Science Is A Boon Or Bane

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Abir Chakraborty said: (Sun, Mar 22, 2015 02:13:08 PM)    
Science is partially science is one of the worst thing in human life because most of the diseases are born because of the ways to stop other diseases so science has also harmed, killed people, helped prisons breakdown many accidents and chemical explosions happen.

While doing demonstrations of new or latest than latest inventions. But on the other hand people have started living more than before and we are understanding our ecology (the study of the relationship between organisms and their environment). So science now bane and boon but later will be the most loved boon by every of the each one.

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Bindhusri said: (Thu, Mar 19, 2015 05:55:58 AM)    
Have a nice day,

Science is a boon, because 58 years back there is no medicines for particular diseases. But now medicines are play main role in the life. In life also good and bad we learn to face it and handle it. Then how to say science is boon or bane.

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Srini said: (Tue, Mar 17, 2015 08:09:49 PM)    
I think its a boon because today's life has become so easy due to science and technology. We could not live without science as we would not have the following: light means bulbs and tube lights, fan, computer, phone or cellphone, speakers, clock, speakers, etc. So I think it's a boon. But on the other side I feel that people are misusing these products or we can say these things so it is a bane too.

I have some examples such as: The terrorists are using science in a bad way, the harmful gases such as CFC's, carbon dioxide, etc. Can cause ozone depletion due to which the UV rays reach the earth's surface and cause many problems. Thanks for reading the content hope you like it, if you like it friends please give me likes here below.

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Sidharthan said: (Tue, Mar 17, 2015 12:13:00 PM)    
Hey guys,

In my point of view science was boon for the past 25 years, because people in those days found new technologies which would be useful for the humans. All those inventions were very useful to everyone and every one made use of it in a proper way and effectively.

But today people miss use all those inventions in a wrong way, they discover new things which make people lazy and even which affect the health of the human being. For example, in the field of medicine in those days scientists were working to find a medicine for any disease but now a days scientists work on finding new diseases.

Science is both a boon and bane but it depends according to the usage of the people and how every one see in their point of view.

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Naveen Kumar Sharma said: (Sat, Mar 14, 2015 12:43:29 AM)    
According to my point view, science is boon, because we are living in advanced world which is made by science. Calculator, Mobile, Internet has wide range of information which give us to make it better and try to be good.

Technology are changing day by day. I strongly realize if science doesn't exist in the world may be we living in normal confused life. But with the help of this today our dreams come true like to live in modernized world.

It also give life and safe life by advancement in medical science. So I think it is a boon.

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Rani said: (Wed, Mar 4, 2015 11:45:24 AM)    
Science is boon as well as bane. We share our thought easily with the help of science. We should use technology but in limit.

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Harpreet Saini said: (Tue, Mar 3, 2015 06:14:12 PM)    
I think science is a bane because it is just wastage of time. Because people are misusing it. We can not imagine a good life without science.

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Rohit said: (Fri, Feb 27, 2015 10:52:45 PM)    
I think science is a boon. Science give us every facility like watched TV, we can communicate with each other via telephone and mobile. So today every new machine due to science.

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Yash Saran said: (Fri, Feb 27, 2015 09:32:19 PM)    
Actually, Science is at the most Boon of our life. Life is totally unpredictable and thoroughly seems like a hell without science. In fact, what really is science, it is an observation, study and experiment that how things work or in what way they are beneficial to us.

It is only science that it differ us from animals.

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Sahil said: (Wed, Feb 25, 2015 07:52:45 PM)    
Science is a boon and curse both. Because it gives rise to new thing. But this new things also helps to destroy some other thing. Doctors are using this science for peoples need and help. But the terrorists are using it like to destroy.

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Amith Reddy said: (Tue, Feb 24, 2015 07:29:02 PM)    

Science has both boon and a bane effect on the society. But if we consider today, I think its a bane. Because these days every small work is done using science i.e. advanced technology and is making man lazy and he is lacking general knowledge.

Today's culture is showing a major effect on science. Everybody is looking on the internet but no one is using thier mind to do work. It is spoiling relations. Every one is getting addicted to the gadgets. So, in my opinion it depends upon us that how we use it.

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Amith Reddy said: (Tue, Feb 24, 2015 06:07:49 PM)    

Science has both boon and a bane effect on the society. But if we consider today, I think its a bane. Because these days every small work is done using science i.e. advanced technology and is making man lazy and he is lacking general knowledge.

Today's culture is showing a major effect on science. Everybody is looking on the internet but no one is using their mind to do work. It is spoiling relations. Every one is getting addicted to the gadgets. So, in my opinion it depends upon us that how we use it.

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Arjun Bodhane said: (Tue, Feb 24, 2015 05:05:03 PM)    
In my opinion science is boon as well as bane. Without science and technology this world is like a cup without tea but science is also bane because it can cause destruction so science = boon + bane.

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Avinash Singh said: (Mon, Feb 23, 2015 12:13:13 AM)    
Hello friends,

In my opinion science in boon more than bane. In the past time when any one infected with the Plague then his /her life was certainly ends in few days. But in present time this Plague is not a big issue because of advancement in the medical science.

There are many more examples to prove that. Science gives us many things like fun, communication, health, wealth. Without science you can not travel in the Delhi metro which have full of real science examples. I think Science push us in the pit but Science has the way to pull us out.


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Manish said: (Thu, Feb 19, 2015 04:04:42 PM)    
According to me science has two faces as a coin but it is more advantageous for human if it is used in proper way. In ancient time people's life were difficult because of less knowledge of science.

