Terrorism in India

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Geo said: (Thu, Nov 19, 2015 01:20:36 AM)    
Well I think terrorism or similar acts is generating when the current government or our constitution fails to fulfill their needs and demands, so that's why they taking cruel actions to fulfill their aim. In my opinion government should do something from their side to satisfy them, if it is a success then the act or fear of terrorism can be eliminated from the root.

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Archana Priyadarshini said: (Wed, Nov 18, 2015 09:54:25 PM)    
In my opinion terrorism is the harm to mankind without any reason. It is like a vector or pathogen that go on harming us. Terrorism has no background, it may be due to any social, mental, physical or economic reason.

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B. Jitendra said: (Mon, Nov 16, 2015 03:26:10 PM)    
Terrorism is the illegal act of violence which is used by the terrorists to make public fear. And this violence performed by the group of people called terrorist. It has pulled the nation many years back from the proper development.

Terrorism is ruling the country just like Britishers, from which we again need to be free. The other main cause of terrorism is poverty. They very common people become terrorist who are they lost their control over the mind because of some unfair natural disasters or.

Unfair activities with them by others which make them unable to fulfill desires in normal and accepted ways. Slowly they are taken under the confidence of some bad people in the society where they are promised to get fulfilled all the desires.

They get together and form a group of terrorists to fight with their own nation, society and community. Terrorism has polluted all the youth of the country, also their growth and development.

However, it seems that terrorism would always continue spreading its root to deep because some rich people from our nation are still supporting them to fulfill their unfair purposes. Like it is used by various industries politicians and business to achieve their goals in very easy way.

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Naveen said: (Sat, Nov 7, 2015 03:01:15 AM)    
It is a fact that terrorism in India is increasing day by day, and not only in India but in whole world. The main reasons of terrorism are poverty, unemployment, un-educated people.

As we know that 1/4 part of India is below poverty line, so they have an easy option to do illegal things to earn money.

Second thing is unemployment, people who are educated like doctor engineer and they are not getting jobs according to their desire, they move to join the terrorists team.

Third and the very important thing is terrorism needs more number of people so they also target to uneducated people who don't have knowledge of their religion, they washed out their mind make them terrorists like Kasab.

So government should take initiative to improve these area on time. Because "A stitch on time, save nine".

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Divya said: (Wed, Nov 4, 2015 11:02:55 AM)    
I think that terrorism isn't own born. It is the result of some devastating mindset. If we are talking about terrorism in India then l say despite poverty it is due to religion. It is true that India has naxalites but not terrorist.

Nexalites are suffering from poverty, mass discrimination but they are not devastating like terrorists. India is suffering terrorism from outside. These outsides are mainly Islamic, they see India as India grab their freedom and rights.

This is totally prejudice about India, it is not true in any respect. They see India in favour of Hindus and in against Islam, but this not true. India is a democratic country and give equal rights to all religion, extremists should understand it clearly.

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Devjani Banerjee said: (Sun, Nov 1, 2015 08:41:12 PM)    
Hello everyone:.

By the time we all know what terrorism is and who the terrorists are? We all now must step ahead to eradicate this terrorism from our nation. I think the main motive of the terrorists are to create fear among common people so that we the common people can withdraw our faith on the higher authorities by thinking that the higher authorities can do nothing even after so many attacks on people leading to their death.

After we remove our faith on them we all will become helpless and will be bound to ruled by them. This is what they want. We should never remove our faith on the authorities and if their (terrorists) only weapon is to create fear among us for death, we are ready to face death. We all should remove the fear of death from our mind to eradicate the terrorists thoughts of manipulating us through creating terror of death in us.

How long they will carry on killing people? How many they will kill? They have to stop because it will be of no use to them. And if poverty is the main cause to develop terrorists then leaving the people operating as terrorists, I hope the leader of the terrorists is not doing all these out of poverty then from where is he providing huge amount of money to the suicide bomber's family and to the terrorist's family? He is the main one to do all these. Removing the main root of the tree will automatically kill its branches.

Thank you.

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Harikesh.R said: (Thu, Oct 29, 2015 06:52:29 PM)    
Its actually important that how and why terrorism occurs. No one is born as a terrorist no nation is a terrorist nation. We should think what made them to be like this, its actually why because of our selfish nature and and lac of concern about each other.

In this busy world we fights for money, positions etc so that creates an un balanced situation people are not getting what they deserve because of this selfish nature.

That created many terrorists like Ajmalkazab, Davood Ibrahim. They were well educated. And from good family backgrounds so its all happened why because they didn't got what they deserved.

So give the right ones what they deserves without any classification on basis of money, power, and position.

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Jojoba said: (Wed, Oct 28, 2015 09:11:10 PM)    
Terrorism is a international havoc which always affect our nation. Though lots of reason are responsible for it. But in India it is because of social backwardness including poverty illiteracy corruption.

Being such a democratic country India is called a Hindu nation which make it a usual target of terrorists. Why they do not have mercy for the people even they know nothing is in hand of a common man. They killed people in name of religion. Did their of religion allow to kill a innocent cursed to those who get involved in such cheap activities.

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Anand said: (Tue, Oct 27, 2015 01:08:48 PM)    
Hello friends I am Anand.

Actually the true birth of terrorism takes place from the poverty, lack of patriotism and lack of education.

A person who is malnourished can be easily persuaded to do anything and as one fourth people of our country are below poverty line it makes sense that why terrorism is increasing in India.

Somewhere, lack of education is a prudent factor as the people who don't have the power of critical reasoning can be easily persuaded to do anything. They lack power of sound judgement and are not aware of the reality of world. These people can be mended to win our cause.

Secondly, people who are greedy and can do anything for money are the root cause of this insolence. They don't care about their county, people etc. There only god is money and such people are like curse to our motherland.

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Deeapk Choudhary said: (Fri, Oct 23, 2015 03:28:40 PM)    
Hello friends,

Now these days terrorism is increasing by the political strategies. Because by terrorist attacks, religion attacks, the parties want the benefits of sympathy towards people. Terrorism is increasing by the poverty.

Poverty is increased by lake of jobs. So if these parties can spend thousands of crores in election campaign, that money should be used in development of our country. By this corruption will be end.

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Anaya said: (Mon, Oct 19, 2015 11:45:39 AM)    
Terrorism is turning a big issue these days. Every other day we find a news about terrorist attacks in various parts of world. Terrorist groups are trying to terrify the innocent people in nation and harming their lives. Roots of it are growing strongly these days, these are people like us who shall be roaming around us even in our day to day life.

Efforts which we as a true citizen can do is try to be united among ourselves, stay alert in public places, develop the patriotism for the country in young minds. Strict laws should be passed by the Government to stop terrorism to a certain extent.

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Susreeta said: (Sat, Oct 17, 2015 08:37:16 AM)    
Terrorism is a major concern for whole world. I think terrorist are man made and they are not born. India is a democratic country were people can question anything what they feel wrong to government. Still then why these terrorism takes place.

