Terrorism in India

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Sharry said: (Aug 23, 2016)  
Terrorism is one of the biggest problems which the whole world is facing now. In India, it affects on the peace of our country and becomes a stone between the development of Country. India already raised his voice in front of the world against terrorism. Unfortunately UNO still not able to define a clear definition of terrorism. To conclude I would like to say, In India, terrorism is spread by the neighbour countries so all the other developed countries have to take a step forward and give a clear statement against terrorism so they stop it.

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Harender said: (Aug 23, 2016)  
Hello, friends.

In my Opinion, if we defined terrorist the person who harm the innocent people.

It can be any religion not only Muslim.

Now in India terrorism is always a big issue. If we talk about j& k. Here always fight between army and terrorist.

And they are trained like an army. And they highly paid in unemployment, political views, religion, cast, which are the main cause behind this.

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Deepa said: (Aug 22, 2016)  
Hi all,

Terrorism is a big threat to all the nation in the world. Most of the terrorist are not illiterate in fact they are the brilliant people because of unemployment many of chosen this path. To avoid and make secure our nation govt should provide employment opportunity and encourages for the self-employment. And should provide more important to the security of the nation and the people.

Thank you.

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Sneha said: (Aug 22, 2016)  
In my point of view, unemployment, poverty, corruption are some of the reasons for terrorism but not only the reasons. Inequality, priority, religion these are all also the main reason behind this. There is a system called reservation according to religion and cast. It doesn't matter if the person is talented or not, priority is given according to their cast. When a small child sees his father hanging to some fan without any reason and not getting justice for that, then that child would become a terrorist. This is what happening in India and this is the main reason behind terrorism. So government, just grow up. Develop things which would be equal to all kinds of people not based on any religion.

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Harsh said: (Aug 21, 2016)  
In my point of view, every organisation (right now they are big terrorist organisation) had been founded for good reasons or with good goals but while they achieving their goals they identify that the society is going to afraid of us at that point the organisation has diverted from their goals and start to make more fear in society.

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Jitendra Kumawat said: (Aug 20, 2016)  
Terrorism is developed in India due to increasing unemployed, uneducated, poverty youngsters. To solve this problem change in the education system and avoid the corruption.

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Saurabh said: (Aug 19, 2016)  
Terrorism is taking birth due to politics to affect the opposition government and they are getting funds also from them. Terrorism increases due to literacy and unemployment due to which the youngster get deviated from their paths and indulged in such activity.

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Bharathiraja said: (Aug 16, 2016)  
Terrorism is linked with politics in India. It needs a better understanding of history and religious. Need patience. All the rights should be given to all in India. Eradication of terrorism in India will on the hands of rulers.

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Nishit Sharma said: (Aug 12, 2016)  
We know that the terrorists in the world are increasing day by day. If we get to know the reason behind common people becoming deadly terrorists, we can solve their problems. If every unites and forms one army, then what will be the numbers of the terrorists? The ratio could be 2:100 or less than that. The terrorists attack innocent people who haven't interfered in their lives and receive happiness. If they are human beings, they would be having a heart, if they would be having a heart, they would leave innocents and attack those who have done to them and fight against them. Killing unarmed people is no manliness.

We have UN (United Nations) to maintain peace all over the world. What is it doing?Just the topics Global Warming, Climate Change and more. Is there something called terrorism in their lists? If yes, then they should take certain measures. I give an idea-All the countries in the UN unite their armies, military, and thoughts. Except Climate Change, they should also see other Global issues. UN is the best platform for removing terrorism.

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Arvind Pratap Singh Chauhan said: (Aug 12, 2016)  
Terrorism is somewhat a global issue and India is also adversely affected by this threat as we all now about Pathankot, 26/11 and all other activities of terrorism in India or all over the world. Basically, terrorism in India from Pakistan and only Pakistan according to my view security council should take an initiative to search out this terrorist from Pakistan. Our it can allow Indian army to do this task.

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Arumugam Ak said: (Aug 11, 2016)  
Hello guys,

I agree all your opinion, but in my view terrorism is one kind of disease in all over WORLD not only in India, govt should take the step to reduce the terrorism in India and not only govt, all people should take the step to control terrorism in India because we are all INDIAN.

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Venu Gopal said: (Aug 11, 2016)  
Terrorism is not only the problem of India but also the world, why this became a serious issue is because of the tactics of developed countries like America, which gave support to Pakistan by supplying the armored guns to the nation which hates us, indirectly they want to get this world under their control, and also the politics is an added advantage in India, and our constitutional rules.

To prevent this we have to apply the strict rules in killing the terrorists immediately after getting the judgement, by doing this the message will be sent to the world, especially Pakistan how serious India about the terrorism.

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Arun Kumar said: (Aug 10, 2016)  
Terrorism is not only the problem of India but it is horrible problems of all world at this time every country is suffering from terrorist groups and I think that this problem created by our politicians for votes and also the main reason why people join it is unemployed, uneducated and poverty.

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Dipshi Sharma said: (Aug 9, 2016)  
Terrorism is a problem which has affected the whole country. In the broader sense, it is threatening the innocent people through violence. It is an international problem in today's global community. Effects of terrorism are destroying the economy worldwide. Killing of thousands of people across the globe, loss of property, loss of economy are some of the effects of terrorism. India being a religious country has suffered to a great extent because of terrorism.

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Greaty Arun Pathak said: (Aug 4, 2016)  
Terrorism is a group of some bed people which do not want to peace in all of the world.

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Sabitha said: (Aug 4, 2016)  
Hi friends, feelings create terrorism. Some peoples can't control their feelings. Terrorism is a disease. Unity is most powerful one. All peoples think my family, my safety, don't involve social problems, I am not helping others. It creates most problems. Please try to change our mentalities, behaviours. Because we are one family. Think it. Never generate any social problem. Unity is a strength.

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Sourav said: (Aug 1, 2016)  
From my point of view, Terrorism is the unlawful act of violence which brings the common people a fear.

In India, Terrorism has become a common social issue. Talk about 26/11 Mumbai or recent Pathankot terrorist attack, it was really a havoc. Terrorism is a big threat fighting with a government and common public for the purpose of religion, motherland, and other unreasonable motives of the terrorists.

Terrorists call themselves brave and real soldiers, but they are not the real soldiers. Real soldiers never hurt the common public and they fight only to save their country from the enemies. Real soldiers fight to fulfill the purpose of a nation. Whereas terrorists fight to fulfill their own, individual and unfair purposes.

Terrorists are the people whose brains are whitewashed. They are only taught that the Indians are their enemies and they have to kill them for the sake of their own religion.

