism is a very serious matter not only in India but also across the world. Terrorism is an unwanted activity done by a community. Terrorism caused by the wrong or negative thinking of people towards nation or religion. Terrorism is not caused by a single religion only, it can be of any religion.

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Seema said: (Mar 3, 2017)  
Terrorism is the major problems occurring in India. From our country, young people are joining in this group because they don't have much knowledge about this group. When they join they will get money job whatever they like so think it is better to serve this group. And many of our families in India there are a lot of missing people. I remember Mumbai attack on 2011 at Chhatrapati Shivaji terminals, they bomb blasted and killing many people, after that they rushed into the hospital killing police officers during attack one person caught and he was hanged to death name was Kasab. Our militants protecting India give them big salute.

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Ankush said: (Feb 24, 2017)  
Terrorism is the big problem in India. As all we know our neighbor country is responsible for terrorism in India. 26/11 Mumbai attack is the one of the biggest attacks in India and we well know who is responsible for this more than 150 person killed and 600+ people were injured in the violence. Terrorism creates more effect on the economy, destroy lives, change the life structure of people and many other things that destroy terrorism. There were many terrorist attack styling in India. Because of that people should have careful & alert in metro cities.

But Indian cops, secret services & our soldiers are always ready to fight with them & protect our nation from terrorism. There are many supporters and creators of terrorist like AL-Qaeda, Lashkar-a-taiba, mujahidin etc these are main terrorist group who train the youngsters and became a terrorist.

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Manish Debnath said: (Feb 19, 2017)  
In my opinion, actually we are unable to find the actual reason behind terrorism, first of all, we have to find out the actual reason after that we can take a step accordingly to minimize it.

Example: Suppose you have a pain in your stomach. You visit a Hospital for checkup. In this case, what will the doctor do first? The doctor will ask you few questions like what food you ate yesterday what you eat today how you are feeling now. How is your stomach pain? In this case, doctor is trying to find out the actual reason behind your stomach pain. After that when the doctor finds the actual reason then according to that the doctor will provide medicine.

So in the same way first we have to find out what is the actual reason behind terrorism is it really illiteracy or it is government policy. If we will able to find out the reason only then we can minimize the terrorism.

Thnk you.

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Dnyaneshwar Ingle said: (Feb 16, 2017)  
Terrorism is a big problem politicians offer them money to spread terrorism. We know today students are the future of our country. So, we should have to give awareness classes in school against terrorism.

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Pransh Chaturvedi said: (Feb 6, 2017)  
Hello guys, this is Pransh Chaturvedi,

In my views, terrorism is as like a course for whole world. Because due to terrorism many innocent people have died. So I think to remove terrorism from a country that's citizens, government should be live carefully and alert because terrorism is increased by poverty, unemployment and careless citizens. So first we have to live carefully in our society. For example, I can say if you are seeing a person who is doing bad works then we should take any action against him instead of living quite. If we are not able to stop him then we should talk help of police. If in this situation no-one takes action then a bad person gets confidence that no-one will take action against him when he will do bad works and one day he becomes as a terrorist.

So in my views, we should take action against him in starting.

So, at last, I would like to say that we have already seen the harm of terrorism as the attack of 26/11in Taj. So now should live alert so that it never could happen again. And we should not be confused in religious problems because all are citizens of country and all are responsible for every event.

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Manikanta said: (Jan 31, 2017)  
Terrorism, it is the use of intentionally indiscriminate violence to create terror or fear in order to achieve religious, political or ideological aim of a single person or group of people.

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Kuwar Aryan Singh said: (Jan 31, 2017)  
Terrorism is not the political solution. We all have to try something to do. These days we know that the students are the future of our country so we should have to give awareness classes against the terrorism.

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Deepshikha Negi said: (Jan 25, 2017)  
Terrorism is the biggest threat the world is facing in the present times. The government of all the nation should take stringent measures to curb it. Apart from mass campaigns are a must in the terror affected places to preach the terrorists that to kill people is not mentioned in any religion. And its not going to benefit them as well so what is the need for such bloodshed.

