Is Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail sector good for India?

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Vijay said: (Jul 28, 2016)  
I strongly believe that FDI is the way to go when it comes to developing an economy. Apart from the influx of money the investment also brings in a flow of products, information and expertise. Looking back at history can give you examples of how FDI has helped countries. China was a closed economy up until the 1970's after that it opened its doors to FDI from countries of the west quoting cheap labor and low wages as benefits. China is today an economy worth 14 trillion dollars.

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Harsh said: (Jul 26, 2016)  
In my opinion, FDI is good for our economy to some extent as we'll get superior technology which can produce goods in most cost effective manner and with improved quality as well. Along with that, it will provide high paid jobs to the unemployed youth of our country. And there are several other benefits but as we know everything has its own merits & demerits. We know that our economy is still in its developing phase and almost 70% population still lives in villages and these MNC's do not target these areas because of low profits. And it will also pose a stiff competition for small firms.

FDI can be good only when government Makes rules and policies keeping in view that they do not affect much to these small firms.

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Venkatesh said: (Jul 26, 2016)  
FDI in retail has both positive and negative impacts on Indian economy.

Firstly, the positive impact is a huge inflow of foreign investment comes from India and create jobs, provide goods at a cheaper rate because of increased competition and higher demand. And the negative impacts are with the entry of such retail giants all the retail shops and small markets will be affected because they can't sell goods at such discounts.

And moreover instead of allowing FDI in the retail sector to increase capital, the government has to take measures in providing tax benefits, generating internal capital, which helps in expansion of such business activities for Indian companies like Future Group, Avenue Malls Ltd etc. This is good because instead a foreign player coming and establishing a new sector by giving a push to Indian companies can benefit more because in the event of exit of such foreign companies India need not pay back.

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Shwetha said: (Jul 25, 2016)  
Hi everybody,

According to me, FDI has no of disadvantages than advantages because of following reasons.

* Medium businesses men cannot improve their economic level because of FDI, since people get more attracted towards FDI based retail store.

* FDI helps in the development of foreign country rather than our country due to increasing rate of tax paid.

* FDI decreases the value of rupees in comparison to the dollar.

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Chandrashekhar Raddi said: (Jul 25, 2016)  
YES, it is good for India.

Because in India, most of the educated people's unemployment. FDI comes to India 20% solve the unemployment and PM Narendra Modi introduced new schemes it helps to people for self-employment in village FDI is good for India.


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Sudheer said: (Jul 25, 2016)  
I think it is good for the nation but it is not good for citizens.

Why because many peoples are engaged in retail sector, when FDI is enter in retailer sector then it become big hard to retailers.

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Naveen said: (Jul 25, 2016)  
Yes, it is good to some extent. India being a developing country require more investment in order to create a better environment. Through foreign investment, it is somehow reliable and meet to labor demands which in today time became more common in developing countries. So it's good to allow FDI to some controllable aspect nd Indian should learn the way how the MNC's earn profit nd their way to create developed technology.

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Roshan said: (Jul 24, 2016)  
Hello, friends.

Is foreign direct investment (FDI) in India retail sector for good or bad.

Every coin two-part advantage and disadvantages.

In India, foreign company establishment that our society and the nation living standard increase and government also increase in tax revenue and consumer received a better product with satisfaction.

Technology and employment effect to foreign country deal in India.

Before 25 years back in the automobile sector in India only one and two companies car that many automobiles sector in India that increase of technology.

In FDI company in customer attract also stylish and fasion products that in small business effects in development.

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Richa said: (Jul 24, 2016)  
Hi, this is Richa.

FDI having both merit and demerit.

In Indian like reliance. Tata company are MNC working in foreign. Benefit is they give a chance to Indian go to foreign and share knowledge. Similar so many newly launched technology aware the new generation.

But it can be harmful to Indian. In olden day east, India company came in India. And Indian have to fight for their freedom.

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Dhananjay Sarangi said: (Jul 22, 2016)  
Hello friends,

FDI systems can provide:

1. Employability.
2. We can get a no.of variety product.
3. It will increase the value of the place.
4. Overall it will change the outer layer of India.

But, we know that. Day by day. Its population increasing rapidly. The no.of people whose everything depends on upon their small business will directly get affected by FDI.

ALL the profit of FDI will go to their foreign organization.

So, in my opinion, we should not support FDI. Which will indirectly affect our financial & social system.


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Amit said: (Jul 21, 2016)  
I am in partial support for FDI and I think that the main focus should be given to boost entrepreneurship in our country itself as our country doesn't lack in anything but investment from the government.

A government should give chances to new entrepreneurs with great ideas which will increase production, services, employment, money flow within our county, economic and financial growth, increase in GDP etc,.

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Shubham said: (Jul 20, 2016)  
It seems era is coming back again, we are allowing outsiders to set up their markets here, slowly and slowly they are going to push back the middle-class businessman, and degrade our economy, again we are going to work under them.

Why don't we create jobs, don't we have money or we lack with talent?

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Srishti said: (Jul 18, 2016)  
Hello India.

In my view, FDI is need of India. As India is a developing country with large of population, to compete with the developed country our nation must have to sound like them.

FDI is profitable as it decreases the cost of products and foreign countries invest in our country through tax.

It has a single drawback that the value of rupees undergone over dollar, instead of that India need to be more technical more powerful so FDI is positive sign for India.

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Aman Chauhan said: (Jul 17, 2016)  
Hello everyone,

As per my view, FDI is like a chewing gum. It tastes sweet in the beginning but after that becomes taste less.

Likewise in the beginning it will provide Funds, employment opportunities, better technology, etc but after that, it will dominate the Indian market, will have a crucial role in the depreciation of Indian Currency.

The best way to grow the country's economy is the emergence of more and more new entrepreneurs.

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Dhiraj Borde A'Bad said: (Jul 17, 2016)  
Yes, it is so helpful for India because it will help us to increase employment in India. As we have largest youth population, we need jobs for them. The whole world is looking towards India as the production house, but we should not be satisfied only on the increase in jobs, we should also look for the increase in skills, and according to me, FDI will share technology and skills too.

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Mandeep S said: (Jul 17, 2016)  
I think foreign direct investment (FDI) has both merits and demerits as every topic or every point has it has merits in its own ways like foreign direct investment will increase employment and capital abilities and also introduce new technology which can development in production and manufacturing line.

