Films are corrupting the Indian Youth

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Mayank said: (Sun, Mar 29, 2015 09:29:32 PM)    
The main reason for crimes are: -

*The morale less films.

*The sudden change of dressing of girls.

*By forgotten the Indian culture.

*And by show a girl as a use and throw thing.

*Films had a big hand in these types of change have you ever notice that a single Bollywood films is not come in cinema before showing a girl in short dress in their films.

These things changed the thinking ability of men and also of women. Women are demanding for more protection, why? Did women eat lesser then men or they have fear of men fearing of a woman form a man is had a big hand in this type of crimes.

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Arka said: (Sat, Mar 28, 2015 10:57:58 PM)    
Hi to all,

According to me no, films are not corrupting the youth. There are so many good films and so many bad films if bad films are corrupting youth then good films must inspire youth towards good. If there is no good by films there is no bad. If there is bad about films there is good also.

So, film is a kind of entertainment most of people forget what they have seen in films very soon. Even though some bad films are there they must be taken care by Govt and censor board etc.,

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Mrinal said: (Sat, Mar 28, 2015 01:00:40 AM)    
Hie friends,

According to me films are corrupting youth. Mostly the young ones or we can say the adolescent aged guys get more attracted to films. At such a tender age, they are full of energy and passion. Most of them don't able to decide that the stuffs that they do with their friends "Is right for them or wrong"?

When a child gets born then he is not born as corrupted. It is the society in which he lives makes him corrupt. Nowadays, most of the movies are made only for commercial purposes. They show such scenes in movies which are not suitable for the young ones.

I think the solutions to this problem is that parents or teachers should interacts openly with young ones so that they cannot be misguided by these stuffs.

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Ganesh Amirineni said: (Fri, Mar 27, 2015 03:09:56 PM)    
Hi friends,

According to peoples mind all peoples watch movies and change their mindset according to their situation but some people watch movies regularly they waste of time movie means just entertainment/relaxation every new movie comes into theater its really a new story comes into picture a new story means what is going on society that's it mostly watch movies and spoil their life's. All movies going on to protect him or her.

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Kumar Ajay said: (Wed, Mar 18, 2015 12:12:46 AM)    
Hi friend in my point of view cinema are shows Really face today society.

We should have aware by cinema. Cinema teach to us how we can on our own motivated. Cinema show what is happening into society. You can take example shows comes on zee tv our India maxim girl watch. They teach many thing, like how can we break with his relationship an how can how can created a good family. In lastly I am favour on cinema.

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Alavudeen said: (Fri, Mar 13, 2015 03:05:33 PM)    
You watch those kinds of films and take resolution that, the same thing will not happened by you any time. That's it! I would like to say that movies should be seen only for entertainment and for relaxation. Getting so much involved in the world of movies is not a good thing for children.

My dear friends, as per Indian psychology we listen stories from our Grand Mother Mom Father & now movies. But we never try to be the king as per Grandmother story no angel came in front of me as per my mothers story.

Would like to tell you some points that it has advantages.

1. The main intent of watching film is for entertainment only and all the films doing entertainment.

2. There are lots of good movie which gives us good message like Tare zameen par, lajja, Koi po che etc.

3. Also there are lots of comedy movie, inspirational movie from that movie many people may inspire.

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Priyanshu said: (Thu, Mar 12, 2015 09:28:06 AM)    
Hello friends!

Today I am going to discuss about the topic "Films are corrupting the Indian Youth". Yes, in many ways this topic is moving in its right path a/c to me.

Many people says that they watch movies for their own amusement, but apart from that, most of them have bad effects by seeing it. Many of youths are trying to built themselves according to the way movie has been made, they are trying to adapt the same activities that has shown in the part of the film, they even don't realize that the effect of that, in their own personal life will be quite more different.

In other ways, they are blindly following their favorite hero mannerisms without any knowledge. Even some movie lead us in developing new ways of crime, harassment and various wrong deeds like verbal disputes among the persons living in the society while talking of it. etc.

Thank you!

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Sangeetha said: (Fri, Mar 6, 2015 12:29:36 AM)    
Hi Friends,

According to me, films are providing both good and bad for our youth.

In most of the films they convey a sensational message but our youth who watching that are not accepting the sensational message so the movie that becomes flopped. But at the same time if the movie makes us very entertaining we give a grand success to that film.

We thought which makes us entertaining is the best. But it is not true for all the time. So here I conclude that the film gives both right and wrong, But how we take care of that is the matter.

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Mohit said: (Wed, Mar 4, 2015 06:32:57 PM)    
Hello friends.

