Films are corrupting the Indian Youth

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Amar Arya said: (Apr 10, 2017)  
Look today's movie's content is more negative than Positive and it's hard for a youth to understand what is good or what is bad. That's why we can see today how youth behave with a girl on Road or Other places. If movie tells them it's wrong then they will go in the right direction and if a movie will encourage sexual assault or other behavior then they will act similarly in our society.

So, I just want to say Go for good movie which gives you good message rather than misleading and Hate (Bad) movies.

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Iranna said: (Apr 4, 2017)  
Hi friends, I'm Iranna.

According to me, today all cinemas are only broadcasting sex-related seens like item song etc. So, nowadays the films are corrupting the students, especially society.

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Jas Sharma said: (Apr 3, 2017)  
With the help of video and pictures, we can easily understand the things. Students can easily understand the history with the help of some historical movies.

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Nivetha said: (Mar 15, 2017)  
Hi friends, I am Nivetha.

According to my point of view, only some films are corrupting the youth. Every has two faces like that some films are advantage to us and some other films are disadvantage to us. Because of many people are earning money they are living depends on films. We are having fun daily. Some films are inspirational they give good message to the society.

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Gireesh Mittal said: (Feb 24, 2017)  
I'm Gireesh Mittal.

According to my point of view, Indian cinema are not corrupting the youth because it totally depends on us that what learned from the cinema.

1. There are many good things we can take from cinema like dancing, acting etc.

2. We can learn a English language by watching English movies.

3. We learn about the better lifestyle, education, behavior etc. By the cinema.

Cinema can motivate the people & give a new hope to them.

Cinema does have a strong impact on the brain, it improves the decision-making capability of a person.

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Reva said: (Feb 20, 2017)  
No, films are not corrupting youth. More peoples learned a lot from movies. So we should take only good message only then avoiding the bad messages. Because it totally depends on the peoples point of view.

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S.Jyothi said: (Feb 18, 2017)  
No, films are not corrupting the Indian youth because it depends on us a person with bad mindset always finds bad in everything. Bad attracts bad. It totally depends on us that what learned from the movies. There are many good things we can take from movies like dancing, acting etc we can gain knowledge from movies. We can learn English language by watching English movies. Every movie has different type of message. Its our responsibility which we accept in our life it may good message or bad message. The sensible person does not take wrong message.

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S.Jyothi said: (Feb 18, 2017)  
No, films are not corrupting the Indian youth because it depends on us a person with bad mind set always finds bad in everything. Bad attracts bad.

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Avinash said: (Feb 16, 2017)  
According to my point of view, film are not corrupting the youth because everything can't learn from book by watching movie everyone learn something good or something bad it depends on the person. Movie is also a source of inspiration for many people and many of them select their goal by watching movie so we can't say only one stuff.

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Piyush Singh said: (Feb 12, 2017)  
Actually, from my point of view, movies are not corrupting youth. We itself are responsible for this. Most of the movies are imagination of writers. But how they able imagine all that things. Either from the society, they are living or the world wide. Just think practically. How can we say that you can imagine that about which we don't have an idea? As I think, it is not possible. For every imagination, there is a source. Film makers shows that which we want to see. Movies are not reflecting any thing new. What our society reflects, is get visualised in movies.

Thank you.

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Visesh said: (Feb 12, 2017)  
So, here we come to a conclusion that it totally depends on the perception of the person on what aspects he see the movie.

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Ankit Sharma said: (Feb 8, 2017)  
According to me, Film is only part of the entertainment.

It's our thinking what we learn from the movie. If we learn bad things from the movie like smoking. Drinking. Etc so it's spoiling for us. And if we learn good things from the movie like acting. Dancing. Help to others and also help the needy. So it's good for us. It depends on only us what we learn.

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Sam said: (Feb 8, 2017)  
Yes, it is very important to know how films can effect on youth, the coin has two sides and films also has two sides one is good films and one is bad film, so that totally depend on us what we take there are lots of films that depending on motivational spirit so these films are beneficial for youth learning lessons from that film, but other films that seen drama, sexual content that are not good for youth they not controlled their minds and they addicted, so I think it totally depends on us what we take it's right or wrong it's up to you.

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Subhash said: (Feb 3, 2017)  
Hi everyone,

In my point of view, the film's are one part of the entertainment. It totally depends on us that what we learned from the movies. There are many good things we can take from movies like acting, dancing etc.

We can gain the knowledge from the movies also we can learn the English language by watching English movies.

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K.Sandeep said: (Feb 2, 2017)  
All most all Indian movies are about heroism. So we want to pretend like them.