But its demerits are the small manufacturer will be wiped out and the products belonging to a particular country will have vanished.

But there should be FDI in limit only the investors having the intention to make the profit as well as develop the country and it resources in which he is investing. Only they should be allowed for investment.

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Shubham Verma said: (Jul 16, 2016)  
As from my colleague point of view, they are somehow right, I think FDI should be there in retail sector but there should some proper constraints which can keep an eye on FDI such that the smaller industry of India does not get affect badly. So FDI should be their but not 100%. The reason for the FDI should be there is that the consumer will get the quality product as there will be competition between the producer and the reason for the FDI should not be 100% is that if 100% investor will come from foreign then it will badly affect the economy of small level investor in India.

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Dev Pansari said: (Jul 16, 2016)  
Hi All, I think, the FDI help us to upraise the country development and growth but our government economist should have a proper eye to control on inflow & outflow because the excess of inflow can decrease the value of Indian currency which meant, we might become a dependent Nation. We do have other source & we all should contribute to maintaining the pride of our nation.

FDI is a fruit which will help to boost up our strength but if we take it in excess then it will make us sick.

So, my friends, I hope you all will agree with my words.


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Sanmathi said: (Jul 15, 2016)  
It is really a very good concept as Indian can get to know about many technologies and also it can give the necessary exporting products to the other countries. This may help India to get accomplished with many countries and can also become a friend to the neighboring countries which is a good site for us also and to the other country also. So, according to me, FDi is must.

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Bhavik Prajapati said: (Jul 14, 2016)  
According to my thought, FDI gives more opportunities for Indian who are jobless. Because Foreign company have new technology and give better product quality. FDI increase job in the various sector. Although it's like demerits of our country also because foreign company invest in India and profit goes to their country, so it affects our economy so it has merits and demerits too.

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Anshul Singhal said: (Jul 14, 2016)  
Hello friends,

As per my point of view, until and unless we could not get the technologies and way of doing the business our country could not grow as much as it can. Hence, FDI in retail sector bring technologies and also people will get the goods at fair prices which lead to more consumption. Hence, FDI in the retail sector is good for India.

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Amit Raj said: (Jul 14, 2016)  
In my opinion, it is good as well as bad. It is good as we will get money from outside to develop our infrastructure and economic condition, at the same time it is bad because it will not encourage the people to overcome deficiency which they have.

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Raj said: (Jul 13, 2016)  
Yes, of course, it is good because it will create employment in India. Beside it will help to improve our development.

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Adnaan said: (Jul 12, 2016)  
I would like to say FDI in retail is good for India because as we all know India is a developing country it needs money for its infrastructure to be built, so when foreign money will be invested it will good for Indian economy no doubt about it but retailers of India have to face a tough competition. As there will be the competition it will surely good for all Indians as the price for most of the goods will go down and also the quality of goods will be improved which is much important. But still, it has some disadvantage too that should look by the government.

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Satish said: (Jul 11, 2016)  
As per my point of view FDI in retail sector is not as beneficial to India because our country is developing one there is lot of manpower engage in retail sector and carrying their livelihood if there will be FDI, I do not think that FDI can generate employment for all those who are engaged in retails sector.

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Rahul said: (Jul 11, 2016)  
I think FDI should be allowed in India. India being a labour surplus country needs a job, FDI will bring jobs and technology in India. Moreover, it will make the market more competitive and will help in development of economy. But FDI should not be allowed in SME's. If FDI comes in SME then it will surely eat away this sector and instead of proving to be good it will become a nightmare for the country.

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Mohit Shukla said: (Jul 11, 2016)  
FDI, in general, is good for India, but its importance varies sector wise. For some sectors, it will act as a launching platform to obtain unassailable growth which was not earlier obtained as there were very few active players but for few, it is not much fruitful and retail sector is one of them.

There are two factors through which we can comment upon the essence of FDI, one being consumer experience and other is of those who are dependent upon it for their livelihood. As per consumer point of view, influx of MNCs will surely raise the bar of quality of product delivered to them and also the cost factor will be in their favour, services provided to us be will be world class and also there will be fewer cases of consumer's inconvenience.

But the situation is not favourable to all, there are many who are in this sector for their living and advent of MNCs will pose threat to it and which will, therefore, result in increase in the level of unemployment. Though foreign players will create job opportunities but most of them had underpaid their employees and also there is not any job security to them.

So while allowing foreign investments in any sector, we should check the number who are going to be affected by it and in retail sector, these numbers seem to be very large, so in my view, FDI can be allowed in retail but for only in small percentage.

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Harish Chand said: (Jul 11, 2016)  
Yes, I think FDI in the retail sector is good for India. As we all know that the biggest problem which we are facing is unemployment, so when these companies will start their operations here it will create a lot of job opportunities in India. Secondly, when these companies will come it will be increasing the competition which will be helping in reducing the price of the product, so ultimately the consumer will be benefited. Thirdly it will be increasing our tax collection which will be further used fr the benefit of the society.

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Pulkit Jain said: (Jul 10, 2016)  
In my view, FDI in retail sector should not be promoted in India. This is because India is a developing and as a developing nation we need jobs to be created to conquer unemployment. And if these companies enter India they will make the whole process automated with the advanced technology they have.

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Mala said: (Jul 8, 2016)  
I support FDI. India, being a developing country lag in the investment. But when FDI is supported, there won't be any more problems for the investment. FDI provides the capital and when this is adopted in India, the competition increases which results in the decrease in the price of the various products.

This also provides employment in our country. Moreover, the technological development will be damn high.

Approaching FDI in this manner, India will be highly compete-ting for the further internal developments.

Small scale industries will start working hard when FDI brings out tremendous changes in the economic growth.

Technologies that are beneficial can be used in agriculture and in defense too.

Hence FDI in the retail sector is good for India.

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Jyothi said: (Jul 8, 2016)  
I belive that FDI is good for India. India is a developing the country.

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Pranavi Gupta said: (Jul 8, 2016)  
Hello, everyone!

I am Pranavi.

Instead observing benefits from all the point if views. Just go for how far it is good for us? Foreign direct investments need lots n lots of interactions with foreign countries. So when the other country political issues changes. When we interact with that country foreign direct investment is very risky. And we have to face a late of risks for that.