The main problem is poverty and unemployment if yes 1/4 the of population are under poverty line. They are leading a happy life what they have with them. So main cause is what the problem is actually?

Terrorist want more people to join their group by which they can force the govt to fulfill their wish. But this inclusion in group is done by giving a hope to poor people that they will get a job which govt can't able to 26/11, LOC issue are dancing in mind of people till now. Day to day will find in news the topic terrorism. A new issue comes day to day indicating that of grows in a rapid manner.

If yes what's the solution. I think there should be a special act which should be introduced by the govt which would curb corruption. There should be a fear factor among terrorist that there demand can't be fulfilled if the demand is incorrect. That decision should be taken by a bench of special people whose decision should be biased. I think this way to some extant terrorism can be reduced.

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Nisha Singh said: (Fri, Oct 16, 2015 09:11:59 PM)    
Hi friends this is Nisha.

I only wanted to aware you that terrorists doesn't get their name from their birth they are also like us they also live their childhood like us but because of a bad reason and their angers and sometimes their bad friendships make them a terrorist.

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Nisha Singh said: (Fri, Oct 16, 2015 09:01:04 PM)    
Hi Friends.

Now days the terrorist effect is more in the whole world. It is a global concern, and because of it the whole world is facing major problems. Now days we get the news that many hands political parties are there in behind of terrorists. To destroy the others because they could not see them in success.

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Jaydeep Kumar said: (Fri, Oct 16, 2015 03:28:10 PM)    
Hello everyone,

Terrorism is one of the major curse for every nation. Due to this number of people losses their life, their family member. In India terrorist attack every year occur as 23/11 attack was one of them in Mumbai Taj hotel, for a nation there always a fear about the terrorist attack.

Every time we heard news that at the border their terrorist attack. Our government should take necessary step regarding this curse. Like they its improve security regarding this. Always try to motivate them to not participate in such activities.

Lots of terrorist group like Litte, ISIA and many other such group run in our country. Small undeveloped areas also have naxalites group,

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Krit Gupta said: (Wed, Oct 14, 2015 11:59:21 AM)    
Hi all,

In my view, terrorism is a big issue in all over world, Terrorism is caused by a multiplicity of impact like poverty, lack of knowledge and unemployment. We can see an example of India here many people are unemployed now a days and they join a terrorism party and do a crime. So I respect to all people to stop a terrorism and live peacefully.


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Desai said: (Tue, Oct 13, 2015 08:50:03 PM)    
Terrorism is increasing day by day, due to lack of education and lack of money to live in a society. The terrorism group mainly concentrate on students and hypnotize them to become terrorists and make them to kill innocent people on the name of God.

Corruption is also responsible for terrorism, because many politicians join their hands with terrorists and reveal the country's secret.

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Nausheen Sayed said: (Sun, Oct 11, 2015 11:21:37 AM)    
Terrorism has mostly hit every nation. But actually it should not hit any nation if the citizens of nation are loyal to their motherland. No enemy can then dare to attack the nation.

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Rahul said: (Sun, Oct 11, 2015 11:19:17 AM)    
Terrorists should be hanged to death. They are really unwanted people and good for nothing. They are making unnecessary violence and harming the nation.

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Nausheen Sayed said: (Sun, Oct 11, 2015 11:16:07 AM)    
I agree with the statement that terrorism does not start with any religion. In-fact every religion teaches from peace and mankind. There's nowhere instructed to cause destruction to society and kill the innocent.

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Seema said: (Sun, Oct 11, 2015 11:11:32 AM)    
Terrorism does not begin from some religion. It begins from human brain which has experienced some pain due to nation.

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Neha Saatvik said: (Fri, Oct 9, 2015 07:01:24 PM)    
Terrorism is a global concern, whole world is facing this major problem. India has become one of target of the terrorist as India is developing and progressing rapidly. The main reasons of it are poverty, unemployment, dissatisfaction from the government but one of root cause of terrorism in India is discrimination in religion.

So if we want to stop terrorism we must have to stop discriminating people on their religion. Terrorist are people from our society only who has dealt with discrimination, poverty, unemployment and other evilness of society. So we cannot wholely rely on government to take some action, we can also put our efforts to diminish this problem.

We can change our behaviour towards the other religion, help them in need and always support the helpless which will really help I think so.

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Nausheen Sayed said: (Thu, Oct 8, 2015 09:07:07 PM)    
Terrorism has no roots actually. Its born from a corrupt and deadly mind which has got no feelings for the nation. It does not belong to any nation in particular or any caste. It just something that causes harm to the society at the cost of innocent lives!

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Padmalochan Mahanta said: (Wed, Oct 7, 2015 11:15:41 PM)    
Hello friends.

I agree with all my friends what ever they told but in my point of view. Unemployment and corruption are more important causes in our country to a general people converted in to a terrorist. They are bound to convert to earn money and stop the corruption. Thanks all of you.

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Vaibhav V Panchal said: (Tue, Oct 6, 2015 09:12:16 AM)    

I just want to say about terrorism is nothing but destruction of world, nation, innocent people, nature, economic conditions development & much more. That's why we should always aware to cease that. Because I love above whole thing, we need growth of India.

Jai Hind.

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Gopal Agrawal said: (Mon, Oct 5, 2015 06:39:25 PM)    
Terrorism in India is like a daily routine in the life of people. People whole heartily celebrate 15th August and 26th January and all religious festivals but with a fear of terrorism. Unless and until we cannot overcome this fear or feel secured and safe to celebrate each festivals with any panic we cannot say our self independent.

Terrorism in India should be abolished from root and agenda to have say India safe from such activities should be laid.

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Nausheen Sayed said: (Sun, Oct 4, 2015 09:56:29 PM)    
Terrorism actually does not have any origination. It is the inner dead feelings towards nation or anger towards nation due to some cause or any other reason of approach. The concept of sleeper cells was born due to these people only. If our heart denies to accept a wrong thing then definitely a person is sensible. But the ones who have no patriotism are insensible and actually insensitive people.

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Ankit Shrivastava said: (Sun, Oct 4, 2015 12:33:30 PM)    
Terrorism in a country is a measure of certain factors like perception of criminality, homicide, access to weapon, security level, defense expenditure, Death from internal and external conflicts, terrorism impact, neighboring countries relation, weapon export and import etc. And based on these factors GPI has revealed a divided world with the most peaceful countries enjoying increasing level of peace and prosperity, while the least peaceful countries or spiraling into violence and conflicts.

Unfortunately India is among the least peaceful countries, ranking itself on 143rd rank out of 162 countries. This is because of increase in internal crimes no matter what the reason is, easy access to weapon, homicide maybe due to negligence to importance of human life, and the most important is ignorance to such activity. People are getting so use to it they are making it a part of their social life. Actually their are many reasons to count, it might be impossible for anyone to stop counting.