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Dinesh said: (Jan 16, 2017)  
Hi friends.

It totally depends on our thinking that we think positive than we adopt positive thinks and we think negative than we adopt negativity.

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Saffron said: (Jan 16, 2017)  
Yes, cinema is a spoil a ingredients thing to society. Youths are spoiling.

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Dinesh Saravan said: (Jan 6, 2017)  
In films, there are both positive and negative, but most of saying that we must watch only positive things but it's wrong. We must watch both positive and negative. First of all, we must follow the positive character. It is important to note that we can know what are the human's bad character throughout the films. When it's come in our life we must just neglect it. So movies are very useful to decide our path.

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Mohd Shahar said: (Jan 5, 2017)  
Films are just stories.

And all stories may not be good.

But if you want to tell the reality of a story, then you will have to tell the truth no matter how much bitter it is.

But there are thousands of bad things in this world which can corrupt anyone.

Movies are just stories - good stories and bad stories.

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Sanjib Bodhuk said: (Dec 30, 2016)  
Most of people of this page discuss about movies. The main common message is that.

Movies have two parts one is advantage another is disadvantage.

Advantage is that from movie we learn about better lifestyle, education, any respected person autobiography, climate ecosystem, behaviour, etc.

And the common disadvantages are from movie which we learn is corruption, sexual harassment, Robbery, drugs, such adult content, violence, murder etc.

Lastly, I want to say that.

Every movie we get different type of message. Its our responsibility which message we accept in their life it may good message or bad message.

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Madhuri said: (Dec 27, 2016)  
Yes, I totally agree because if we watch Dangal, three idiots like this type of movies. It's inspired by us. As same if we watch bad movies it affects us. For example in don movie of Shahrukh Khan. He was smoking many time. So who follow Shahrukh Khan they will try to copy him.

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Raj said: (Dec 21, 2016)  
Generally, movies are for both entertainment and learnings of life.

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Shaunak Das said: (Dec 19, 2016)  
The thing is simple, The message of the movie is unique to different viewers and their perspective upon that movie.

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Krishan Kumar Singh said: (Nov 28, 2016)  
Hello, According to all friends, I agree your speech But It depends on the movie, good or bad most films motivated youngers as BORDER, KARGIL, 3 IDIOTS, etc youth is future of INDIA.

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Palak said: (Nov 20, 2016)  
Hello, friends.

I am Palak, I want to say that movies are used to get entertained but when we saw the anti-social things in movies like robbery, sex provoking seen, violence, etc. Our mood will spoil or bad feelings are generated for some time. The message which a filmmaker want to convey by using film should be clear. The films like 3 Idiots, Neerja, Airlift, Kahani, etc, purely gives their message. But when we come to the films like Veerappan, Love game, etc, they does not convey a perticular message. The effective n visual medium of presenting thoughts must be use properly not to making money it is used. BECAUSE the thing we saw effects in small % to our mind. The senseble people does not taking wrong things but those who are not taking wrong steps.

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Ganesh said: (Nov 19, 2016)  
It depends on the person, some may take positively and some may take it negatively leading to wrong decisions. It may also depend upon the type of movies they watch.

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Pavithra said: (Nov 18, 2016)  
No, because we get inspiration from some movies like Chak De! India, Srimanthudu and some autobiographical movies also inspiring. Of course it is influencing on the youth, but it depends on the how we are thinking.

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Akshat said: (Nov 16, 2016)  
No, because some take good things and some take bad. And it actually depends on the attitude of a person who watches the movie, that he take good things or bad.

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Deni Deni Deni said: (Nov 13, 2016)  
I do not agree films are mere mediums, there's always a choice between good and bad. It is what a person is how he has raised that matters. A person with bad mindset always finds bad in everything. Bad attracts bad.

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Mani Kumar said: (Nov 6, 2016)  
Hello Friends,

Most of you guys have made a lot of good statements on the movies. Basically, if you want to convey a message to the people especially in a large number you need a certain kind of medium. It should be very effective, powerful and there should be no difficulty in it during the process of connecting with the people. There are various kinds of mediums are there like newspaper, television shows and radio programs and all. But when you compare all the other things with movies the movies are technically more advanced and the audience will directly get the visual experience so within the short period of time we can share whatever we want to tell with them. I think that's the best part of the movies.

In most of the countries especially like in India majority of the people in olden days are illiterates. First of all, they don't know how to read and write, so they can't respond the great Indian epics like Ramayanam, Mahabharatam. Like that. But when the movies are filmed based on these mythological topics people easily get to know about the great characters of such kind of stories. That's the best advantage from the movies.