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Hariom Mishra said: (Jan 22, 2017)  
We should become one against terrorism. And facing board against terrorism. It is not only problem of our country but also all the world is facing problem. We should get awareness for it. We are child of our motherland so take oath to protect our motherland with firm determination from terrorism. Jai hind.

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Bhat Janna said: (Jan 22, 2017)  
Terrorism according to me is not related to any religion neither the religion gives anybody a permission for the same. Terrorism in India are of two types that is internal and external. Army of any country can't solve/finish the terrorism until the whole population will not fully support them.

Further, mostly terrorism is all about the financial problem or mental stress of an individual nothing else.

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Madhumalini said: (Jan 19, 2017)  
Hi friends according to me, terrorism comes when someone is fed up of his life. And so he starts destroying others like also there's no religion for terrorism. He becomes a terrorist because he may be losing his loved once.

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Prashant said: (Jan 19, 2017)  
Terrorism is the most serious problems in India.

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Nazeer said: (Jan 13, 2017)  
Terrorism is really unwanted thing in the world so we need to stop this they are really making unwanted issues it's like a disease.

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Krishan Kumar Singh said: (Jan 11, 2017)  
Hello, Friends.

According to me, Terrorism is bold in the whole world. Terrorism mainly Islamic state is stand.

Terrorism is a main reson poor person, He can not earned money so he do that. This not perfect because terrist want that he is living and other people dead. Many contrys are slave by terrorism. Many countrys are ruined by terrorism.

Terrorism rises in an islamic state. I felt that terrorism, I can save it.

All world made a voice against terrorism then terrorism lost by us.

Thank you all guys.

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Akash said: (Jan 10, 2017)  
I don't think that terrorists belong to any particular group, caste or religion. They could belong to any group or religion. According to me, they can be misled by someone or harassed for some reasons. Most of the people's mentality marks Muslims as a terrorist. If we say, terrorist, then the image of an Islamic guy sketched in their mind but is it a right way to recognizing a terrorist? off course not, because any person who is disturbing nation's peace and harasses people can be called a terrorist and he can be a Hindu Muslin Christian whatever.

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Abhinay Chougale said: (Jan 6, 2017)  
Hi friends.

I am Abhinay.

I agree with all. And I say that terrorism means it is create the own problem lacks financial problem, social, politicians, they are mean reasons of start the terrorism.

And in situation medium class people are taking awareness.

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Akshay said: (Jan 5, 2017)  
In my view, Education alone can't change the scenario of terrorism because even High-Skilled educated people contributes in terrorism by hacking people accounts, by spreading rumors etc. One of the recent examples is four IT guys who were planning from last year to take some explosive action against our Prime Minister caught red-handed in Bengaluru may be.

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Rashig said: (Dec 24, 2016)  
Terrorism is nothing more than frustration, anger and jealousy in their hearts.

Some terrorist do this only due to pressure of earning a good living for them as it provides a lot of money to them.

Some do this due to other reasons that may be happened in past which in turn took the way of terrorism as a revenge to their enemies.

Some terrorist just wants to destroy the nations, want to be superior in the whole world so they do this and some do this only as fond of pleasure. The murders, cries of everyone gave them a sort of pleasure they like doing this so they do this but some came into this line and regret after some time when can't do anything. These are brought to this work by some agents who made them angry for the nation or any other aspect from which they are against.

Terrorism is one of worst jobs in the world. It is not only affecting our India but the whole world is suffering from this. It may be possible to remove terrorism completely but it would be difficult. Everyone has to take step but in India specially no one do nothing till the conditions are not become worsened. All wanted to do for themselves, not for the nation. There is a need of developing a sense collective being inside the nation as the citizens should say "we " or " us " instead of saying " our nation" or anything else as we form a nation. A place is a nation because we are living there we are forming that place a nation. So we should be responsible to our responsibilities and have courage to do something for our country in the same way as we save our family our loved ones from anything which is bad.

It may aware people and make them responsible. The students are best means if mass communication as we are the future of "us". Be responsible. I wish whoever read this may also make others also aware of this all.

Thank you.