But instead of talking about the cause we should learn the way to tackle it from the most peaceful countries. Why 15 out of first 20 are European country? 100% literacy, well motivated, well organized, Hard work, technically advanced, good neighbor relations are some important terms in the explanation of these countries. And the most important that need to be learn by the Indians is an example of Germany where people take their art, history and music or symbols as part of cultural life and tradition but not as a elitist.

People have their own belief but they don't try to impose it on the other for the sake of superiority. According to me this factor must eliminate the internal conflict and homicide in India which has grown here drastically from last decade. Talking about the external causes according to me the preferable way is to establish unity, hard step towards terrorist organizations and complete track of weapons deal by some international committee like ICRC.

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Ak1996 said: (Sat, Oct 3, 2015 08:56:04 PM)    
Terrorism is truly a world wide problem which hampers peace and harmony of a country. Also nowadays various political parties instead of eliminating terrorism they are using it as a medium of promoting their party. In India instead of wiping out the terrorism we all make it a religious issue. We all believe the terrorist belongs to certain religion and that leads to development of anger between our own people and this further leads to more dangerous situation.

If we Indians unite together and stop fighting among ourselves we should be able to easily remove threat of terrorism from our country. As we know,

"United we stand, Divided we fall".

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Sangitika said: (Sat, Oct 3, 2015 11:12:51 AM)    
I think terrorism is a part of destroying the country and the people who survive their lives very well. If any country get developed day by day then another country wants to stop their development. That's why they should try to put terrorist attacks and they really attacks on the developed countries.

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Nausheen Sayed said: (Fri, Oct 2, 2015 01:02:05 PM)    
According to me terrorism in the country is due to some corrupt citizens of the nation. Any terrorist group cannot make a plan of attacking any area unless they have the information about it. The values of nation and masticates should be emphasized in youngsters and every negative activity should be watched keenly. Only then people would stop giving confidential information to all unauthorized people so called terrorists.

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Bharat said: (Thu, Oct 1, 2015 02:04:06 PM)    
Hi friends,

Now in our country major problem is terrorism. Terrorism is not only our problem this is worlds problem also. So we will be reduce the problem, because innocent people were died, most of money spend to security purpose only. If we use that money for development our India also become developed country. By these we can improve our memorability percentage. Through this we can stop the people who will join in terrorist team at least by 50%.

But in other way it good also some politicians, business people can afraid for these guys to do harm peoples.

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Rakesh Gupta said: (Wed, Sep 30, 2015 04:05:13 PM)    
Terrorism in India has grown like a amoeba in last few years, Mainly Jammu Kashmir and Metro cities are affected to it where many innocent people have lost their life's. It is bad luck of India that it has neighbour like Pakistan where Terrorist are trained to attack India and also different countries.

The only way to stop Terrorism in India is to make people aware, like if they see and suspected object or if they come to know about any illegal activity then contact police, there should be advertisement on newspaper, public transports, Highways to make people aware, Next step what we can take to make laws very strict and fast track.

Once we are able to spread fear in Terrorist group there activities will be reduced.

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Ajaygulabani said: (Mon, Sep 28, 2015 11:09:57 PM)    
In my point of view terrorism came from poverty. Poverty came from unemployment. Unemployment came from lack of skills. So improving the employment skills, are the major one to the people.

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Divya said: (Mon, Sep 28, 2015 08:02:40 PM)    
Hello everyone,

I want to express my views on the given topic. Terrorism is haunting every one today. Yes, there are lot of incidences taking place in the whole world especially it's getting extreme in our country India. Terror is everywhere. I think terror is caused only because people are unemployed, they think they can feed their family by using terror as their weapon. They need to stop this!

For this, the whole nation needs to get united n fight terrorism with a positive approach. We need to reduce or stop this! We need to have a good relation with other countries, stop being racist, stop judging by caste or color or creed.

Thank you!

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Shashank Gaur said: (Mon, Sep 28, 2015 06:45:56 PM)    
Terrorism means the destructive activities taken recourse to by a group of people to coerce a government to yield to their demands. In India evil forces with abetment from outside indulge in acts of violent terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and Assam. The aim is to create a chaos in the country with ulterior political motives.

Kidnapping, hijacking of planes, cross-border terrorism, cyber-terrorism are growing day-by-day. The terrorists use terror as a weapon to fulfill their demands. The effect of terrorism in all cases is killing of innocent people.

Terrorism is a world-wide problem. It is there in the middle-east and in most countries of Europe. Very often it is seen that terrorist groups receive money, weapons, training and guidance, from other countries and this enables them to attain a high level of performance.

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Debas said: (Mon, Sep 28, 2015 03:07:02 PM)    
Hello everyone,

You guys are say terrorism is an illegal way to do something. But, at a you done a job that is not legal. But, there is no punishment on your work. Because, you have money, political power etc etc. But, thousands of people are stay a day without food, medicine, education, dress because they are poor. But we have no care about them. That's why terrorism is discovered. There main target is killing people. They are not interested on money, they are interested on power.

So, be alert and take some money, food, dress for them, who have nothing to used. It's true that we can't changed the shape of the world. But we can changed a man. And he becomes changed the world.

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Jayesh Lilani said: (Sun, Sep 27, 2015 07:38:57 PM)    
I also think that terrorism has also increased due to the rise in sleeper cells, sleeper cells are those people who have anger towards the country and they are brain washed to spread terror. Sleeper cells should be eliminated to stop terrorism.

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Nitesh Mishra said: (Sat, Sep 26, 2015 09:44:23 PM)    
Good evening to all,

I am Nitesh Kumar Mishra, today I am going to discuss about "TERRORISM IN INDIA" I have to absorbed that 'terrorist do not made to born'. Terrorists very poor people and they indicate poverty. And the political system is big issues of terrorism. If India government increase the power and to make a anti-terrorist department and give the power for handling the terrorist.

Today in India, increasing the population of terrorist day by day. They make a strong team and who killed the innocent people. And so please I kindly request from Indian government that stop down the terrorism.

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Aatif Shaikh said: (Wed, Sep 23, 2015 01:30:55 PM)    
Terrorism in India is increasing day by day and it is the major issue because it effects directly countries economy. The terrorist attacking here are not always from foreign countries sometimes they belong to our own country and most of the time it's from Pakistan. So the question here is why it is increasing? Because there is been an organisation since long before and it's increasing and becoming more powerful day by day.

So we have no control on that. What we can control here is, we can work on our defense and we should punish the victim as early as possible. Now I would like to conclude here that only thing that can reduce terrorism is by spreading our fear to them. And most importantly no religion teaches to destroy so we need to think before blaming some religion.

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Simran Darra said: (Tue, Sep 22, 2015 06:16:45 PM)    

In my opinion terrorism is nothing but fight for something in cruel way, involving the incontinent people in their cruel way and made them die. I think the terrorism born due to dissatisfaction. This arise due to lack of education, proper family background. So our constitution has to take care of that people and educate them.