But the sad thing about our Indian Law is that the trrorists which are caught alive, they are under the supreme care. They live like they are in heaven. From my point of view, they must be deeply harassed and hanged in a public place.

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Saloni said: (Jul 30, 2016)  
Our GD topic is terrorism in India.

From my opinions its not from poverty, unemployment, or neither from illiteracy, these are not the reason, when a kid saw in his childhood that his father hangs with no reason and didn't get justice, Thousand of people suffers from poverty, facing many problems but they are not terrorist, The main reasons are INEQUALITY, PARTIALITY, PRIORITY, RESERVATION. Yes all these are the main reason to became a terrorist, when a man was insulted in front of thousand of people with no reason, when a talented student is not selected and the rich student is selected, just for taking the revenge a common man become terrorist, We have to go change our culture.

Equality should be there, talent comes 1st, give the chance to everyone.

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Harsha said: (Jul 30, 2016)  
This is my view.

Terrorism is a world problem. Terrorism affects innocent peoples. Terrorism was not born but they were made in the name of religion. None of the religion preaches terrorism nor ask the follower to take lives of other people but it was preached by the wrong leader and innocent people fall a prey and lost their lives and kill other people as well.

For example - The recent terror attack in India, Paris, Brussels, Bangladesh, Germany and many countries affected from terrorism.

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Appu said: (Jul 25, 2016)  
Nobody wants to become a terrorist or born as a terrorist but people who criticise others on the basis of religion, caste, unemployment and poverty. Terrorism is one of the burning problems in India as we hear about terrorist attack all over the world. In my view solving this problem is important as every thousand of youth are being radicalised by these groups. We have to go deep to know why youth is being drawn towards Terrorist group and eliminate those problems. Terrorism can be controlled by awareness of people if something is found terrible then inform to police and learnt humanity that is more important than religions. Terrorism is generated by a human being, we can't blame anyone so we need to understand what is the root of terrorism where it came from and how could stop this.

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Saroj said: (Jul 25, 2016)  
Those people choose the terrorist group who and his family is suffering from the social issue like corruption, illiteracy, unemployment, youth frustration.

I think that only govt contribute most role to spread terrorist because they ignore all activities which are happing in society.

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Kunak said: (Jul 24, 2016)  
Hello all, and as far as the topic terrorism is a concern, I would like to share some points in front of you.

1) The big terrorist group Al-Qaeda which was head by Osama bin laden and supported by Taliban. Who created Taliban. The USA to fight with Russia in 2 world war.

2) Jaish e Muhammad and Hizbul Mushahindins supported by Pakistan.

3) Indian Mushahindins and another terrorist group of India is created by Indian governments for their vote bank only.

In my point of view, the terrorist group is created by governments of the nations for their own need want. And now see these groups are against humanity.

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Suniti said: (Jul 22, 2016)  
Hello, everyone.

Here I am Suniti.

Yes, I agree with all of you. Terrorism is a problem not only in India its a world wide problem. But in India we face it from two major sources one is from neighboring countries and other is within. Now its time resolve the problem. So for that first we analyse the causes of this problem and those are uneducated, unemployment, poverty, and religious pressure. So uneducation, unemployment, and poverty can be decreased by the efforts of government and us together and for the religious pressure its can be done easily by the parents by giving them ethical values or we should provide some courses in schools related to ethical behavior. Because its very easy to brainwash of an uneducated people so we should educate people and give them some employment so they can make a happy life with there family and somebody said that unitiy is the best policy yes by this we can do anything.

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Ashiq Abdul said: (Jul 22, 2016)  
The above topic mentioned only what kind of bigger issue in the social system. But we didn't know the reason behind that particular issue. First, we want to know about their demand in live their life. It's should be correct or wrong. But we will know about their need.

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Akshay Soladiya said: (Jul 22, 2016)  
Terrorists should be hanged to death. Because they are very cruel. They are really unwanted people in the world. They are making unnecessary violence and harming us.

In fact, every religion teaches peace and mankind, but god knows why are they doing all these rubbish things.

It should not hit any nation if the citizens of a nation are loyal to their motherland. No enemy can then dare to attack the nation.

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Bhupesh said: (Jul 20, 2016)  
I am agreed to all of you but in my point of view, we know that terrorism is increasing day by day strong reason ignorance of the government behind it. Because there are many terrorist attacks happened in many places like Pathankot airbase camp terrorist attack 26/11 etc but what government did.

There are few others reason.

1. Poverty.
2. Illiteracy.
3. Unemployment.
4. Youth frustration etc.

Solutions: If we want to relief from it, we have to employment these following things.

1. Strength up our security with the latest technology.

2. Secure our boundaries strongly.

3. Strength up or security forces, army.

4. Awareness of people.

5. More and more promotes media in a secure way.

6. Parents should teach their children about equality of religion, cast, people etc.

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Radhika said: (Jul 18, 2016)  
I feel that the word "Terrorism" isn't a word anymore. The word itself generates fear amongst each one of us. Like 10000s of innocent people lose their lives in the name of religion and communalism every day. It is a menace that has to be stopped at any cost.

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Sushma said: (Jul 15, 2016)  
Hello all,

Terrorism is not the part of India even its a big issue of the whole world. I think we must to all aware against the terrorism. It's not matter of literacy even educated people also involved this matter but we all should be think that we don't become the puppets of other we use our own mind. It's not the matter of government it's not the matter of army its a matter of ourselves we are the responsible of all of these. So we should try to finish by ourselves. Why we all become selfish and greedy. We all are same and equal rights. So start to finish the terrorism.


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Samir Dutta Banik said: (Jul 11, 2016)  
First, take an example.

A newborn child have knowledge reservoir in which his parents can fill it by good or bad thinking. Similar situation with a person who is illiterate, unemployed and lack of knowledge about casteism are used by some cast based leader.

They try to fill the brain with thinking like "FIRE AND BLOOD LANGUAGE".

TO overcome this problem the world should unite and find the root of it. Education and employment are main path to finish this and save innocent's life.

Thank you.

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Alok said: (Jul 9, 2016)  
Nowadays, all over the world is suffering from terrorism even developed countries also. It's a worldwide problem, it couldn't be solved by a single person or a particular government, it could be only by everyone's support.

If we talk about India, there are already many problems, and terrorism is also a big problem.

Our government should have to take the tough decision on terrorism, and every person should also have to take responsibility to support their government.

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Faizan Junaid said: (Jul 9, 2016)  
Actually, what is terrorism?

The meaning of terrorism is not understood itself by the terrorist.

Cause most of the terrorist give influence to terrorism by taking misleading information.

They itself does not have the basic knowledge of their own religion.

They get mislead and misguide by their promoters who promotes terror for the sake of money only.