Today youth is changing the new generation is adopting western culture and films have also good and bad impact on youth. There are many films which show good things which we can implement in our life but some movies are very bad also which effect the youth and children.

In my opinion the only things can change is how you take movie in positive way or negative its your choice how you can implement in your life in good way or bad way. Somewhere they are responsible more somewhere we so think before taking negative step from movies.

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Asha.Pathan said: (Sat, Feb 28, 2015 04:39:40 PM)    

Today, I want to share my views:

In my view movies are only for entertainment, there are not only bad films, there are few good movies like Leader, from which movie we can realize how to be an Indian. If we accept only positive from there are no problems, all the what we want to is in our's only.

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Sonali Gour said: (Thu, Feb 26, 2015 02:28:04 PM)    
Hi Friends,

Today I tell about the Hindi movie. Hindi movies are too good for entertainment but many people thing Hindi movie responsible for crime, but I thing Hindi movie create the positive and negative things all thing depend on our nature what we expect for movie.

Thank you.

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Utpal Bhakat said: (Tue, Feb 10, 2015 08:55:26 AM)    
According to me that new movies are really sworn bad thing because if you remind old movies you can watch good things. I would like to tel you that today's movies actress are really wearing too short dresses.

So today's generation are flowing that same thing. One thing you can say that in today's movie are sowing how to steal. How to robbery the bank. I know that this is game but for a new generation I thing not good. But every movies has good or bad but depends on your mind how to take it.

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Rahul said: (Fri, Feb 6, 2015 01:09:02 PM)    
Hi I'm rahul.

That all you know most of today's films shows youths and their relationships, they take wrong way and get success, fightings, and many destructive things, and today's generation take it seriously and do in real life and get bad results and waste their life.

Youth lost their respect to womens, elders, and respective persons.

They speaks vulgar words.

In today's, most of the crime is some % by films.

In past, in films they shows respect to others, relationships in one limit, and our social responsibility. It also shown in todays film but only in some films.

Children shows smooching, and etc. Type scenes and get bad manners.

Bt for it not only films are not responsible, we also responsible because we give hints to it so they make many types of that films.

We want to understand that what is good things in it but we avoid good things and apply bad things so it is also our mistake.

So guys keep watch films but only take good things and avoid bad films and bad things.

So from my point of view, films are more corrupting youth than encourage And teach good things.

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Prasanth Telanakula said: (Fri, Feb 6, 2015 11:31:10 AM)    
Hi friends, this is Prasanth Telanakula.

I want to share my views about affect of movies on youth of India.

In present days movies are coming with a good story line, but due to increases of commercialism. Producers like to add spiciness to story to attract youth and make money by it. Because youth can only attract easily to new styles, so it is fully depending on the nature of the person, that what he/she have to pick from the movie either good or bad.


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Malavika said: (Sun, Feb 1, 2015 11:43:56 AM)    
Movies corrupt young youth. They show many stunts. Example:jumping from the top floor to the bottom floor. They also show disrespect to adults/elders, smoking, kidnapping etc. People may want to do the same thing so they enact it. There are few movies which have a good moral.

People who are very fond of watching movies can watch such types of movies that are funny, enjoyable and have a very good moral. There are some horror movies and tragedies which should not be seen by children. In this way, movies are both a boon and bane.

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Prasanna Praturi said: (Fri, Jan 23, 2015 04:55:08 PM)    
Hello friends, I hope if somebody from film industry also sees this discussion and know what exactly people wants from films and Change themselves! As there are both positives & negatives in films as all said, but my deep agony is that most of the films are projecting bad, anti social elements & immortalized concepts.

1. Films are made according to the culture of their societies so ad Hollywood movies. Indian Movies can adopt their technicality and research but should not leave our culture and ethics.

2. Filmmakers should remember that not only men but women and children also will watch the films. They should have the sense of responsibility on society in making film!, but only for commercial purpose.

3. Unfortunately there are very few films which are inspirational and positive.

4. Almost films have bad elements of smoking, drinking, disrespect to elders and teachers, gambling, children involving in bad activities.

5. Women are shown only as lustrous objects through item songs, heinous exposing of body parts, heroine's very vulgar dressing, pair smooching scenes, flirting, vulgar double meaning dialogues.

6. Youth are influenced by the images of hero heroines, to behave or look like them, which is an extremely dangerous impact. Inducing Looks and thoughts of men on women is only about lust, no sisterly or motherly feelings.

7. Social and moral values are very very less, we can follow good and advancement of Hollywood movies but our culture should remain the same.

8. Youth is having strong and huge negative impact where they have to discriminate firmly between good and bad, if films or not worth watching don't watch and carry the negative thoughts every day.