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Prerana said: (Mon, Sep 21, 2015 09:35:04 PM)    
Hello everybody,

Terrorism is a growing threat in current scenario that is questioning the survive which is already complicated with changing life style, living standards & technological advancements. As few of you have rightly sad, its an evil act and over and above a mistake. It can be called a SIN. There are multiple reasons for individuals turning into terrorists. May be loosing job, illiteracy, misfortune, insult/humility, lack of government concern in critical issues, dissatisfaction etc.

But this pessimistic activities are to be curbed through proper counselling & guidance to make right career & better standard of living. At a time it s not possible but many lives can be saved & lives become better this way.

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Ajaygulabani said: (Sun, Sep 20, 2015 03:51:02 PM)    
Hey this is Ajay Agulabani.

Terrorism is not only the problem in India but it is the problem in the whole world. I have heard few days back in news that in Pakistan small child's are get kidnapped by the terrorist groups and these terrorist group gives training to become a terrorist like them. If they refuse to do they beat them and unfortunately they follow them.

The other main cause of terrorism is poverty. On 26 November 2008 when terrorist attacked Mumbai, thousands of innocent people were died. When Kasab was caught by police then special investigation team asked Kasab "why you do this do you like this work" then he said "we belong from very poor family for food we are doing this if a died today my family will get lakhs of rupees from our leader so that my family can easily survive".

So this how the poverty turn a man into a terrorist but I think this wrong way to earn food by killing thousands of innocent people how can you make your self and your family happy. This is totally wrong. First of all education must be compulsory so that by means of education people can stand on his legs. Before doing this all bad things think of those innocent people who died.

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Rushikesh Kharat said: (Sat, Sep 19, 2015 11:41:20 PM)    
Terrorism is something which all over the world is a major problem at the moment. Its effects are very much that it can deteriorate a country's economy and can cause between the countries. Terrorists were not born but they were made in the name of religion. None of the religion preaches terrorism nor ask the followers to take the lives of other people but it was preached by wrong leaders and innocent people fall as a prey and lose their lives and kill other people as well.

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Tanisha said: (Tue, Sep 15, 2015 05:12:24 PM)    

Poverty and Unemployment will be the cause to become an terrorist which means obviously it effects on the terrorism. Because of situation makes them to do so. Some how they will not be strong in the financial issue, or they may not able to maintain the family sickness. After trying to get from every side people will become so. Helpless that situation will be like " do or die" so that time they will be move forward to terrorism.

After taking every action by having justice how people/ as an human being none will control it because of relationship with their family that time family will be the very important other than everything such as friend, relatives truths, justice, politics everyone in this world. Situation makes people very crucial. At that time we are not able to blame anyone we have understand that if government is right which means if government provides right facilities for unemployed people, educated people, people who are in the poverty line totally whichever may be govt need to take care of it then only country will be successful from the terrorism.

So finally, concluding that poverty and employment is one of the cause for terrorism the key is there with the government they open the right door with right key format.

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Srinu said: (Sun, Sep 13, 2015 03:47:40 PM)    
Today every one fear on terrorism because know days competition world runs so every one think himself only so there is no social responsibility so many terrorist attacks are occur in India, even our independence day also celebrate on full security system only.

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Ajeet Singh said: (Wed, Sep 9, 2015 09:14:58 PM)    
Well I read the reviews of all and I agree with most of you terror is a global issue and we cannot deny it or ignore it. Though all are right about the fact of terrorism but every one is putting blame on either of the fact that government is responsible or the literacy level or employment is cause but no one has tried to find a solution.

As per my whole political system cannot change in day whole education system cannot change in day, the what can be changed in day is we. Yes we can change our self and bring the revolution in our inner self. I am sure that we create a difference and we should be always alert of our surrounding and always try to figure out the wrong deeds and day we are able to do so the terror will itself become terror for it.

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Manish Giri said: (Tue, Sep 8, 2015 11:53:53 AM)    
Hi everyone.

This is Manish Giri.

Ya it's very true that India is completely grasped under the fatal effect of terrorism. It's all because of the deceased ambiance being created day by day. Terrorism in nowadays has it's pervasive effect all over the world. In India we can't just have claim over poverty and unemployment for the reason of terrorism. There can be some cases but according to me the lack of education, improper guidelines and directions being given are the most valid reasons for the effect of terrorism.

If a person is well educated and has been given proper directions the chances of fatal situations like terrorism is not gonna come and also the government should have to take some major prompt actions in order to curb such noxious situations.

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Saif Jawaid said: (Tue, Sep 8, 2015 09:44:04 AM)    
Terrorism is an act designed to cause terror or terror used to threaten the population or the government for political, ideological or religious goals. India has been a victim of such terrorists acts in the past. And thus making every citizen fear about their safety.

As a parent body for every individual of this country, the government should not only protect the citizens from terrorists, but also protect us from being taken up by those terrorist leaders by means of brainwashing or by taking the advantage of our weakness.

So how do we solve it? Literacy goes a long way in building the sense of reason in every person. And the cure for terrorism is proper nurturing and educating of students in school. Not just education but proper lessons about about what is right and wrong.

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Anmol said: (Sat, Sep 5, 2015 02:39:46 AM)    
Hello everyone.

Terrorism : Well its not just a term now, instead it has become a issue of concern for the whole world. Terrorism is general has no fixed definition. It has different definition for different people. But one thing that is a fact is that terrorism or becoming a terrorist is not a solution to any of the problem I don't understand what these people (terrorist) get by killing innocent people, by planting bombs at at crowded places, by killing famous people?

And after doing these acts they proud take the responsibility of it? What is matter of being proud in killing innocent people? What do they get? Well if their motive is spreading fear then they (terrorists) should know that they can't. They just can't do anything by spreading fear and killing innocents instead what would happen ultimately is that they end up being killed by some or the other person.

Moreover I would like to raise one more point. Some of my friends mentioned above that poverty and unemployment are the cause of terrorism. Well according to my viewpoint that's not true. Because we know that in India millions of people are unemployed and are poor but are they all terrorists? No they are not.

So its not that poverty and unemployment that give birth to terrorists instead its People who get carried and are mind-washed by other terrorists. So in the end what I want to conclude is that the best way of eradicating terrorism is. Making more and more people aware of what terrorism is and what are its consequences and its the duty of whole mankind to do so.

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Pankaj Singh Bisht said: (Fri, Sep 4, 2015 07:47:10 PM)    
Hello viewer.

This is Pankaj Singh Bisht.

We know that terrorism is increasing day by day in our world which is very dangerous. No any religious of terrorism they only do for money nothing to else which is harmful and we should think for this situation because our future should be bright and well developed.

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Abhishek Kumar said: (Thu, Sep 3, 2015 09:30:24 AM)    
I think terrorism is present in all over the world and even in all countries. So if any country wants to get rid out of it, have to make some rules. I think terrorism is due to harassment that a person felt when his loving ones is killed by some political reason when he hear something negative about his religion and many other reasons from which a person hurts and do any thing for revenge.

