Terrorism in India

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Pratik said: (Thu, Apr 17, 2014 09:44:16 AM)    
A common definition of terrorism is the systematic use or threatened use of violence to intimidate a population or government and thereby affect political, religious, or ideological change. Terrorism in India, according to the Home Ministry, poses a significant threat to the state. Terrorism in India are basically two types external and internal, external terrorism emerge from neighboring countries and internal terrorism emulates from religious or communal violence and Naxalite - Maoist insurgency. Terror activities involve either Indian or foreign citizens.

The regions with long term terrorist activities today are Jammu and Kashmir, Mumbai, Central India (Naxalism) and the Seven Sister States (independence and autonomy movements). As of 2006, at least 232 of the country's 608 districts were afflicted, at differing intensities, by various insurgent and terrorist movements. In August 2008, National Security Advisor M K Narayanan has said that there are as many as 800 terrorist cells operating in the country.

Terrorism in India has often been alleged to be sponsored by Pakistan. After most acts of terrorism in India, many journalists and politicians accuse Pakistan's intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence of playing a role. Recently, both the US and Afghanistan have accused Pakistan of carrying out terrorist acts in Afghanistan.

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Dushyant Chaudhary said: (Sun, Apr 13, 2014 12:38:44 AM)    
Hello friends, actually terrorism is a word which doesn't need any explanation to understand for us all because we are seeing it in our daily life. India is a victim of terrorism from many years which hampered the development of our country many times from jammu kashmir to kanyakumari.

The main reasons of terrorism are lack of education, unemployment, casteism etc. And an another reason is lack of political coordination by our government. So to eradicate the terrorism from our country we need an effective and tougher policy like in other developed countries like USA, UK etc.

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Krishno Kanto Saha said: (Thu, Apr 10, 2014 02:41:22 PM)    
Hi friends,

Terrorism in India is on of the most vulnerable problem which is growing in India.

Well I think there are two kinds of terrorists in India. One who are originated in India itself and the other who are descendant of some other country like Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Well the main reason for the home growing terrorists in India are Unemployment. We can see in Northeast India, That various educated peoples are joining terrorism. Because for them no gate is open. Our government can neither provide them employment nor the gate of politics is open for middle class peoples. So, in our country govt should arrange employment for the educated peoples and the barrier on the way of politics should be removed.

And for the other kind of terrorist, Our govt is responsible. Our Border are not guarded properly specially in the north eastern region through where peoples with some wrong ideas can easily come. That should be stopped.

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Manish Negi said: (Thu, Apr 10, 2014 11:53:01 AM)    
We can say that Terrorism in India is a most burning disaster the people are facing around. Due to that we have lost many lives since last 3 decades.

According to me the key factor which is motivating such type of critical activities is the lethal security, law and government system of our country. Nobody thinks before attacking in our country's major parts because they know our system is too weak to take quick reaction on those activities.

We need a solid and tight system like many other developed countries like US, Russia etc to fight with this problem so that one should think ten times before actuating any destroy full movement inside our nation.


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Arvind said: (Wed, Apr 9, 2014 08:52:18 AM)    
Good morning friends, as per my view terrorism in India is increasing at high rate and the main reason behind this is LACK OF AWARENESS, AVOIDANCE OF GOVERNMENT, UNEMPLOYMENT, LACK OF EDUCATION, LACK OF PATRIOTISM, POVERTY. So our government make sure that whatever new plan is implementing in Indian it should be mostly benefited for minority and also it should be confirmed that REMOTE area is getting benefit from it.

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Om Prakash said: (Tue, Apr 8, 2014 01:00:33 PM)    
Hi friends.

As all you know that terrorism is most serious problem in India. So our government must take strong action against terrorist like america.

And also add a compulsory subject on humanity in education system from class five to Ph.D. And also provide education of everyone.

I want to share a best remedy for terrorism is that if from now any terrorist who say that will you join terrorism that kind of information you must tell government that time and government will make a law that who will tell us that kind of information we will help you and your family.

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Kriti Shivhare said: (Tue, Apr 8, 2014 09:43:32 AM)    
Terrorism is one of the major problem faced by india, there are basically two types of terrorism in India as social and religious terrorism. This creates a lots of instability among the environment and among the people of country. This forced poor people to do nuisance activity for money and the reason behind this is unemployment and illiteracy. People kill other people without any reason and generally poor people are killed mostly.

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Aneesh said: (Thu, Apr 3, 2014 06:05:36 PM)    
Terrorism is the act of resorting in the creation of terror among people to achieve once goal. The goals may be religious political territorial or any other regards. This is a crucial act since they are not respecting others feeling while trying to pursue their goals. So it is considered as heinous.

In India we mainly face two kinds of terrorism one is religious in nature while other is social in nature. We can find religious terrorism in northern states that is sponsored by some destructive forces works outside our country. Their prime motto is to create a political unstable country and use this time to destabilise our nation.

Second kind of terrorism was the product of social backwardness. This type can widely seen in eastern and some southern states of India. Marginalised groups of community of this states took arms against the socially elite group because of the deprived states of their life and oppression form the affluent group of community. It is basically due to the unsymmetrical income. Now the strong rooted terrorist outlets are denying gov. To provide better amenities to the marginalised group of community since once they come to the mainstream of society the terrorist group will lose their strong grip on them.

To fight against terrorism, we need to cater a strong feeling of nationalism among people. So radical groups can not find a place among these communities. And we have to address the issue of marginalisation of some communities and uneven distribution of income among people. We have to foster nationalisation above the cast creed and religious thoughts to tackle terrorism.

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Uma said: (Wed, Apr 2, 2014 06:42:07 PM)    
Terrorism mainly occur for the people does not understanding each other. This is the main reason for the terrorism. Life is a beautiful journey so don't angry with others don't attack others. So follow the tips the terrorism will not be happen.

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Jahanara said: (Thu, Mar 27, 2014 04:25:03 PM)    
Hi friends,

Terrorism is the most serious problem that India is facing from past 40 years. Why the people are killing others and behaving like animals. No holy books says to destruct the human race. Don't involve GOD in this inhuman activities. Everyone has equal rights to live on this mighty earth. No one should threaten others. Its my humble request to live as a human being.


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Divya said: (Sat, Mar 22, 2014 11:43:36 AM)    
Hello everyone.

Terrorism is one of the major issues that every country faces these days. No one chooses to become a terrorist, it is the situation around them that makes them do terrorist activities. People in need for money due to unemployment or some financial crises usually resort to such means to earn quick money. They are unaware of the consequences of these activities that they perform, because they are mostly illiterate. Hence more awareness needs to be created among all individuals about the ill effects caused due to terrorism. Terrorist attacks usually occur on the basis of religion or politics. It takes away the lives of many poor individuals and will also destroy many man made and natural structures.

Therefore we must make sure to use the advancing technology for the betterment of the society and economy and not for its destruction.

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Priya Sachdev said: (Fri, Mar 14, 2014 01:44:34 PM)    
Hello, Terrorism. Its a ridiculous Action, which takes away the lives of thousands of innocent people, who does not belong to any of the social or inter-continental Rivalry, all they belong is from the community of a Human being, that's why they all suffers just because they all possess the humanity, which is not seemed by these terrorists who attacks on these innocent lives, only to fulfill their demands or to move themselves higher in their own vision, they don't even have mercy to take those people's lives, who does not have any relation with their selfish needs.

According to me, the government Should think that if they can't have mercy to take the innocent lives, then why should we feel guilty in taking actions against them, just for our security & for the nation. So, we should take the crucial steps & make some affordable plans to stop this injustice, with the whole nation & with the Humanity.