For 10%positive in films don't adopt 90% negatives from the film by watching it. To adopt that 10%positives there are many other ways in world, but not the films!.

For entertainment also there are many other ways to get relaxed like self-singing, dancing, outing, trips, etc., because negative impacts very easily, faster and stronger than the positive and good things! Good day.

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Deepika said: (Tue, Jan 20, 2015 11:12:08 AM)    
Hello friends,

According to me films are not corrupting the youth. Because making films is their duty whatever they do it depends on our mindset. If we don't like it why should we want to watch.

For example: If we don't like the curry what mother have made. What will we do?We may buy curry from outside or we may not eat food.

Likewise if we don't like the film why should we watch it? Why should we take it more seriously. If we don't watch the film they may understand their faults and they may correct it. Does film corrupt the youth or our mindset itself is corruption the youth?

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Eva said: (Mon, Jan 19, 2015 10:57:09 PM)    
Hi friends,

Movies have both positive and negative side. Coming to its positive side, some movies give complete entertainment, some movies deeply touches our heart, some reminds us about many things, some always remains in our thoughts. Many movies provides us with very good message, some with very good story. Moreover movies are the hard work and living of many people working in this industry. We are also introduced to many new technologies in the film area.

And now coming to its negative side. The so called "item dance", women are given the title "item", that can be exposed and used up by anyone. Even if it is for the sake of entertainment it gives bad message. Many of the love stories do not have any logic and most of such things shown in these type of movies can never ever happen in real life.

Thank You.

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Sathesh Babu said: (Wed, Jan 14, 2015 03:37:39 PM)    
According to me, now a day's cinemas leads to young stars. Because hero has done on anything on that film similarly the young generation following that. For example your favour hero donate something on the film the fan are also donate that. So many movies are came with good story. I concluded the film industries has good things. So, think positively and be positive.

Thanks to all.

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Kaviyadharshini said: (Mon, Jan 5, 2015 10:52:36 AM)    
Hai friends,

According to me, now a days movies are making people corrupt their minds and thoughts. No movies are released with intention of promoting good thoughts to people. Even the movies impacts can be seen in children. The lyrics used in movies are really unpleasant to hear. Movies make people think in wrong ways since most of the stories project the hero's as wrong person. Youths who like those artists also move in the manner they go through in movies. Youth should remember Movies are only imaginary, they are not projecting the reality. In my opinion the movies are spoiling the youth life.

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Suraj Chauhan said: (Sat, Jan 3, 2015 02:51:40 PM)    
Hi friends, from my point of view mostly some films are good films in a year now a days. In mostly film you see youth leaves their home and live with their girlfriend, or family is not showed according to now a days film.

This time film only show youth and their relationship. In old movies you see that hero leaves their home but lastly come back and realized their mistakes. This time hero do wrong work and successful that things is very impact on youth mind and also their activities. And also they show how we flirt and molest that is very bad for our culture and society.

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Vaishali said: (Wed, Dec 31, 2014 01:32:13 PM)    
Hai, I am Vaishali.

According to me, the films are not corrupting the Indian youths. It depends on the way we are taking the films. There are many good films which brings pride to our Indian society. No films says bad messages to the society.

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Kamil said: (Mon, Dec 29, 2014 01:48:25 PM)    
Good afternoon I am Kamilshaikh I would like to talk about the films are corrupting the movie actually its totally depend upon the person we get knowledge by movie just like 3 idiots, tare za men par etc when we watch movie that time we should give good thinks as compare bad thinks and some people follow the bad thinks by movie just like kissing part. So don't follow this incident movie is like inspiration.

Thank you.

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Nutan Nandini said: (Sun, Dec 21, 2014 08:57:48 PM)    
Nowadays the definition of movies has changed. Leaving a few message giving movies which comes rarely once in a year, all are made for minting money on cost of corrupting minds of youth.

Our country needs youth for its development & these movies in place of inspiring them to utilize their precious time & contribute in country's growth, are teaching how to flirt with girls, item songs and hyper sensual scenes are flooded to ignite animal passion.

These movies are not only objectifying women by presenting them as objects of passion gratification but are also insulting infinite good men who respect every women equally and see them with eyes of humanity.

Some of my friends have said above that it depends on our mind to get affected by it or not, I agree with them but not totally. We need to think that the nature of mind is not steady & everyone is not mature enough to differentiate what is wrong, what is right. We live in such a society where parents don't think it right to discuss adult matter with youth.

They think it will deviate them from path they should ideally pursue, in that condition, youth get these knowledge from movies but how many of them are serving this purpose even. They just show men are deprived of female anatomy and female want to have physical contact with them in most vulgar way.