Our government must have to understand these reasons and make a proper law that these things can be reduced. In our country no one have any right to tell something bad about any religion. Our political parties must take these topics in positive manner.

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Abhilash Rathi said: (Tue, Sep 1, 2015 08:09:28 PM)    
Hello everyone, this is Abhilash.

In my opinion terrorism is act of group of people to create fear and violence among people by using social issues like caste, religion and culture aiming to achieve their and their organization's goal and mint money.

Its not government that can stop it by taking rough decision against them but We the citizen of INDIA not as from any caste or religion collectively can put to stop it.

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Tridib Biswas said: (Tue, Sep 1, 2015 12:03:11 PM)    
Though terrorism is a burning issue in our country, the issue is not given such importance in society. There are no short term or long term project from the Government against this deadly issue. As a matter of fact no Govt. Has shown a clear and honest endeavor to eradicate or minimize the same and the issue is being treated as a fire fighting method.

After an incident lot of activities are found and with the passage of time things are precipitated and we wait for next incident- this is the state of affairs. I don't want to blame the Govt. Agencies for an attack but strongly believe that unless there are awareness among the common citizen against terrorism we can't do much.

The Govt and medias have vital role to play. Education, Training, workshop, display of hoarding, posters, screening documentary film against terrorism can do a lot by involving students and youth in it. We can start it without any delay as terrorists have been living with us in this society only.

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Gurnoor Singh said: (Sat, Aug 29, 2015 12:58:04 PM)    
There are many problems that are being faced by our country but social disturbances (TERRORISM) is one of the critical issue now a days and it should be tackled with intelligence. There is school of thought that all natives of Pakistan are terrorist, its the false notion of the people in regard to terrorism.

But according to my judgement terrorism is all about discrimination between religion, caste, culture and color. Terrorism also include the political conflicts. There are many serious terror attacks like on 26/11 in Mumbai there was a total of 72 hours operation at TAJ HOTEL and other places and recently there was a horrible attack in Gursaspur as, many policemen and senior officers were victim of this suicide attack and this operation was held for approximately 12 hours.

So in order to prevent this government should implement new officers at border area so that no illegal aliens should enter in are country and disturb the peace of our country.

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Riya said: (Tue, Aug 25, 2015 10:13:33 PM)    
Good Evening friends !

I think all educated people all over the world should oppose terrorism. The practice of terrorism cannot be able bring something good to them who have involved themselves with such a practice. People who abet terrorism should be made understand the pain of thousands of people whose relatives have lost their lives in the attacks.

Blaming others or government won't be able to stop terrorism, we the citizens of India irrespective of religion, caste or gender can only put a stop to it.

Thank You.

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Manisha said: (Mon, Aug 24, 2015 11:02:22 AM)    
A person may become terrorist because of oppression he faces. He wants take revenge on society for he thinks the people around him are responsible for his position and thereby causing harm to people around him. He thinks in a negative way. But he can become a good citizen if he thinks positively. If he faces any problem he should come out of that problem and try to make situation better for those who face similar problem.

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Indra said: (Mon, Aug 24, 2015 07:51:01 AM)    
Terrorism is defined simply as any act designed to cause terror as a way to achieve political goals. Despite its name, not all actions that are terrifying or terrible are described as terrorism. There is no universal consensus as to what is or is not included (see Definitions of terrorism) , but terrorism is generally understood to feature a political objective, whether that means the politics of nationalism, ethnicity, religion, ideology or social class, among others. Definitions as to which acts of violence are considered terrorism will be more often subjective than objective.

Since the terrorist act is the symptom of a struggle that has a national, religious or social cause, then the response to it is also often determined by ethnicity, beliefs or class. Furthermore, since attitudes to nationalism, religion, and social status tend to evolve over the course of time, it follows that acts of terrorism, and the individuals or organisations engaging in that terrorism, may and often are re-examined retrospectively, being either legitimized or criminalized according to the subsequent prevailing political perspectives.

Finally I wanna conclude that when each people can come out of caste, religion, etc and join together as Indian really its helpful to the country.

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Parvinder Singh said: (Thu, Aug 20, 2015 11:06:01 AM)    
Hello everyone,

Terrorism is a global concern, not a single country is safe from this monstrous version of terror. Everyone is affected old, young, children and still no solution to control it. For the past few years intrusion activity along the border is escalated. Ceasefire violation by Pakistan army in order to a cover to the terrorist so that they can easily intrude into our border and bring their havoc onto the people.

Our country is hammered badly by terrorist activist and there is loss of property. 26/11 incident is still fresh in the mind of the people, how nearly 72 hrs terrorist control the never stopping Mumbai, also attack on the prestigious institution of discussion parliament are the some few incident. There is a great need to take stringent action to curb this menace of terrorism.

All country globally come forward and declared an wage out war against terrorism. People fight with Audacity to tackle any terrorist as we witness how 2 locality bravely capture a terrorist in Udampur.

Make our economy so strong that there is enough opportunity for the people to get employed and don't divert himself towards the terrorism.

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Jiten Bhadane said: (Tue, Aug 18, 2015 06:20:32 PM)    
A terrorist is a person who seeks to create fear and panic among the masses with their violent act for personal gain or for the ends of the organisation of which he/she belongs.

Political terrorism involves senseless violence on a large scale, hijacking of aeroplanes, robberies, murder of eminent personalities, shooting down the innocent people, use of explosive and bombs, spreading rumors by terrorist organisation in order to achieve their political ends by creating fear and panic on a large scale. Terrorist are usually young people who are constantly exploited by old brains and seasonal politicians.

Terrorism is a global phenomenon. A great international consensus has been finally made to tackle the problem of terrorism together. Terrorists have lost the sympathy and co-operation of the people and stand isolated. Let us hope that our country would be entirely free from its clutches very soon.

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Puahpendra Singh said: (Mon, Aug 10, 2015 11:41:08 PM)    
Hey everyone its me Pushpendra.

Terrorism the word that we use to listen from our childhood time goes but nothing much can be done to resolve the problem. Surely it is one of the major topic for discussion.

No one is born terrorist but some people whitewash the mind of others on the bases of religion, area, culture and many other issues. Its totally useless to ask for proper education, remove of poverty from there side. We must be aware that most of the terrorist are educated and have the proper knowledge of there field.

Be practical, government should make proper arrangements on boarder and off the boarder everyone must be careful and active army should give the fully authority for any type of action at the time of such happening.

Thank you.

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Aditi said: (Sun, Aug 9, 2015 02:50:20 AM)    

Terrorism is a practice that is initiated by a group of people who are evil-doers, aiming to mint loads of money. To spread their work they take advantage of sensitive religious and social issues across the world to rope-in poverty stricken people facing discrimination against any social practice. These mastermind people manipulate and incite the genuine public to shift to the devilish side.