Movies in 70s, 80s, 90s and early 21st century are buckled with the social and family elements. They discuss about the joint families and relationships and all. But nowadays movies are dealing with over violence. Nowadays some movie makers are thinking in business mood. Lack of morals, money-mindedness resulting some bad movies. It's like a coin that has two faces. The important thing is we have to take what is useful from the movies.

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Jigyasha Bhushan said: (Nov 4, 2016)  
The matter is that our youth only want to take bad things from movie or anything and director should also make movie according to that. Thanks, that is my view.

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Pinky said: (Nov 3, 2016)  
Films actually do not corrupt the youth but it is due to the person's mindset that he/she gets affected with the positive as well as the negative impact of the films.

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Akrithi said: (Nov 2, 2016)  
Enjoy watching movies and take the good ones and leave the bad ones. Definitely a change will be there in you.

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Roshni said: (Nov 2, 2016)  
May movies are helping people.

If we have a problem then we will take inspiration of a hero dealing it and follow.

By movies, we can learn much information.

We can also learn to be friendly with everyone and when to be controlled.

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Vinoth Rav said: (Oct 27, 2016)  
This depends on the way we take movies. Some people watch just for relaxation. I don't agree to spoil of society is only due to society. I think this can be told in another way. Instead of telling movies are spoiling today's society. Why can't we tell a movie reflects today's society.

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Kaveri said: (Oct 25, 2016)  
Films give us both good and bad. It depends on the individual Attitude that they own good or bad.

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Siluveru Kiran Kumar said: (Oct 23, 2016)  
Yes, I will agree with this discussion. Why because of the present day films are mostly based on love between girls and boys now what happens is youth are going to watch movies and they will apply the same to their real life due to this they are diverting from their study or work. This is the most embarrassing moment we have. What we need is the movies related to inspirational and patriotism.

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Mishty Wase said: (Oct 19, 2016)  
I think everyone has own thoughts and opinion,

But I think, we should give it positively that movies are not corrupting the youth, if we ignore the negative things of movies and learn the positive things that they shown in the movie.

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Priya said: (Oct 19, 2016)  
As my thought films are not totally bad or corrupted ti India or youth.

Here films are not responsible to that bad, because person is not total creativity by film but film is total created by person. So films are not corrupted to person, person corrupted to film as well as India.

When any bad films are flop, at that time burning of this type of films is dead before this imagination of creativity.

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S.Ishu said: (Oct 4, 2016)  
I agree all the statement above but the real thing happening in our society is 95% from cinemas.

So the cinema must consider the society from taking unwanted films which spoil youngsters.

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Sarah said: (Oct 2, 2016)  
Everything present in this world has a good and bad part. In case of a movie from my opinion if it shows the reality of life then a movie will teach a lot in humans life. For sure.

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Raghava said: (Oct 1, 2016)  
In a film, there will be a hero and a heroine. Every youth watching the film will surely assume themselves as a hero or a heroine as the case may be. All good things in society will not be copied and practiced by them soon, but bad things which affect badly in society will be absorbed soon and they try to put it in practice. The reason is the present films will be 95% are on commercial view only, then they will drag the film with useless characters, unwanted sceneries, sexy dressing of heroin only, kissing, rapes, violence, fights, sex provoking scenes, robbery description, worst politics, rowdyism and goondaism etc which are not useful only shown very clearly and with step by step to learn on cheaper cost at 100 or so. There was a news that a young boy has seen a robbery oriented film and just robbed the bank similarly. Is it really required for society? Innocent fellows also tend to learn such anti-social behaviour, since such character has been done by their favorite hero or heroine. Youth are so aggressive and becomes mad about their hero, even to murder the opponent in an argument. Recently near Hyderabad city, a boy has been killed similarly.

The present girl's behaviour has become intolerable especially in dressing, is just because of present films. Clothes are for covering the body and to be decent. But half naked or 3quarters naked dressing which provoke anti-social elements to do mischievous things is the reason developed just because of recent film dressing habits. Many parents are worried about their children. There must be a control on all anti-social scenes and physical exposing by females in films.

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Pheonix said: (Sep 30, 2016)  
The films are often industry aimed, not art-oriented. They lack a good story line, and in some cases the directors are inspired by western themes. It is lamented that they lack morals or messages. Low quality meaningless songs are introduced. The use of vulgar words make the film repulsive. And we meet with an inappropriate climax. Moreover these films are less time consuming too.

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Roney Sfc said: (Sep 27, 2016)  
It's said that visuals contribute to who we are. It applies to everyone irrespective of their gender or age.