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Rachana.R.Pillai said: (Jul 8, 2016)  
Hello everyone,

As many of you said FDI is a good source to bring finance and development in our country, what about the basic problem which still exists in our country I. E, illiteracy. Still half of India is illiterate. Without proper education how will our country develop?So before allowing FDI into our country, we need to develop internally. As education can change a developing country into a developed country.

Thank you.

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Jijo Jacob said: (Jul 8, 2016)  
Hi Friends.

We know that India is a developing country, and a developing country's biggest problem is unemployment, if the foreign company will invest in India and open their malls, they will give job opportunities to both skilled and non-skilled people.

FDI will make consumers realise the importance of quality products and make them available goods with the wider choice. It would lead to forfend of middleman who traps the farmers in the vicious circle of corruption. It would make access to new technology which would result in ampleness of goods, eventually leading to rising in exports and increased profits. And also it will create more employment opportunities for Indian people.

I think FDI is not the threat for India but a boon for the Indian economy.

India would become more competent, developed and the most likely destination for investment.

Thank you!

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Rajat Mehra said: (Jul 5, 2016)  
Yes, in my view this is good because it will bring good technology and employment in India. The Indian consumer will get improved quality product by using good technology.

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Sidhi said: (Jul 5, 2016)  
Hy guys.

As per my point of view, FDI should be restricted from certain areas of retailing sectors. Because there are certain small manufacturing units whose business could b collapsed if MNC's entrees. I think government Should take the initiative to encourage these sme's 2 manufacture quality products and raise their business to the top.

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Anshuman Palia said: (Jul 4, 2016)  
In my view, instead of seeing every solution in FDI, we should encourage domestic investors to compete with each other and grow. If the Indian producer allowed competing with the companies of foreign nations, then Indian company will suffer due to the technological advancement of developed countries. Another point is India is a labour surplus country. So in a labour surplus country, if foreign companies will use capital intensive technology then the fewer job will be created. No doubt, to run a machine manpower is needed.

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Akanksha said: (Jul 3, 2016)  
Hello, friends.

I believe that FDI is good for India at certain extent as because it provides employment to our country as we are developing country but I also believe that we should learn the way MNCs are working and get profit and try to implement those ideas to start a new business and no individual should be stuck with one company for the rest of life and every individual should start his small scale business and make growth and should also create employment for Indians.

I believe that everyone can grow by their own mind it only need to be polished; we should work hard to make our India a developed country and it'll only happen when we make in India and also we make for India.

Thank you.

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Pawan Kumar Mahawar said: (Jul 1, 2016)  
First of all, India is developing the country. It needs billions of rupees to develop the infrastructure and technology. FDI can provide money for development.

Some supporting points to implement FDI:.

1. All foreign company or multinational company will provide money to our country, like taxes.

2. It will provide employment in the country. Now in days, that is very big.

3. It will decrease the price of products and services because increase in competition will decrease price. Like call rate was more than 5 rupees per minute. But now in days, call rate is below 1 rupees per minute by increasing the competition in a telecommunication company.

4. It will provide better or superior technology that is necessary for defence and research industry.

5. No.of mediators will decrease and price of the product will definitely decrease. It may also increase unemployment of small retailers, if you have to sustain in the market you have to do extra effort. Like some shopping malls based on domestic products are also sustaining before shopping malls based on foreign products.

6. In the agriculture industry, it will also provide technology and machine, that will reduce time, money, effort of farmers.

So, FDI is necessary to our country to develop. It is like a necessary devil because the use of foreign products will lead to the decrease in rupees value compare to the dollar.

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Ishita Agrawal said: (Jun 29, 2016)  
Hello, friends!

As to discuss FDI, primarily I would like to mention that I am in a very much favour of FDI in India.

In this epoch of great evolvement wherein there are startup companies, blue chip companies, rural development and so on, the level of competition is bound to change.

One query is frequently raised that 100% FDI would lead to the evacuation of domestic industries. But from my point of view, it would rather make them more competent. And to talk about competition, why would Indian industries get afraid of foreign industries.

Don't we have high competition in the Indian industry itself?

It's not the question of competition but about the quality of the product, these companies deliver. FDI will make consumers realise the importance of quality products and make them available goods with the wider choice. It would lead to forfend of middleman who traps the farmers in the vicious circle of corruption. It would make access to new technology which would result in ampleness of goods, eventually leading to rising in exports and increased profits. And also it will create more employment opportunities for Indian people.

It is also said that FDI would lead to the lack of resources in our country as the foreign companies will make excessive use of them.

But my dear friends, firstly they are not getting these resources free of cost and secondly, according to the rules they can use only 25% resources from India and the rest should be from outside the country.

It is not the threat for India but a boon for the Indian economy.

India would become more competent, developed and the most likely destination for investment.

Thank you!

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Arpita said: (Jun 29, 2016)  
My personal point of view is that FDI is no more good for India because the people of India will make the servant of the foreign company. But India will developed by FDI.

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Sirajudheen said: (Jun 28, 2016)  
FDI should implement in few sectors like defence where we need more technologies with strict rules. With more foreign investments money flows out of our country, this is not good for our people. If FDI implemented in the retail sector and agricultural sector this will lead more technology-enhanced work and finally many farmers will lose their jobs because they are not much familiar with such equipment and also less no: of people are required for the work. We should start using our own products then only our economy will develop and our people will get benefited.

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Sankar said: (Jun 28, 2016)  
I accepted FDI limits in India good living.

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Saurabh said: (Jun 28, 2016)  
In my point of view, FDI should not be given as much support and favour in the retail sector because competing for foreign companies to our Indian markets is not an easy task they have super high technology in various sector and they can easily flourish and gain revenue from us. It is right that they have given us jobs over a period of time but remember that they are using our brain to create further advancement in their business if we use that idea for our Indian market we can flourish. Meanwhile, it is good also we can take technology and ideas from them to become more independent in coming decades after all we should support the initiative of 'make in India' so that our Indian markets can flourish further.

Thank you.

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Yugendra Reddy said: (Jun 28, 2016)  
Hello friends,

My opinion is good for India. The first thing is it improve the technology in our country, this factor compulsory need because India is developing the country. This key we learn and adopt new path.

Aspiring become a developed country.

British acquisitions by before independence, they make lot changes.

My second thing is it majorly affects formers, but the government takes coin decision about this victim, India has huge amounts of cultivated area and lot of non-cultivated areas also. Apart from the forest and reliable sources, so government provides all facilities in that area for people are work and living.