I believe that terrorism can be reduced mainly by educating people and treating everyone equally irrespective of race, caste, religion etc. So that they are not fooled by people for monetary benefits. Further, serious punishments should be set by law to develop a threat and set a mark among the terrorists that they will not be excused for preaching their practice and also among general crowd who plan to begin on this path. To illustrate, I would like to pick up Yakub Memon case. The debate over the death sentence of this terrorist is all over. I believe if the government had considered the commutation of his death sentence, it would have motivated the terrorist community considering that the government is liberal and melts with the mere mercy pleas.

Thus, to reduce terrorism government should stick to such tough decisions of death penalties and other punishments along with conducting various educating programs on equality in all aspects.

Thank you.

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Sandeep Agarwal said: (Fri, Aug 7, 2015 06:36:52 PM)    
Hi friends,

According to me terrorism is a major issue not only for nation but for whole world. Today some youngster are forced to join terrorist group like Lasker. Government should focus to end this type of groups. Government should warn to terrorist to stop this type of activities.

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Tara said: (Fri, Aug 7, 2015 01:14:55 PM)    
Hello everyone,

Terrorism is a big issue of India. Recently happened Punjab attack had given a great shock to our country and the security system of India. As they had entered in Punjab very easily, which rises many questions on the security system of our country. As we know that the army of India is most powerful than why our borders are not safe?

And I want to raise one more issue which is about giving the equal punishments to all criminals. If someone is involved in any of the activity he/she should be given the punishment on time and for all persons it should be same. If our country will not think over these issues than the results can be dangerous.

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Lakshmi said: (Thu, Aug 6, 2015 06:42:10 AM)    
Hi to all,

According to my point increasing terrorism lot of common people suffer with their criticism recently Gurdaspur attack. Government should give the rights to police and any people to take a decisions but in recently they provide restriction don't do encounter like that. Terrorism increasing day by day in India so government take suitable decision to eliminate that.

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Prashant said: (Thu, Aug 6, 2015 01:04:29 AM)    
I read most of the comments given above all I noticed is people here in this discussion are more interested in giving reasons and causes and effects of terrorism. Only few of you have actually given solutions for this destructive cause. See this is the main problem people keep on counting problems nobody is actually trying to solve it. We need problem solver people not problem reminder people!

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Karan said: (Mon, Aug 3, 2015 11:07:51 AM)    
Hello friends.

I am Karan.

In my point of view terrorism is increased rapidly in India. For eg Mumbai attack and recently Gurdaspur attack is a terrorist attack.

Not only India but other county also fighting against terrorism. Its just like a disease for the development of any country. In terror attacks we face huge number of social and economic problems. So our country should fight against terrorism.

Thank you friends.

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Manjesh said: (Thu, Jul 30, 2015 08:34:56 PM)    
Hello friends.

According to me terrorism is nothing but misconception about some religious thoughts, discrimination in many religion, poverty, lack of education.

The main fact behind the terrorist group is none of them have proper knowledge regarding their religion. Now a days we almost every time see that many of terrorist belong to the Muslim community and we treat all Muslims as a terrorist this kind of mentality is also influence the wrong mindset of an individual and they compelled to make revenge of this kind of thoughts. At that time a terrorist mind is developed.

My second point is most essential for elimination of terrorism from India the point is related to unemployment and poverty we all know that terrorist group is uses this kind of vicissitude in our company some needy and helpless people are easily convinced by them with a bit of prosperity and food.

So according to my point of view if we want to see India and all over the world free from this pernicious disease first we have to eliminate poverty and by giving the proper education and we have to take care of our mindset how we treat some other religion.

Thank you.

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Sharad said: (Tue, Jul 28, 2015 02:27:55 PM)    

My all friends, my name is Sharad Patel.

Terrorism is burning issue in a whole world. According to me India has good strength army, they can prevent outside terror. But our shelter (whole India) is cracking by us. India is diverse country but we have good unity between our different religious people.

Apart from religion hating to each other, poverty, unemployed youth, lack of education, literacy, bribery, selfishness and our democracy system is responsible for terrorism. Terrorism can barrier by well education, creating employment, awareness of technology, and implement of different scheme for youth growth. We have to protect our shelter by love and education.

So we can definitely change our current situation.

Thanks for hearing me.

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Nisha said: (Mon, Jul 27, 2015 08:21:11 PM)    

I'm Nisha.

TERRORISM it simply a standard use of violence by political or ideological activities. Terrorism in India basically increases due to illiterate people and mastermind people.

In India people those who say my religion is best and spread in their home against all religion then from here only one violence acts starts. These type of people are mastermind from their actives one will influence then second and so on.

What is the most important is that every one should taught from childhood not to distinguish on the basis of colors, religion, castes and also the problems between family members on the basis of land properties assets whatever should be stopped. The politicians should be strong to avoid these types of activities not to start among them.

These are the basis problems which we face everyday everywhere and each one is facing.

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Bala said: (Sat, Jul 25, 2015 12:21:21 PM)    

I just want to say that terrorism has nothing to do with religion as it is a way to acquire economical and political gain. There are thousands of people who have the same thought in mind but execute it in a different way, the only difference between those people and these terrorists are that terrorists use non violence to express their desires whereas other people use another way.

A lot of times the aim of the terrorists, Maoists and extremists might be good, but the only thing is that they express it through non violence just like I said before. Thousands of poor people are bribed with many and God. The terrorist organisations tell them that it's an act of bravery and you're doing Jihad. He excuses these terrorist organisations comes up with are things like this is for religion and stuff. Guys rather than blaming religion and people who become terrorists, have you ever thought that those terrorists also have families and don't always mean to harm anyone.

They are forced by their parents who take contracts of Lakhs and give their children to those extremists groups in return. Don't get me wrong as I'm not supporting terrorists, I'm only saying that it's not good to blame someone blatantly on some weird website like this just to get some thumbs ups. I respect all your comments and don't mean any offence.

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Riya said: (Sun, Jul 19, 2015 09:05:12 PM)    
Hello friends, "Terrorism" what comes first to our mind when we hear this word is only a particular religion. I think its not about a specific caste or culture but the irony of situation is that what we see in our Bollywood movies is only giving us wrong messages about a particular culture. So we should open up our minds.

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Dheeraj said: (Fri, Jul 17, 2015 10:29:11 PM)    
Hello friends,

Its sad to see some of my friends blame religion blindly. I think its not religion our mind is the real problem. Rama, Budha, Muhamedh are part of religion and we know the importance they given to human values. So we should remove terrorism, it doesn't mean religion is violence.

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Amrit Mohanty said: (Thu, Jul 9, 2015 08:30:48 PM)    
Good morning to all.

A the earliest of all I want t say terrorism is not the only thing that strikes fear in every one's heart. Its the people taking the advantage of one another. Some turn their souls dark on religious ideals while some move on a path of making money. Children of this era who are suffering in the remote areas, illiteracy forces them to join hands with the Satan.