If a terrorist who spread terror take a basic information about her own religion also then all of us no.

It very well that it could not happen in anywhere in any place in any country.

Cause not a single religion teach us about terror or to kill innocent people.

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Shreya Chand said: (Jul 8, 2016)  
The main causes of terrorism are the lack of education, unemployment, religious tensions among people living in the same area.

Stopping terrorism is a vague term. We have to attempt to tackle it. And by that, I mean, 3 things. First, find the roots and work on them. Second, during the act of terrorism, maintain our cool. Whether we are present or not. I pray to almighty that none of us have to face anything like that. Thirdly, We need to help people who have been victims of the situation. By donating or by giving away positive messages all around the globe.

The government, undoubtedly, has a MAJOR role in protecting the country and us, but we as citizens have to understand the fact that it's only and only us who have the ultimate power.

If we want, anything can happen. If we want to stop terrorism, we will sure as hell try our very best to stop it. We need to join NGOs which are educating children and distressed young adults. We need to curb terrorism from the roots. We can give free food to people. We can help in building shelters for people who sleep on the pavement, we can increase jobs for people who need it by affiliating ourselves with NGOs. We have to do I to make the world a better place.

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Vetrivendan said: (Jul 6, 2016)  
Hi, friends.

I agree with you all that illiteracy unemployment, lack of food etc all drives a person to such situations. I would like to add that lack of awareness among the public is a major contributing factor. And hence he/she remains weak minded and so they can be brainwashed and convinced easily towards anything. The only solution is we youngsters should take the responsibility of creating awareness among the public.

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Chandu said: (Jul 5, 2016)  
I agree with all your opinions friends.

My opinion about terrorism is they want to expand their dharma by dominating other dharma. Like Christianity. ISIS is the group of terrorist people they attack cristain people because their main agenda is dominating Christianity. In 26/11 attack they target restaurant in which most people are the foreigner.

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Bhanu said: (Jul 1, 2016)  
Terrorism is a big problem in India. Not only in India more countries are facing this problem. Actually, everybody having an intention that to lead a good life but because of problems they are entering into this field. The main problems are unemployment and poverty, illiteracy and lack of food all these things actually the main reason is unemployment why means there are so many people without jobs. They are irritated with that so they are entering into this and one more thing is awarded we are reading the news from few months onwards that is about chain snatures these are educated people only.

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Jathin Raju said: (Jun 30, 2016)  
Terrorism is a not a problem of the single country, it a problem of all over the world. We can't say money is the major problem of terrorism, it may due to collision between the coloured people, caste etc. Terrorism is due to lack of unemployment and uneducation. It is very easy to people who spread terrorism towards the uneducated people, so our government should take certain steps to educate the people.

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Sanjana Vinay said: (Jun 30, 2016)  
I see, few people participating when it comes to the matter of terrorism and wide spread criminals is it them who are getting stronger or is it us to blame for becoming ignorant towards them.

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Sayli said: (Jun 17, 2016)  
Terrorism is the biggest thing all country but in our country the terrorist mostly made by depute the boundary of India and Pakistan. Most of the Indian people are meet to them for the need of money. They are given all information about our country for the money. So firstly Improving the literacy, poorness, unemployment.

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J Somu said: (Jun 15, 2016)  
Hai friends,

I agree with all of your opinions.

Yes, terrorism is the big problem, not only for our country but also for the world. Rather than criticising or making an issue to related to this problem. We have to do something against the terrorism. We can't relate terrorism with any religion because no any religion in the world gives the permission to kill the innocent people. We have to find out the roots of this problem. Firstly we clean the mindset of people. Poverty, illiteracy, selfishness & misguidance of religion studies are the main reasons behind terrorism.

We have to discuss about how to remove all these problems from our society.

So many youth is getting attached towards the terrorist organization, which is really very dangerous sign for the world. So by providing good education, proper guidelines & ethnic values must be required.

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Bhuveneshwar Gujjar said: (Jun 9, 2016)  
Hi, Not only India but the whole world is suffering from this common problem. There are many for which people (especially youth) become terrorists. Indian is facing this problem by other countries and by itself also as we know that some countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan are providing shelter to the terrorist. As we know in India we are used to hearing the terrorist attack every week or month. Mostly in India Jammu and Kashmir and north-eastern states are adversely affected by this worldwide problem because of this harmony of our country is being affected. Lives of people are threatened. All these are because of the land boundary dispute with Pakistan some of the main reasons for it are

1) Unemployment.
2) Lack of education.
3) Lack of food.
4) And radical thinking.
5) Illiteracy.

1) Unemployment as we know that crore of people in India are unemployed. They do not any mean to earn their livelihood and survive so they choose the wrong path to earn money for shelter and food.

2) India's literacy rate is about 79%. The people do not enough many to educate their offsprings to get the better education. So they (offs.) are unable to get any job so govt should open more and more schools. And must support poor people.

3) Lack food - many people in India do not get two times mill so government Should provide them nutritious food. Many children suffer malnutrition. Without thinking about all these Indian is exporting grains to other countries.

4) Radical thinking- when students study their thinking should be improved. The sense of patriotism must be inculcated in them.

5) Many people are illiterate they do not even know how to write their name so people should be aware of complaint department where to complain etc. And there are many issues because of all these it is spreading rapidly. All countries are not supporting anti-terrorist. Only govt. Can nth do we all should stand in front of it intrepidly? But govt. Should take it seriously and think about it. Jai Hind.

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Neer Nandeha said: (May 20, 2016)  
India faces bilateral terrorism issue.

Firstly from the neighbouring countries and secondly from the regions within.

Terrorism is a menace which not only causes loss of lives and resources but also shatters the entire working of the democracy.

ECONOMIC ISSUE : Terrorism has led to a large part of planning and investment in the internal and external defense of the country. The fund allotted hence would have been utilized in other developments.

POLITICAL ISSUE : Terrorism has led to bitter international relations with the concerned countries disrupting the natural economic trade policies, travel visa and other countermeasures taken affecting International Cooperation.

SOCIAL ISSUE : Terrorism has made some community, religion followers an internationally hated group. The ethical treatment and respect that most of the people of the religion/race deserve have been snatched.

The integrity of the nation as a whole is shattered relating to the examples of northeast and Bastar region Naxalites.

HUMANITARIAN CONCERNS : The loss and emotional trauma that people have to go are beyond measure. The damage to public property and the judicial action against the accused cause a lot of public tension and community rivalry.

Terrorism needs to be dealt with by the world as a whole and strict policies need to be framed by the UN.

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Teju said: (May 19, 2016)  
Hello, guys! :).