Can't they add emotional bonding, mutual trust, respect, human love in it and reduce the animal passion to connected love. Can't they focus on our culture for a while. Can't they show men & women working together, cooperating each other, can't they repute the roles of heroines and show heroes as real heroes not molesters.

But I think it will happen only if every good one will stop viewing these kind of films, actors and actresses would demand to give them dignified roles, heroines will refuse to expose themselves unnecessarily and above all film makers will feel the need to save our vanishing culture and would try to teach youth good direction in place of fueling animal passion.

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Srinath Krishnan said: (Sat, Dec 20, 2014 06:30:53 PM)    
In my perspective movies are good. Watching Hollywood movies will improve communication skills. And there are very good movies which gives social messages. And some movies are really technical which deals with technologies which are not possible in reality.

Example scientific movies, as everything has both disadvantages and advantages, bad movies also does exist. So youths should choose good movies.

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Livin Ajin said: (Thu, Dec 11, 2014 12:32:22 PM)    
The purpose of film is good. But if we see in today's conduct the purpose of film is forgotten. Film is taken only to give pleasure to the people and to yearn money. Children are watching the film and trying to imitate what is shown in the film.

Most of the time It makes the child to become criminal in the society. Youth are spoiling their golden times. They do not go for play and work. The aim with which it is started is fulfilled means it will be good for people and the society.

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Arun Kumar S said: (Wed, Dec 10, 2014 09:55:15 AM)    
Hi friends I am Arun.

First of all I would like to say what is a film. Film is a perfect entertainment created by man to enjoy himself in leisure time. Everything has its positive and negative on its own. A good person with a good attitude would certainly take only the positive things in any criteria.

CORRUPTION IS NOT IN FILM BUT IN THE MIND OF PEOPLE. A simple word 'A' can define many thing likewise human mind can think in different ways. A person who thinks in a correct way would not actually say that anything is corrupted at all.

Thank you.

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Tarun said: (Mon, Dec 8, 2014 01:24:03 AM)    

For the audience, the main purpose of a film is to entertain, to get away from all the problems of real life for just a few hours and if possible, add something good to their lives. For the cast and crew, the main purpose is to sell and earn profit with maybe a good message in some of the films but mostly commercial. So they tend to exaggerate almost everything because exaggeration sells. It is up to the audience to know and decide the good from the bad, the right from the wrong and the real life from the reel life.

Movies cannot be blamed for the wrong mindset of some of today's youth. It is the values that they are instilled with from the childhood that is to be blamed. Parents ought to communicate more and better with the children about the good and evil of the outside world and do so in an understanding manner and not in a dictating manner. Movies will definitely show some vulgarity (again, because it sells) but a person (most importantly the younger generation) should be able to tell that it is merely a marketing gimmick and not be affected by it.

For everyone else, just watch the movie, get entertained, come back to real world, be aware of what's going on around you and lead your life like a good and responsible citizen just as you are taught to do.

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Jitendra Kumar said: (Wed, Nov 26, 2014 02:40:24 PM)    
Hello Every one,

As per my Opining, Movies are made for amusement purpose only, so it will be limited for us to see it as a amusement aspect only not for other thing else. It also do have some advantage and disadvantage as well.

As per Merits: Movies are useful for showing us hidden facts of society, it also made aware about the prevalent issues & upcoming problems in the society etc. Some time, it also become a part of someone's inspiration.

Movies also provided lots of lucrative career like modelling, fashion designer, Martial artist, photo & Video graphic & so on for the youth to achieve their desires.

As per fact that everything always do have two phase such that movies also do have some demerits too. Now days movies are become the part of businesses only which only taken care of earn money, and no long there truthfulness or reality and credibility remain at all. Movies maker are not having interest to showing some reality rather than making money at all.

Now Days, Movies are projecting high dose of vulgarity or crudity rather then showing some reality of every aspect of society, which are making youth's mind perverse and that case their moral value are degrading day by day which also lead to influence them to adopt the evil way for their gratification.

Projecting good and valuable stuffs in movies always become the part of someone's inspiration. And it is also true that Showing some hidden facts & reality of some aspect of nation which is the real worth of all mankind.

Jai Bharat.

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Vikas Singh said: (Sun, Nov 23, 2014 09:33:27 PM)    
Hello everyone.

In my opinion movies have both positive and negative effects. Its all upto you that what you are learning from the movies. Movies will always try to show the real world. And they also try to teach something which is important for our society. Now a days movies are the real way to spread the thoughts and the technologies which are unknown for a normal person. But mostly youth love to see the negative aspects of films. Such as the kissing scenes and flirting to girls. They should learn the way of being a good person as the hero in that movie. They should copy the Good things and spread the good aspects not the bad one.