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Meenakshi Subramanian said: (Tue, Mar 11, 2014 09:21:03 PM)    
Hi, every one. According to me terrorism occurs in India due to lack of unity among all of us. We all know that INDIA IS SECULAR COUNTRY. India is a nation with unity in diversity. We have to accept people from various region, religion, caste, creed as our brothers and sisters.

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Harish said: (Fri, Mar 7, 2014 02:57:39 PM)    
Good afternoon to everyone, I am really excited to share my view on this topic, the root cause of terrorism is poverty, unemployment, personal failures of individual and along with this some antisocial elements brainwashing these people in the name of religion or in the name of revenge over society.

Most of the terrorism activities occurs with the help of people in our own country, and its very sad to hear that our people are helping to destroy our own country and this happens because of the big gap between rich and poor, and is directly or indirectly related to corrupt government.

The government has to take appropriate actions to reduce the gap between rich and poor and provide education to poor people and providing employment to them.

My request is love your religion and respect other religion because of which most of the problems are raising.

And I pity the terrorists wasting their wonderful life only to take revenge on other people.

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Suraj said: (Tue, Mar 4, 2014 04:15:11 PM)    
I think the one reason that needs to be addressed is that the concerns and needs of the north eastern regions have been long neglected and as Terrorism in India has its roots in these regions. Sheer neglect by the Government in these regions regrading even the basic necessities of life have made these people pick up weapons and righteously claim their rights through a war which we call terrorism.

We cannot always blame them as such from moral context, its not right to create violence and terror all over but looking through their perspective, they resort to the last option of terrorism.

Our Policies needs to be changes relevant to these areas and we need to include them in to the mainstream economy. Our Government has only exploited the natural resources in these areas and ultimately deprived these people from their livelihood that is the forest produces. The ultimate root of terrorism lies in there.


1) Provide basic amenities in these regions which automatically entails EDUCATION. Without education the unemployed youths are misguided the wrong way to take such steps.

2) Moral values are very less or none in the youths of these areas, making them vulnerable to being brainwashed to jump into terrorism for money or other material possessions they fascinate of !

3) Government should stop exploiting the forest areas and keep a safe distance with the inhabited regions where these tribal areas thrive.

4) Dispel the middle men who take away all the profits of the forest produce from the tribal and reform the economic reach ability to free markets for these people.

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George said: (Tue, Mar 4, 2014 11:18:53 AM)    
Terrorism is one of the problems faced in India next to corruption. India is the second most populous country next to china, but when you compare the security measures implemented in china and India, china is more superior. India is more vulnerable to the acts of terrorism primarily due to lack of stringent security measures, most of the states in India do not have proper security checks in malls, railway station and other areas where the crowd is more. The only security check that is quite stringent is in the airport, 5 star hotels and big shopping malls.

The government of India must create more awareness to the public and also must make sure more polices men are recruited in order to protect the welfare of the society.

There are many people who are unemployed and are willing to contribute to the society so by recruiting more people for policing can improve the security of the country.

The other main problem is in India it is more of reactive approach than proactive or preventive, when a terror strikes all of a sudden there will be rise in security level and it will stay for few days but it needs to be through, because one does not know when it will strike, we need to educate people to be alert and any if any suspicious found need to be informed to the police immediately so that acts of terror can be avoided, so its not only the police but also the entire nation should stay united to eradicate the acts of terror through the form of prevention and education.

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Sudhanshu Pandey said: (Sun, Mar 2, 2014 02:31:06 PM)    
I am totally agreed with the views expressed for the cause of terrorism mentioned above and like to add something for the remedy for this problem, in my opinion a strong and balance education system having equal weight age for morality and technicality would definitely help us to overcome this problem a lot, as moral education will not only help us to develop an individual who will respect his country and countrymen but also help that individual not easily get misguided by antisocial element, now coming to technical education, a quality technical education will help to get employment which will also help an individual to not get misguided and take wrong path.

One more point which I think is to take into concern is day by day rapidly increasing population which is not only creating negative impact on our social and economic condition which somewhere leading to terrorism.

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Ravi Kumar.P said: (Fri, Feb 28, 2014 10:45:21 PM)    
Good evening friend. Terrorism is a threat to not only india, and other countries also. Day by day the terrorism is increasing. I can say some reasons to increase terrorism:

1. Lack of education.
2. Un employment.
3. To create violence among the people.
4. To earn money.
5. Misunderstanding the religion.

There are some countries encourage terrorism for their benefits. ''I can say nothing is impossible'' the terrorism can also eradicate in the world countries if governments and people work together. And I want to thank defensive service of our nation, with whom efforts we can feel safe.

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Manimegala.M said: (Thu, Feb 27, 2014 05:33:04 PM)    
Good evening friends,

The terrors are developed in our country from ordinary families. The main reason for terrorism is earn of money. The terrorism is one of the easy way to get money. Unemployment is the reason for most of the Indian peoples are going to the terrors group. Every human wants love from others. But most of the peoples are doesn't get any love and affection others. This is the most important way the peoples are pulled in terrorism. The above problems are solved the most of the peoples doesn't go to terrorism.

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Uma.J said: (Fri, Feb 21, 2014 11:08:01 AM)    
Hi dudes,

There are much more reasons for the rise of terrorism. Mostly, the reason for terrorism is Poverty and religious problem. Few people are doing terrorism because of poverty. They need to survive their life. So they want money for that. Hence, they fall into the group called terrorism. Most of the people are falling into this because of religions. By the name of religion, Most of the people caused by terrorism. This is because of Lack of education but some of them are strong in their education was fallen into terrorism. I agreed with all other suggestions.

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Vidhya said: (Mon, Feb 17, 2014 07:48:22 PM)    
Hi Friends.

Terrorism is one of the issues that should be brought into everyone concern. Reasons for terrorism are many. One of them is poverty. For getting food it is the human nature to do anything. Another one is lack of education due to which people cannot understand which is good and which is wrong. I don't think any religion promote terrorism.

All religions believe in truth. And also our military forces are trying to eradicate this from our nation. Securities, weapons, technology all are getting upgraded every day. Still attacks are happening in our nation. If we read the news about these attacks we can find at least one Indian behind it.

So I think most important measure to eradicate this problem is to reach minds of individuals. It is not an easy task. They should be given proper education and help them tackle poverty by helping them to get their basic needs. Not just government we young people can also contribute to it. We young people are the ones who are going to lead our country. If we raise our fellow people and stand and a wall against this terrorism, it can be easily removed.

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Shivam said: (Sun, Feb 16, 2014 01:39:16 PM)    
Hi friends.

We all know that terrorism is one of the biggest problem in the path of development of our country. We all have lots of examples to be shared. But if we want to eliminate this problem we should know that what is the basic cause of this problem, why it is originated and from where.

According to me the terrorist are those people who attain wrong way to say what they want. They have a certain objective which they want to fulfill. They traps other innocents and immersed them in their work. The peoples who join the groups are those who not have education and employment and other basic things to survive, so if we want to eliminate the problem we should first educate and employed the people of rural areas. I am sure that this problem will automatically eliminated.

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Pari said: (Thu, Feb 13, 2014 10:55:50 PM)    
Hello friends.

Terrorism become the biggest problem of world. But in India its effect is more. The reason behind that :

1. Unemployment:- when a person doesn't get any job then to fulfill their basic requirement they have to adopt this path.

2. Human nature:- most of them they want to earn money in shortcut way. And this is the way to earn money in a short time period.

3. Lack of education and moral values.

This are some important reason.