Most of you here think unemployment, poverty, lack of education and discrimination in terms of religion are the main reasons for terrorism. I'd like to agree with that too.

Yes, terrorism really is a worldwide threat and it not only causes physical harm but also causes the mental disturbance.

So now that we know the main causes of terrorism, it's really important to think of ways to counter it.

First, let's think about what the Government can do about this.

The Government can take measures to reduce unemployment and poverty which we can say is a supporting factor for terrorism. When people are desperate for money, they tend to forget morality and choose the wrong path. So the reduction in this may lead to possible reduction in new members being involved in terrorism. And another main cause for terrorism is religious tension. When Dominance of one's religion becomes the major goal, violence and terrorism come into the picture. As we all agree, our future is dependent on the younger generation. So it's really necessary to prevent our younger generation from being brainwashed into involving in terrorism. Our younger generation must be given proper education and equality among religion must be encouraged. We must all unite and fight against terrorism.

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Manoj said: (May 16, 2016)  
This is one of the challenges that every country is suffering from. Terrorism is not only threat to humanity but also to the growth of any developing country. Every country has its own policy to counter terrorism. But every effort goes in vain when it comes to facing this global threat. Terrorism is pervaded by the group of individuals who are either being driven towards destruction for the sake of protecting their religion or they may have an ideology of showing their prowess.

Terrorism spares no one as this had been seen in the last three decades when it comes bomb blast in being, mass genocide in Mumbai terror attack in 2008, blowing off of twin tower of world trade center. And how can we forget the day to day terrorism on Indo-Pak border when every week or every month many people dies on both side. This shows that terrorism not only causes harm to humanity but also retards the economy of a country by the loss of their monetary prowess in the form of defence funds, destruction of major property, loss in terms of foreign visitors to that place etc.

Terrorism is a menace to our society which must be curbed and wiped off before it takes its root strong. Every country should look upon their policy and untangle them from their limits so that terrorist could not find any void in the system. This should be brought down by mutual cooperation and sharing of intelligence information among all countries.

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Raghvendra said: (May 5, 2016)  
Terrorism should not just be a topic of debate here. I don't get, why we discuss here it and keep shut on it in public. It is not the government who will fight with terrorism, we will have to fight. Is this is the country for only military men, not ours, then why do we cry when it's our time to show devotion towards it. We created the headache for govt when our plane got hijacked, instead, it was our duty to be a support to govt and face terrorist bravely.

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Bhavya Chauhan said: (May 5, 2016)  
Terrorism means the creation of the environment of violence and devastation. Terrorism means the devastating actions performed by the peoples who are either angry with the government or their minds are brainwashed by some enemy countries. It is a very big problem against the whole world, as an example of terrorism, we can think about the attack on the world trade centre, on 11 September.

Recently the attack in Pathankot can't be neglected in India.

Some countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan are providing shelter to these terrorist organisation.

We have tried our best by joining hand with the authorities of these countries but it all seems ruined. Therefore, this is the time to give them answer in their own language, as Obama gave to Osama.

Therefore, join hands be to unite and fight against terrorism.

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Sanket Gupta said: (May 2, 2016)  
I agree with all my friends, seriously terrorism is the worst thing in India. In India, it is due to the only citizen who are giving our confidential information to the attackers. Nobody can't attack in that area until or unless he will know about that area. Terrorism sometimes due to uneducated, selfishness, etc. So to remove this worst thing from India we have to educate the peoples and do something ourselves to avoid terrorism in India.

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Vitthal Sharma said: (Apr 12, 2016)  
Terrorism has become a big Problem before all the nations. Almost each nation is suffering from terrorism. Now the time has come when the whole world should unite against terrorism United Nation must take tough decisions against the terrorism. They must pass a resolution to define the terrorism and boycott those nation who are supporting terrorism. We are suffering from terrorism since last 50 years but other nations don't realise that they thought that it is our law and order problem but today everyone has realized the level of threat due to terrorism. There are so many reasons to a person becoming a terrorist- unemployment, poverty, religion, and illiteracy. We have to unite against this otherwise, it will destroy the world.

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Anwesha said: (Apr 6, 2016)  
What is terrorism? why and how it spreads? have we ever thought of it? No, I think we should ponder over it. It is not your problem or my problem. It is our problem. 33% of India's population is youth, so, I think the youth should be dynamic in tackling the problem of terrorism.

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Parveen Sheoran said: (Apr 1, 2016)  
I agree with some people. But most of them says that terrorism is encouraged by the uneducated people and also by the unemployed people. Then I want to say only one thing that is. We are not unity. Everyone knows that unity is the best policy, we read this story but can't learn it sincerely.

I want to say the only thing that if all of us take action against terrorism than no one can stand in front of us.

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Suresh Nirujogi said: (Mar 28, 2016)  
Hi, this is Suresh.

My view on terrorism is that it is a motto of the people who scorn the government's rules and regulations because of lack of control over their minds.

Long years back people used to share their problems through communication etc. Those people would depend only on themselves in a very disciplinary manner.

Nowadays many social networks are developed to ruin the youngers if they use them in an unethical manner like chatting with unknown persons. This unnecessary communication obviously misleads the person. Automatically people go under unbearable pressure. So total resolution of individuals is changed from the usual resolutions. That moment people ought to get relief from the pain. And ready to take revenge on people having the same attributes.

Terrorism is just like tool used by culprit persons on the people who lose their control on themselves. So before you committed the mistake just think for a while not more than 5 minutes your thought automatically changed to bene. Just by thinking of good things done by you so far.

So if you have strength either kill bad thoughts or think of good things done by martyrs or even by you automatically your mindset for the moment will be changed.

Once our thoughts are free from bad. Automatically system is free from unwanted manmade mishaps.

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Shiwanki Gupta said: (Mar 28, 2016)  
I agree with my few friends. Terrorism is a worldwide problem and we can't blame the only government for it. Every individual person is responsible for it. There are many reasons for it like- un-education, caste and religion, unemployment etc.

But now the time has gone to realise reasons for it. Now we have to do something to stop it. For stopping, we should educate people or aware people about terrorism. We should take care of unwanted activity around us. We should organise programs for awareness and many other ways.

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Hemanti said: (Mar 25, 2016)  

Terrorism is really a very big problem in front of us. If we compare it with global warming, black money, corruption. It is increasing day by day but we cannot find any solution to dissolve it. There are many reasons behind this like ignorance, poverty, unemployment, caste discrimination etc. And for these each and every problem government made so many rule and regulation, laws, started different schemes to eradicate poverty, give reservation to backward or sc/st classes for their upliftment. But what we see that we have not any national policy to combat terrorism. The government does not take it seriously. If we really want our country terrorism free government must mark some strict law to combat it.