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Nikhil said: (Jun 26, 2016)  
Hi, friends.

FDI is the direct investment of companies across the border to manufacture and sell their product at cheap wages. FDI took place in 90's when India were suffering from economic crisis. It helped not only India but many countries to recover their economic status back.

FDI have following advantages.

1. Increased capital inflow.

2. Better technologies.

3. Better quality human capital.

4. Increased competition.

5. Economic sustainability.

I think FDI should be allowed in India with respect to different sectors. IN sectors like defence, railway, pharma, infrastructure it should be allowed through automatic route so we can get the best technology which develop our country by increasing our capital inflow.

In industries it should be through govt route which should have allowed under rules and regulations so it will save from fire sales. So local companies will work with more potential with competition which will help them to develop.

FDI should be balanced with encouraging local businesses and startups.

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Raghav said: (Jun 25, 2016)  
Good evening Everyone,

Before understanding, if FDI in retail sector good for India or not, we need to understand what actually FDI is and what are its effects on different aspects of India. Well, FDI stands for foreign Direct Investment, which means foreign companies can come to India and Invest their money here for various purposes.

I Believe, FDI can be beneficial in some domains like Technology, Defense, Medical etc but it can also be a danger to India in other Domains like Retail. So, I believe FDI in the retail sector is not Good for India.

Though I agree that FDI in retail will surely increase the GDP and economy of India but this is going to a devastating thing for Small Indian retailers. The biggest example is Wallmart, which though provides the jobs to Indians but on the other hand takes away their entrepreneurial skills. They are no longer their own boss and hence they need to work under big firms. Certainly, they cannot compete with these big firms and hence this will affect the poor and lower middle-class people which are the major population of India.

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Shalini Agrawal said: (Jun 24, 2016)  
Hello everyone,

In my view. Yes FDI is good for India.

As we know that our county is developing the country. So to get the name in the list of developed countries. We need to shake our hands with one who has more sources than us.

No doubt, foreign countries are more developed than us and investing there will help us in globalising also. Thanks.

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Ritesh said: (Jun 24, 2016)  
Yes, FDI is really good for India. I will prove my point by taking only one example.

Before 1983 in India there were very few automobile companies. People had to wait 2 or 3 years to buy a car, also car was out of range of middle-class family. But when Suzuki company of Japan from the joint venture with Maruti Udyog Limited it totally changed the automobiles sector in India, it put India on wheels. Many people in India got their car without any waiting at affordable prices.

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Nilesh said: (Jun 23, 2016)  
If FDI comes in India in retail sector small business man will die and what they will do they have compulsory go to job and FDI will enjoy our money like as past we became gulam in our country.

When congress has favouring FDI that time BJP has opposed of FDI I know that time and at in election campaign also BJP say we will not bring FDI any time and at present, they have permitted its wrong for our Indian people.

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Ravi Srivastva said: (Jun 23, 2016)  
Hello, guys!

I am Ravi.

I will present my views in support of FDI in retail.

Firstly, I think agriculture sector in India is over employed as 60-65% people are dependent on it and it contributes only 14-15% to GDP if FDI is allowed in retail it will bring in new technology which will require lesser manpower the remaining manpower can be utilised in any other sector. One may say that it will increase unemployment but over employment is a hidden form of unemployment with skill India programme of Indian government these people can be imparted with skills that can be useful for both economy and these people.

Secondly, these new firms with pockets full of money can buy crop directly from the farmer which will eradicate the problem of mediators who are harassing the farmers for years.

Thirdly talking about the small retailers who are threatened because of competition, if the foreign firms don't come in the market there are Indian firms too. For example, if Amazon doesn't start Amazon fresh store here Flipkart or snap deal will start it. If there will be Walmart there is big bazaar too. So there is no point in fearing from the competition, it is inevitable. They have to learn how to fight these big stores.

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Medikonda. Avinash said: (May 9, 2016)  
Hello friend.

FDI is good for India. FDI means cross the boarder investment made by a resistor in one economy in an enterprises in another economy, with the objective of establishing a lasting interest in the investe economy. Fdi need for India because the domestic capital is inadequate for the purpose of economic growth. And also we have scare productive factors like technical know when comparing developed countries. In my opinion the major benefits of fdi investment in India. Like as,

1. Improves forex position of the country.

2. Employment generation and increase in production.

3. Help in capital formation by bringing fresh capital.

4. Helps in increase exports.

5. Increase tax revenue.

6. Benefits of former.

7. Benefits of consumers.

8. New technology is developed And also long term cash liquidity.

9. Reduce the cost of production.

In 2016 the commerce and industry minister Mr. Nirmala sitharaman, fdi equity inflow received through automatic route in 2016 100% fdi to be allowed in food products produced and market in Indian so I accept to fdi is Bone in India.

Thank you my dear friends.

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Paul George said: (May 6, 2016)  
Hello, Friends.

In my opinion, FDI is good. It gives support to our economy. It opens the gate for employment. We will receive quality products.

Coming to the local market I think its good for them as well. Once the competition is high they will be forced to improve the quality of the products adapt to the situation. Once they are up to the international standards they can expand their products to other countries as well. Hence India should implement FDI and accept it as an opportunity to improve.

Thank You.

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Narip said: (Mar 26, 2016)  

I am fully against FDI because it's making us salesman, not a business man. Development of the country will be possible when Indian money is in the hand of honest Indian people. These big outer companies are in India not for making India but to dominate India and seeking Indian money. FDI will make us servant of foreigners again. India will be developed at a speedy rate when new business is started by Indians, not by foreigners. When a small or middle-class person starts a business it will give the job to 4-5 person depending on Indian sources, not on foreign loans. This big Walmart and cash and carry stores are the main reason for "MANDA" in the Indian market as they earn and sending profits to their own nation. They are not providing jobs but they are creating more unemployment by shutting down small business.

Only Indians can develop India by their honesty and hard work nor FDI neither foreign agree. FDI must be allowed in rail defence where it will not hurt small businessman and corruption could be stopped.

Indian govt making rich more rich and making poor more poor. FDI has stopped innovation in business the as the new business can not compete with them.

They are disobeying rules of govt as Indian govt does not allow FDI in retail bur these big outlets directly selling to end customers which cause a big danger to small businessmen of India and they have to shut down their business and becoming the salesman.