No one in this era wants to live in haters unless its the matter of principles the "Society" teaches us. The Hindus prefer themselves the oldest of religion but the people may have forgotten the words of "the messengers of sky" to live in peace and let others live.

I would like to conclude by saying that the humanity made barriers of religion among themselves. Treat everyone with respect. Discriminate no others. We all are made equal with some abilities of our own. Killing anyone won't solve anything, it only stains our soul dark.

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Suraj said: (Sun, Jul 5, 2015 01:18:26 PM)    
Hello friend,

According to me terrorism means something which spread terror. Mostly in India terrorism exist due to unemployment, illiterate, mostly youth join immediately to make money in very early. In that country terrorism occur due to help of that country resident few people sold their soul in behalf of some money. Firstly we have to abolish bribery.

In America in 2001 when Osama Bin Laden attack the trade center from that's why time america have not faced a terror attack why? Because they are ready to faced and almostly abolish the reason of terrorism. They are arrange a right security I mean not to say that they are almost abolish terrorism but they are control okay.

Thank you.

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Shivangi Bijpuria said: (Fri, Jul 3, 2015 10:24:54 AM)    
From my view, terrorism in India is increases day by day, as its effects people are fully in fear. In 2008 Mumbai has been caught under the terrorist attack, today in foreign countries there also caught under the terror attack. The member of the terrorist zone kill the people if there want are not fulfill.

In recent, ISIS terrorist group has become more in news, they attack the people and cut their heads because of not fulfilling their needs. America government has kill the one dangerous member of the terrorist which name is Alkaid. Our government also trying to do against all these dangerous attack done by terrorist.

And on the other hand, education is also important for not becoming a terrorist, thus if the people are being educated then it seem to be less terrorism in India or other foreign countries.

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Ajju said: (Thu, Jul 2, 2015 05:23:37 PM)    
Hello friends.

As per my knowledge, In our India shadow of terrorism is always here. No one know when it may be happened. Because there is no any guarantee of such a big crime in our India. The main reason behind is that our security, society, education, religion, poverty, politician, fighting and hating to each other. This is the big issue which create such type terrorism.

For happening such type crime we and our government are responsible. If you do intro inspection yourself then you will get result automatically who is responsible. For making a better nation need to focus on education, religion, poverty, society, security and love.

For example how a king can be a ideal king. A king can be ideal when his kingdom is full of by prosperity, happiness, respect, love etc and free from jealousy, dishonest, sadness, revenge etc. This is the factor which make fulfill any nation (India) or kingdom.

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Shashank Gupta said: (Thu, Jul 2, 2015 12:20:28 PM)    
Hello everyone.

According to me the word " terrorism " itself has negative meaning "something which produces terror".

Terror can be of any kind. For example for a small child not doing homework on time, he has terror of being scolded by his teacher or big group of people who are constantly damaging public property, playing with people lives are the sources of terrorism. All these can be eradicated by peace and harmony where every people respect each other and live life as whole nation as its family members.

I think if we follow these measures there would not be any differences among the people which is root cause of terrorism in any country.

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Bhawna Pandey said: (Tue, Jun 30, 2015 11:39:53 AM)    
Hi friends,

We are here to discuss about the topic "Terrorism in India". So according to me terrorism create violence in our country. It create fear and violence between India and Pakistan, from terrorism many of the houses and many of the families are ruin and terrorism not only effect every person but also more effect in the life of children and their thoughts because children apply that things which they see and this will be also the region for increment in terrorism. Terrorism create differences between India and Pakistan.

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Vivek Gupta said: (Sat, Jun 27, 2015 11:21:08 PM)    
Hello everyone,

This is Vivek from NIT Raipur. I have read some factual opinions above.

Terrorism, as the word says to spread fear. But in today's context we imagine Osama-Bin-Laden, Taliban, Sunni-Siya Muslims involved in ISIS, Bhagwa on hearing the word terrorism.

I consider denial of food shelter clothing, fundamental rights to an individual is the sole reason for terrorism. Government should focus more on these matter, I think if anyone gets above, s (he) may never think of becoming terrorist.

Thank you.

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Sfh said: (Thu, Jun 25, 2015 09:22:25 AM)    
Hi friends.

According to me terrorism is an act in which some person kills so many person in the name of religion. They kills only innocent people. They don't know that killing a person is equivalent to the killing of whole humanity. All the highly affected country should unite together and should fight against terrorism.

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Kaya said: (Fri, Jun 19, 2015 08:25:59 PM)    
Every good citizen of INDIA would likely oppose terrorism in INDIA. Terrorism is a practice which leads to the death of thousands and thousands of people including young children, how are these young children involved in death? Is terrorism going to pay their lives back ?

People should start thinking how could death and cry of thousands of people give joy to any human being who has the emotional sense. 'no human can enjoy any gain from other peoples pain'. INDIA is a diverse country with various cultural and religious people thus the young minds should be shaped against terrorism, to make our country a better place to live. "Its only if we are united we stand".

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Rakesh Solanki said: (Thu, Jun 18, 2015 08:29:22 PM)    
Hi friends,

India and also many other country are fighting with terrorism for its disturbance in development of country. So its time to show the power of unity and finishing of terrorism from its depth.

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Ramya said: (Sun, Jun 14, 2015 11:10:01 AM)    
Terrorism is one of the way to destroying our country in my point of view. It destroys everything in our country. Then it affected easily to everyone. It creates the some the gentics difficiency to next generation. Finally the terrorism spoils everything in our country. So the terrorist avoid the terrorism.

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Deepak said: (Fri, Jun 12, 2015 12:33:23 AM)    
I think terrorism is basically increased by completion and poverty the youth peoples are involved in this filed due to lack of knowledge and unemployment they people are basically choose this way for survive yourself and family.

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Usha said: (Wed, Jun 10, 2015 01:16:15 PM)    
Hello friends,

I would like to share my views you about terrorism. To day we are seen every where, the peoples are suffering from terrorism. Terrorism is the danger to this world. But we can't stop it, slowly we can reduce it we can this terrorism in cyber crimes. To stop this terrorism, we want to change the peoples who live in brightness to darkness.

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Ajay said: (Tue, Jun 9, 2015 11:47:31 AM)    
Hi this is Ajay.

In my point of view terrorism came from poverty. Poverty came from unemployment. Unemployment came from lack of skills. So improving the employment skills, are the major one to the people.

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Rashpinder said: (Tue, Jun 9, 2015 01:29:36 AM)    
Hello everyone.

I would like to say that the terrorism in India is a big matter of concern. According to me nobody wanna terrorist and kill people and children as well. The reason behind only this is they are guided by a wrong education, manners and shortcut way to learn and earn much money.

We remove terrorism from India by equal laws, educations, facilities and spreading harmful effects of terrorism to everyone and safe this beautiful life with calm.