Mostly 85% of viewers are youngsters. The Indian cinemas are based mostly on love stories, romance, and violence. People imitate the movie stars in their dressing, talk, and more! It's something that people are addictive about.

The fantasy for film stars has to be reduced for the uplift meant of a proper youth who are tomorrow's society.

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Amit Singh said: (Sep 26, 2016)  
No, all films give us some knowledge what we do for that time but sometimes it gives wrong decisions. I think in this time we would like to enjoy the movie and observe the good things.

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Sakthi said: (Sep 24, 2016)  
Films are only enjoyment but the youth is cannot take the movie is life the film actor roll act the real life our attitude is changed few movies spill the youth but few movies changed the life so movie only entertainment but not life.

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Poojitha said: (Sep 22, 2016)  
Hi friends, the movies are only for entertainment but most of the youth not taking it as an entertainment shows they are taking it as passion and they are ready to do whatever it may be either it is good are bad. So, my humble requests you directors please take good films which are use full for youth instead of spoiling not only for youth for THE SOCIETY.

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Anonymus said: (Sep 22, 2016)  
I obey all above decisions in your point of view, but in my point of view, Film plays a vital role in each and every one's life. In every aspect there is a positive and negative things, it depends on the person what he/she is going to receive.

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Sharry Wahla said: (Sep 19, 2016)  
Hello everyone,

Films play an important role in our life. We all well known that through visual media we keep things in mind for a long time. When our youth watch the films its effect on their mind and them influence from them. In present scenario majority of films are corrupting our youth. No doubt our cinema gives many inspirational movies. But to conclude we can say yes films are corrupting our youth. Because the majority of films focus on earning more and more money. They do not care which type of message they are giving.

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Devil said: (Sep 16, 2016)  
Hi. As per my view, movies do really affect the society.

Why we need films like murder, love, jism and other bold movies if we can produce a film like 3idiots, bhag milkha bhaag, taare zameen par is justified that in the name of entertainment and for making money boldness should be allowed in movies because I think most of the film that crosses 100crore mark are the ones that are inspirational and good movies.

Why in movies women are present in such a bad way that they are only for giving entertainment to males. Though some movies showcase the women in a positive way but some movies doing only corruption in our minds.

Though we say that it is upon us how we take these movies but still it effects a lot.

Today film had greatly effected the relationships in our society like that of the pure relationship between teacher and student, in-laws, parents and their children. Such movies which effecting our culture and the pure relationships should be banned.

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Prakhyath Kulal said: (Sep 15, 2016)  
It's true some films are corrupting the youth some movies don't have values at all. I am not saying that all movies are bad. There are some good movies.

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Sireesha said: (Sep 15, 2016)  
Films are corrupting youth. But it depends on our point of view. A person who sees negative side gets corrupted.

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Lavanya Desula said: (Sep 10, 2016)  
It's true but not totally.

Nowadays none of the films can motivate people. In old movies, there is moral and they energize the people so from this we can say that films are corrupting Indian youth.

It's all based on ourself. Some take good in films but some take bad.

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Jagadeesh said: (Sep 7, 2016)  
Hi friends,

Now a days movies are polluting the students but not only students many people. I don't say that all movies are bad because the good and bad must be there in recievers how there are recieving the movie. Some may feel love, angry, sentiment and cruelty just they are taking movies for entertinement.

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Teja Iskala said: (Sep 4, 2016)  
Hi, I'm Teja.

It depends on us that in which way we are receiving it. Actually, movies are part of society, the characters shown in the movies are reflecting us. The true incidents, experiences of common people, problems facing society are showing on the screen. There're many inspirational movies came like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Rustum, Airlift etc, and they are blockbusters in the film industry that seems most of the people love to watch those movies. Some of them are inspired by those ones.

I can strongly say that teenagers are influenced by films because they haven't awareness on society. They are easily attracted to new things which are shown in movies.

And finally, I concluded it by. That it depends on us. You can either inspire by movies or destructed by movies. You are re-energized and also feeling relaxed by watching movies on weekends.

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Deepika said: (Sep 3, 2016)  
Hello friends, I am Deepika and I want to comment that films are not corrupting youth. Films are made keeping in mind the entertainment factor, enjoyment and refreshment for its crowd. They never aim to disrupt our young minds through their ideas. It depends on the people watching it whether they are taking it as a source of fun, entertainment or something else. There are various genres of the films including comic, inspirational, patriotic, romantic etc.

The problem in today's youth is that they learn from all the negativity in the films which in real is shown to make people aware of that type of situation in real lives. If people think of learning from the movies then why don't they learn from inspirational and patriotic movies which always a positive message at the end which not only increases awareness about different issues but also make people aware of the present scenario prevailing in the society.