If Indian govt stops FDI in India in retail and multi-brand sector like metro cash and carry and best price stores all the business which are at the stage of wind up will get a box boom and make India more developed.


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Ramu said: (Feb 27, 2016)  
Hello friends.

I want to say, coming to India. Our country has a very big market. Foreign investors are now interested to invest their money in Indian retail market and present government of India also taking the necessary steps to improve the ease of doing business and attracting investment from other countries.

According to the calculations in 2014-2015, FDI inflows into the service sector is 46%. If FDI allows in retail market. The main focus of India be the employability to the people.

I believe that FDI is boon in Indian retail market. Because if reduced inflation rate by eliminating the role of mediators. More opportunities available because more companies will established of network in India so FDI is boon in India.

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Kasturi said: (Feb 10, 2016)  
FDI-Foreign Direct Investment, according to is going to bring great opportunity. Let it be in terms of employment, technology, profit making as just like Indian currency will be going t their country so will be their currency in our country.

Rate this: +10 -11

Ashu said: (Jan 28, 2016)  
FDI is good for developed country like our as:

1) We need certain kind of technology that can make us develop easily and early in the areas where we lack very much.

2) FDI will bring very GD competition amongst our own established firms and organisation.

3) FDI will bring employment as there will be establishment of industry.

4) FDI will focus on first develop India.

5) To have same kind of success path as world has or even to lead in many sectors FDI is needed.

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Amit Wandile said: (Jan 10, 2016)  
By listening to everyone I come to know FDI will develop Indian Economy to a remarking position in retail, stiff competition when it happen automatically goods cost are been low.

FDI will help in Defense Sector As well as in Technology Sector one must come to know the growth happening in Global Era due to which we can stand and improve our country's Position Strong as well as in a growth Position.

In Agriculture Sector if FDI comes matter is all about learning attitude if they adapt to culture by providing Proper knowledge, Workshop, Practical exposure they will also be in a remarkable position, it will also contribute in their career growth span. It must come but by Strategically in all Dimension according to Situation.

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Rathod Dharamsing said: (Dec 3, 2015)  
FDI (Foreign Direct Investment).

Is FDI threat for us?

My answer would be both yes-if there is no proper laws or regulations which are enacted by government.

No-if there is Fragmented ownership and higher cap or share in domestic owner. How it going to help us?

It may introduce new technology which is efficient and effective for small and large enterprises of our nation. Ultimately it help to improve infrastructure, transportation and storage of grains.

Now talking about the GDP in our country - the goods and services produced by resident of country and assets of foreign companies are include if it is within the border of nation but nationals of our country outside the nation are not included in GDP growth.

FDI will help farmer for value addition and supply chain management even in the procurement of produce.

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Anirban said: (Nov 22, 2015)  
When people say that we need to have FDI in sectors which have weak infrastructure I tend to agree with them but the matter of promoting FDI is not only limited to multi retail brands pushing local kirana shops out of business, it encompasses the vision of the country which needs to shift from an agrarian economy to a manufacturing based economy as clearly shown by the "MAKE IN INDIA" initiative if we want to enjoy high GDP growth rates.

There is one problem- "How do we create enough jobs to make the shift from agrarian to manufacturing based economy and how do we address the skill gaps?". I feel that FDI in the retail sector will enable a good portion of the people to make the shift and provide them world class training without a lot of expenditure to the exchequer.

It is not only that I also feel that the added competition to kirana stores are still there today from Indian MultiRetail brands like "Westside", "Shoppers Stop" etc. And they are holding their own even today. The added competition to Indian brands will only help us get competitive prices and better choices.

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Sreajan Agrawal said: (Nov 13, 2015)  
Only those who are not in favour of development of country will oppose FDI. With FDI India is gaining grounds in World Index.

Also the efforts of PM Modi are worthy enough to bring India in Uplifment of value in the eyes of World. Increases Brand Value and help country sail the ships of Competitive Diaspora.


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Sridas said: (Nov 12, 2015)  
My dear friends,

My first question to you all is, why is the US dollar rate going high especially against India rupee. We allowed companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi to set up manufacturing units in India where everybody thought it will create employment and yes it has created employment. Do you guys even know how FDI works. Same as profit/loss basis. Once the company pays their taxes, they can move the profit money back to their origin country.

So, whenever they are going to send in money, Indian money will be converted to USD and many of us here knows how it works, so we have to buy the USD mostly and transfer it to the origin country. In doing so, the money transferred from here by the companies is a loss to this country. Inflow is very less, but outflow is very humongous.

If FDI is allowed in sectors like retail, agriculture, etc. , it is a loss for the country. So a BIG NO FOR FDI in retail. They have big pockets. They will kill the small retailers, small businesses. As far as Defense sector and other sectors especially where technology is needed, yes we need FDI. Please put the country's interest first my dear friends.

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Maqusud Alam said: (Oct 16, 2015)  
FDI in India:

Our economy is agrarian and as we know that large population are living in villages and their livelihood are farming and small business. So if we are considering the development of our country than first of all we have to think about people who are underdeveloped. It will be better that if gov investing in agriculture to increase the production by the use of technology for increasing yield and to get more accurate information about whether.

Most important as per data and information through news in the past decade when there were support of government to farmers and encouragement of them than poverty of our country was in under control.

And as for FDI there is need of land and resources that will be provided to FDI and MNC's that uses high technology and machinery and I think it will create scarcity of job, employment for farmers and cottage businessmen.

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Rehana Tasneem said: (Oct 11, 2015)  
This is Rehana Tasneem.

I will not support FDI because it will shoe that our Indians are not intelligent many of the Indians more than 10% are working in silicon valley us this shows the intelligence of our Indians if we our self develop our own companies we will not lose many intelligent Indians who are producing their knowledge so I will not support FDI.

Thank you.

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Divya said: (Oct 8, 2015)  

My perception is, FDI is good for developing country like India. But only at certain limit. Because if they will provide any work we changed as a robot we can't express our talent and also their thinking about only earn salary.

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Tushar Sharma said: (Oct 4, 2015)  
I'm not in that much favour of FDI, although it will bring new technologies, employment opportunities and capital which will otherwise not available but first of all this is completely opposite to our Make in India program and the second thing is that those companies who will invest in India, their primary objective is recover their investment as soon as they can so they will exploit our natural resources and labour force by providing less wages to them n forces them to work for more no of hours.