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Pammy said: (Mar 22, 2016)  
Hi everyone,

Terrorism is really the worst part which country shouldn't face. The main reason of terrorism is poverty & education. Each and every individually should be given proper education and India should take up initiation in such a way that terrorist should fear to get into India. India should strengthen their Anti-terrorism wings in order eradicate terrorism.

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Abhilasha Khemani said: (Mar 19, 2016)  
In my point of view terrorism in India has been growing not only because of unemployment, poverty and lack of education, but also due to discrimination felt by all citizens at some or the other point and when we see the discrimination level, it is more with the rural people or I should say the advisors in India and hence the majority of terrorism in India are from rural areas. So we should treat the root cause of terrorism that is a lack of equality.

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Tendral said: (Mar 13, 2016)  
Yes, I agreed with my some friends opinion. In my point of you, the terrorism is getting in the crucial way, so some of the poorest peoples are affected them so please abide the terrorism in our country be happy get the new friends.

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Himanshu said: (Mar 12, 2016)  
Well, terrorism is not the problem of a single country, but it is the problem of all over the world some of the my friends agree that the reason behind it is lack of education, unemployment, poverty. I am also with him.

So, 1. Education: The main reason behind any type of terrorism is the lack of education because due to lack of education anyone can manipulate you this manipulation is called mind washing because you didn't know what ever I am going to do that right or wrong person didn't have control over my his remote in the hand of other guys and whatever handler want from his person will do according to that. So how we can go out of this problem this problem only be removed by proper education in the school level because school level are more important to change the perception of student how he will think about our country and humanity that is the real solution.

2. Poverty: Poverty is not the reason to be a terrorist, but poverty is supporting factor of terrorism because lots of people in India are below the poverty line but very few are involved in those activities. Also, this is not the way to come out of poverty, but the person who involved do not have more life time, but yes due to poverty people get manipulated and agree to do any work or his families.

3. Unemployment: Yes, it is also a major factor because of employment people goes to a foreign country and he comes in contact with bad people and becomes lead to some people in our country towards the terrorism so need for improved employment also but major factor education.

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Lovellen Kaur said: (Mar 12, 2016)  
I agreed with some of you.

According to me, no one born as terrorist. As our nation, India is divided into different religions, political parties, regional areas and many some human division sections. People from different section have different faith and interest which may be not same as other people from other section, and people fight against opposite faith and interest and they are patriot of their people, but they are tagged as terrorist by other ones.

People fight for truth but it may be not true for other ones which called them terrorist.

At the end, I just want to say that when people come out of all this stuff then our nation INDIA will definitely become terrorism free.

Thank you.

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Chaitu said: (Mar 7, 2016)  
Well, terrorism is the major issue in many developed and as well as developing countries. We can't take only money is the root cause for a wide spread of terrorism. There are many issues like religion, caste, collisions between coloured people etc.

As it has been spread worldwide we can't prevent it now, but we can take awareness among the innocent individuals who are being attracted towards terrorism.

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Megha said: (Mar 6, 2016)  
What you are being taught at home?

What group of friends you start living with?

What environment you live in?

- These are the reasons which decides how a child will turn to a young and youth citizen, call it as a terrorist or patriotic successful citizen.

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Bhawana said: (Mar 2, 2016)  
Hi everyone, I am agree with you guys. Here we all are discussing about the terrorism in India but being a youth what we are doing to stop the terrorism. We are not doing anything. How much we take initiate to stop all this kind of activity.

1. I think that the biggest problem which results in terrorism is a caste or religion discrimination.

2. People in our country is unemployed or uneducated because of which it is very easy for the people who spread terrorism in India to manipulate the youth for a little amount of money.

3. Government should take action to reduce the problem of unemployment so that no one can manipulate the youth of India.

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Tjn said: (Feb 25, 2016)  
Agreed to many of you all.

Terrorism is increasing with time, and there doesn't seem to be much attention towards it. Yes, the basic cause of terrorism really is illiteracy, inappropriate ideas regarding casteism which are intentionally rooted.

In the countries, which play terrorism very often, I think children are not taught the things they should be from the childhood itself, they are taught wrong things, they are "MADE AGGRESSIVE" against people of other religion.

They are not educated as done in other countries, instead they are packed with the terms of revenge, God knows of what! and once they turn into youth, they are complete terrorists.

Education is the strongest wand if used in a proper way. Terrorist countries have never ever used it.

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Manvender said: (Feb 25, 2016)  
Hello everyone, my self Manvender.

According to me terrorism is not a person's problem it the problem of world. Blaming others or government won't be able to stop terrorism, we citizen of our country should fight against terrorists. A person become terrorist first from his ideas and thinking bad for the country.

Thank you.

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Somkarsingh said: (Feb 22, 2016)  
Terrorism in India is a very dangerous problem its not developed today it's a long process. It has so many reason behind it one them is unsatisfactory judicial system of India. Second one is unemployment & uneducated. So our government should take some effective step toward it and we also need to make strong security system to prevent outer inputs of crimes.

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Yeswanth said: (Feb 22, 2016)  
1. I agree with all of you guys.

2. Nobody wants to became a terrorist but because of situations like unemployment and poverty and criticise on the basis of religion makes him/her the terrorist.

3. Awareness is more importance in children. Suddenly we can't change anything. Awareness is more important to all people in schools, colleges. We have seen so many films like (dil se) on terrorist attacks. In climax there is one conclusion given to us like many innocent people lose their lives getting faced problems rather who really did mistakes. If this problem increases total country will came down.

4. They target only on youth and motivated in such away that they even to be a self bombers. To stop this activity awareness of youth, defence system should be strong enough and govt thinkover on the unemployment, poverty. How much fast govt takes actions to reduce these things, slowly terrorism also decreases.

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Raj said: (Feb 19, 2016)  
Nobody born as a terrorist it is the conditions and situation that make the common man terrorist. In India we always heard the stories of terrorist attacks but we ignore them and look forward to what we do. If we want to stop this than we have to take stand and make the country holly place for living with no fear this is the gift for the future generation. I hope all of you agree with this thought.

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Krishna said: (Feb 19, 2016)  
Hello everyone,

As we discussing about terrorism in India. I would like to put forth my view on same. Terrorism is one of the burning problem in India as we hear about terrorist attacks all over the country. In my view solving this problem through grass root level is more important as every year thousand of youths are being radicalised by these groups.

We have to go deep to know why youths are being drawn towards the ideology of terrorist group and we have to eliminate those problems. No one is born terrorist problems like poverty, unemployment and other problem that draw youth towards these activities.