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Yuva Raj said: (Aug 21, 2016)  
Films which inspires people in two ways 1) Making people honest & 2) Dishonest.

We are unknowingly addict to these films, mainly students. Many students are addicting to bad habitats like cigarettes, drugs, etc. Some films are destroying students like fighting, arguing with elders.

The film is only a part of our life, not our life.

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Prateek Warad said: (Aug 18, 2016)  
Hi friends,

I will tell you why minds get diverted!. There are different types of movies for different age groups like cartoon movies for small children, thrilling, fighting movies for teenagers and other adult movies for adults. The minds get diverted when there is a cross section in this. If a small kid tries to watch fighting, killing, non-violent movies, there his mind gets diverted. And same with teenagers, if they try to watch films which are not for them, their minds get diverted.

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Sachin Dixit said: (Aug 18, 2016)  
Hi, friend my name is Sachin Dixit.

Movie and serial are playing with as in physically and emotionally way what we see make a blueprint to our brains. So we start looking at the same way. For example, we see the sexy actress in a movie people start looking at the innocent girl in the same way. Film stars get a personal body guard. What about the other in the society they can't get it. See the crimes in the view what we see we behave in same way. They disturbed our brains thinking power they created a negative impact so we have no more patience. And there are a lot to know how they are making our brains slave for them self.

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Sameep said: (Aug 14, 2016)  
Yes, films are corrupting Indian youth. They have become an opium for brainless people in India. They readily brainwash youth into utopian illusions. Specially Hindi and Punjabi movies are ridiculous and logicless, some films were so finely tuned against a particular religion that many youths were brainwashed into believing that Hindus are worst.

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Anna said: (Aug 6, 2016)  
I am totally against the new generation films.

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Irshad said: (Aug 6, 2016)  
I have mixed reviews about,

First thing use of vulgar words should not be allowed in movies and nowadays some lyricist writes the song that is meaningless while some make awesome and effective lyrics.

That inspire our youth.

We people need to watch movies of amir khan, Rajnikanth, Salman Khan, etc (only that which makes sense and gives inspiration like Pk, Sultan, 3 Idiots, Taare Zameen Par, Bajrangi Bhaijaan).

And not mastizaade or adult movies that definitely corrupting youth.

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Gajendra.B.S. said: (Aug 5, 2016)  
Yes, films are corrupting the Indian youth. New movies like murder, dirty picture. These type of movies bad effect on youth.

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Anand said: (Aug 2, 2016)  
I am against this view. The new generation film totally destroys the youth and it is too bad.

1) Industry based.

2) Not art oriented.

3) Lack of good story line.

4) Use of vulgar words.

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Sanjitha said: (Jul 26, 2016)  
Hi friends,

Movies are destroying our youth nowadays. New generation films are often industry aimed not art oriented. The introduction of lack moral, low-quality meaningless songs, use of vulgar words make the movies bad. We want to select best movies and avoid the bad one.

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Kshitij Singh said: (Jul 24, 2016)  
Yeah, as all are saying, I am also totally agree that films that are coming nowadays aim only in worldwide collection. The directors even think about its harmful impact on youth. The whole world has become selfish so we should be careful and behave positively.

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Aman Gupta said: (Jul 22, 2016)  
No, I don't agree with the given statement as:

1) Films can motivate the people, energised them or give a new hope to them.

2) Films do have a strong impact on the brain it improves the decision-making capability of a person, it improves the logical thinking.

3) Films not only provide with entertainment but provides knowledge, a sense of relief and may work as anxiety killer.

It totally depends on one's thinking how they use it.

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Awais Khatib said: (Jul 22, 2016)  
I am Awais Khatib.

Movies are not destroying youth. It is like some boys are playing cricket and damaged windows glass of society. And members of society Register FIR against Virat Kohli for inspiring boys to play cricket.

So we can't say that movies are corrupting Indian youth. It depends on the vision of the viewer.

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Satya said: (Jul 20, 2016)  
In my view, the impact of the movies on the youth is rapidly increasing nowadays. It is agreed that nowadays movies become more commercialized than compared to old days. The directors are looking for only money and not take care of the content of the story. Some of the youth are imitating their favorite character put their life at risk.

We are watching the movies for the purpose of entertainment. At the same time, movies give us to not only entertainment and also it changes our way of thinking, change the way of seeing the world in a different manner, learn the social values, ethics and how to behave with others etc. If we are taking movies in a good vision sometimes it can change our lives. Vision is important here. If we are taking in a negative vision it destroys our lives. Vision is important here.