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Harmony said: (Wed, Jun 3, 2015 03:44:24 PM)    
What I think is, any type of crime takes place out of dissatisfaction. Those terrorists are our own people who have gone a stray, they are like unpolished diamonds. Why to spread terror in the world? What purpose is achieved by killing innocent people?

Moral education is one of the solution to stop all the crimes taking place around the globe. Of course poverty and unemployment are global challenges, but terrorism is not a solution for it.

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Dhiraj Sharma said: (Sun, May 31, 2015 03:29:53 PM)    
Hello everyone here is Dhiraj Sharma wanted to share his views regarding this issue.

Terrorists are not spreading due to illiteracy and other things. They are spreading because of a well educated mind behind this terrorism. This educated mind is Engulfing the whole nation into his shed.

Terrorism can not be eradicated by just giving education of various science, maths and fiction books. Apart from this somewhat called moral education should also be taught in our Indian schools whatever we are seeing is past, looking at past will not do anything rather deterrent laws should be made and our education system should also need a change to help our youth of present society to make our Indian future a well civilized society.

Somewhat called "Natik Shiksha" should also be included in our education so that an individual perception should change to look at his environment in a better way of helping others.

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Siddharth said: (Sun, May 31, 2015 11:45:39 AM)    
Terrorism may be defined as unauthorized use of violence, I don't think there is any specific single cause for terrorism, yes it is true that illiteracy and poverty causes the condition for terrorism, but neither Nathuram Godse norSatwant Singh and Beant Singh (who killed Indira Gandhi) were uneducated, religious fanaticism may be one of the reason of terrorism too, terrorism are defined by those people who thinks that justice can be done through violence, this may include many groups be like religious, political etc.

To stop terrorism, the authorities must come in terms with the representatives causing havoc and take the required actions.

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Radha said: (Fri, May 29, 2015 01:18:14 PM)    
Hi everyone!

Terrorism is a most burning problem not only for our nation but for the world. People are want to do such things because of their unemployment, poverty etc., and they want to complete their family wishes. And such people are brainwashed by the persons who are well educated, they well known about every things. They impacts as much they get ready for every thing which is ordered by them.

To remove these all, their must be understanding between the people as well as all nations should join hand together and cooperate with each other. As no one can attack. And rules must strict enough. High security also necessary.

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Poonam said: (Thu, May 21, 2015 02:51:48 PM)    
Hello friends,

I totally agree all that points which is discussed in above. But I think poverty, illiteracy and unemployment peoples have do such type of action in their life, because in India many poor peoples are live which they do not achieve all that those things and they frustrated from their life and after that they have to choose that type of thing like crimes, terrorist etc.

On the other hand same reason for all those people who are illiterate and unemployment people in India. They have not get any option for chosen and after that they have to choose that wrong path which has destroy their whole life.

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Ritesh Kumar Panda said: (Fri, May 1, 2015 10:37:11 AM)    
Good morning gentleman's.

A hot topic for the discussion terrorism in India.

The word terrorism is known by everyone, but its exact definition if still in mystery. We as Indians called Pakistani a terrorism, Americans called Arabians a terrorist while Israel called Palestine a terrorists. But one thing is clear that these are the peoples who indulge in the offensive activities by making children orphaned, women were widow and causes socioeconomic problems to raise.

In India the main cause of the terrorism are:

1. The demolition of the Baburi Masjids forced the group of peoples to indulge in violation activities and to becomes a member of the terrorist groups.

2. The foreign terrorist i.e. the terrorists that were trained in across the border were mainly due to the Kashmir issue which is still a controversial part of both the country.

3. Fake encounters by police in different parts of the country.

4. Continuously killings of innocents.

These are some causes, but yes our brave army is still fighting in full strength to eradicate terrorism from India.

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Raghu said: (Thu, Apr 30, 2015 11:36:08 AM)    
Terrorism is basically cause for not providing resources to poor and uneducated people. This evil practice should eradicate our government through reduce the overpopulation which is one of the biggest cause to make terrorism in the world. Government should start awareness programmes what is the importance of humanity of life.

Govt should provide spy technology for what is going in the surroundings of the county to control terrorism.

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Jukiil said: (Thu, Apr 23, 2015 11:37:18 PM)    
Hi friends this is Santhosh kumar.

Talk to our topic is terrorism it is growing our India easily and simple first fall to came our India border in the our India border it is not possible came to India and with out permission how to came to India came and staying in our city. Who supporting for us it is not possible common people. It is hand of big people. First stop then after no one came to terrorism in India.

Thank you.

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Kethura said: (Tue, Apr 21, 2015 02:02:09 PM)    
Hi friends.

I read some of your topics. Interesting, see everyone has there own interpretation and outputs or deliver in there own way.

Terrorism in India is one of the biggest problem. Developing country like India, what ever the government may be its unable to take decision. The government knows what to do with the countries who are supporting terrorism, but they are unable to do it.

Because of India's development the tie ups with other countries regarding, business, industries, software outsourcing, infrastructure developments. Our country is very busy in taking contracts or projects so that to generate income or rotate income.

India is taking so many measures to stop the terror attacks and increased a lot of security lines. This terrorism is a religious thing, they are trying to or make people or make state or make country to fear.

They want to take under there control and they want all of us to follow their requirements. But that's impossible. There is no state or country sitting ideal hand in hand and that too India, India is the biggest and strongest in military army, weapons and many more.

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Pia Chopra said: (Thu, Apr 16, 2015 02:29:21 PM)    
Terrorism is one of the burning issues in our world and a major concern to be addressed. It hardly takes few seconds to deteriorate the whole economy. I feel the major cause for it is weak government. If we look up at the history of terror attacks in our country we can observe even after finding out the terrorists hardly some actions were taken.

So firstly our government should be strong enough to make quick and fair decisions so that their decisions give justice to the people who deserve!

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Vedanand Singh said: (Tue, Apr 7, 2015 09:28:57 PM)    
Hello Everybody!

As per my opinion, every coin has two side negative or positive above all my friend discussed like if education quality will enhance then terrorism would definitely reduce. I'm agree with this point but there are so many educated people are also involved in such a activities like terrorism, crime, rape & many more.

As I think if our new generation would get a quality based knowledge, then it would definitely reduce.

We should get the real and judicious use of resources.

1. Sustainable development.

2. Understanding Each others.

3. Focus on own duties and Actions.

4. Co-operative nature.

5. Use of technology in creative ways.


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Mohit said: (Mon, Apr 6, 2015 10:55:45 AM)    

As most of the points have been discussed above, I just want to emphasize on some of the points. First and the foremost one is education, education must be made free and compulsory till class 12th and there must be a regular check on the children.

If we ensure this than I am pretty sure that terrorism can be reduced by huge amount, as it's not easy for anyone to brainwash a literate person. Next thing that I think will be helpful is strict law and order & it's implementation.

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