In those days there was no medical facilities no transportation facilities, life was very slow many people dies due to epidemic diseases as compare to today these differences are due to science hence from here it is clear that science is boon for us.

Also today we are able know that cylon timing and we are able to take further steps to protect our lives so science is boon.

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Lithika Reddy said: (Sun, Feb 8, 2015 12:31:38 PM)    
I think science becoming boon and bane is depend upon thoughts of man. Science just like knife. Knife is used to cut the vegetables and cook for we live in the world. And also used to kill anyone. It depends upon us How We Use It. It was handled by doctor, he saved ones life. It was handled by terrorist he takes one's life. So finally please think rightway friends.

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Tharun said: (Fri, Feb 6, 2015 09:54:25 PM)    
Hi friends I saw all the views all says that science is boon so in my view science is bane. Because science spoils are environment it makes us lazy some people does not know their phone number.

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Srinjana Roy said: (Tue, Feb 3, 2015 10:32:36 PM)    
I seriously don't know why some of my friends are saying that science is a curse, while it is not. It depends on the person and his/her way of thinking, about how they would utilize it. Science and IT are for lots of information. And we surely need to know them. That's it.

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Sweetline said: (Sun, Feb 1, 2015 02:30:00 PM)    
My point of view science is curse because there are some dark areas in the development of science. Science in the form of atom bombs can destroy the human race totally. The pollution hazard duo to new industries &developing automobile is increasing & causing a threat to man's life.

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Ajay Kumar Verma said: (Sat, Jan 31, 2015 05:39:39 PM)    
I think science is more boon and less bane. More boon because it has made our life easier and bane because due to less effort we are putting because of science we are not able to find its importance and how much destruction it can cause.

Today even a words of man can take someones life due to science and saves someone life also. So it depends upon person to person how he uses his knowledge.

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Abhilipsa Sahoo said: (Sun, Jan 11, 2015 04:30:46 PM)    
I think Science is a boon because it has made our lives very easier. I agree that most of us don't like Science as a subject in our course but if we see Science in an interesting way it will be one of your favorite subjects.

Well coming to the topic, today we all are using modern devices and it is our daily need that is all because of Science. Even we are typing and sharing our thoughts on the internet it is also because of Science. We have came up from ancient period to the modern period because of Science. Knowingly or unknowingly we use Science everyday in our life.

In ancient time life was so hard that we can't imagine their life now. Today we have no worries about transport or to talk someone who lives very far from us. All worries are solved by Science. Really Science is a blessing for us.

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Kundan Kirange said: (Thu, Jan 1, 2015 09:11:49 PM)    
According to my vision science is boon because it makes our life comfortable. WITHOUT SCIENCE WE CANNOT Live in this modern world. Today for every reason science is included.

Today we are using fans, computer, electricity, TV etc. Do you think that this is possible without science. Nowadays many of the ambition of children are to become a scientist in their future. Even in modern technology science play a very important role. Science is consists of technology and knowledge.

Today most of the student choose science in 11th because of the exorcist technology.Today science and technology come to play key role in almost every branch of human activity. The wondrous advancement of science in different spheres has completely changed the pace of living of present society.

In my opinion science is a bane for human beings as an invention is not good or bad but it is it's use which the human being does which makes it a blessing or a curse. In the field of education, banking, health, transportation, defense, communication new scientific equipment have changed the spectrum of functioning.

The gradual use of computers in all walks life has changed the means and modes of utilizing time and energy of present society and also behind every developed country there is a hand of science. Yeah, science is definitely a boon. We just can't imagine our life without science. Not going very far, just give a look around yourself, we can find that we need science on our every move.

From climbing up the stair to coming down smoothly by escalator there is science. But everything becomes bane when it is misused. So guys and gals give your best to prove it boon as you need it even though if you don't want.

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Omar Raju said: (Tue, Dec 30, 2014 12:21:28 AM)    
Science is really the causes of destruction because its the source of deceit, its the causes of declaying us from the truth. Such that you are here means before the laptop with internet and you know that this is the time of your prayer but you wouldn't do this.

Nowadays we are just destroying our culture by the science such that we are watching TV channels which is helping us to forget ourselves that who we are. Food has no purity like that using by formalin and using fertilizer to get more crops in land which is the origin of poison. And this the more cause to create cancer. So from my perspective, science is bane.

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Sudeep said: (Wed, Dec 24, 2014 11:26:18 AM)    
Without science life became dull and boring. Science is one of the adjective in our life. We all want science in social, political and economic life.

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Durgadevi said: (Fri, Dec 19, 2014 09:15:54 PM)    
Without IT there is nothing can't do even the automobiles spare parts are making by using the IT infrastructure. IT is very much used in nowadays. Our earth is made by a science so IT infrastructure is bone not a bane.

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Athrwa.....Nvs said: (Mon, Dec 15, 2014 07:28:41 PM)    
Science has its own advantages and disadvantages!

Science is a boon.

Without science the neem tree which has innumerable uses, would be just a standing pole with green colour! It is not science who has brought in pollution or laziness, it is the people who use it improperly who have caused these disadvantages ! Without science the world is unpredictable, without science the world is like an empty egg! We are born and alive only because of science. The toys we play, the pen we use, all contains science! TO CONCLUDE SCIENCE IS A BOON CUZ WITHOUT SCIENCE THE SEA WILL BE DRY AND A HUMAN WAS NO DIFFERENT THAN AN ANIMAL!

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Priyanka Pachpind said: (Tue, Dec 9, 2014 02:52:41 PM)    
Coin has two side like that science has two side one is advantages and other is disadvantages. Advantages of science is travel through bus, train or communicate with each other through mobile. Disadvantages of science is pollution. Remove the drawback of science is depend on user or people.