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Kaushlendra Shubham said: (Dec 23, 2016)  
As we all know that terrorism is the major problem facing all countries in the world. First of all, we have to understand the reasons for the growth of terrorism. Terrorism is developed due to illiteracy, poverty and unemployment. The government should take appropriate action against terrorism and try to solve their problems. This problem can not be solved by government without support of us. As we all know that 500 and 1000 rupees notes are banned, I appropriate this step taken by the PM Modi government which is really help in reducing the terrorism.

In conclusion, I want to say that terrorism is like a disease which obstructs the development of our country, so if any kind of suspicious activities have happened then we have to inform police and the police should have to be active all time. Then this problem can be reduced.

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Tamil said: (Dec 23, 2016)  
Terrorism is very hard to say the very meaningful of the lifetime of any country is developing terrorists they are not the intended only for use.

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Sanjana said: (Dec 22, 2016)  
Terrorism now in India is just not about guns and bomb blasts it's got worst in states like Karnataka and Andra Pradesh where Biological Warfare is going on on a wide scale people harassed in terms of electronic harassment and radiation sickness by inducing pain and voices to their heads have become a common play for the terrorist experience funded by our own politicians from JD's and Hassan districts. How many of us know that we are used to lab mouse's right in our houses viewed on all our activities illegally breached through government public security which is now breached and thousands of common man suffering under this biowarfare research conducted. How far is it fair for the government to keep quiet and watch this inhuman massacre?

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Anil said: (Dec 5, 2016)  
When we talk about terrorism most of the people will connect to the other Islamic countries they are the people are not good and joining as a terrorist and get fight in another countries like India most of the Indians who are illiterate terrorism are done by the Pakistan people but not only one country they are so many and we have to salute to our Indian army that they are struggling for our lives near the border of the India.

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Shekhar said: (Dec 2, 2016)  
I think this type of people mislead by someone, who wants his personal benefit whether that is religious or economy. India is a multi-religious country, and here lives a different type of people. So rival country of India wants that India will always be troubled, and Indian always go on fighting. Therefore they've been spreading terrorism in India. They spend a lot of money on terrorism in India. Many agents remain hidden here and increase terrorism in India. It's big problem to recognise him.

But the government should take action very carefully against them. If they recognise then it may be possible that terrorism decrease in India. Its good step to ban 500 and 1000 rupees note by the government of India, against the terrorism. It will help to reduce the terrorism.

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Ayush Sonkar said: (Nov 27, 2016)  
According to me, they are nothing. They are the person's who dislike the others.

The people are not so much aware of this.

In future terrorism decreases.

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Neha said: (Nov 22, 2016)  
Terrorism is a way of threatening the people, society n our government by spreading terror violently. Nowadays not only India is facing this, but most of the countries of world are also facing this political act.

People among us become a terrorist because of some reasons like illiteracy, poverty, corruption. As they have not enough knowledge about right and wrong thing or joined in these activities because of their critical circumstances or by the terror of violence.

Now not only our government can solve this but with the collaboration of us, we can solve this issues.

Since we know Today's students are the future of our country. So, we should have to give awareness classes in schools against terrorism.

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Shashikant Pandey said: (Nov 19, 2016)  
Yes, I agree with all your opinion.

It is right that not only India but all over the world are suffering from this problem and day-after-day it is the big challenge against all the world. There is much application are available in socle media for joining the terrorism organisation but we never relate terrorism with any religion because no any religion are present in the world for gives the permission for killing the innocent people. Now at this time we should think about this common problem for how to remove this problem form our society and also from our country.

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Raj said: (Nov 18, 2016)  
According to my point of view, Yeah, the terrorism is a great issue not for a country but for world also. Firstly we would have to know the main causes behind the terrorism. In which the main reason is lack of education, the people who don't know actually what's wrong or right for him or his country. Such a people can easily manipulate by other terrorist for compelling his target. The mindset of audience is also created terrorism. People get fear during this situation and can agree to give anything whatever is demanded by terrorist. People need to face such a situation with perseverance and unity.

As we all know about the isis group of terrorism where the training of throwing bomb and using guns are taught. In this organisation many teenage guys even children are manipulated to make them terrorist.

So in inference, I think this terrorism can only be removed by providing education to the people so that they could be able to understand actually what's right or wrong for him. And they will be familiar with the emotion feeling of a person.