Every now and then we hear news of several youth getting detained by security agency in connection with terrorist organizations. We have to think deeply and counter these problems and secondly our security agency should become more cautious and react faster to input regarding suspicious activity as lack of handling of these inputs played crucial role for terrorism in attacking in India successfully.

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David Soni said: (Feb 18, 2016)  
Hi I agree with all but my opinion is:

1. Nobody wants to become a terrorist but people who criticise others on the basis of religion and caste that makes a wrong perception which born the terror.

2. We need to decrease violent act then we need to opposed the caste wise system and caste wise voting which spread by our politician.

3. I think people slowly becomes a programmable robot which was programmed by others means brainwashed by others this type of activity seen in past during 26/11 attack. Mastermind of 26/11 brainwashed the person who attack on mumbai and rest we know.

4. Finally I want to say terrorism is reduced by increase of education of people. And don't criticize the feelings of other at a big level. Thank you.

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Shivdeep said: (Feb 18, 2016)  
Hello friends.

In my opinion, terrorism work on religious task where it fulfills aggression about other religion's. The main factors to upbring these aggression is poverty and illiteracy because terrorism take advantage the condition of living as well as min.

Nobody wants to become a terrorist but the people who criticise others on bases of races caste and education that makes a wrong perception about world and humanity in their mind and that born a terror in society. We need to do counselling like our politicians caste vote in streets.

I know this will not show a direct result but am sure it opens new ways to handle these problems. A start is necessary it may be a small and every citizen must counselling their children because every terrorist is also a son of parents.

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Nikita Gupta said: (Feb 17, 2016)  
Hello Friends.

Terrorism is really a very big issue which can not be avoided. I agree with the @Mayuri that there is a system in every school by which every children of our nation is cautious about the terror of terrorist.

In Newspaper I have been read that they (Terrorist) taught a little child who is about 5 years old how to blast a car. He has a remote and a terrorist is stood with him and little child is also uniformed. So our government should take immediate action by such news. If all persons educated then this type of issue cannot arise.

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Mayuri Panda said: (Feb 15, 2016)  

I am 100% agreed what @Mr. Upinder discussed below. Individual awareness is most important for this case. I think there should be a subject or course about terrorism in every school (Govt, Private schools).

Student should aware of it as in most cases we can seen youth mass is involving in terror attack because of lack of education, poverty. They are motivated in such a way that they even agreed to be a SELF BOMBERS.

Yes along with awareness our defense system should be strong enough and intelligence bureau should work properly. We cannot solve this problem suddenly, but we can try to reduce it.

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Sunil said: (Feb 11, 2016)  
Terrorism can be controlled by awareness of people if something is found terrible then inform to police. And learn humanity that is more important than religions.

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Shrihari said: (Feb 11, 2016)  
Hello, I agree with some of my friends.

Terrorism is the biggest problem for whole world and I think the reason behind this lack of knowledge about religion in youth.

Some people take advantage of this and thy teaches wrong things to youth and then they uses youth for terrorism.

About terrorism in India this is very big question. To stop this terrorist activity in India need to take actions against these terrorist groups by common people with government of India.

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Vivek Kumar said: (Feb 8, 2016)  
According to me terrorism have become most wired part of our world. We can see that almost every country is suffering from terrorism. Nothing to worry Terrorism is generated by human being we can't blame anyone so we need to understand what is root of terrorism where it came from and how could we stop this.

If we can generate terrorism then we can also stop terrorism both is in our hand. So We should not from fear terrorism. We need to just take step to come forward to fight against terrorism with very peacefully. One day we will be able to eradicate all this.

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Shantanu Dave said: (Feb 5, 2016)  
Hello friends,

First of all what is meant by terrorism. As my point of view it group of 10 to 12 person make plan for serial killings to innocent people. The person who are do this they don't known the who is behind it he got money for his life to do terrorism like thing. We can't say it done by other country it's possible to done by inner person.

Now terrorism in India is the biggest question why more terrorism in India reason is that our government don't take action on it. We all know before 2 months ago terrorist attack in Paris at that time Paris government take quick decision on it and they attack back and kill all the terrorist.

So India also have to do this thing for stopping the terrorism and we can see last one and half year not a single attack is occurred so government have to care for it.

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Dhananjaysingh Rajput said: (Jan 28, 2016)  
Hello friends.

I am agree and really appreciate each one of yours opinion on terrorism in India. Well poverty, education and unemployment these all major three issues are not expected to be changed within time of month or even a year. What immediate change we can surely have is decentralization of defense system in India.

Prevention is always better than cure, same way if defense made strong and intelligence reports are entertained seriously well in time than also one can tackle problem of terrorism well along with the removal of poverty, illiteracy and unemployment.

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Chandrashekhar said: (Jan 25, 2016)  
Terrorism is biggest problem in world. Every one tackle this problem. But human terrorism is also part to minimise the growth of standard. To improve our education quality, to decrease our beggars, poverty is biggest problem. That's why they people choose terrorism.

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Kundan said: (Jan 23, 2016)  
Hi Friends,

Of-course Terrorism is a big problem, not for our country, but also for the world. Rather than criticizing or making an issue related to this problem, we have to do something against this terrorism. We can't relate terrorism with any religion, because no any religion in the world gives permission to kill the innocent people. We have to find the root of this problem. Firstly, we have to clean the mind of people. Poverty, lack of education, illiteracies, selfishness, misguide of religious education are some reasons behind Terrorism.

We must discuss about how to remove all these problems of our society.

So many youth is getting attracted towards the Terrorist organizations which is really very dangerous sign for the world. So by providing Education, Employment, values, proper guidance is required.

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Abhishek said: (Jan 23, 2016)  
Terrorism is not only to be considered from Pakistan and only for Kashmir. Naxalites and Maoists are also a terror and threat for the nation. They do not fight for Kashmir.

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Umesh said: (Jan 21, 2016)  
Terrorism is the biggest problem in the world every one are aware about his problem but no one knows where it starts from every terrorist organisation have some issue with the country or with the government.

In India every day we see the newspaper and see that many of innocent people died in the terrorist attack. And in people mind there is always the fear of the death. Pakistan fight with India for long time but they don't get what they want from India.

Thank you.

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Rana said: (Jan 16, 2016)  
Good morning friends,

Now we are talking about terrorism which is biggest problem of the world. But in our country most of attack by Pakistan kill our innocent people. That is only one such reason is Kashmir. We have also brave army in the border line but they don't action without permission. This is the biggest problem of our country, we have must to take design by army on the spot. And do action to it. And save innocent people.