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Aanchal Asrani said: (Fri, Dec 5, 2014 04:02:56 PM)    
Science is NOT a Boon. Starting with social networking sites, Facebook causes cyber crimes. Instamatic causes addiction. Snap chat is on all day, uses up so much internet, results in huge bills. Petrol causes pollution. Fridges release chlorofloro carbons. Mobile phones are causing deaths because of their harmful vibrations. Recently there was this case of a mother dying because her daughter was so busy texting, that she forgot to give her mother medicines.

Even the Bhopal Gas Tragedy was because of Science. The gases released, the deaths. And could the doctors help the patients back then? No. Science causes trouble, but it has no way of correcting the trouble.

Think of how Anti Social our lives have become, what'sapping or playing clash of clans when we are out with friends, using Google to COPY PASTE our projects instead of doing industrial research, using GPS instead of memorizing the ways near our houses, and what not! Kids have become couch potatoes and adults have become slaves to artificial intelligence.

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Sumit Sharma said: (Tue, Dec 2, 2014 08:55:20 PM)    
Hello ! Friends.

Friends as you all know that science has giving us technology and now think a movement that if there where no technology, no science than what will you do.

Would you able to contact someone? Would you able to get information what is going to happen next ?

The answer is NO you can't even if technology was not there you can't be able to read this text. So friend be proud to have this great thing knowledge science.

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Srikanth said: (Wed, Nov 26, 2014 07:26:38 PM)    
Science is DEFINITELY a Boon to mankind. It comprises half of education of an person. We cannot imagine ourselves today in the world without Science.

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Deepanjul Rai said: (Wed, Nov 26, 2014 06:32:04 PM)    
Hello friends,

Without the help of Science nothing is possible to prove and I am sure you all agree to what I just said, Each and every element in this universe has some science behind it. So I don't think Science will ever be a bane for anyone.

Consider a physical task is to be done by you. Firstly what comes to your mind is how to perform that task and what will be the science behind it, may it be mechanical science or any science. I assure you that the oxygen you are taking know is all science. And if you think science is a bane. Then let me know and prove it to me that how are you taking in oxygen and how are you living in this universe without the help of science.


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Bala said: (Mon, Nov 24, 2014 09:04:46 PM)    
Hi this is Bala. Welcome to platform of GD. In our universe everything has two sides one is good another is bad. If one is best another worst. Like this. First of all science is a boon because without science we can't see the present world right now.

In nowadays everything based on technology even bus ticket also reserved in online. What a tremendous technology. This is due to science. So science is a boon.

If we compared with properties of materials materials will deform up-to elastic limit. If materials will cross elastic limit materials will fracture like this up to some limitations science is a boon, if cross that limit science become a bane.

Science becoming boon or bane is depend upon thoughts of man. So people think in right way. In II world war Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities were vanished due to invention of atom bomb by Einstein, so people always remember it in mind.

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Lakshmiji said: (Wed, Nov 19, 2014 01:17:55 PM)    

I think science has become boon for us in countless aspects. Noticing from morning till we are asleep science is helping us continuously by regulating all the phenomenon. So, we see that science is very helping for us.

Thanks you all!

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Karthik said: (Sun, Nov 16, 2014 06:37:20 PM)    
In my view BOON or BANE is one's perspective of looking at things. Like a bomb is a bane for us because of science but the same bomb is a boon for terrorists and it depends on each and every one how he/she uses it.

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Deeksha Rungta said: (Wed, Nov 5, 2014 07:51:40 PM)    
Science is boon as well as bane. It only depends upon the user how he or she use it. As the coin has two parts.

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Nandhu said: (Tue, Nov 4, 2014 08:39:34 PM)    
In my view science is a boon alone. We cannot find fault with the science and argue, it bring out only destruction to the world. But who is to actually blame is the user. Because he is only responsible for that destruction.

Not only the users the lion's share of responsibility lies in the scientist or the discoverer. If the scientists already know about the impact of their discoveries then why do they discover that?

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Rajwinder Kaur said: (Fri, Oct 31, 2014 09:19:26 PM)    
It seems to me that science has a both consequences equally as a boon and bane. But the large proportion of boon or bane depends on the user.

However, science has given us a lot to make life easy but along with it the misery people has given it the title of cruelty.

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Indresh Yadav said: (Tue, Oct 28, 2014 05:34:54 PM)    

In my point of view science is a boon & a curse. It depends upon the user how they use it.

Science is a bane because the inventions of new technologies has made peoples lazy because they mostly depend upon these machines.

Science is a boon as we can get any information by only sitting at home. My this information is available to you only because of science.

At last I want to say that if we use it properly, it gives us rewards and if we misuse it, it gives us punishment.

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Aryan Srivastava said: (Mon, Oct 27, 2014 09:26:49 PM)    
I think science is boon because everything in this world has disadvantage and advantage both even natural has also.

Ex: Rain needed to farmers for irrigation but this rain, cause flood also.

So its your duty to use it safely.

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Vardhan Shah said: (Fri, Oct 17, 2014 07:27:53 PM)    
Hi friends please read it though it's too long.

Science is always a boon because obviously it has made our lives easy and comfortable. And some would say that it is curse because it causes destruction. My reply to them is when Einstein was working on e=mc2 he didn't knew that one day his equation would help someone in making the atom bomb and cause destruction to life on earth. If he knew this he wouldn't make this equation.

Similarly there are good scientists who make something which is a boon for human life but they don't know that someday there would be some destruction due to his invention. For destruction countries are also responsible because they make weapons as want to influence themselves and make their army power the most strongest in the world.