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Rabindra Rout said: (Nov 11, 2016)  
This thing is common for the world. Terrorism is nothing but the violence shown by.

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Prashant Dubey said: (Nov 10, 2016)  
Terrorism is two types in India one internal and other external.

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Sunny Rajesh said: (Nov 9, 2016)  
Hello, everyone. I'm Sunny Rajesh.

Terrorism is the process of spreading terror using violence among the people in society. By spreading terror they can achieve everything and anything from government the political issues, religious, poverty. etc without proper public support government alone cannot control the terrorist's activities. If any suspicious activities found should be reported to the police and the police must take action without fail. And for spreading awareness about this classes should be taken in schools, colleges also in television programs. I don't support Terrorism in our country because it creates conflicts among common people and obstructs the development of our nation.

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Monu Singh said: (Nov 5, 2016)  
Internal terrorism started by our government as like when they will not give all facilities for every civilian ant they don't provide all human resources.

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Vijo said: (Nov 4, 2016)  
Terrorism is the process of using violence for spreading terror among the common people, by spreading terror these terrorists can make government do any thing they want. The causes of terrorism are mainly poverty, religious and political issues. It can be controlled by government, by forming anti terrorist squad etc. But the government cannot control the terrorist activities alone proper public support is needed. Any suspicious activities should be reported to the police and the police should act without any fail. Also awareness classes should be conducted in schools and colleges about the ill effects of terrorism.

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Sushi said: (Nov 4, 2016)  
TERRORISM is a political act which is mainly caused because of the conflicts among the politicians.

Who are Terrorists?

They all are humans like us but they are now become evil because of some issues like poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and social factors.

Politicians offer them money to spread TERRORISM.

More than half percent of terrorists grows just to earn money to betterment of their family. Others do it for fun as they have nothing left in their lives to do.

Other than this, media for its gain promotes terrorism.

To end this, all we need to do is to find the main cause of terrorism.


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Nikhitha said: (Nov 2, 2016)  
I don't support terrorism in India as that lead to a great decline of common people, a reduction in India's development. It causes a great conflict among us.

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Naveen said: (Oct 23, 2016)  
Hello, my name is Naveen.

Today terrorism is increased day by day without stopness. The major cause for terrorism is corruption. It is very dagerous for a country, if we cannot stop it it rust our country in developmet. I know you think and take action against terrorism. I hope all of you agree me.

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Dipesh said: (Oct 20, 2016)  
Hello, my dear, my name is Dipesh Desai.

The terrorism in India gradually increasing day by day and there is no reactions from our defense inside the country and our Indian intelligence are taking a salvage only, they are not doing a job correctly, because of there is no proper regulations and rules for them and our job also make them work correctly. But some peoples are like nothing to worry about others and they don't think about our nation, but we want to think something and do good works for nation.

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Praveena P said: (Oct 18, 2016)  
What I am thinking, that the terrorists are not born they are made by this society, they are made by this dirty politics. So many politicians are running behind the terrorists in order to grow up themselves. And nowadays media pea will do means they will interview that terrorist secretly and they will publish in their TV channel are newspaper are any social media in order to improve their channels trip rate are to spread channels n if the policeman asks the information regarding for that they won't give the information so this is the thing happening in this society. Nowadays our prime minister have decided to fight against the terrorism n he also discussed in the bricks summit also all the countries are given a +ve response but the China now supporting for Pakistan who is the mother ship of terrorism so instead of supporting that if it supports the terrorism it will help to eliminate the terrorism in this society.

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Mallikarjun Kalagati said: (Oct 16, 2016)  
Hello, friends.

Terrorism is the one of worst thing in India now days so many peoples die for this and so many peoples are losing their families and peoples are say that India is terrorism home but no one couldn't solve that problem and India is one the best country in this word but the people who are living In this country they are worst, they don't know about our country and India is not a terrorism home the terrorism home is America and the terrorism take birth in America only and they are created terrorist to attack other developing country and this is the fact but we blaming our India please please try to resolve that problem and make our India terrorism less.

Thank you.

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Arvind Singh Rao said: (Oct 16, 2016)  
I totally agree with all the people but I don't agree on illiteracy. If you see many of the terrorists have taken high-class degrees & they all are well educated. The main reason behind.