According to me no one want to become terrorist but due to some reason and some situation they are pressured by someone to become terrorist.

But it can be overcome when their will be a job for everyone, everyone got education, and for that Indian government must have to take smooth step towards this problem.

My conclusion is that "terrorism is the big problem not the terrorist". All country of the world they have to become one country and then they should try to understand their problem and try to remove their problem. Hence one day we will get success to make our world free from terrorism.

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Suraj said: (Wed, Feb 12, 2014 10:30:21 PM)    
In my opinion, terrorism is one of the biggest problem for a developing country. The reason for that is nothing but some disaster minds. Our youths do not get jobs. Unemployment, corruption poverty and lack of patriotism.

Youth should change their mind, should have patriotism. And the most important thing is that government should also think about the employment.

In this way, terrorism will be decrease.

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Pallavi Jain said: (Tue, Feb 11, 2014 09:26:50 AM)    
Good morning friends,

According to me first we should clearly understand what actually the word terrorism says, it means the killing of ordinary people for political purposes.

For political purpose it means, somewhere behind terrorism there is involvement of political system. We know that when innocent people, also the small children get died in terrorism attack then ministers of our country are always ready for giving rupees, just giving money to families of these people is not the solution to stop it, it is correct to provide help but they should also take some hard measures against them.

Another reason of terrorism is lack of employment, illiteracy, etc.

Thank you.

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Pradeep said: (Sat, Feb 8, 2014 11:02:50 PM)    
Now days terrorism is the big issue for any country whether it is america or china and India. Terrorism is increasing day by day as like increasing the population of the word.

Due to unemployment, uneducated peoples takes this step to avoid the poverty. They think that this is the easiest and shortest way to earn money. They do not think anything for their family and there self. As a human my duty is to decrease the rate of terrorism and spread the flowers of happiness all over the word.

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Smriti said: (Wed, Feb 5, 2014 10:23:01 PM)    
Hi everyone.

In my opinion the major factor of terrorism is lack of money, unemployment, etc. Terrorism are a very big problem of our world and country. In our world the population and unemployment problem is increased day by day so the terrorism problem is also increased. The first attack of terrorism in our country in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Any one know the what the main region behind that.

Some politician are also help the terrorist for ex financial help, home, business help, they provide safety also.

If some terrorist are arrest by the police then the politician are help the terrorist for said the police officer to free them.

Thank you.

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Krishna Prasad said: (Fri, Jan 31, 2014 01:09:45 PM)    
Hello friends,

Terrorism in India is nowadays expanding their power and force, this is due to the lack of government's initiatives towards the protection force in India. Lack of knowledge, awareness, patriotism towards the country leads to terrorism. The terrorists are well brainwashed about their motto to achieve their goals, to avoid this basic education should be provided to all the citizens.

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Ajay said: (Mon, Jan 20, 2014 09:45:59 PM)    
Terrorism is very dangerous for us and for our country. We all know that it is present in all over the world. There are many reasons to make a terrorist. Anyone didn't deliberately choose this path. Everyone chooses this path due to lack of money, poverty etc. There are also some antisocial elements in all over the world which spread this. If we talk about our country, there are many organisations like IM, Laskaer-e-taiba etc present in every corner of our country. The main reasons behind him i.e. poverty, unemployment, illiteracy etc. So, government should take strict steps to remove it. They should increase the sources of employment, economic reforms, increasing literacy rate etc. After that, we can decrease in terrorism.

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Geethu Joseph said: (Mon, Jan 20, 2014 08:42:34 AM)    
Terrorism is the deliberate and organised use of violence against the state. Its objective is to create fear and spread insecurity among citizens of the state. As a result of this, the state looses faith in government as it fails to perform its most basic function: protect the life and liberty of the citizens.

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Jasvir said: (Sun, Jan 19, 2014 05:29:08 PM)    
Despite, India is called a developing country still many of the evils are eating its roots. Terrorism is one of them. The root cause of terrorism is unemployment. One of the reason for that is lack of cooperation within the nations.

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Aditiya said: (Mon, Jan 13, 2014 02:54:22 PM)    
Terrorism in our country is big problem. Every year thousands of innocent people are killed by these Terrorist.

If You take close look, actually for last 5 year their activity has been increasing continuously. Every year 2-3 major attack must be happened in India. These usually happened in big or metro cities, but from last 3-4 months we also heard that Ranchi, Patna, Gaya which are small cities these are also in eye of terrorist.

Our government have to take major and strict action. Moreover we also help to police and military. If found any suspect regarding these activities you must inform to police.

Some technology like Closed-circuit television (CCTV) , bomb detectors, call tracers and weapons, these technologies must be used to minimize number of practices.

Actually its our responsibility to stop terrorist attack, no foreign country will help us. India is my country and its my duty to make it peace.

Thank you,

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Saranya said: (Sat, Jan 4, 2014 02:33:59 PM)    
Hello Friends,

Terrorism is the major thread in all over the world. Firstly our country is a polite country so we do not afraid of about Terrorism. But it made the people more violent. The people who must include in the terrorism is mostly from lack of knowledge, Unemployed, ill literacy people. The government is the only responsible to avoid terrorism in our country. We also have a responsible to avoid terrorism in our country to be a citizen. Let us be unity and avoid the terrorism in our country and make our country more peaceful.

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Dharam Vyas said: (Fri, Jan 3, 2014 03:23:15 PM)    
Hi friends,

As per my understanding, terrorism is an act to create violence & to kill humanity. It's not a problem only for a single country but it's a problem for whole world. These acts directly impacts on country's social image and also harm it economically.

Below factors are responsible:

1. Lack of Education for moral/social values
2. Poverty and Unemployment
3. Misunderstanding the religion

*Every religion says that you should not behave to others which you can not face/afford for yourself.

4. Political mind:

Below might be the solutions:

1. Improve Education on moral/social values.
2. Reduce Poverty & Unemployment.
3. Stop Corruption.
4. Should understand religion correctly and work with Unity.
5. Need to upgrade weapons with advanced Technology.
6. With the help of other nations, cut the funding for such organizations (which help directly/indirectly to create violence).
7. Punish the guilty immediately instead of spending funds on their security (because your nation can growth with the help of this money).

*Please understand if someone is creating violence, he would be ready to die. Why do you waste your time to collect information (from the guilty)? Do you think, he'll give you the right information if he is ready to die? But, I don't think so.


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Uc Pandey said: (Thu, Jan 2, 2014 11:04:13 PM)    
Terrorism starts in mind. Anyone who is not well educated can be influenced by views of terrorism. Low values in life, lack of patriotism, not having skills to do work, lack of job opportunities, needy life etc. Promotes terrorist activities. First of all we should try to sort out such weakness in country by making appropriate laws and secondly we should equip police and Military with latest weapons and training.

If education makes us a complete man then there will be least terrorism. For making better students/citizens we should have best teachers. If we start to recruit best one from society as a teacher then society will automatically become peace loving.

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Sonam Tamang said: (Mon, Dec 30, 2013 11:17:40 PM)    
Well, friends in my point of view, the main reason for terrorism is lack of cooperation within the nation itself, if we stay united then no terrorist group even think of entering our country. So we as citizen, must be come aware and help police, security force, other organizations to solve the problem instead of pulling one another's leg, as this is big problem or a deadly virus which is growing day by day.

Thank You.

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Balwan Singh said: (Sun, Dec 29, 2013 11:51:32 PM)    
Hello friends,

No doubt the terrorism is the major threat not in India even all over the world.

We just can can blame to government for this but its we people are responsible for this. In India no one bother about this.