Thank you.

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Litan said: (Wed, Nov 19, 2014 12:58:43 AM)    
I am in agreement with most of my friends. In most of movies we saw that actress and actor are kiss each other. That scene are copied by boys and girls who are below 18 year and they apply in real life. But they do not understand what will happen. So I think film are corrupting the Indian youth.

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Kuruva,Ashok said: (Sun, Nov 9, 2014 05:19:20 PM)    
Hai Hello friends.

I am Ashok, I doing well at Karkhana in Secunderabad.

I would like to share some information about the influence of movies on youth.

The movies have both Positive things and Negative things. But most of us adapt only negative things from the movies. In my opinion nowadays movies affecting negatively only. Mainly the prestige of teachers decreasing by movies only. Thoughts on girls and womens are very bad by movies. Todays youth are wasting most of the time by watching movies only. Not giving respect to elders, old mans changing our lifestyles, styles and vulgar languages etc. affecting by movies only.

I would like to tell about some of positive effects by movies also like inspiration from movies some of us take only good things only. But our unfortunate that good films we don't watch actually. Some people become courageous and determined persons from movies only. If I tell like this it goes on. So friends my suggestion is watch films for entertainment purpose only, don't adapt bad thoughts, adapt good thoughts from the movies.

Finally I give conclusion for this topic by giving suggestions to the directors and producers, that is don't see filmmaking in commercial way only, but you have to see moral values and good thoughts.


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Riya said: (Tue, Oct 28, 2014 08:46:13 PM)    
Cinema is neither totally bad nor totally good. There are always both sides. It is we who should take what we want. They telecast whatever they want. But it is us, who should take the good ones. It is certain that cinema is destroying youth.

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Lokesh N said: (Sun, Oct 19, 2014 11:17:00 PM)    
I like to say that Movies are not corrupting the youth. Life is an race going on but that time relaxation is important. The films are gives the relations. Lot of movies gives good messages of youth likes that 3 idiots and Ethir neechal (Tamil movie). Its emphasis on family and friends and carrier. So you can watch the film then you get a good things and forgot the bad things.

Some movies gives what is the life. How to make the life in current situation.

The Coin has been two side. So watching the movie but catch Good things so think positively and be a positive. One question for all peoples why we don't understand. Why all movies hero can win. Because he always follows a good path. So why we can follow the good path. Karnan Tamil movies gives the what is Mahabharatam ? What is life. Life is nothing without problem. Problem comes you can go theater c the Movie with a/c enjoyed 3hrs. Forgot that the problem.

All is well.

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Arun Mathew said: (Thu, Oct 9, 2014 10:10:32 PM)    
Movies have merits and demerits. And I advise the all people, getting so much involved in the world of movies is not good for anyone. Our new children must read the books instead of seeing much movies. I finally advise all think about your future and decide whether you need a good happiest life at the very end.

Thank you.

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Anusuya said: (Sat, Oct 4, 2014 10:13:57 AM)    
Hello friends,

Films are corrupting Indian youth or not?

Most of the films depicts the truth of real world and other films depicts the ways to solve the current scenario of our country, some only shows the comedy that is not suitable to our growth we can see that and enjoy nothing other than that.

But considering the youth of our nation they (most of them) think only the heroism behind that and thinks want to act on that.

It is not the right thing, considering the scenario is very important fact should be considered. Youth should have the enough maturity to handle the situation. Not all youth are doing unusual things by seeing the films. Uneducated youth only do the unusual things so India should get 100% literacy.

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Rahul Manal said: (Mon, Sep 29, 2014 11:44:50 PM)    
I think. Films are also responsible to corrupting the Indian youth. As we know films affected on youth & plying important role on youth's mind. And also we know that young man can learn easily bad thing as compare good thing. So I conclude it play vital role towards the attitude of the person. In mostly films collect both things good & bad. Man gain bad thing easily and he will goes in wrong direction for his career. To stop them will more difficult because man do not share his bad works with senior or parent.

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Shubhz said: (Mon, Sep 22, 2014 05:35:00 PM)    
Hello friends I would like to talk on the topic "Films are corrupting the Indian youth".

We are seeing that films have become most important part of our life. People are becoming addicted of movies. Many are also saying that movies are the reasons of misbehaviour of youth. But we should also keep in mind that movies are the source by which youth get inspiration. Many movies show history of Indian culture so that youth can know about Indian glorious history.

Seeing all this I can say that movies are good but up to some limits but if it cross the limits then it may become the reason for distraction of youth.

So there should be control on producing movies so that it will be entertainment.