So if we maintain peace and fight together against bad inventors and their inventions by not supporting them and also there could be other ways. If this would happen then there would be a true heaven on earth with all the people considering science as a boon and there would be no debates on this topic.

Thank You,


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Marc Rubin said: (Sun, Oct 12, 2014 11:03:21 PM)    
When science is open to new ideas it is a boon but when it precludes new ideas we all lose. Only India at large has openly joined the discussion of a new particle physics called The Resonance Principle. In this regard India is a boon to science that will benefit the whole world. This science will give rise to non-destructive beneficial science.

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Prabhanjan said: (Sun, Oct 5, 2014 12:44:16 PM)    
Science is boon and bane it is help full, it makes our work easier science also increases the respect of our country a best example is our ISRO scientists struggled and made India first country to launch a satellite to Mars by spending less money. While science had invented new weapons for protection but some people misuse it for their purpose.

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Bros said: (Sun, Sep 28, 2014 08:17:35 AM)    
Science is inhuman. I mean that either it will be - useless or use less. The right way to choose it is depended upon the user. Like the other members I would like to go with them that science like a candy for a child and bombs for teenagers.

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Suruthi Paul said: (Fri, Sep 19, 2014 09:34:41 PM)    
I think science is a BOON and also BANE. Science is like a knife. It is used to cut vegetables and cook for we live in the world. Also, used to kill anyone. It depend upon us HOW WE USE IT. If it was handled by doctor, he saved one's life. If it was handled by terrorist, he takes one's life.

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Neha .M said: (Thu, Sep 18, 2014 05:07:41 PM)    
According to my vision science is boon because it makes our life comfortable. WITHOUT SCIENCE WE CANNOT Live in this modern world. Today for every reason science is included.

Today we are using fans, computer, electricity, TV etc. Do you think that this is possible without science. Nowadays many of the ambition of children are to become a scientist in their future. Even in modern technology science play a very important role. Science is consists of technology and knowledge. Today most of the student choose science in 11th because of the exorcist technology.

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Sankaralingam said: (Sun, Sep 14, 2014 10:09:41 PM)    
Hi friends,

According to my point of view, "science has both boon and bane"because science is boon means that make our life easy and comfortable. But bane in the sense it makes lazy and cause many diseases. Another one point I would like to suggest "Einstein had invented the mass energy equivalence (e=mc^2) it is the boon of the science. But the bane thing is the, it is used to create the nuclear bomb to destroy our man lives. Coin has two sides likewise science has two sides. So it is very careful to use without any damage.

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Sanskruti Wani said: (Mon, Sep 8, 2014 03:43:30 PM)    
Hi! this is Sanskruti.

I think Science will always be a boon. Because of science we are leaving a luxurious life. It has made our life very easy and comfortable. If one wants to talk to someone who leaves far away, he can just simply call him/her. Today you are able to read this information of mine, just because of science and it's technology. It may be a bane in future. So to avoid it, we should use science in a proper way.


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Random said: (Sun, Sep 7, 2014 09:14:29 AM)    
I am not getting the correct answer. But can only tell that science is a bane. Its just waste of time, in the olden days they were used in a proper manner and now a days we can't believe anyone for anything. There are many good and bad scientists, some want their profit in a particular experiment or something. They make use of their brilliantness minds and try to fail their opponent. So these tells me that misusing of the technology is not your fault indeed we are no scientist who sits all day in the lab and spend their lives on something. Which makes to be a flop experiment and they are the one who are making our lives lazy. As we are an ordinary people. Who just mind our businesses. SO this tells that science is BANE. And the matter ends.

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Raja Guru said: (Thu, Sep 4, 2014 07:03:11 PM)    
Hi friends, you say this and that, speak from our heart, do we hate or neglect science, everyone lives with science, a person who studies about science would say science abane but an uneducated fellow say that it's a great boon my point is science a great boon.

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Sushil said: (Thu, Sep 4, 2014 02:57:09 PM)    
Science will always be a boon, sneak out of the window and you'll see how science has changed the world around us. You have aeroplane flying overhead, that make reach us places very distant, thanks to wright brothers. We have satellites out in the space which enable communication. We have got various factories out there which work and keep bringing up various new things, that in some way or the other has made human life more comfortable, and these are just a few to name out of the lot we have.

Albert einstein, isaac newton, galileo and many more, they surely were not ordinary people, you can call them some special people's that actually made our world a happy place. Remember, the first words said by neil armstrong when he first stepped on moon "this might a small step for a man but a giant leap for mankind". Man has been able to see distant places that once seemed impossible. Surely, the emission of smokes from chimneys and various other problem like it has led to some serious problem. But looking at the success rate of today we would one day surely be able to overcome all these problems.

Conclusively, I would like to say that development of science is essential for development of humanity.

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Krishna Manasa said: (Mon, Sep 1, 2014 06:35:47 PM)    
In my view, I think that science is a boon as -well- as a bane, science is a world of knowledge. Each and every problem has a solution in science and each and every problem is created by science to our environment and our Eco - system. There is a saying that anything over in use is harmful. In the same way science if overused is harmful. Knowledge can be used in a good way and also in a bad way same thing in science it can be used in good way as well as in a bad way. It depend on us how we use it, there are many advantage and disadvantages in it. THE ONE THING IS HUMANS ARE THE ONES WHO CREATED THE WHOLE CONCEPT OF SCIENCE.

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Nimizhi said: (Sat, Aug 30, 2014 01:17:22 PM)    

I am Nimizhi, in my thought science is always boon. Without science there is nothing like machines although we can't able to knock anytime without science. Now a days all the mechanical items are running by science and technologies. One should know science to do something bigger and better, so science is a boon.