We are not security minded people because we trust in anyone very easily and give shelter to him let it be anyone.

Secondly we have a large boundary with neighbour countries. Govt is just unable to man the boundary.

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Kannan said: (Fri, Dec 27, 2013 02:48:38 PM)    
Unemployment pulls a person into do illegal things, since he may the only source of income in his family. Thus he is in the position of must earn, he may go to the illegal path like gambling, cheating, smuggling or even into terrorism activities which are the biggest threaten and unhealthy factors of our country.

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Raji said: (Sat, Dec 21, 2013 10:48:57 AM)    
Terrorism is one of the major problem in our country. We should not blame government for this problem because they are not only responsible. Some people brainwash the educated people. They use their brain for negative thoughts like preparing bombs, blasting the bombs etc. The solution to the problem is to destroy the unemployment, if we do it automatically terrorism will be destroyed.

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Tanmaygumaste said: (Sun, Dec 15, 2013 01:46:00 PM)    
Good Morning one and all. According to me terrorism is the major threat for not only India but to major countries of the world, but there is slight difference in India and other countries. In India terrorist can attack when they want to attack or kill the people, because of the weak or fragile security of India, but in countries like US and UK where security is very tight, you have to go through many security checks before entering in country, as we very well know in US after 9/11 there no single attack has been accomplished by the terrorist. But in India every year there is new date of attack for us to learn. Last but not the least there certain measures are taken by the government to overcome this problem, and I also would like to thank the defensive forces of our country, with whom efforts we can feel safe.

Thank you.

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Kala said: (Sat, Dec 14, 2013 11:25:59 PM)    
Hi friends,

Terrorism leads to the death of many innocent peoples.

This is caused due to the variety of religions.

Terrorism is of many types, the people who are developing the terrorism should think that all the peoples of the country are humans, and as there family members.

They use there knowledge for the destroying purpose such as producing bombs, crashing the economy, crashing the satellite. Instead they can use this way in constructive purpose to develop the country.

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Halakooo said: (Thu, Dec 12, 2013 12:05:25 PM)    
Although terrorism is now a now a days increasing day by day in not only India but all over the world. Not a single is sure about that he will go to his home at night after completing his daily routine task.

Its not right to blame all nation or community or the whole country as well because due to some black Sheep every one raising their finger upon your county that's not fair. We should condemn that elements who involve in creating threat for a county's people and danger for county they are going to harm of economy if your economy falls you can never make a stand in short period of time.

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Gautam said: (Tue, Dec 10, 2013 09:03:04 PM)    
Today in the present scenario, we have many threats that are hampering the growth of our country. Terrorism is one of them. India is facing challenges from the terrorist organizations.

Not only in India but all over the world the people are living in the fear of terrorism. Some of the major attacks which shook the world were executed by terrorists. In India itself the famous 26/11 cause a great loss to the nation;s wealth and disturbed the harmonic peace of the nation.

Today no one is sure that when and where a bomb blast could take place since the terrorist are amongst one of us. No one knows who can be a terrorist. I salute to the army of the country as they are doing a great work in maintaining peace all over the country and last but not the least to our people of India showing their braveness in the time of national calamity.

Terrorism is the biggest issue but our country will have to face it and cure it.

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Ram said: (Sun, Dec 8, 2013 08:47:01 PM)    
It s reality terrorism is cancer in the world. It s relatives in the religion. Present time the world is going progressing so the some people don't see the progress. They want to distribute in the world economy.

I remember 26/11 attacks by terrorist.

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Swati said: (Tue, Nov 26, 2013 04:06:46 PM)    
Well hello everyone.

The topic is terrorism really interesting. As name suggest terrorism something fearful which is used to harass humanity. Why terrorism increasing?

According to me. Poverty, unemployment. And wherever our government is responsible for that. It is the major problem of our country even for whole world. We should get rid of this problem. By casting our valuable vote to a good leader. To improve unemployment.

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Shivani said: (Mon, Nov 25, 2013 05:57:46 PM)    
Terrorism is a very big problem in all most countries like cancer. Everybody suffers from this problem. Reasons of terrorism are unemployment, politics. Youths are forgetting moral values due to unemployment. Example of terrorism is 26/11 Mumbai, bomb blast in 2006. For controlling terrorism, awareness, education are important facts.

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Praveen said: (Sun, Nov 24, 2013 09:56:30 PM)    
Yes I agree with views of all the participants. Terrorism problem is facing not only India it faces the all the countries in the world. The main aim of the terrorism is to create the violence and fear in the society to decrease the economical growth of the country.

No body is terrorist when he is born. Some religions are brain washed by the literate people. In 2002 the most wanted terrorist bin-laden attacks the two towers in India. India, china, america these three countries are most affected by the terrorism. Most of the terrorists coming from pakistan, iraq and the iran. There are so many terrorist organisation that is Indian musaida, nso. In 2009 terrorists are attacks on the taj banjara, mumbai railway station so many people are died.

And most 4 ips officers are died in that operation. Recently dilsukh nagar bomb blast 15 people were died. And political parties has its own terrorist batches to attacking the other political parties. The main cause of the people enters into this field is unemployment and below poverty line people.

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Nandini Verma said: (Sun, Nov 17, 2013 02:56:46 PM)    
Terrorism is the use of fear and acts of violence in order to intimidate societies or governments. Many different types of social or political organisations might use terrorism to try to achieve their goals. People who do terrorism are called terrorists.

Terrorism is often done by various political organisations, both right-wing and left-wing political parties, nationalistic groups, religious groups such as al-Qaeda, revolutionaries, as well as by governments that are in power.

Our system does not respond on a war footing to terrorism, it acts like a confused bureaucracy, We have to change our attitude. Security is everybody's business.

So even the ruling parties of India shows TERRORISM.

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Shubham said: (Wed, Nov 13, 2013 12:01:57 AM)    
Whatever born in this world has some specific purpose to obtain, now this "whatever" can be a living thing, any natural phenomenon or a planned tool of destruction called "Terrorism".

Terrorism is a catastrophe which itself don't know its boundaries but aims to shadow the world with the boundaries of religion and infidelity. Communalism has no doubt can be used as Euphemism for 'Terrorism'. Its genesis is rooted by some mislead Indians who are tracing the horrifying path of some wickedly orthodox people. It is sometime misconceived as 'the holy act' but in reality it is the most shameful act which is highly detested by GOD himself.

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Spunky said: (Sat, Nov 9, 2013 05:13:02 PM)    
Hello friends,

"Terrorism" the word itself speaks that, it is came from evil thoughts and deeds.

When a evil mind do something against the humanity it came under premises of terrorism.

And I am very upset to see that, people with capability not showing awareness to eliminate from the society.

However, government is also a guilty. Have you ever heard that, a terrorist caught and punished within 1-2 days. Scarcely we have seen.

That is what we need to change in our constitution.

Besides of government expectations, we have to educate people to combat with terrorism. And to make society and country livable.

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Sudhier.M said: (Fri, Nov 8, 2013 03:35:48 PM)    
Hello friends,

My thought on terrorism is daytoday life terrorism becomes thread to the human life, people lose there life and causes decrease of economic disaster to the nation. Discriminating the particular religion causes spreading of violence between the religion these arise local people involved in the terror attack. The active participate on tight security helps to protect from terror attack all over the world, government have major role to provide security to all the people and they need good relationship between the neighbours country.

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Tanmoy said: (Thu, Oct 24, 2013 08:04:29 PM)    
India is a victim of terrorism for many years. From the independence Terrorist activities hamper development works from Jammu & Kashmir region to other parts of India. Dealing with this problems, we have to know the source of this activities. As we know terrorists run their network globally, even they can make crimes just by a computer. So I think India should have a strong foreign policy to share information to tackle this.