But m not saying that the FDI should be zero as we are a developing country so we have to maintain good relationship with other countries. So FDI should be allowed but to a certain extent like in those areas which will decrease the import rate of India.

And in my opinion instead of direct investment these companies should be allowed to form a joint venture or collaboration with the local industries as it will help in the development of our local industries and also helps in the establishment of the foreign company so by this way both our Make in India program and FDI go well together.

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Vikas said: (Sep 24, 2015)  
I am of a view that FDI in India should be allowed and encouraged only in those sectors in which the country doesn't have a state-of-art infrastructure and also in those where we need heavy imports from other countries.

We must not take any inefficient decision in case of FDI but should give it a good (not very long) stretch of time and thus come up with a solution that is accepted by the people that eventually benefits the economic as well as the social condition of the nation.

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Sunil said: (Sep 23, 2015)  
I think it might not be a good phenomenon for a developing country like India because we are having large number of un employees and allowing FDI retail means we are indirectly providing the job opportunities to the foreign countries by making them build up their own organizations and this will effect even more in the economic downfall which is already taking place in your country.

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Kunal said: (Sep 21, 2015)  
I strictly oppose FDI in India.

FDI will lead to job losses. Small retailers and other small 'Kirana store owners' will suffer a large loss. Giant retailers and supermarkets like Walmart, Carefree, etc. Will displace small retailers supermarkets will establish their monopoly in the Indian market.

WE WILL ACT against FOREIGN FUNDED UNETHICAL ONLINE retailers in India. They must be punished for playing GAMBLING as it is not legal in India and also for anti competitive business practices.

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Rohitrajput said: (Sep 19, 2015)  
In my point of view, FDI is not at all good for India because India is a country with lot of rural areas. If we support FDI the rural area people position will become more hard because instead of increasing their economy it decreases their economic growth. And as a Indian I won't support in decreasing of our economy by buying foreign products.

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Parthivenkat said: (Sep 10, 2015)  
From my point of view, FDI is not need to India because here we have so many knowledgeable jobless peoples but if they working with foreign companies mean what is the use for our's, that country only developed not for our self, now a days so many top multinational companies have Indian CEO's in for that what is the use for our nation. If unemployment is the only reason for allowed FDI means there is no use for our nation.

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Yogesh Kumar Jaiswal said: (Sep 1, 2015)  
Hello everyone,

I Think in developing country like India FDI is must to develop infrastructure, economy&employment, because India need money and trained workforce for their own industry.

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Prashant Shlok said: (Aug 28, 2015)  
In my opinion FDI should be allowed in India only to a certain extent, because being a developing country it has to maintain good relations with some countries. But, it should be limited to only some sectors such as retail. Allowing FDI in retail sector will increase employment, competition, product quality and will decrease price of goods.

On the other hand, if we allow FDI policy in agriculture it will not be good for India. The reason behind this is most of the Indian people are farmers, foreign investors will do all the work with high technology machines, so farmers will lose their work and also most of them are not much qualified to either handle those machines or get other jobs. This aspect should also be considered.

So, basically FDI is the necessary evil but it must be implemented in certain limits. Also we should follow the initiative by our PM i.e. "Make in India".

Thank you.

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P.Madhuteja said: (Aug 17, 2015)  
FDI is good to our country to some extent. As our India is a fastest growing economy, our country needs good economic relations with other countries. And moreover FDI can develop our country economy and decrease unemployment and urbanization too. But our native goods will not be sold and there chances of decrease in our GDP.

Most important thing is that large amount of our population depends on agriculture. Implementation of machinery in agriculture sector may also increase in unemployment and moreover foreign companies will not help them at least. So our govt has to put some restrictions on FDI in favour of our people.

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Vipin Suman said: (Aug 5, 2015)  
Hello I'm Vipin Suman,

I am in the favour of FDI in retail. Because if it comes in India then out GDP also increase. And we get a proper bill for our purchase. And it will be helpful to us and as well as the government.

Because government get taxes from this and as I heard that if FDI comes in this sector then 80% jobs will reserve for Indians only. So by this our employment rate also increase.

We have so many product choices for us but in monopoly market we have so less choices to select the product. And at the last as a being customer we all wants our profit wherever it comes through FDI or Indian monopoly market.

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Shams Alam said: (Aug 1, 2015)  
No! its not good for India. In 1978 Chinese market was open for foreign investment and that time foreign company came in went to China and invest and Chinese worker doing a job.

But today's all Japan, German etc. company have worked with robot. And in this time India need to gave a job for people. If foreign company invest and high skills developed people need to work, so only engineers will going to work and that people also having do a job.

But not a low skills people go to job. India should try to developed in our agriculture field, because 60-65% people have depended still farming. BY the RBI GOVERNER RAGHURAJAN (its not a make in India it is make for India).

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Abhay Chhatrodiya said: (Jul 30, 2015)  
We should not always consider FDI as the Devil. Think how many of ours can live without western lifestyle. Everyone need new Hi-tech products.

The solution of this problem is to improve the skills of the Indian marketers, and make them capable to compete with the foreign investors. Because if we don't allow FDI in our nation then it directly means that we feel insecure from them.

Famous saying implies that "Insecurity makes one week and undeveloped".

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Narendra V said: (Jul 23, 2015)  
Hello everyone,

According to me FDI should not be allowed in India because it will largely effect our local retail sector. As the rupee value is demolishing day by day these foreign countries will be able to provide goods at a very low price which will not be affordable to our local sellers and hence they will have to close their medium of livelihood.

As we all know that India is a poor country and there are very few sources of income after arrival of these foreign huge companies the sources of income in the Indian market will become almost zero.

And after reading all the stories and history of British-raj in India I fear that our country will be slaved for another 200 years by another foreign reign, I know I am sounding a bit stereotypical but before letting those countries enter in our country again we should start searching for another Mahatma Gandhi!

Rate this: +21 -12

Pranay Gharde said: (Jul 11, 2015)  
There is no doubt that we Indians have better brains than any foreign citizen so bringing FDI in India as a means of developing technology is not appropriate. FDI should not be done in India as we all know that there is ratio of 1:63 between rupees and dollar and the main reason behind that is the consumption of foreign products in India from morning to night all we use a foreign products in terms of food, tools, cloths etc thus to avoid this FDI should not be promoted in India and apart from that our Indian investors have to follow the initiative started by our PM make in India this will bring the Indian economy back at equal level or after some years our rupee will lead dollar by ratio 60:3, this could be only possible when we start consuming Indian products and not depending on foreign products.