Thank you. If you think it is good then like it.

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Sunnymazumder said: (Fri, Aug 29, 2014 08:12:14 PM)    
I agree that science is good we can reach long journey at a short time by bus, train etc by the science invention, but why their is no any invention for that protection for the ultraviolets rays. Why there is 40% unwanted science invention which are harming our life daily.

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Sunny said: (Fri, Aug 29, 2014 07:56:32 PM)    
Its Sunny.

Science is bane because as a eg: farmers are supply water by boring or other hand pumps, but as we as we know that in earth only 1% is diking water is able. Due to the boring drink water and also the layer of our soil are going deep. As well increase the drinking waters.

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Anusha said: (Fri, Aug 22, 2014 06:07:49 AM)    
Hi everyone, it's Anusha here. I say that science and technology is boon as well as curse but taking a single side of it, I say it to be boon. Our great scientist Thomas Alva Edison said that someday man will harness the rise and fall of the tides, imprison the power of the sun and release atomic power. Today if there was not development of science and technology then you might be unable to red my this information, could you? Its of course no. Carl Sagan has expressed clearly that "We've arranged a civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend upon science and technology. So, I say though every coin has two sides one should know the reality and choose the best.

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Piyush Verma said: (Thu, Aug 21, 2014 02:13:19 PM)    
When the universe reveals more secrets to man by means of science, there is hope that the present man will soon become a superman and eventually science would only be a boon and not a bane of his life.

Science without conscience is death of the soul.

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Vijay Kumar said: (Mon, Aug 11, 2014 07:26:56 PM)    

I think science is very good boon for us by containing like new technologies and it helps the people very good way. It helps in many types of subjects like agriculture, in medical, in transportation, and education. By these types of facilities are able to us so we should use this in proper way. In science we all say all time that we should not waste electricity, water, food. Etc. Are we follow the science?

Thank you.

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Manish said: (Fri, Aug 1, 2014 10:40:22 PM)    

In my point of view I think science is not a boon or not a bane it depends on our attitude and the way we use it. As science has given us many things which make our life easier it depends on us how we use it.

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Uday said: (Tue, Jul 29, 2014 03:50:28 PM)    
My dear friends,

As We know 'Every sticks has two sides', like in that way we can say science is said to be as a boon and as well as bane also. Boon in the sense that it makes our life more easy and comfortable by using various technologies like machines and devices. For example:if we take Washing Machine as an one example where we can wash and dry our clothes more easily and comfortably. And Boon in the sense that if we see it makes us lazy and due to this we have nowadays more diseases like arthritis problem etc.

And earlier what we have we generally used our body parts like hands or legs for washing clothes and there is a less chance of getting this type of problem. So by giving this 1 example I want to say that in today's world we can't say whether science is a boon or bane.

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Lazaro Jackson Shija said: (Fri, Jul 25, 2014 01:56:58 PM)    
Like the use of the sun in our daily lives; science and technology increase the value of human life. For instance, we can be treated our different body weakness by the use of science and technology in the hospitals. But also on the other hand science and technology disintegrate our life due to the ex-rays and ultrasound radiation.

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Manish Nayak said: (Fri, Jul 25, 2014 12:00:31 PM)    
According to my point of view, science is a boom. Science has more advantages than Disadvantages. Science has made life more easy and comfortable. Science acts as a good servant. The bad side of science is not really bad as we think. The bad side of science is forcing and urging more people to improve the mistakes and make this world a better place to live in.

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Shambhavi said: (Thu, Jul 17, 2014 07:29:17 PM)    

Like every coin has 2 sides like that everything present in this world have negative and positive aspect. Same thing stand for science. It is making our life more comfortable but on the same hand risking our life just think of TV it entertains us but harmful rays coming out of this is harming our eyes, why going to far think of PCs from where you are gaining info right now but it is simply harming your eyesight.

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Arun said: (Thu, Jul 3, 2014 03:50:05 AM)    
Hi All,

Science is a boon as well as bane now a days we cannot imagine life without science like machines and device. In some case which helps and also bring harm to our health and life for example mobile it is machine for communication purpose but it has many bad thing also for health as well as for social life it depends how the people going to take it.

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Rohan said: (Sun, Jun 29, 2014 04:25:57 PM)    
According to me science is a boon, there are many advantages of science like the others have discussed earlier.

The bad side of science is not really bad. These bad signs of science are urging more people to improve the mistakes and make the world a better place.

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Sri Bindu said: (Fri, Jun 20, 2014 02:01:49 PM)    
HI friends,

Science is an perception of things or it can be considered as improvising the functionality of things. "every stick has two ends" it is the same with science it is a boon and a bane.

The reason why it is termed is because of the way it was utilised and the one responsible is human beings. I can impress it better, for example: the great scientist Albert Einstein invented mass energy equivalence (E=mc^2) but he never expected that it will be misused for creation of nuclear bomb which led to genocide.

So placing science in any one of the category is in our hands. Science has made human life comfortable as well lethargic. I sum up by saying that we as a future citizens should take science as boon but not a bane and contribute for nation development.

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Dhama said: (Wed, Jun 11, 2014 10:00:59 AM)    
In my point of view, science is a good servant and bad master. In our country having many technology, which was developed by using human knowledge. One or more person combined to form new product as company manufacturing products such as tv, bridge, washing machine and etc, which is used in day to day life. These are the product science is basically used in human life, so science is greatest gift for each and every one. Then I conclude that science is a coin. That has two sides, but view only one side. What our may be you will see only one side as a science is good servant.