We can learn so many things by watching movies. For example, we don't know about epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. By seeing this in the movie we can get some awareness about our epics and also our traditions in that time, and also we can learn the language by seeing the movies in their language.

Movies can learn so many things to us. So take it as a good manner. Leave the bad thing in the movies.

Movies are only entertainment purpose and relax for our daily lives.

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Akshata_Patil said: (Jul 19, 2016)  
Yessss! totally agreed with the statement. Yesterday heard a shocking news that 2 youth not even 18+age, living nearby ran away from their house by getting influenced by movie "SAIRAT". So such movies are having bad impact on our socety, especially youth.

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Chennak said: (Jul 14, 2016)  
Ya how will youth takes that the problem. If they take in a good manner the film's are necessary and not.

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Ajay San said: (Jul 10, 2016)  
Hello, friends.

This is Ajay. I was going to say about the mindset of the person. If his mindset is good he will take even bad things into good things.

Won't say the movies are bad. The way we are taking is bad.

A good person will take the very thing in a good way.

Guy's be a good person.

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Teja said: (Jul 8, 2016)  
HI, friends, this is Teja.

I want to expose some points about the topic.

1. Nowadays in movies negative qualities more than positive qualities.

In olden days movie's positive qualities exposed in films negative qualities are exposed where its needs but nowadays negative qualities are exposed more ten it needs and positive qualities are exposed less than it needs.

2. Youth attracted by the negative qualities.

When they are exposed negative qualities, youth is attracted by bad things it was not a short-term process it was showing its effects like a slow poison.

3. Qualifications of hero in films.

In olden days movies hero have good qualities and good body language but nowadays hero does not have good qualities and good body language when youth are watching the movie they are attracted by negative qualities more than by positive qualities.

I don't want to judge anything just I want to show some +ve & -ve points.

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Avinash said: (Jul 4, 2016)  
Truly speaking movies do have impacts on youth. Maybe they would replicate the way of dressing of heroes in movies but at the end of every movie, truth wins.

Movies also help us to be a better human being by learning us how to behave and how not behave with others, moral values, ethics etc.

So I conclude that it completely depends on an individual. One should absorb/take good and ignore bad.

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Abhi said: (Jun 29, 2016)  
According to me, if a person has the positive mind then it will take positive things from the movie as well as from real life. We see that in the last of every movie truth wins. How can we forgot that? So it depends on us how we react to seeing any movie.

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Sneha Chakraborty said: (Jun 27, 2016)  
Hi, this is Sneha.

It's true that vision has more powerful effect in life. Since this films change your vision your way of thinking it can dominate person in a good way as well as in a bad way. Many of the Indian youth are really corrupted but on another hand, there are many who these films inspire. But the large number of youth are affected badly by films.

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Shreeya Agrawal said: (Jun 24, 2016)  
Hello friends,

In some of the movies the songs are very heart touching. So it creates an interest to watch the movie.

But nowadays some of the lyrics of songs are very bad for our culture. They consist the word like alcohol, tobacco, etc.

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Uday Kumar said: (Jun 14, 2016)  

This is Uday.

My view about the movie is that it's just for entertainment, and please be think positive and observe positive characters even though you are the just side of negative at the end you will become to know what just happens to that character. As like in our real life. No movies are coming these days without a good concept. There are the best movies in the movie industry from which we should get a bit good knowledge.

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Mounica Reddy Plce said: (Jun 10, 2016)  
No, because to cover one movie they need to show everything in all directions. From the movies take/observe only positive but not negative. A man can identify another man. If you don't have negative within you then why you are observing negative things in the movie.

From the negative characters, we can learn one thing i.e., make sure that we should not behave/change like this in the future. From this, we can conclude that a positive attitude person can identify/take the positive things from the negative. Try to be positive.

Too many good movies are there. To explore our ideas to change the people i.e., the only way is through movies.

Thank you.

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Vaishu said: (Jun 8, 2016)  

This is Vaishnavi. It depend upon how we see the things, It is as simple as it.

Please be optimistic.

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Gkaur said: (May 27, 2016)  
Hi friends,

Well, I agree with many of my friends that just like a coin have a two faces, in the same way, even each matter consists of its own bad and good qualities. It all just depends on what exactly you are opting for and when it is about youth it means they have already crossed 19 so they know what is good and what is bad they will probably have an ability to make decisions well. So when you are opting for good things, then just move on with it, why do we care about the other face of it.

And as per my knowledge you have many films which would help a person to become a better human being it helps in building your emotions, make you to know the values of relations gets even stronger, helps you in stepping towards success, gives you motivation, helps you to become a good human by telling what is good and what is not, creates awareness about current situations and how to overcome problems and much more.