Now internally lack of education, poverty, unemployment make our people vulnerable to this activities. So we have to take initiatives to solve these problems.

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Akash said: (Wed, Oct 23, 2013 10:11:25 PM)    
Hi everyone the topic to be discussed seems interesting.

A way to create their domination and to ensure the whole people of the country have been frightened about the terrorist's attacks is the main Aim of terrorists.

It's not due to someone's right of wrongs that this activity is going on, instead most of terrorists believe in RIGHT for what they are doing, in fact I can say 'The Holy Duty'.

1. Educating the backward and poor people may be a step to decrease terrorism (the suggestion for what am opt is having dual Benefits).

2. Mutual understandings of countries may help to some extend.

3. Making a Supreme Power over the whole world to undertake this issue and to take up immediate measures also to even punish the country which allowed indirectly to happen the drastic effect.

4. Every government of each all every country must not be in a state of spelling the words-"We are not aware of the terrorists who attacked from from our territory (In fact I hope many of the economical services are provided for the terrorists from the government Secretly). ".

I would be thankful if any one would like to speak on 4th point.

Thank you all.

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Bindu said: (Wed, Oct 23, 2013 07:07:55 PM)    
Hello friends,

Good evening,

Now a days terrorism is very mysterious problem. Terrorism is a world big epic. Recently few days ago in Hyderabad Terrorist attack in which 19 people are died and more than 119 are injured. The main cause of these attacks is the religious problems, Many people and parties in country are supporting these religious discrimination disputes and taking their advantages in creating havoc and terror. Terrorism is nothing but creating fear in the hearts of the people by one or the other means. This has become the problem for not only India but for many countries all around the world. We cannot blame the government for everything, because this cannot be happen without the internal support. Another important aspect is the lack of technology that we have. America being the strongest military force in the world is also struggling to get rid of these things. The terrorist targeting poor people to fulfill their needs, there are not only killing people but also playing with the emotions of the people creating fear in every hearts.

The another aspect I would like to highlight here is, Indian law should be strengthened, it should be free from all the political pressures. At last what I want to conclude is People should take it as their responsibility and join hands with government instead of blaming on them and report it to higher authority people immediately if they find anything suspicious around them and stay safe guys.

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Parithimani said: (Sun, Oct 20, 2013 11:08:36 AM)    
Hello friends,

We can't point a single person that he/she is the main reason for terrorism. Its all because of us. First of all unemployment of a person leads that particular persons to involve themselves in the terrorism activities. Next thing is that a person's mind depression leads them to involve in such kind of activities. For example if a person is having some problem with the government means, at one stage the person minds diverts in a wrong way, that is to take revenge against the government. Most of the terrorism groups are raised due to this reason only.

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Jagadish said: (Wed, Oct 16, 2013 11:02:30 AM)    
I think terrorism in India is increasing day by day and it spread its roots deep into the earth. The main origin of terrorism is coming from poverty and unemployment. If we look over the present environment terrorists are placing the explosives at some particular places due to that most of the innocent people are dying rather than criminals. So its not a part of government to eradicate this but it is a responsibility of every individual. Let us join our hands together to abolish this terrorism.

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Princy said: (Tue, Oct 15, 2013 11:44:19 PM)    
I think the root cause for terrorism is unemployment. Proving employment in terms of caste creed region and other prejudices inculcates a thought of injustice and dissatisfaction over the world in the person leading to anger and frustration leading him to be a terrorist. So what I think is the government and the society while providing jobs should give more preference to knowledge rather than giving to all prejudices.

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Vikram Singh said: (Sat, Oct 5, 2013 11:43:42 PM)    
My dear friends terrorism is the worst thing for any country. It resist the peace of a country. Everybody should be stand up against for it. We can say that it may be the cause of under development.

My opinion is that any situation & surrounding event have no solution by terrosim.

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Akshaya said: (Sat, Oct 5, 2013 09:59:14 PM)    
Hi friends,

Terrorism is an evil thing and it has its root worldwide. There is not a single place where people can live a happy and peaceful life. Terrorist need not be those who destroy the country as a whole any human being who does not support non violence is considered as a terrorist. In this pace of time people do not give respect to the feelings of others this attitude leads to terrorism.

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Ritesh Sonawane said: (Sat, Oct 5, 2013 08:17:47 PM)    
Good evening,

"Terrorism" there is huge terror in this name. India is country which suffering from terrorism continuously because India is developing country and India become almighty by showing their strength in various such as defence, trade. Education etc. Terrorist actually targeting the metro city of our nation, there aim is to delimit the development by just spreading the terror in people. But Indian people are never afraid to this terror and proceed there work. But we have to work at severity level to stop the terrorism.

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Adhiraj said: (Sat, Oct 5, 2013 06:26:19 PM)    
Good evening friends as per my view terrorism has no face its been done due to poverty, illiteracy, unemployment that makes person to get involved in such an activity. India has been affected by terrorism on many occasions our neighbour Pakistan is giving covers to terrorist Pakistan along with India should overcome such problems America after 9/11 attack there have been no terror attack in US we Indians should also put some initiative to overcome terrorism proper education, employment be given. Some peoples minds have been washed out by saying doing for god but such people falls prey to terrorist activity.

Conclusion is that each n every person should be employed & literate so he can spread good views and keep his environment good so that such activities will not be carried out.

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Deep Mishra said: (Fri, Oct 4, 2013 11:32:24 PM)    
Good evening friend and thank you for give chance to speak about terrorism. I support that terrorism is not good for India. Many people search for bread and butter but they does not find appropriate job to handle these things. So they join those group. Govt should think twice to create job for common people. If job is there than they will not go in terrorist area.

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Jay said: (Fri, Oct 4, 2013 07:07:15 PM)    
I would like to say that, Terrorism is major discussion topic in Indian government because of it people has to move in society with depressed about life but they don't know that terrorism is like viral it can remove from India if Indian government should be think about it. Some people are trying to change the system by wrong way i.e. by killing the innocent people. They are asking for our right by wrong way but they don't know that because of it is going to wrong way.

We have listened recently there are two terrorist captured from Nepal I don't know why they killed innocent people but they was born in India and killing the Indian people. It is strong in India because of our government not focusing on it.

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Mvs Ramakrishna said: (Thu, Oct 3, 2013 05:03:26 PM)    
I think terrorism can also avoided by making friendship with other country. Terrorists from the pakistan have attacked India many times even though our country did not harm them. Terrorism is lack of peace, lack of people, lack of property. So it is everyone's responsibility to avoid terrorism. It is avoided only by uniting the various countries.

And governments to find the various reasons to empowering the terrorism and pluck it Off.

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Sourab said: (Thu, Oct 3, 2013 04:44:32 PM)    
Terrorism in a country like India has certainly impacted lives. We people have been suffering from this menace since 1990's. As far as cross border terrorism is concerned the time has come that government takes a stern action against all those who let their soil be used for terrorism against our country. Time to act tough.

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Mani said: (Mon, Sep 30, 2013 11:06:21 PM)    
Terrorism has become curse for India now a days. One man can't remove terrorism from root. We have to be unit to remove it. We can't only blame to politicians and government for it. People like us become terrorist when they can't tolerate their anger and failure. We should be aware with all the facts.

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Arpan Prajapati said: (Fri, Sep 27, 2013 11:12:56 AM)    
Today the terrorism is one of the biggest issue in all over world. But, the thing is people always blame government for this. Some bad people are also responsible. They provide latest weapons to terrorist for earning money.