In the end I would like to conclude that a coin has two sides same as FDI has its own positive and negative effects but in Indian economy FDI should not be promoted much as it takes away money from India and to boost our economy all of us will have believe in make in India.

Rate this: +63 -10

Vivek Gupta said: (Jul 6, 2015)  
Hello guys, today I am going to present my views on FDI Foreign Direct Investment.

India is a developing country and it needs to focus on the service sector and specially in agriculture sector.

We have been facing problems about.

1. Crop failure due to improper rain,

2. Cereal spoiled due to less available storage facilities,

3. Unable to provide MSP to all the farmers.

4. Middlemen golfing the profit of farmers, create a situation of shortage which leads to high inflation.

5. Cereal grains don't have uniform rates all around the country.

All these problems will be reduced if we allow foreign companies to infuse their technologies to the agricultural field.

They have,

1. Expert guidance.

2. Large cold storage for storing grain.

3. Cloud seeding methods to make Rainfall in cloud agitated areas.

4. Efficient transportation and management.

It would boost biotechnology in our country, food will available all weather if places don't get water.

All the government needs to do is to have stringent control on their working and regulations and don't take any political advantage on it.

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Harsh Gupta said: (Jul 4, 2015)  

I personally believe that though foreign direct investment will improve employment condition but should be introduced into Indian market with some limitation because major of market is ran by small or big Kirana store which directly promote self employment.

Rate this: +13 -4

Shivangi said: (Jul 2, 2015)  
Yes FDI in retail sector in India is God, as due to it, it decreases the number of employment. For the development of a country it is very important to employment of the people, if the people will employment, then it is good for the developed countries.

As our Prime Minister has already told that for a developing countries, it is an important to people get employ then our India will also come under the developing countries like other developing countries america, France, Germany and other foreign countries.

From my view, If the foreign businessman invest in our country then it increases the employment.

Rate this: +7 -38

Pramod said: (Jul 1, 2015)  
FDI is good for any developing countries like India.

1. It will create jobs.

2. It will improve infrastructure.

3. Inrease productivity among competitor.

4. Will make things cheaper.

5. Will help to strengthen GDP.

Rate this: +37 -10

Keshav said: (Jun 29, 2015)  
Hello friends,

As per my opinion FDI (foreign direct investment) is not good in retail. Powerful foreign companies only have one goal to earn lots of money at any cost. They uses resources extensively. Also India has biggest ratio of small and moderate business so FDI affects badly this area and millions of people will lose their work. Also when all the market will captured by these companies then they impose high cost of products on customer and at that we shall have no option. So FDI is not good in retail but it may be better in defense area.

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Rohit Chauhan said: (Jun 21, 2015)  
I would like to add one point against FDI. i.e. environmental issues. Foreign companies will come here only because they know that, India is rich in natural resources, which are easily available here. They will destroy our ecosystem to gain more & more profit.

They won't bother about our future, therefore they will consume our resources without giving much attention, and after few year we have to face results only to gain employment & good infrastructure we should not compromise with our resources. For establishment of factories they need land, finally they will acquire farmer's land or they will cut our forests.

For example Delhi everybody knows that, there are lot of companies and factories, and everybody is well known about pollution level of Delhi, it is becoming severe day by day. Less number of trees but more number of peoples who breathe. Another example is "BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY" accused abandoned after incident who was foreigner. So many poor people alleged injustice.

So as my perception, we should allow FDI, but with certain limitation regarding our environment. We should allow 100% in defense sector it will be beneficial for us.

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Shivangi Bijpuria said: (Jun 20, 2015)  
From my view, FDI in retail sector in India is good because it increases the number of employment. Those who are unemployment, it give employment to the people whether it is students or working women. If the people pf people of our country will employed, then it is a great example of a country.

Due to it our country India will come under the developed country like other developed countries. Moreover, employment is very necessary for a developing countries. As our Prime Minister Mrs. Narendra Modi visit some parts of the world such as France, America, Canada so that they invest and manufacture their products in India so that the people of India will get employed.

If the people of India get employed then India will come under the name of developed countries like other foreign developed countries.

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Ali said: (Jun 4, 2015)  

This is Ali.

In my opinion don't allow fdi in India ! why not India itself produce everything? In spite of having everything, money. India is going out so that foreigners come and established his product/companies/retail/communication and many others sectors!

Nowadays in India more than 70% Indians use the product which belongs to outside India you can take example like sensodyne toothpaste, Levi's L'Oreal, American tourister and lot of products if I will list here I think word limit will get over!

If you buy anything for example Coke and Pepsi Thums Up than 80% money goes out of India and benefit is utilizing by foreigners! if anyone earn 10$ in USA, India gives 60+ RS 1:60 ratio.

30 years back (don't know exact date and year) it was 1:1 ratio India also lot of Indian products in every field if India ban foreign companies to come and establish his companies in our India. Than only India will reach good heights. Otherwise nothing will happen.

Why we not popular our products outside India and not going out to establish our company?Its my opinion you may differ.


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Chandan Kumar said: (Jun 1, 2015)  
Hi friends.

I am Chandan.

As per my perception FDI in retail sector is somehow good for Indian economy, it will increase gdp, due to this our growth rate will increase. But it is going to affect big masses of our country. After participation of FDI in retail sector Kirana stores which is available in every streets are going to close because we will prefer to buy the products in lower prices which we will get through FDI.

In India about one crore Kirana and departmental stores are existing and and average of 5 family members are dependent on one shop. No doubt FDI will create employment. If it will create employment for 10 lacs of people but on the other side due to this one crore of unskilled Kirana shop and local shop owners are going to be unemployed. So in my point of view FDI must me allowed in India but with certain limitation so that our people should not be affected.

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Soumen Bisui said: (May 30, 2015)  
Hello guy's,

My opinion on this point of FDI in retail sector is good of our country because,

1. It is give more job opportunity.

2. It is also help skill development of youth generation.

3. It also remove monopolistic market system.

4. It can help more technology use in agriculture sector by the farmer.

5. It totally remove the middle man between cultivator and seller, that's is very good for rural people.

More person says that it is bad for small village shop but I mean to say that that is not problem because they are get good quality products in marginal range and also job opportunity.