Be optimistic, try to take an only good from the things as youth is matured enough to decide what is good and bad.

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Ammu said: (May 27, 2016)  
The purpose of the film is good. But if we see in today's conduct the purpose of the film is forgotten. The film is taken only to give pleasure to the people and to earn money. Children are watching the film and trying to imitate what is shown in the film.

Most of the time It makes the child become criminal in the society. Youth is spoiling their golden times. They do not go to play and work. The aim with which it is started is fulfilled means it will be good for people and the society.

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Nandhini Priya said: (May 23, 2016)  
Movies actually mould children and even Adults. It is definitely Playing a very big role. As a Parent, I've seen my child getting influenced and I'm observing a lot of Children influenced by the Movies. Children don't have the capacity to judge what is right and what is Wrong. So they are influenced by the scenes which attract them. Violence against women will decrease if such type of scenes is carefully avoided in the movies. Same case for Sex, Alcohol usage etc.

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Pari Loya said: (May 20, 2016)  
Every coin has two sides. It totally depends on us that how we take in things. All movies are not message giving, motivating. Some movies give us a really good message, gives knowledge about our history, culture. Nowadays people don't get to know anything from outside regarding our history, culture etc but movies are the only place where we get to know about all these.

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Narasimham said: (Apr 5, 2016)  
If the cinemas are the root cause for the country destruction why we should not demand to punish the related director and producer and hero and heroine of the film to be punished.

Freedom should not be misused.

In our society we the public are the root cause for the country destruction since we are not properly raising our voices timely and against to the wrongs.

For the sack of fun, we are misusing the freedom. The silence of us should not be taken easy.

Irresponsible parents behavior is also one of the reasons for the society disturbance.

We should not try to find faults and differ among us try to find fault in real issues and render help to the nation. By making laws no use unless our mind setups changed in a proper manner.

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Arpita said: (Apr 3, 2016)  
But there exist films which are corrupting the minds of youth:

* Delhi Belly: The abusive language used in this film can only pollute the minds of youth.

* Murder: The intimate scenes shown in this movie can lead the youth in the wrong direction.

* In some movies, actors are shown drinking and smoking; youths blindly follow them. There has been a significant increase in the women drinkers since few years.

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Naira said: (Apr 3, 2016)  
Movies leave a strong impact on the youth. There are some films which have actually come up with a social message.

-> Movies like Jodha Akbar, Bajirao Mastani introduces the youth to our culture and the historical events about which they are unfamiliar.

-> 3 Idiots gives a message on education. Education is not just about attaining the degrees, it has a much broader definition than that.

-> Taare Zameen Par brings about the awareness of the disease Dyslexia. It states that every child is special and has his own talent which is not necessarily to be in the field of education but in any direction.

-> Matrubhumi - A Nation Without Woman: It predicts the future of a country where a social evil like female infanticide exists.

-> My Name Is Khan provides a deep message that every Muslim is not a terrorist.

-> Swades which brings forward the problem of brain drain in our country.

-> Queen which explores that independence can help women to grow.

-> Aarakshan which reveals the issue of reservation.

And much more. The number is countless, need is to see it in a positive direction.

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Koppula Vamsikrishna said: (Mar 28, 2016)  
See friends, we all know what is good and bad because we all in the technology world and most of us crossed above 19-year-old. It depends on our thinking. Once we watch a movie in a theatre, we think at least once at that day. So, my suggestion to all youth PLEASE OPT GOOD THINGS AND LEAVE BAD THINGS. THERE IS NO PROBLEM BUT IF WE OPT BAD THINGS IN THE MOVIE, IN CASE IF WE THINK THAT BAD SCENES, THEN OUR FUTURE WILL BE SPOILED. BE ALERT IN TODAY'S SELFISH WORLD.

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Bhavya said: (Mar 18, 2016)  
Hi friends,

Well, I agree with many of my friends that just like a coin have a two faces in the same way, even each matter consists of its own bad and good qualities. It all just depends on what exactly you are opting for and when it is about youth it means they have already crossed 19 so they know what is good and what is bad they will probably have an ability to make decisions well. So when you are opting for good things, then just move on with it, why do we care about the other face of it.

And as per my knowledge you have many films which would help a person to become a better human being it helps in building your emotions, make you to know the values of relations gets even stronger, helps you in stepping towards success, gives you motivation, helps you to become a good human by telling what is good and what is not, creates awareness about current situations and how to overcome problems and much more.

Be optimistic, try to take a only good from the things as youth is matured enough to decide what is good and bad.