And also government should make some strict laws against terrorism. The punishment should be so tough that every person think before doing crime.

Lack of education and poverty are also responsible. So, government should take some initiative steps towards them too.

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Asif said: (Thu, Sep 26, 2013 08:05:38 PM)    
First of all we should be alert when walking on the road because we know police can't save us from bomb blast because all of them are busy giving security to politicians, actors. We should not depend on government to eliminate terrorism, we ourself should take necessary steps to reduce terrorist to at least some extent by teaching our children what is good and what is bad right from their childhood so that nobody can brainwash their mind later.

If at all government is serious about the issue then they should suspend all the politician who is having criminal cases, because who can a corrupt politician clean his country who himself is corrupted.

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Darshan said: (Thu, Sep 26, 2013 07:19:20 PM)    
Terrorism is the word that has been shaking the world for the century. It has its own face of brutality towards the citizens.

Who are Terrorists? They are people like us who are frustrated with the scenarios around them and have turned to take their revenge in an improper way OR are the people who have been under influence of corrupted people who feed them with wrong ideas and brain wash them.

What is Terrorism? It is inhuman acts performed by the Terrorists over different corners of the world ending in horrendous results.

Terrorists always have plans of making most damages during an attack hence they choose the right places which would effect the most for the country.

Don't we have to think that countries like USA, MEA and India although having very great defense systems get prone to such terrorist attacks? this means the terrorists make a smart move than us and have connections with some so called politicians from the govt, which makes them to make the dare move.

The sufferers of this inhuman act are the civilians, they loose their lives, property etc. This also throws a bad impact on the country's image. But the govt sometimes does support these people to create such mayhem. This activity is quite difficult to stop as these people are everywhere.

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Sridhar Mohanty said: (Mon, Sep 23, 2013 04:43:59 PM)    
Actually terrorism is a problem to the country, but before taking any action government should first analyse what are the causes for terrorism. From daily newspaper we read the terrorists those who are being arrested or who surrenders they tell that they don't support terrorism internally from their heart but due to requirement for money or to fulfil their anger they have become terrorists.

So to return them no right path they all should get well education & awareness must be created.

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Ankush said: (Fri, Sep 20, 2013 03:55:10 PM)    
Terrorism is curse we are bearing from long time. It should be diminished from India but due to our lack of resources and information, we are still facing terror every day. When we go out, we are not sure about security.

I tell you if our government don't become alert soon there will be more attack and more slaughter. Government should take necessary and stringent actions to finish the terrorism.

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Deeksha said: (Wed, Sep 11, 2013 06:45:51 PM)    
"Terrorism" it is the big problem now-a-days India is facing.

But the bad thing is that our government is not doing anything against it.

Think, in India there is no lack of technology still our defense system is behind in having the new technology from the terrorist.

The terrorists are very much aware of the technology and know very well how and when to use that. They plan everything so carefully and cleverly that police is unable to catch them.

And if they caught, then our police can't get enough information from them and government also takes so much time in punishing.

The point of thinking is that why is our defense system not so powerful. The police is not aware of and in most of the cities, they are also not working properly.

One more point I want to say that somewhere our defense system is also responsible for increasing the terrorism. In India, there are so many place where policemen are involved in the crime and it is always happened that the police arrive after the crime has been taken. That encourages the criminal.

Government should take some serious action against it and such men must get suspended from there post. Also there should be strict law against the terrorists. They should get punishment immediate. These things can only be done by the government so government should become more active in this case.

But it is also the social responsibility of everyone that they help government against the terrorism as everyone has mentioned below.

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Khusbu said: (Sun, Sep 8, 2013 07:16:26 PM)    
Good evening friends. From my point of view terrorism is the major problem not only in India but also all over the world. No one born as a terrorist but due to some reasons they choose this path and the main causes of terrorism are lack of poverty, education, unemployment etc. To overcome from this they became as terrorist.

In India many technology are used to control this but still Indian defence is unable to minimized it. Everyday we get news about the attack, someone shotdead etc all these things affect the Indian economy very badly. So if you really want to control it then every citizen of India has to take some measures like if you feel anyone different then immediately inform to police.


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Haritha said: (Sun, Sep 8, 2013 06:33:20 PM)    
Good evening friends,

The topic is about the terrorism in india, in my point of view most of the terrorist are the educated person, the man should not change immediately as the terrorist, the childhood revenge activities make the man to become terrorist, every parents should try to change their habit who are all having that revenge habit we should not be careless in this. Every person should think everyone in this world is my mother, sister, father and brother as said by swami vivekananda. The people should have awareness about this. This is our country. We should only protect our country. We should think our country as home in this every one have an relationship among every person.

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Menaka said: (Thu, Sep 5, 2013 10:33:14 PM)    
Most probably terrorism activities are done to destroying the development of a country especially terrorism taken in developing country.

In olden days terrorism caused due to religious constrain illiteracy but not now we can realise than present terrorist are more familiar in technical knowledge. Why they are going for terrorism activity incense due to lack of opportunities unity among the nation.

To avoid this each and every people should realise basically all where same specious ie. Human Beings.

Each and every people in nation shouldn't hurt or harm others all should.

Antain human chain.

If every one realise this no more evils will be there.

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Anu Malik said: (Wed, Sep 4, 2013 11:33:29 AM)    
Terrorism is spread time to time as a big virus in India. Its like a decease of cancer that treatment could not be easy. If we see the situation since 2001 after Bombay bomb blast, we see the rank of India 4th unsecured country and the situation before this the India place was 7th more secured country.

If we see latest example of Tundra, Ajmal Amir Kasab, Afzal Guru etc. Found and the government spent on him more and more money and this is not proper way of inquiry.

But blaming on government is not a proper solution for it and some social responsibility should be our side like: Respect of other religion.

- Awareness.
- Responsibility towards society.
- Good governance.
- Equality between all groups.
- High alerts.

So these are the some social responsibilities, If we follow these guideline we can support in a battle against terrorism.

Thank you.

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Ranjitha said: (Sat, Aug 31, 2013 08:21:08 PM)    
Hello friends,

Terrorism is one of the biggest problem in India. No body is born as terrorist and some situations make them to do so. All Indian citizen as a right to fight against this. Government should take preliminary actions to avoid terrorism. Terrorism is due to poverty, lack of education etc. Now as you all know that in jammu and kashmir the pakistan soldiers mingle with terrorist and attack Indian soldiers. Hence I think it is the time to every one should care of our and our country.

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Ankita said: (Sun, Aug 25, 2013 11:31:19 AM)    
Terrorism is one of the most serious problems not only in India but also all other countries in the world are facing it.

I think the main problem due to which people do such activities is poverty, lack of moral values, politics and many other issues. Nobody is born terrorist. Situation around him makes him to do so.

Government should try to make our judicial system more powerful. The one who carry out such activities should be punished as early as possible as well as one should try to know why he did this? for money, for taking revenge, or simply he is not satisfied with the government?

As the citizen of India, we should take some steps in order to fight with terrorism. If we have doubt that any about any person or any activity going around us, we should inform to police. The other issues such as corruption, unemployment are also responsible for such activities.

If both the government of India and all the citizens will try together to stop such activities, I am sure in upcoming year we can reduce the terrorism in India.

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Mallikarjun Patted said: (Sat, Aug 24, 2013 10:25:41 AM)    
Good morning to everyone.