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D Swati said: (Mon, Sep 15, 2014 03:12:29 PM)    

I am Swati, want to share my views about the effects of film on Indian youth. We all know well that there are two sides of a coin which can't shown simultaneously. So its obvious that a movie can have both some advantages as well as disadvantages. But here I want to mention the influence of movies on our youth.

I partially agree with the fact that films are corrupting the Indian youth. Firstly making of movie is a business. The youth of this era wants to watch the very first show at any cost. So they choose a broker to get the tickets. Here we can notice corruption.

The second think is that the film having action, romance, dialogues is mostly seen by the youth. Activities like smoking, drinking and gambling in high profile lifestyle shown by the film mostly tends the youth to do like that. But it also depict a good message to the society. It depends on the viewer to grab the good or stick to the evil.


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Ruchi said: (Sat, Sep 13, 2014 10:38:07 AM)    
I believe everything has its pros and cons and so does the Movies.

I don't think movies are corrupting the Indian youth instead its easier to give messages and morals through movies. Now-a-days a lots of movies, even the ones from small banners are having good concepts.

They focus on importance of family, friends, career etc. Which largely inspire the youth.

As far as actors smoking, abusing and other unacceptable things shown in the movies are concerned, those are just to make a plot.

I a movies shows the actors smoking it also later shows the bad effects of these.

I think no movie tries to show that these things are good.

They even include a statuary warning in the beginning about these things.

What I think its not the content that is being shown in the movie that affects you, it's how you take them and what's your mentality towards those things which totally comes form what kind of person you are !.

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Devi said: (Wed, Aug 20, 2014 11:49:03 PM)    
According to me the film industry not corrupting the Indian youths. Fans are following the actor for example if the actor donate his eyes means the fans also donate their eyes some of movies shows the Indian culture, some movies is about freedom how we get the freedom. I concluded that film industry has good things.

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Raja said: (Tue, Aug 19, 2014 06:55:33 PM)    
Cinema is the very good technology. It will be used know about the what happen now a days in the world and the other places. Mostly it will create a awarness, like a education, politics and etc. , but it should be also having the some problems like to trigger a terrorism, drinking, smoking and etc. ,

All of them should be in the world but which way we have to see that is the very much important.

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Yamuna said: (Sat, Aug 16, 2014 07:20:41 PM)    
I don't think that movies are corrupting the Indian youths. Movies are a kind of platform where the people show their talent of acting, speaking, dancing, facial expressions etc. It is also a kind of employment for artists. Today many people are surviving their life through film industry.

It makes us aware of different advancements which are coming around the world. It is also a kind of relaxation and entertainment in this busy world. Films can easily reach the people. As there are certain things which should be taken care because it would spoil the children and youth as they don't know good and bad.

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Pallabi Majumdar said: (Fri, Aug 15, 2014 10:38:07 AM)    
Good morning freinds,

Movies makes people creative in some point of view. Movies like Trasformer makes people think in some different way. It depends on people in which way they want to get affected either in good way or in bad. Films refects our real life stories. They show all the bright and dark part of our life. Movies makes our mind relax. When we are stressed we can really watch comedy and make our life enjoyable. All cinemas does not have bad effects on youth.

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Nikisha said: (Thu, Aug 14, 2014 08:43:39 PM)    
In world all the things have its own advantages and disadvantages. In world there is no such type of things exist which has only advantages or only disadvantages. So according to my point of view films has both advantages and disadvantages.

I would like to tell you some points that it has advantages.

1. The main intent of watching film is for entertainment only and all the films doing entertainment.

2. There are lots of good movie which gives us good message like Tare zameen par, lajja, Koi po che etc.

3. Also there are lots of comedy movie, inspirational movie from that movie many people may inspire.

And film has also its disadvantages.

1. For example if some people blindly follow some actor then they think that if he can then why not me.

2. Also according to the mentality of people they grasp bad things or message fast rather than the good things.

3. Some people copied some action scene apply it real life.

4. In some movie if the hero takes drugs and smoke after watching some people are also going to do these kinds of stuff.

So According to my point of view I would like to tell that its totally depend on that person how they take film which is bad or good. For me we learn good message from the film and eliminates the bad message.

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Sandeep Sahu said: (Wed, Aug 13, 2014 02:00:36 PM)    
Hello friends,

Films are a way to show the reality of the society. Movies like 3 Idiots, Tare Zameen Par, The Internship are examples of great moral and encouraging thoughts. Also, adult content is easily available on Internet. So, films are not the only cause of corrupting our culture.

But some movies add sensual scenes and vulgar language only for commercial purpose. These must be censored.

So, films have many positive effects but some restrictions should be imposed to make it better.