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Arthi.L said: (Mar 12, 2016)  
There are both good and bad movies. It is you who must choose what type of movie you want to choose.

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Ankur Singh said: (Mar 7, 2016)  
Recently, I watched NEERJA and I got to know about neerja bhanot before that I didn't knew anything about her and I think most of the people who now know about her is due to the movie.

In the same way we see many movies which are motivational, inspirational, which are based on our culture are good and people can learn many things from them.

Now, people will say there are some movies which shows, adult content which are against our culture and can have a bad effect on children. But there is a thing called a certificate which is given to a movie and yes, some movies are A rated movies. So, if the movie is A rated don't go to watch that movie and no one is forcing you to watch.

So, it depends from person to person.

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Chinju said: (Feb 17, 2016)  
Hi friends,

In my view, depending upon our mind of view only the films are good or bad. We have to capture the good things from movies and discard the bad things.

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Kalai said: (Feb 15, 2016)  
Indian movie culture has definitely influenced us badly. Movies are a part of Art, learn to recognizance. Which also indicates Indian modern societies have a less medium of communication.

Indian cities, do not include other leisure activities for general population. Less developed peoples squares (large to medium gathering points for people). It's hard to find large crowd gatherings places apart from movie theaters, malls and restaurants.

What are the ways to spend leisure times? Do Indian really have leisure times? We become more adapted to concrete environment. Which will make people sick of mind, loosing ability to think clearly.

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Ravi Dubey said: (Feb 13, 2016)  
According to me, everything has its own positive and negative aspect. Similarly in this topic, It has also positive and negative aspect, I mean impact on society.

Firstly, let's have a look of positive aspect: In today's era, where everyone is busy in their own job so some kind of entertainment is must. And Films are serving the same as per the requirement/needs of society. There are lots of films which works as refreshment/motivational therapy for our youth.

Usually, films are mirror of our culture and society as well. We can gain lots of Creative ideas, we can know various hidden facts about our country, we can know more about various hidden heroes of our country who have sacrificed for us, we can know more about our different culture. And positive aspects are endless.

Now have a look of negative aspect: Our country is known for our precious cultural values which is destructing day by day only because of some adult/useless movies. As we all know, youth are that stage of one's life in which possessiveness, adaptability, intolerance, sensitiveness always exist. So now a days, adult movies and their vulgarity are destructing our precious values, even we are not able to watch before our respected one.

Now it's time to conclusion: I would like to request from our censor board that they should ensure positive effect of movies on society. And our youth should take the positive of films and must try to implement it for make India the best country all over the world and make our culture the precious culture all over the world.

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Rhishika Netam said: (Feb 3, 2016)  
According to me movies has both positive & negative effect. It depends upon how he/she takes the things. I agree a point now a day movies has so many non scene scenes, lip lock scene & so on. Due to this many teenagers influenced by this type of scene, it is only their age, not he/she takes the think.

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Tarun Pratap Singh said: (Jan 30, 2016)  
Movie means movie not you. If you are going to watch a movie, it depends upon you on which you are focusing. Movie are only source of entertainment so treat like that only. If I talk about myself I always prefer comedy movies (not vulgar movie).

Thanks you all.

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Surabhi said: (Jan 28, 2016)  
Absolutely films have a bad effect on youth, but it is only due to their age. We should ensure that no films possess a threat to the society.

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Ram said: (Jan 24, 2016)  
Films now produced to earn money only. Nobody cares about culture and social values. It is only bad entertainment and definitely not a good one. My advice for the youth and others go for good books and selected good movies.

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Ipsita Maharana said: (Jan 23, 2016)  
Hi everyone,

No matter Indian movies are a source of entertainment but also it has many -ve impacts. It not only can be observed in youth but also adolescents. It is often watched in schools that children are bullying, making crimes and avoiding their studies due to cinemas.

Youth also spends more time in talking and praising their favorite actors and actresses instead of spending that valuable time with their family and their studies.

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Suraj B. Solanki said: (Jan 7, 2016)  
You know it is depended on viewers. If one is enough aware about watching movies then I don't think there will be negative effect of movies. Even one can take porn movie positively. Let me give you an example- By watching movie named 'Ramayana ' one can't argue that one is becoming like 'Ravan' by inspiring from the movie.

One can also be 'ram' if one wants to be. My point is it is depended on viewers. And besides;One can't take movie as a medium disappear in virtual world. Because this virtual world is going to end soon. You have to face reality. You can't conclude your situation good or bad based on movie. Cos Conditions in the movie is totally different than your reality. So watch movie with your full awareness. And enjoy virtual reality!

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Films are corrupting the Indian Youth

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