Terrorism is the biggest problem not only in India throughout the world. It not only kills the humankind also decreases the economic conditions. India was the 7th safest country in world before mumbai attack now its position decreased to 67th place. The reasons for terrorism are:

1. Lack of moral values.
2. Financial problem.
3. Politicians.

Some solutions to avoid terrorism are:

1. Sharpening the government rules Ex:government takes lot of months to punish accused kasab who involved Mumbai attack on 26/11 & wasted crore together money.

2. Creating awareness in people.

3. Every citizen must co-operate with government in avoiding terrorism.

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A.Anil Kumar said: (Fri, Aug 23, 2013 08:43:16 AM)    
Good morning everyone.

The topic is about terrorism right!

Terrorism is becoming fashion nowadays and it is becoming the major problem in India and arab countries.

In my point of view, the major root for enhancing of terrorism in India is our Society and Government because, in childhood of their lives no one will think that "I want to become a terrorist" right. Our Society and Government failed to give the enough love to those ones. So they are becoming Terrorist.

Government should take some promissory steps to eradicate Terrorism in India by punishing them.

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Amita said: (Thu, Aug 22, 2013 03:41:30 PM)    
Nowadays, terrorism is common for everyone. Everyone knows about it and how it spreads. But the problem is arise that how to stop this. Terrorist attack is not only done by the people who belongs to pakistan or naxalism but also our government take a chance to show their power by giving name of terror. Our government our society is so big that no one can stand in front of them, but as you know our government don't take step to remove or stop them.

Only this reason give terror a big opportunity to spreading terror. Immediately step should taken by our government. Naxalism is just Indian who are opposite of our Indian government. They want their place developed, their child educated and a secure future. Our government need to take a chance to remove this gap because the naxal are only the people like us.

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Chaitanya Chaitu said: (Tue, Aug 20, 2013 02:48:21 PM)    
Terrorism is the main problem which we are facing. Terrorist commit crimes mainly in order to take revenge. At present the government is spending large amount of money to provide security to the terrorists after arresting them. But the government is not taking any immediate steps to punish them. So it does not create any sense of fear.

Ajmal Amir kasab was the terrorist whom we got alive in 2008 Mumbai attack. He was kept in prison and hanged in 21 november 2012. But the government didn't get any useful information from him. The actual amount spent for kasab's security could be around Rs 50 crore and above. In this the money spent is waste, each time when he is taken to court high security is provided. For a single man the government is putting lot of police forces, which is the waste of time for them. And also the large amount of money spend to him can be used for other needs of the country.

To avoid terrorism not only the government should take step but all people should work unitedly. One of the main reason for a youth to become a terrorist is poverty, illiterate. Most of them are not getting education because of poverty. So they have less capacity to understand anything. Just for the sake of money, without analyzing they are doing these crimes. Hence the government should concentrate in this and provide education to all.

There are many reason for a youth to become a terrorist. Some are due to religious problem, some are due to poverty. Some of them are not able to look after the family and to give them a good life, they are becoming terrorist. And some are doing this for earning lot of money. The reason may be different. But they are not thinking of others pain and they are killing lot of people without courtesy. And so the government also should not show mercy to terrorist. There is nothing wrong in punishing them.

It is the duty of the government to take certain initiatives to teach a lesson to the terrorism to prevent it before it happens and if happened then they should be hanged as soon as possible.

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Prateek said: (Mon, Aug 19, 2013 09:43:32 PM)    
Terrorism is the topmost problem in India. This was caused by those people who does not care about humanity. These people uses many type of filthy tricks to cause terror to citizen. Every year we can hear about the news of bomb explosion in various cities and other types of terror attacks. All these terrorism was done by the organisation like al qaeda, lashkar-e-taiba etc. By these attacks we cannot only loses the people but we also loses the economy. So to reduce these terrorism our government should take powerful actions against them and the security system should be tight.

Thank you.

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Yogesh said: (Mon, Aug 19, 2013 04:50:45 PM)    
Hello friends,

I am completely against with Terrorism. Because due to terrorism there is benefit of no one even not of terrorist. Due to this there is definately loss of our and our country.

If we want to make our country terrorism free then we have to start from ourselves. Terrorist from outside the country do nothing if they are not helped from inside.

Even our gov should take strong actions against these all so that no one can think to do terrorism like activity in our country.

Secondly we have to think reasons for 'why people from inside the India are appreciated for doing such activity?' This is just because of poverty, unemployment, lack of social awareness.

So our govt should try to listen the problems of such a people and take actions to solve problems of that people. This would build positive attitude towards govt in that people.

We have to do same thing that israel do.

Rate this:   +23   -8

Kratika said: (Fri, Aug 16, 2013 10:40:59 PM)    
India is among top 5 countries in the world in terrorism & terrorist attacks.

As far as I see, the core reason of terrorism is 'brain-washing'. No one is born terrorist, its purely brainwashing that pushes one in this dump. Take an example of Osama-bin-Laden, he was highly literate, but he was so brainwashed that he ended up being one of the biggest terrorist of all time.

Also, unemployment is a major factor to this too. As one starts blaming other for not getting jobs and becomes revengeful, and in the wage of this, he gets into things like terrorism.

Terrorism in India is increasing day by day. It is one of the biggest point of concern for us. It has taken lives & livelihoods of many. Our education system is one of the reason to it. Along with this more focus of our government over filling up their pockets out of corruption is also a reason to this.

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A$Hi$H Gupt@ said: (Thu, Aug 15, 2013 12:10:11 PM)    
Hello friends, according to me terrorism is evil for our country. Everybody should fight against this terrorism. Now it is a big headache for our nation.

But no one is born to be a terrorist. Situations and surroundings compel them to do such thrilling act. Many kids in our country are deprived of the basic needs. Instead of sending them to schools, some parents shape up them as child laborers and many wise persons also support this. And the second main reason unemployment which also makes people spreading terrorism. Govt should take a view on these problems, then terrorism will be wiped out to a greater extent.

So it is our responsibility to give the each and every information to the government about terrorism. Having the confidence and enthusiasm I will do fight with terrorism. And it is my promises that as early as possible we will come out from this problem. Jay hind.

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Kiran said: (Thu, Aug 15, 2013 10:13:59 AM)    
In my point of view, the main aim of terrorism is to create the terror and to decrease the country's growth economically and financially. The terrorism is a fast growing virus in the developing countries like India.

As per my knowledge the terrorism outside the country can be handled by the defence or military. The main issue is terrorism inside the country, the various terrorist groups from the other countries hire the people from our country and get involve in these attacks.

The root causes of terrorism are:.

1. Lack of moral values.

2. Unemployment.

3. Unity among the various people.

4. Political mind set.

* The important factor is the 26/11 attacks in mumbai, instead of not taking the immediate action against the accused, the government itself providing all type of luxuries and security to the terrorists. This shows the care taken by the government on the terrorism.

* Finally I like to conclude that whenever these type of incidents occur, the immediate necessary actions should be taken like in boston attacks.

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Usha Godhwal said: (Wed, Aug 14, 2013 02:45:08 PM)    
According to me, the main problem with terrorists is their mind set and the way they are trained. So whenever these terrorists or other criminals are caught, instead of punishing them we should send them to the rehabilitation centers where they can be taught the value of life, the feel of losing someone and if they have suffered the same then to teach them why to make others feel the same and to have positive attitude in life. They can also be sent to temples to make them serve people at least with this they would be able to lead a beautiful life and will also stop others criminals from becoming terrorists.

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Abhilash said: (Wed, Aug 14, 2013 12:50:32 AM)    
India lies in one of the most turbulent regions of the world sharing its frontiers with hostile neighbours. Terrorism in India is mostly state sponsored by those nations.