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Sakshi Mohan Kashyap said: (Thu, May 29, 2014 12:25:10 AM)    
I think science is a boon as well as bane for us.

But this is 100% true now a days we can't imagine our life without science (machine, devices etc).

Science is also shows our country standard. Any country is more developed we automatically think about the advancement in technology. We always remember that people gives their opinion through the mobiles phones, computers, laptops this is also greatest gift of science to the man.

We share our thoughts very easily with the help of science.

No doubt, science gives us very adverse effect if we can use un -necessary or excess amount.

But we should always remember it excess is anything is bad for health or soul.

We should use technology but in limits.

Thanks for reading my opinions.

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Amrita said: (Wed, May 28, 2014 09:43:01 AM)    
Science is no doubt a boon for us. Can we ever imagine our life without electricity, roads, mobiles, internet, transport etc? Science has definitely changed our lives. If we are changing the natural resources it surely will have negative impact. We should develop science further to curb it rather than complaining and asking to stop development.

Do not forget the computer, tab or mobile you are using to comment is science's gift. Respect it, it will reward you. Misuse it it will punish you.

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Dipti said: (Mon, May 19, 2014 08:50:50 PM)    
Hey this is Dipti. They are right when they say that every coin has two faces. But only due the disadvantages we cannot avoid the advantages that science has in our day to day life. It plays a very crucial role in todays world. We should not blame science for being a bane, if you have to blame then blame the evil people who are misusing its powers and causing a threat to the society and mankind. Science is a boon but due to a few people it is turning into a bane.

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Brahmani said: (Thu, May 15, 2014 07:30:42 PM)    
Hey guys,

In my view science is just like a coin. Just like a coin having two sides science also has two sides. One is good and other is bad. Let us see some of them.

Science as a boon:

1. It made our lives easy and comfortable.

2. During the industrial revolution many machines were invented using science.

3. Due to development in transportation and communication we are able to meet our family and friends.

4. It gave us new medicines to cure many deadly diseases.

5. Due to TV and satellites we are able to know the whole world.

5. We can also compare the development among countries.

Science as a curse:

1. Due to the invention of nuclear weapons all the countries are afraid of another world war.

2. Though vehicles are helping us the pollution caused by them can't be overlooked.

3. Reduced the amount of physical exercise.

4. The bhopal gas tragedy caused a lot of harm to the lives of people.

5. All the radiation emitted by a lot of electronic devices is causing harm to many birds and animals.

These are only some of the merits and demerits of science.

Thank you for reading all my views and opinions.

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Ajay said: (Mon, May 12, 2014 09:44:56 PM)    
Science is a boon or bane:.

From my point of view, it completely depends on how you are using it, If you use it in proper way the result will be higher, if you use it in wrong way it may lead to destruction,

It is boon always because more advancement in technology suppose for eg if you take 15-17 century, people are wondered why the daylight is coming and in some regions sun is treated as god, Later on advancement in technology and in science showed out the strong reasons like solar eclipse, lunar eclipse etc. Science give us a way to find out the thing happening around us. Technology should be used in a correct way not in a misused way.

Thank you.

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Shiwam said: (Wed, May 7, 2014 05:21:16 PM)    
Good morning everybody!

I am Shiwam bhargava. I stand before you in the support of the motion "science has proved to be bane for human development".

Every coin has two faces like this science has both advantages and disadvantages. But its disadvantages are enormous and has horrific effects which can't be explained, some of its examples can be seen in Japan's Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear blast which cause loss of 220000 lives, Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster which killed 3940 peoples, these thing force me to think science has more bane than boon.

Actually Science is making all the people lazy because of some electronic machines. Science is a boon but because of some people it turns into a bane. There are lots of ways to cure everything but there is no specific way to cure cancer, tuberculosis etc. Today our human civilization not only have to face natural disaster, but other disaster such as CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) disaster which are produced by science, now a days there are many ways and many method by which human lives can be lost and these method are mostly created by science. When science create something good for us it has some disadvantages such cell phones it enables us to talk to anyone from anywhere it produce radiation which is very harmful for our brain. Science invention like computer, video games, X-box, plays station etc has made our young generation lazy and slow.

The Industrial Revolution created conditions where people in the country went to industrial areas to manufacture things in factories. Factories and the increased use of Technology led to pollution of the environment, and contributed to global warming. Families and the social support networks that we used to have became splintered and communities suffered socially. Health advances in pharmaceuticals etc.

I fail to understand why after that much negative impact of science we are using its inventions and method on same pace. Medicines and other medical treatment can cure diseases and have helped people but at the expense of ethical judgments by using animals in testing. Also, we have an aging population as health improvements increase but are left with increasingly stretched health resources to accommodate diseases such as age-related dementias, etc. Also, we are spending more time being sedentary at our PCs networking and using social technology when we could be exercising, therefore increasing our risk of ill health!

According to me science is bane rather a boon!

Thank you.

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Sakshi said: (Wed, May 7, 2014 12:48:49 PM)    
Hi this is Sakshi.

According to me, I think science is boon for us. It made our life easier and we all enjoying luxurious facilities due to science. Scientist is trying to make new technology and always innovate to new techniques for human being. We are all using new android phones just because of science. So I think science is boon for us.

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Durga Pooja said: (Fri, May 2, 2014 09:21:04 PM)    
"science"made our short life easier it is merit to us as a human being. It has developed our brain. With the help of science, we discovered and invented many machines. So, according to me SCIENCE is very very very very useful and not a bad one. We should use it in a good manner. Will you agree?