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Rameshwar Sharma said: (Jan 14, 2016)  
Armed forces must follow following procedure for preventing terror attack:-

01. Patrolling of surrounding security walls/boundaries must be watched by Guards & through CCTV round the clock on all Air Bases, borders round the clock. It is be noted for unauthorized under ground passes, cut in fencing, big trees, any suspicious mark of identification/painting/colored or white cloths by terrorist for entry in guarded area at even/odd hours is to be noticed immediately.

02. Hidden terrorist should be identified by at suspected places of shelter by red Chile spray, spray to make them unconscious & attacked with latest long range weapons.

03. One way traffic procedure must be adopted on all important areas. Entry passes or thumb/finger impression be taken by bar code machine (meant for attendance) to prevent entry of unauthorized element in to protected secured areas.

04. All vehicles near the border or unguarded area should not have excess fuel like diesel/petrol etc.

05. 500 dog squads must be kept with protected area, these must be released at once in case of entry of militants in particular area.

06. 1000 rats squads must be kept ready to release them on militants capturing any shelter room/barrack.

07. 1000 snacks/cobras squad must be kept ready to release them on terrorists/militants at any moment.

08. Firing of petrol/chilly bombs/shells must be carried out on hidden militants/terrorists occupied any shelter on air base or protected area for quick search operations.

09. No cattle or villagers with cattle must not be allowed at any cost for grass or jungle wood in any protected area or air base etc.

10. There must be separate boundary for residential areas, mess, protected area with one way traffic on roads with bar code machines attendance by thumb/finger impression etc.

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Suraj Anand said: (Jan 13, 2016)  
Good morning to every one, Myself Suraj Anand.

We are discussing terrorism in India. This single word is to make a fearable scene in our mind. The whole world is facing the problem for their own specific reason. But in India if we look at depth, only one reason become visible to us. That is Kashmir.

In India, in most of the terrorist attacked by Pakistan. Our Enemy wants to defeat every time every where for The Kashmir only.

It is not the truth that our Army is not able to handle these attack by them. Our army is more powerful than These terrorist. But they have not the order to take a decision by itself. It governs by the defense minister.

The government should take a tough decision against Terrorists. The government should a solid law for the terrorist. And should be proper talk with the both defense minister.

But after in those step. If they do not take the decision to its attacker. India should be in attack mode. And should fight with them strictly.

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Upinder said: (Jan 7, 2016)  
Hello friends,

Today I am writing this post because I feel that I can do something that can help in controlling or stopping terrorist attacks. There are some points which I find very appropriate after a long discussion with my friends. I know that few or frankly say most of the people say that this is foolishness but I will say this is my small contribution towards my nation. We all have minds and we all can think so why not think something which help the nation for controlling this giant problem.

Mostly persons say that only government, army or police can do anything in this matter. But I will say that if each individual will contribute then only this problem can be finished from the roots. I have categorize the people of our country in different categories and now I am going to explain the role of peoples from each category. Now the appropriate points are:

I) First of all I will mention the things which a common man can do.

A) Be aware that what is happening in your neighborhood. If you are a business man that what is happening near your office or factory, if you are a house wife than what is happening near your house, if you are a shopkeeper then what is happening near your shop. Now I am not saying that you have to spent sometime for this activity but if you see any suspects or terrorists then immediately report this to your nearby police station. Even police has given you facility to report via internet also.

B) Now the second thing is that do not support or help any kind of corruption at your level. I very well understand that saying is easy by doing is very difficult. I will explain that how corruption is attached to terrorist attacks. If a traffic policeman is corrupt then he will take some bribe and will not check the vehicle.

Now the vehicle can have guns, grenades, ammunition and what the traffic men has done. He has helped the terrorists for a big terrorist attack. Ok second example suppose a BSF person is corrupt and he will take some money and help the terrorists to cross international border. Now the terrorists are going to attack a multiplex and the security guard of multiplex again is corrupt and he will take some money and allow the persons to enter with guns and grenades.

Now if hundreds of people are killed in that attack then who will you blame for the attack:- I will not blame the terrorists but I will blame the BSF persons, the Traffic police men and the security guard and more than that I will blame the corruption. That is why I say that do not support corruption at any level.

C) Second thing which is very very important is that aware your friends, relatives and family members about the same thing. Because there are some people who don't use internet so to aware them we have to discuss this issue with our friends and relatives. Now there are some people who will make joke of you or say that this is foolishness but some will understand also and take my words that if 1 out of 10 peoples understand and spread this message then your part of work is fully justified towards your country.

Don't say that you are doing it for others but say that you are doing this for yourself because terrorism is not a problem of any individual but it is a problem of each one of us. Now I will take an example let us say your parents and your family are going to a multiplex for watching the latest movie and while watching the movie there will be a sudden bomb blast and within few minutes you are looking at the dead body of your loved ones. How will it feel now? Now don't wait till that kind of thing happen to you. There is a saying that helping hands are always better than praying lips. So by doing this actually you are helping yourself and your dear ones of not becoming the prey of the terrorism.

Now finally I want to say only one thing that if you have seen this post and you have done nothing and in the next terrorist attack one of you dear ones are harmed then peoples like you are also responsible for that.

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Akil Ali said: (Jan 6, 2016)  
Hello everyone,

I just want to know one thing that in the whole world when any terrorist attack happen so the terrorist in from their own country not come from another country but in India all terrorist is coming from different country how?

We are the world 4th biggest army but the bitter truth is we are not able to secure our own borders.

Guys the solution is if we secure our borders and watching it day and night 24/7 so there is no terrorist even a pigeon is not able to come in our border and do attack in our country so we have to secure our lands and sea borders so if we secure our all borders which is connecting with other countries then nothing going to happen anywhere in India.

I hope the media and politicians will think about it.


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Chaitrajm said: (Jan 6, 2016)  
According to my point of view, terrorism can be controlled or it can be also eradicated when the parents and elders teach and bring up their children by telling him that all are one and same in this country third is no religion low or high, all are equal. They should be taught as all people are like one among their family.

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Rajendra Prasad said: (Jan 5, 2016)  
Hi friend.

As I know India is flooded with terrorism, India have to get loss many time by the the terrorism. As our country is a developing country and living status is very low, because of that some people go on in this way, and some people who is not satisfied of their life they also get involve in this activity, and some mad by other by forcing.

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Jiten said: (Jan 5, 2016)  
As per my point of view, Terrorism is like inhuman activities which is almost faced by each & every country at some point of time. It could be treated by taken some of effective measures & responsibility for the same is not liaison with government itself. We are also equally responsible for the same as well.

Some of the way we could avert the terrorist activities, which are shown below as following:

1. Timely implementation of the governmental welfare policy for each & every section of the nation.

2. By Given each and every section equal rights & opportunity.

3. Imparting time to time some of employment programs through out of the nation.

4. Made each & every person of the nation literate.

5. By implementation of stringent law & order through out of the nation.

6. Made aware each & every one about national integration & needs which could lead love toward the nation & respective peoples.