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Hema said: (Mon, Aug 11, 2014 03:47:59 PM)    

I don't say movies are bad but I can say they are unhealthy.

For eg, if we have two apples, one is good and the other spoiled half. What would you choose to eat if you have only one chance? obvoiusly, the good one. What is the use of eating the half apple which is not spoiled and getting some side effects?

What I mean to say here is Movies are good but a waste of time. If you people are to say that they are the source of entertainment, of course, there are many others. You can mingle with your friends or enjoy the nature or many such.

So friends my advise is to avoid watching movies and getting involved in risks.

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Ajay Singhaniya said: (Thu, Aug 7, 2014 03:06:16 PM)    
Not exactly movies are corrupting the Indian youth, but it acts as an medium to provide a jump start for the thoughts already in the mind of youth. The thing is everything is in their mind and its up to them what to should be taken and what should be left.

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Delphin Sudha said: (Thu, Aug 7, 2014 02:14:30 PM)    
Films are the important for the Indian youths. Because it gives the some unknowing thoughts in our country. And then it expressed the some natural and the important about the YOUTHS. Then it expressed the what is the wanted to the youths and normal peoples, and then it shows the some realistics moments in the world. And then it gives the some logical needs to the youths. So I accept the movies is not a corruption for the Indian youth.

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Mounika said: (Wed, Aug 6, 2014 10:04:55 AM)    
We cannot say that the films are corrupting the Indian youth because the films are meant to provide only entertainment and they are doing the same. We cannot blame the films always. There were many films which provide great morals even though we will never talk about them. The message from the films may be good or bad because it depends on the way we take it.

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Sawi said: (Thu, Jul 24, 2014 09:25:36 AM)    
Hi friends.

I think films are the medium for entertaining the people of all generations. There are various movies which are inspiration to youngsters. Its our responsiblity to take lessons from that & ignore the bad things. There are too many movies based on politics, educations & inspiring movies which are aware us about the current situations. So movies are the ways for reaching towards the youngs minds for inspiring them not for spoiling them.

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Sandipan Nandi said: (Mon, Jul 21, 2014 07:01:53 PM)    
Hi all,

Film industry is a medium to entertain the people starting from a kid to a 80 year old person. So when we watch films then we get entertained. But now a days there are some films which are providing very good messages to the viewers. That is great. But very often we see that films are trying to glorify the negative parts of our life. For example if we talk about different kinds of addiction we can see that generally the heroes or the protagonists are taking those things like Cigarettes or Liquor and many more drugs as well. I think these things are not good to show on screen.

One may say that there is a statutory warning as a tag on that scene. But that warning stays at the very corner of the screen and no one pays any attention to it. Most of the young guys think that if shahrukh can smoke then why not me; if salman can drink then why not me; If Amir can slide a bike then why not me. One can say that it is not the fault of the films. But if you think on this matter then we will see that these films are indirectly encouraging the youth to do these wrong things. So we must say that there are a very few examples of modern movies which are corrupting the youth unwillingly.

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Rajesh said: (Fri, Jul 11, 2014 09:59:09 AM)    
Good morning friends.

I am in agreement with many of my friends. Well I don't think that movies are corrupting the Indian youths. Movies are a platform to show your talent on a big screen. None will criticize theatre where artists play different roles but when it comes to cinemas on the big screens people divide in their thoughts. Why do we see the bad aspects of cinemas, why can't we see the goodness of cinemas. Its also a stage where actors shows their art, art of acting, dancing, speaking. It makes youth aware of different technologies various advancements. It provides platform to those true actors who are really very good artist. It brings out the various talent within any country. It makes the girls more aware of their rights, make them Empowered.

Yes there are bad aspects also but just for this we can't ignore its good aspects. Even sun which is the ultimate source of energy has some bad rays.

So friends movies are not corrupting youth anyway. Its all depend on us what we absorb from it good or bad thing.

Thank you.

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Vishesh Tyagi said: (Sun, Jun 29, 2014 09:15:05 AM)    
Hi friends.

I want to say to all that nothing corrupt the youth generation. It totally depend on your own thinking how do you think.

Every thing in the society has both advantage and disadvantage. The coin has two side. I My opinion watching movie is not a bad thing but catch the good thing not bad thing so think positively and be positive.

Thanks to all my friends.

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Sasi Kumar said: (Thu, Jun 19, 2014 08:38:38 PM)    
Hai friends,

I am not blame anyone in my point of view that the films are not spoil our thoughts. If you take any things in our world no one has advantage alone. Every thing has some advantage and disadvantage. Some movies teaches a bad things to us and some movies teaches a good things also and also gives us to know a few technologies which we might not be know.