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Manas said: (Fri, May 2, 2014 07:01:52 PM)    
Science is neither boon nor a bane. It all depends on our attitude and the way we use it. Take the case of Nuclear energy, firstly it was used in bombs making it a fatal hazard for the whole humanity, Hiroshima and Nagasaki are perfect examples of it but this same energy is used today in nuclear reactors in electric power plants.

Thus, signifying that it all depends on us and how we use it.

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Krati said: (Mon, Apr 28, 2014 07:12:13 PM)    
Electricity is a main source of energy has revolutionized the Earth. Science has made medical field enough advanced that today the average life of a human being has raised to 90 years. Science also worked for plant life as well and now we have enough food for all.

We have enough clothing and better security too. This all became possible due to science and technology. Computers, Cell phones, TV and Radios are all products of Science. So, it is very easy to conclude that Science is beneficial for mankind.

There is also another side of the coin. Destructive weapons like guns, rifles, atom bombs etc. Are also came from Science. It is science that gave us different types of power like electric power and nuclear power. If all these powers and weapons are not used in a negative way, there is nothing to fear. But, unfortunately these all powers are destructing our Earth.

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Krati said: (Mon, Apr 28, 2014 07:09:24 PM)    
Modern age is full of scientific advancement. Every area whether for earning or recreations people depends on scientific technology. Technology has revolutionized human life. People able to get up-to-date information through this advancement. Every aspect of life depends on technology. We can't imagine a world without this modern science.

Some may argue that scientific advancement is a threat to mankind. Everything has its own advantage and disadvantage. Einstein would have never imagined that his e=mc^2 would take the lives of innocent people. Thus the science is not to be blamed it is the evil man who is misusing its power is to be blamed for all the danger it causes.

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Likitha said: (Thu, Apr 17, 2014 04:38:03 PM)    
SCIENCE made a life easier but although it has many advantages it has disadvantages also. It means a knowledge. Now a days it is very useful for daily life. The invention of rockets made to explore the world. Without science life is not so easy and no one used their brains. There are many inventions and also discoveries that led the world change. Science made everything possible.

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Dilpreet Kaur said: (Wed, Apr 9, 2014 08:24:45 PM)    
Science has adversely as well as positively affected our life. One of the most important drawback of science is the creation of bombs especially the nuclear bombs have lead to the growth of increased number of wars as they have the technology through which they find an easier way to fight with one another. On the other hand positive effect of science has lead to a great advancement in the sphere of education which led to birth of new instruments in education like smart classes that is the visual as well as interactive learning which has helped the to develop a new level of thinking. There are many inventions in science it purely depends on the human brain how to make use of this gift of machines and inventions whether as a boon or a curse.


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Shamitha said: (Wed, Apr 9, 2014 03:06:58 PM)    
Actually Science is making all the people lazy because of some electronic machines. Science is a boon but because of some people it turns into a bane. There are lots of ways to cure everything but there is no specific way to cure cancer, tuberculosis etc. So its a kind request to my dear friends. Please don't make the boon to bane.

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Arun Kumar said: (Sun, Mar 30, 2014 09:59:09 AM)    
Every thing in this world will have both the negative and positive shades. In the same way science may be boon or bane to the present world. It depends on the human how he invented and using it. If we use it in proper way it is a boon to us. Otherwise it is bane. Now a days climate is uneven due to the human only. In other case he is leading good and luxurious life. So it the matter of human how they invent things without disturbing environment.

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J.Jenish Raja said: (Tue, Mar 25, 2014 11:07:09 AM)    

In my point of view, science and its advancement is a boon to us. Science had changed our lifestyle, educational status, knowledge to a better and standard level. The new inventions and equipments are the children of science. Neglecting the negative sides of science, science is a boon to us gifted by mankind.

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Mostafizur Rahman said: (Mon, Mar 24, 2014 09:49:49 PM)    
I would say about science from on my personal views. We will see that everything has two face. Such as coin like that science. Actually it depends on how we upon use. If we use it in proper way that is boon. And if we use in wrong way that is bane.

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Laksh said: (Thu, Mar 20, 2014 10:34:19 AM)    
Today our life is like a machine. We will run for our needs so to relax or remove the burden of our life science is very important to us. In ancient days the life we live is totally different from today. For example there is need for accountant in olden days now we need computer skilled person. In my opinion science is a boon to us.

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Aishwarya Joshi said: (Sun, Mar 9, 2014 10:15:23 PM)    
Hi this is Aishwarya.

According to all of us science is a major part of our life. Like any part our body. If any part our body is removed we cannot survive without it. Like that only we cannot live without science in our life. Everyone blames science but I blame human beings for misusing the beautiful creation of science. Just for example take, our knowledge it comes from various books and internet that science has provided us.

Today we are debating on this topic because of knowledge that we have got from science. Only and only because of science we have developed in our day to day life. Science is a boon or bane, it only depends on our thinking and on how we make use of science. Creations of science are only for our convenience and for our development. The only thing is that we should not misuse it and harm anyone. And at last thinking and view is all that matters.

And according to me science is boon for me.

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N.K.Agrawal said: (Fri, Mar 7, 2014 08:35:46 PM)    
I think science is boon and crush because our life is only depend on the science. Day to day science are invented different technical instruments like mobile, AC. etc. But poor people are not use for the technical instruments. So, they think science is crush.

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Sanaya said: (Tue, Mar 4, 2014 02:08:53 PM)    
I think science is like a coin which has two sides. One is its advantages and also has disadvantages. It is a boon only if we use it properly. It can be a bane if misused. Just like nuclear weapons, etc.