The terrorism is our corrupt politicians & officers ex. Pathancoat attacks.

Our neighbor countries don't want India will become a developed country or successful nation in that intention they disturbed growth or working of India.

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Shubhangi said: (Oct 15, 2016)  
The politicians in India plays a vital role in terrorism. Everyone here is trying to get the maximum votes under the name of religion, caste or criticizing each other. They create violence among people by doing such stupid things, playing with their hearts. The normal people don't care about it. They already have many problems in their lives to deal with. They should focus on the overall development of country rather than thinking about themselves that what will happen with me and how can I do corruption and loot more innocent people. Terrorism is increasing because of lack of Belongingness, unity in society. Come on we all are humans, we all eat, breath. After that, our likes and dislikes come. The world is full of diversity why can't we accept it. We should respect every religion. Yes, you may worship your own god. But people need to educate. I am not talking about the theoretical education. They need to learn the principle of humanity. Without that, they are just animals fighting with each other without using their intellect.

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Vitto Kumar Gupta said: (Oct 12, 2016)  
Terrorism havn't any relation with caste or relgion. All those activity which kill the humanity is called terrorism. This is the major problem of all the world. And we need to take strict action on those country who provide shelter to them. And this is done when all country decided to finish terrorism in their country respectively.

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Sudhansu Shekhar said: (Oct 10, 2016)  
Today terrorism becomes a major problem for the world. Main reason for terrorism is poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment. The whole world should come on common platform and unite and acts towards ending of terrorism. Developed nation should not sell their technology and arm to that country who indulge in terrorism.

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Aastha Jagetia said: (Oct 8, 2016)  
Terrorism is the biggest and biggest problem of our country. Terrorism is faced by whole world. This problem is solved by the meeting of whole world. We try our best to solve this problem.

Thanks and we think on this topic and I am sure that this problem is solved one day.

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Nithin said: (Oct 5, 2016)  
Terrorism is an inhumane activity which provokes peace in its inherent ways. India being one of the homes of terrorists is not a new news. A terrorist is someone who disturbs peace in whatever form may that be. Terrorism exclaims Various forms, a political agenda is also a portrayal of act of terrorism. Framed in an unexcused power. Media trying to enrage people by giving biased opinion and disturbing the peace is also an act of terrorism. In that sense yes India is a home of growing terrorism because our news has become theatrics, our narratives have become reductionists and the ethics of journalism is lost!

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Ankit Tiwari said: (Oct 5, 2016)  
Rising terrorism is the big bell for the world. I don't think a single country in the world safe from terrorism. Whenever attacks happened whether in Paris or Mumbai or any other city in the world we always found leaders saying that kade shabdo me ninda ki jaegi hence matter close. I don't understand yet how these strong words effective. To eradicate terrorism we must come together and fight against those who spreading terrorism across the world. There are some countries where these terrorists roaming free and the government of the country do nothing. Last but not least we should focus on children's education particularly focus on how we make them a good human being. Because in coming 20 years they will our hero.

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Nptr said: (Sep 28, 2016)  
Terrorism in India are of different types it varies in place to place in J&K it is in the name of religion, free Kashmir etc, In North-East it is left wing activities. The reason may be poverty, unemployment, illiteracy etc.

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Raghu said: (Sep 28, 2016)  
Terrorism is a corruption. It is the disease. It can be cured only through armed force. Which religion says to kill the innocent people. If you have any demand you go with non-violence manner don't kill innocent people. This occurs due to lack of knowledge. Illiteracy, Poverty and unemployment.

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Ajit Kumar Nayak said: (Sep 28, 2016)  
Terrorism is nowadays an attribute, not an individual character. It can be changed by changing the thinking of the terrorist. Everything is possible, so why not terrorism. It is the black bull of human civilization.

So it should be the right way to stop the country from giving any kind of help who is appreciated to the terrorism. But it should be the slogan, change the terrorism to change terrorist. Govt should take care for that.

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Dhiraj Khanna said: (Sep 26, 2016)  
#Fight Against Terrorist Nation.