7. Impose a strong security through out of the nation as well as upgrading the same in terns of technology, tactics & modern weapons and timely exercise of combat operational needs.

8. By implementation of computerized system at each & every organization through out of the nation to minimized the risk & reduce the communication gaps.

9. By integration of various security organization in the single caliphate for made correct & timely decision on needs basis.

10. By holding a fair & friendly relationship to the each & every neighbor country.

11. Made progressive & developed nation by balanced development Techniques such as agriculture & industrialization which will be open up various opportunity across the nation.

Thanks to all.

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Ajay Kumar Singh said: (Jan 4, 2016)  
Terrorism is a very carousal thought of unsuccessful people. If a people unable to got success in a particular job. Then he was frosted and used his half but strong skills to destroy humanity or we can say ready to destroy him self.

So people need to improved their skills and if even not got success then need to satisfy him self with his current achievement. And ready to support with his skills to serve his nation.

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Priyanshu Kumar said: (Jan 4, 2016)  
Hi everyone,

My self Priyanshu kumar.

Today I am going to talk about terrorism, everybody talking about terrorism but no one seeking it's solution, but first we have to think about why it's occurring day by day. I think all of you heard about pathankot attack by 4 terrorist in air force camp, unfortunately we lost our 6 patriot in this attack. It's really heart me, but we have to think who was behind it, what he want, why he is doing all these thing.

Finally one conclusion is that most of the of our country population spending their life below poverty line they don't have money to eat and survive in today expensive world, they can't see their children died in front of him, they are not much educated so, some people easily convinced him and start utilizing him as a terrorist. So first we have to make them aware that what they are doing is not good, after that only we can it success in this biggest issue.

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Prem said: (Jan 3, 2016)  
Hi Friends!

I think to solve the problem of terrorism, we must cultivate some mechanisms as to find out how it started and what they want. We must think like we are one of them sort out as to what we should do to achieve what we have sought for. This way I think, we will be able to connect to their minds and sort out reasons to solve the problem.

Not all the people who join these groups are uneducated. They must have joined the stream with a purpose, and it is a must for us to know them. I concede to people who suggested that the origin of terrorism are:

> Lack of education.

> Family or social issues (E.g. Discrimination, family fights etc).

> Uncontrolled use of special powers by paramilitary armed forces.

> Unemployment.

We cannot fight them back with arms and kill them indiscriminately, moreover they are also God's children. Some help we can do are:

> Provide for them proper educations (at least till higher sec).

> Start some schemes or even NGOs to financially and emotionally encourage and help them to find a proper job or start a small business.

> Keep constant check on the execution of military powers by the military forces kept in the Naxalite affected areas and areas Under the reign of AFSPA.

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Amit said: (Dec 31, 2015)  
India is a country which is developing fast in terms of education and infrastructure. That is the main reason why terrorist groups of a small undeveloped country like Pakistan has tremendous jealousy over India. And they have kept on attacking India time and again taking lives of people inhumanely.

But India is also a too non-violent country. There has been hardly any attempt to find Pakistani terrorists like Dawood Ibrahim and many others like him. As long as Dawood and others are alive terrorist attacks can happen anywhere anytime. No one can prevent it without any casualty, not even the army.

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Aakash said: (Dec 30, 2015)  
Terrorism in India. Terrorism is an activity which kills humanity. Terrorist groups are created by extremists which prey on people who are uneducated, poor people, not happy with their life's.

Extremist brain wash the mind of people, who are incapable of making their own decision. Prey on the need of money by poor people. Create fear in the mind of innocent to join them or die.

India is a developing country one fourth of the people are below poverty line which make them easily vulnerable so our govt should increase the quality of our education. But the main thing to stop terrorism is self awareness and increasing awareness of those who are vulnerable we have got the means like mass and print media we just need to implement it to stop the ideology of extremists.

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Sairam said: (Dec 29, 2015)  
Hello everyone,

India is struggling with terrorism. Terrorism comes from a common man to elaborate their religious views or to extend their religious views in society and this leads to lack of skills. Terrorism is an activity which kills humanity even it is done by anyone.

So, in order to eliminate or removing the terrorism from India people aware of extremists and people of all our society should unite on this matter and resolve the matter. If not then India is going to be facing such a popular issue Terrorism. If we are not resolve this problem, i.e, extremists may expand their views and all the things in our country and all over the world.

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Sarfraz Khan said: (Dec 17, 2015)  
Hello friends,

We should firstly defined what is terrorism? Terrorism is an activity which kills humanity even it is done by anyone. Extremists washing brains of people in the name of religion in our country as well as all around the world and doing things against humanity.

No one religion teaches terrorism but there are some packets extremists who want their empowerment, we should try to stop ideology of these extremist by spreading. People of all society in our country should unit on this matter and try to resolve this problem.

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Itesh Gahalan said: (Dec 16, 2015)  
Want to share my views on topic Terrorism in India this issue is not a small issue for India. Terrorists are not spreading due to illiteracy or other thing.

Terrorism want only establish their nation increase their people across the world from their in intimidation. Poverty came from unemployment. Unemployment came from lack of skills so improving the employment skills, are the major one 10 the people.

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Divya said: (Dec 15, 2015)  
According to me terrorism is increasing day by day as people fear from this world terrorist. They treat them as a monster. They should understand that they are just humans like us and they also know the language of love like us.

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Karthik said: (Dec 15, 2015)  
I think terrorism has a great impact on India because many neighboring countries are the reason for involvement of Indians in terrorism. People who are unemployed, uneducated and are poor involves in such kind of things to make money. They choose this wrong path and destroy their life and many other who are innocent.

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Jay said: (Dec 14, 2015)  
Honestly speaking that it has both (good/bad) impact on country. When a terrorist do violence he killed many people and destroy properties which has a bad impact on country but in other way they reveal us a mistake in security of country by security agency, army and police. Which is necessary for improvement. So that they can analyses there mistake in security of country and people.

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Shubham said: (Dec 11, 2015)  
Grow up guys main roots of terrorism is Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria. So these countries have to need some changes not India. From my point of view India is now become a safest country in the world.

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Arvind Gupta said: (Dec 9, 2015)  
Terrorism in India is a very big problem. Terrorist want only establish their nation n increase their people across the world which in turn they want to cover the world from their intimidation.

According to me if any terrorist caught by the police or government immediately should take action by the government should not wait for the link from where he came from because he will not say anything, all terrorist are well trained, who should all in unity and take action against terrorism.

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Terrorism in India

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