So in order to counter this shrewd form of warfare our country should chalk out a comprehensive action plan such as:

1. Strengthening our intelligence network.

2. Checking the operations of fundamentalist organisations.

3. Stop politicising or communalising matters of national security.

4. Reassessment of foreign strategies.

5. Bringing those people who went off the track back into the mainstream with slew of development measure.

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Abhishek said: (Mon, Aug 12, 2013 07:31:29 PM)    
In my point of view the terrorist recruiting agencies are targeting for those people who wants to establish their self identity that also too early. For the same reason they are targeting the young childrens and for middle age persons who had gone through such an incident that had affected their mental trauma.

In a result they tell to these people that we are training you as we posses threat from west and if you would be part of this you would achieve a big name and one.

So the government should establish some rehabilitation centre so that proper counseling be provided to these age group of peoples and especially to young children.

One such incident happened recently in chhattisgarh is of maoist attack. As govt should have to solve their face issues face to face but these things can't be improved as lot of politics are involved.

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Swathi said: (Sat, Aug 10, 2013 05:19:05 AM)    
I agree with @Suman, we can observe from global terrorism report that there are many countries like singapore and south korea in which terrorism is very less. We should observe what are the preventive measures they are taking. Its not that terrorists doesn't affect them, its how they catch the suspects.

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Shilpa said: (Wed, Aug 7, 2013 12:52:50 PM)    
Is there any punishment for people who suppress and terrorize single persons trying to live independently?

Is there any desk where complaint is registered when somebody is mentally abused.

Is there any security if you don't have a supporter (family, friend, relative) ,

Are we supposed to terrorize people we don't like. Should there be practice of power to demoralize the innocent,

Is the police working sincerely, filling FIR if a girl was physically tortured on road? No they ask for proofs, Is it not their duty to investigate into the matter if the victim shows abuse marks.

Abide with rules, don't break law. Is it not difficult to practice.

Why should such innocent be not motivated to commit what law of India (that protects the most corrupt) says crime.

Terrorism has become a part of our culture.

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Venkat said: (Mon, Jul 29, 2013 11:19:33 PM)    

Why this terrorism is so heavy in most of country's because of.

1) Lack of social awareness.

2) Lack of social responsibility.

3) Lack of knowledge.

4) Due the politicians.

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Chinmoy Nagarkar said: (Mon, Jul 29, 2013 07:21:35 PM)    
Terrorism has been national threat ever since independence. According to me terrorism per se has no identity such as colour, religion, ethnicity etc. But unfortunately people especially from our political class indulge in divisive politics by giving some identity to terrorism rather going to the genesis of the problem. In the first place an act of terror howsoever it might be is a deplorable act and one should never justify or condone this whatsoever, having said that one also needs to assess closely the scenario immediately after an attack especially in our country.

There is an immediate politicization of the attack by our politicians and also by human rights organization who lobby for the clemency & human rights for those convicted terrorists who didn't care for the hundreds of innocent lives. Recently in a state during pre-election time a bomb blast occurred outside a party's office, politicians from opposition left no chance to politicize this attack by issuing statements that it was intended to gain political advantage before the election.

There was another instance when an imminent politician termed a form of terrorism to be more dangerous than the other, I fail to understand the basis of comparison, how can we judge a form of terrorism to another. Thus terrorism of any form is disgrace to humanity & also an event like such post-terrorist attacks exacerbates and also acts as an impediment in peace building and justice delivery process.

In the end I would like to conclude that terrorism in India according to my analysis has two facets primarily. First is the act of terror itself and other the post-terrorism scenario. This problem can be resolved through adequate political machinery that goes to genesis of terrorism and gradually helps to eradicate it.

As matured and meticulous citizens of India one mustn't view conviction of terrorist as an attack on some community rather unanimously as Indians we should try and isolate them from our society because not only they are disgrace to the community but also to our country and moreover to the humanity.

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Azhar Khan said: (Sat, Jul 27, 2013 01:51:48 AM)    
Terrorism is a mind game of the fundamentalist groups. These groups, in the name of religion, social harassment, depriving of rights etc, wanted to create their superiority in the eye of government and among its people. They take advantages of innocent and unemployed people by providing them some money and security, and ignite them in the name of religion, government policy etc. To create terror in the eye of the government.

However, the root cause of these terrorist activities have never been uprooted by any government institute in the world, but they sincerely used it to play a vote bank policy for remain in ruling party. But we the people of India have to deal it very effectively and sincerely.

We should promote brotherhood and unity among the people of different religion. We should oppose the factor that creating disharmony and insecurity to the country in the name of religion. If we unitedly fight then no terrorism activities will have even dare to touch us. Jai hind. Jai bharat.

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Dhansukh said: (Wed, Jul 17, 2013 12:20:39 AM)    
Yes. Nowadays terrorism is big problem in India. Other country who are unhappy to seen the growth in every section of India such like that country target to our country to stop the growth like that now a day done for example Cricket. So, they done illegal work done against India. So, this things bad impact on both the nation. So, this words keep in mind and love to each other.

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Bina said: (Tue, Jul 16, 2013 02:11:46 PM)    
Terrorism is bad against humanity please don't do such things stop killing innocent people and start loving remember the world is a beautiful place to live in and who knows whether there is second life?

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Rajesh Korra said: (Tue, Jul 9, 2013 07:43:31 PM)    
Hello friends this is Rajesh As per my knowledge

Terrorism is the most important problem, I think most of the countries are facing this problem, It is the global problem in these days because the main reasons are unemployment and illiteracy, I am not talking about any graduation or any degree, I am talking about the moral values, In these days most of terrorists don't know the moral values, they have hypnotized some other person then they are attacking in this way they are using BIOWEAPONS in these days, they are technically high knowledge better than the our government employs.

Actually we don't know the terrorism, who have been working in border they know and who have victim of them in several blast those families know the actual terrorism because thousands of people lost in their life in the terrorist attacks.

we have already developed some technology like Closed-circuit television (CCTV), bomb detectors, call tracers and weapons but we are not protecting ourselves that's why we need to improve more our technology, scientist and engineers better than terrorist, then terrorism is decreasing easily.


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Santhosh said: (Thu, Jul 4, 2013 01:33:56 PM)    
Good morning friends,

I am santhosh, in todays world terrorism is the most important problem which all the countries faced. For India like growing countries it is a very very important. It reduces the country power also. For example we all know few years ago the sri lankan cricket players are shoot by the terrorists in pakistan. After that the players of all the teams are afraid to play in pakistan. It reduces the hope in that country. But in India terrorism is under the control only. We have the strong defense in our borders. The Indian government blocked some terrorist unions also.

To control the terrorism not only the central government all the state governments will give support to the central government to control the terrorism.

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S.Nagaraja Rao said: (Wed, Jul 3, 2013 07:59:25 PM)    
A two thronged strategy should be evolved to fight the terrorism. 1. All sincere efforts should be made to attend the social problems, such as illiteracy, poverty, economic disparities, unemployment, social discrimination, population growth etc. 2. The following steps be taken to check the growth of terrorism:

A. There should be coordination between state and central intelligence agencies. They should share the information without any prejudice or inhibitions as the motto of the both its safety its citizens.

B. To make use technical gadgets to check the communication between various terrorist groups and it abettors.

C. To bring/enhance the social awareness among its citizens about the after effects of terrorism by telling them that terrorism has no religion, religion, colour, creed differences.

D. To increase the security forces as per the population ratio.

E. To launch counter intelligence measures.

F. To check the cross border infiltration by strengthening the porous borders of the country.

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