You brought a T-shirt from a known brand and somehow you gets cheated in the quality of the product, so you complains to their website, customer care, consumer forum but with no respite. Hence you decided to pass a judgement in your own home. That we shall not buy clothes from the certain brand with an intention to make a difference at your own level and more importantly bcos you don't want your family members to get cheated. However, few of your own family members oppose you saying it's against their birth right, freedom to buy, freedom to decision and blah blah.

Now let's talk about #Industreaty, #pakactorsgoback, #UNGA #Timeandspaceofownchoosing etc. Where few liberals are opposing such moves calling it against humanity, liberty and art.

I would have seconded them if it would have been a domestic matter. However, these liberals are thinking with the same narrow mind to earn an extra buck for their writing in a column or tv. My nation gives them Liberty bcos they have a #Righttothinkandspeak and that's the greatness of my country.

Hence I request our so called responsible citizens and liberals to stop view things with a limited horizon and for a change try to think collectively to teach our terrorist neighbour a lesson. If our country wants our support for a definite cause and for a limited period then let's do it once. Even if it's against somebody fundamental right.

Remember Gandhiji 'Swadeshi Movement'. Do you consider it against #Right to wear?

My humble advice and request to liberal fellow citizens. Sometimes it's ok to think for the nation and beyond liberties. Sometimes it's ok to #fightforcountry. Let's make small sacrifices of own rights to achieve better rights for everybody in the nation.

PS. It is definitely with reference to our neighbouring terrorist state, their water needs and their actors.

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Ashwini said: (Sep 25, 2016)  
Dear political team, India police, govern, PMO, Narendra Modi.

An innovative suggestion to all kindly please start implementing and keeping police
to all coastal area of Mumbai and India to stop coming terrorism in India. as a citizen of India
we have to do something against terrorism for just screw them and keep India safe below are the

Suggestions points :-

1 ) As it has being heard from last 3 days the terrorism has started coming to Mumbai from coastal place so we should keep all India police, soldier at this place for keen observation
and shoot them then and there. so stupid because they jealous of us for the same and India getting more development

2) All Mumbai local trains should have police at least 1 in every compartment for avoiding such critical circumstances happening and if found should be a legal action

3) Govern should start implementing not to allow any Pakistan citizenship passport for India via flight, Ship in any way they should not be entered our India (Who are supportive politically them
should from India should be caught very soon and legal action should get started)

I wanted my suggestion should get implemented shown because all Mumbai 90% crowd travel via local train if any wrong happening due to terrorism which is not accepted because will loose our population, Development in country and terrorism will get happy so please avoid these and get started security soon an immediate basis and I am sure my suggestion will give 100 % result for India people and govern.


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Abhisek Singh said: (Sep 25, 2016)  
Terrorism is the biggest threat in the world terrorism means it is an intentional and planned event done by some community of world for shake of dictatorships like Syria and Iran these are followed point given below,

1. Through terrorism, mankind value is decreased, peace and harmony also.

2. Terrorist should be killed across the world otherwise exitance human life in this earth is in danger because of next world war.

3. A country who are suffering from terrorist attacks like India, France and much more.

They are losing their lot of revenue.

The solution for terrorists.

1. The world should be united with a single soul.

Then isolate the country who supporting terrorist because of it, their existence comes to danger.

2. Developed country should not sell their arm and ammunition to that county.

3. The last and foremost solution is to attack that country with a union of the world.

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Kamlesh said: (Sep 22, 2016)  
India is a developing country. Its growth study & stable. Along with growth. India is facing so many problems those are- Corruption, high growth of population, etc.

So those are India is facing a major problem is terrorism problem.

What is the terrorism?
Unofficial & unvented attack and to create violence to our political. So we have to give some advantages And some more disadvantages are-

1. Advantages:-
- There is terrorism side profit only because they give the money as a terrorist.
- Terrorist earns a lot of money in short time . it is not too good.

2. Disadvantages:-
Terrorism is a very dangerous to our country. So we have to know what kind of problem will occur in feature and present time also.
It is very effected by the people life and Indian economic growth. And the after attack so many lose occur those are many people die, house loses, money lose, etc.
It is not too good our country and good our society. So , first of all, we should awake this problem.
we should find out the terrorism activity and you watch doubt full parson so you first inform to police and do our duty.

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Terrorism in India

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