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Sourabh said: (Sat, Feb 22, 2014 01:02:52 PM)    
Hi I am Sourabh friends today we hear that there is increasing temperature and the ice on polar region is melting and there is rise in sea level because of these there is danger of tsunami etc. Therefore the science is bane the science is boon for us but humans use it wrong and it becomes bane for us.

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Affry Shayana said: (Sat, Feb 15, 2014 07:05:38 PM)    
I would say science has two faces. It is with the humans to take the write choice. When you fire a wood to get warm it is boon at the same time when you fire the same to destroy something it is a bane. So we should choose wisely.

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Amar Jeet Kumar said: (Fri, Feb 14, 2014 09:51:51 PM)    
Hi, from my point of view. Science is really a boon because in the the field of science there is large number of increment in technology. Science give's a lot of equipment or devices. Which makes our works easy. In other way science is also a bane, its because the devices like mobile, computers, TV etc takes much time. It destroys our time and divert our mind from studies.

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Sonal Jaiswal said: (Thu, Feb 13, 2014 07:44:34 PM)    
Hello this is Sonal who wants to tell you that science is a bane because you know that now every people have mobile phone it is useful to communicate but by the signal of the towers of the mobile phone a number of sparrow are dying. For our need the nature is very boring because this animal and birds are making the nature wonderful but not only birds and animals plants too but they are also dying. So I will say that science is a bane. If you like my advice then please like it.

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Vishal Thakur said: (Thu, Feb 13, 2014 06:23:47 AM)    
Science will always be a boon to human beings. Because of science we had merely all our needs. Science is a man power and a man achievement. It totally depends on human beings to use it in a good or a positive way.

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Keerthibala said: (Wed, Feb 5, 2014 08:48:53 PM)    
In my point of view, science is always a boon. Today we are enjoying our luxurious life only because of scientific inventions and technology. We can't say it as a bane. Science or scientific inventions are the innovative ideas of our man power. It is only meant for good and constructive purpose. But there is a fault in the human's mind which make them.

To use it for destructive purpose. It doesn't matter what the advancement of science, it is a matter of human to approach it in positive way.

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Samruddhi Dhamapurkar said: (Tue, Feb 4, 2014 04:36:08 PM)    
Each and every thing on this universe has two sides like that of a coin. Some may abuse it but some may make and try to make a better use of it. No doubt, science and technology makes our life easier and more active but, today, mans enormous schedule may make science a curse as well as a boon to human life. Today's generation has a very bad impression towards exercising and playing as well. This makes our life dull.

Science has risen up many inventions like computers, which nowadays are used for bad and destructive purposes. If you think good, science was, is and always will be a blessing. But if you think in a destructive and cruel way it will always be a curse. Well, it is said where there is a will, there is a way. Thinking is all that matters.

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Marri.Nataraj said: (Mon, Feb 3, 2014 06:06:21 PM)    
Hai. Friends, this is NATARAJ, I would like to say that science is not a boon, it is really a bane but we ourselves making it as a boon. See for example, take atom bombs, they can be used to blast big. Big. Mountains and hence we can get minerals, gold, steel from underground but mostly now-a-days they are used for killing lot of people at a time. Like so taking any scientific invention we have many uses to use them in proper and usuable way. Because of number of scientific inventions we are now living with all needs. SO I can say that science is "NOT A BOON IT IS A BANE".

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Om Gangurde said: (Sun, Feb 2, 2014 05:41:35 PM)    
I Think Science is a curse because.

The Industrial Revolution created conditions where people in the country went to industrial areas to manufacture things in factories. Factories and the increased use of Technology led to pollution of the environment, and contributed to global warming. Families and the social support networks that we used to have became splintered and communities suffered socially. Health advances in pharmaceuticals etc.

Have helped people but at the expense of ethical judgments by using animals in testing. Also, we have an aging population as health improvements increase but are left with increasingly stretched health resources to accommodate diseases such as age-related dementia's, etc. Also, we are spending more time being sedentary at our PCs networking and using social technology when we could be exercising, therefore increasing our risk of ill health!

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Mounika said: (Tue, Jan 28, 2014 11:05:09 AM)    
Science will be boon to those who uses it in the perfect way but it will be bane who doesn't. We can't expect the present day life without science and its inventions. It had made our life easier and made us lazy too. We are depending too much on the latest inventions as a result we are facing many problems. We are not even giving importance to the human but we will give a lot of importance to the things of science. As a result of the developing science, we are facing a threat to the world. We ourselves trying to destruct the earth and the human race even. Science should be used in a proper way such that no harm should be done to the human race.

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Khushi said: (Sat, Jan 25, 2014 01:09:47 PM)    
As everybody said that science is a boon as well as curse because people are misusing for making nuclear bombs that affect a city as well as its mankind.

Science has made so many technologies some of them are fridge, AC, etc., But because of them the people are getting lazy, there is much pollution and global warming.

So, we should use it very carefully.

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Harshita Choudhary said: (Sun, Jan 19, 2014 08:42:18 PM)    

"Science" great word. Today's life is notate all possible without science. Today whatever we use in a day to day life science is involved in it. It is one of the most precious gift to us in our life. Science is involved in our life in some or other way. So we should appreciate this gift rather misusing it.

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Aniruddh Kardam said: (Sat, Jan 11, 2014 02:55:18 PM)    
Scientific discoveries and invention has made the life of men easier and smoother in the earlier day. Men had to undertake very hard job as scientific very devices and technical know how was not available. Besides hand work the process of production was very slow. Thus, most of the wants of men remain unfilled.

With the passage of time education and knowledge developed Men concentrated more and more on the study and application of the know now of science. Emphasis was laid on the study of science. Rigorous study and research of science resulted in numerous scientific inventions that resulted in the application of scientific method.

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