If we seen the rural people, where to go for glossary market, we can see the most of people went to this shop which seller good relationship with them. They can not seen the price value, and quality.

Therefore I can says that FDI in retail sector is better for rapid development of our country.

Thank you.

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Biswajit said: (May 29, 2015)  
Hello friends,

Today's India's most important problem is unemployment for which corruption is increased day by day. If, FDI is entered in retail market, employment scope is open for skill & no skills.

The middleman will be also destroyed & for the same as a result company will be more benefited & open scope for improvement of technologies & close the door of black market, fluctuation of market price by local dalals.

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Rohit Bazral said: (May 27, 2015)  

I am Rohit.

According to me FDI in retail should not be allowed first of all we should know why we need FDI. Firstly it brings technology and secondly it brings infrastructure but in the retail sector there is no need for any groundbreaking technology and any extraordinary skills to run this sector.

Moreover the big tycoons like Walmart will become bane for small Kirayana stores whose business will be hardly effected. Even FDI in retail was not welcomed in Germany.

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Ganesh Suryawanshi, Vikhroli- Mumbai said: (May 18, 2015)  
Hello friends,

FDI means Foreign direct Investment & we are discussing on FDI in retail sector.

Currently, the retail sector is unorganized. The customers are going to only those shops where his long lasting relationship exist hence the retail sector is based on relationship & not on the price, quality or the service.

If FDI comes in retail the entire scenario of this sector will change as the technology in retail will come to India. It will generate lot of opportunities in skill & as well as unskilled jobs. Infrastructural development of country will takes place.

The price & quality competition will increase & that will definitely helpful to the end customer. The logistic part of the transportation will be optimized & the cost of transportation will come down & the benefit will be passed on to the end customer.

The carbon footprint will be reduced if the number of trips of the vehicles are reduced. Hence FDI in retail will definitely benefit to India.

Rate this: +42 -2

Varsha Chauhan said: (May 18, 2015)  
According to me FDI should come in India because it gives new technology and skills, unemployment condition is also reduced. But everything have some disadvantage because everything or everyone is no perfect such as this condition is also here to come FDI it effect our culture, environment etc.

Rate this: +5 -7

Deepak Sharma said: (May 1, 2015)  
FDI is good to some extent for the development of the country. It brings about the new technologies and capital which is otherwise not available in the country. In the era of globalization, the world has become a one big family and sharing of technologies and capital with other countries are a win win situation for both the countries.

Indian retail sector is not as organized as the western world. This sector depends much more on the small shopkeepers who share a kind of relation with their customers so that the customers do not go for the other vendors because the people have faith in their shopkeepers.

But this thinking of the people of this country is changing as more and more people are migrating from their home cities to others for the sake of employment or other better opportunities.

So they lack the relationship that was used to maintained with the shopkeepers in India. FDI in Indian retail sector will not bring any new technologies with it but will allow large multinational to end a chain that lies between the manufacturer and customers.

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Kundan Kamal said: (Apr 19, 2015)  
Hello Friends,

My opinion is that FDI will lead a important role to developed our country, because at the current time India is known as development country not developed, whereas in India the percentage of youth is 60% and 50% youth are unemployed, It can be overcome by the FDI.


1. If Foreign company invest his money in India then it create a large number of job for skilled and unskilled people.

2. It create a competition in market then farmer and people are get the job at low rate.

3. All people aware about new technology, and they could be learned.

4. It can made a good environment which can helped to change the mentality of people.

But we are also know that if foreign company is established any company in India then it not men that they want to develop India, They are only want to get a huge profit. In that situation they can harm to our resources or destroyed our resources.

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Suraj Chauhan said: (Apr 16, 2015)  
In my opinion FDI is a very great tool to increase our country economy and I believe that when a large number of countries are come to do business in India. Large number of people required to fulfill the requirement so large number of vacancies created means large number of people get job.

Unemployment is one of great distrust which stop to develop our country. Due to FDI some people loss their work but in comparison to getting large number of people it is very less.

Thank you.

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Bharati Dharigoud said: (Apr 16, 2015)  
In my opinion if we permit to introduce FDI in retail sector. India is becoming most favored retail destination in the world. Today retail sector contributing 10% to country's GDP. Indian retail industry is ranked among the ten largest retail markets in the world. The change of attitudes of Indian consumers and the emergence of organized retail formats have transformed the face of retailing in India.

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Sridevi said: (Apr 15, 2015)  
FDI will lead to job losses. Small retailers and other small 'Kirana store owners' will suffer a large loss. Giant retailers and supermarkets like Walmart, Carefree, etc. Will displace small retailers supermarkets will establish their monopoly in the Indian market.

Because of supermarket's fine tuning, they will get goods on low price and they will sell it on low price than small retailers, it will decrease the sell of small retailers jobs in the manufacturing sector will be lost because foreign giants will purchase their goods from the international market and not from domestic sources.

This has been the experience of most countries which have allowed FDI in retail. Although, our country had made a condition that they must source a minimum of 30% of their goods from Indian micro and small industries, we can't stop them from purchasing goods from international markets as per WTO law.

So after coming to India, they can reduce this 30% by litigating at the WTO.

Rate this: +34 -3

Bharathi said: (Apr 14, 2015)  

In my view having FDI in India is very necessary. But in retail industry its not good. Mostly there is unorganized sector in retail market. Many people will become unemployed comparing to creating of employment opportunities. Why we should depend on foreign country to help our farmers. Our govt can provide cold storage and warehouses.

Many infant industries are there in India and they can't compete with the international markets. Rather than giving incentives to foreign firms government can offer to our people and make them to compete with international markets in future.

Rate this: +20 -2

Abhi said: (Apr 13, 2015)  
FDI provides.

1. Initial inflow of foreign capital and funds.

2. Transfer of skills and technology.

If FDI is such a great thing, why not open it for all sectors? To understand this, we first need to look at why Companies actually go and invest abroad. Answer is PROFIT.

Everyone knows that in long term, the initial inflow of foreign funds, will eventually turn in outflow of funds. In my standpoint FDI for retail sector is not good for India.

So Why need FDI? Real benefit of FDI is "transfer of skills and technology".

In my opinion, India has skills and technology required for retail sector.

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Is Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail sector good for India?

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