For example take "endhiran" film the directors shows a thing that is the development of technologies. Most of the youth have a chance to know the development of technology and also can obtain some thoughts to do something or create some new thing.

And also some movies shows crime scene. So that the youth who follows the thing which shows in film they can follow the method to kill the person. Its lead to the people to do some crime.

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Dipak said: (Tue, Jun 10, 2014 03:49:08 PM)    
Films are purely made for Entertainment. It gives a big canvas to combine visuals and music to tell a story in an extraordinary way. Films reliefs a tired mind, some films educates. In short it is a form of art that has good things and bad things, everything has good and bad in it. Young people has immature mind they fantasize everything they see and corruption is a wrong word to be used for them. It is influence that they get from a movie, some are bad and some are good.

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Dhiraj Roshan Padhan said: (Thu, May 29, 2014 07:43:23 PM)    

In my opinion film/movie is a great platform of art to show the talent of acting. Common people also get entertained from this. Some people use the films for their relaxation. But there is also a negative direction of film in my point of view. The award ceremonies of film are organizing by using million dollar by both private and Government sectors in India.

But there are still many development works have stopped due to the lack of many in India while million of dollar are using in entertainment program. If that many will use in the development work then the people will get benefited and India will develop. Now India is under development. I mean to say first duty then entertainment.

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Ravikanth P said: (Tue, May 27, 2014 11:06:22 PM)    
Hai friends. I would like to tell cinemas are effecting on youth. After saw a film every person thinks like as a hero and he would like to do as a hero, that means he following the hero mannerism. So if there is good film that means if that hero is have the good qualities then the youth who are following the habits of hero they also think like his favourite hero. Then the youth will change to good way. We have to take cinema as entertainment. It gives us a lot of reliefness from the work. Thank you.

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Ayoosh Singh said: (Sat, May 17, 2014 01:57:46 AM)    
No, films are not corrupting the Indian youth because films give us many types of knowledge and I want to make you sure that films entertain us in in these days the film makers is making all types of movie like politics, sports and much more so we can't say that films are bad for us instead fims makes us passionate and youth of our country also consider this things, yes we can say that many types of films are bad for youth like the movie who based on a gangster life and the films who based on bad things and vlgr things. So we can say that the movie is the part of life and also it is the source of entertainment and joy.

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Himadri said: (Wed, May 14, 2014 10:48:05 AM)    
Movies only are for entertainment. They showcase another world where reality doesn't exist. So they no way should be related to us and our lives. Yeah of course youths now a days are highly influenced. This doesn't make sense at all.

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Rakesh said: (Mon, May 12, 2014 10:20:03 PM)    
Hi Folks,

It's just my opinion and it doesn't meant to criticize anyone.

Movies are meant to entertain the spectators but so many persons are in hallucination that the movies will change the attitude of person, I don't think so because changing of their attitude will depends upon their character and not on external inputs.

If a film containing cruelty on women is showed to a person with good character then he will think that how to protect the women from those rogues but if we show the film mahabharata to the person with disguising character they will wait for "draupadi vastrapaharanam" scene, so movies don't play any vital role in human life it's just a part of entertainment.

The things which are not possible in real life should be reveal in reel life, so thats the main intention of films.

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Pinturaj said: (Tue, May 6, 2014 11:15:20 AM)    
Hi guys.

Good morning, as we that, there is both good (positive) and bad (negative) nature in all things same to same film have also. I think, nowaday film corrupting the mind of youth to show vulgar scenes which is not required, It was less in previous 20 years but it increases rapidly in these day because the youth wants to do same thing as they seen in movie. But some movies are connect with morals life and different character which should be adopted. We should banned such movies which corrupting mind of youth and save the country and will only happened when the youth of country looks forward and watch movie only for entertainment.

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Raj said: (Sat, May 3, 2014 06:10:40 PM)    
There are many movies which are meaningful and some which are not at al meaningful. Some movies gives us good knowledge and good lesson depicting our life, or some are socio-economic based. It depends on what type of movie do we see nd how we take it or implement it in our daily base life. Yes some movies are corrupted based on sexuality, politics which spoils the culture around and gives us negative on society.

As it all depends upon the youth what sort of movies do they watch, are they positive or negative and do they implement in their life.

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Sucharitha said: (Fri, May 2, 2014 10:37:32 PM)    
Hello Guys.

Most of your views are very Good. In my Opinion films are only meant for the Entertainment to refresh and relax in this busy world. The Directors and the producers should make their films to create positive attitude in the minds of youth, children etc.

Do not show vulgar things on the screen that create vulgar thoughts in the minds of the people.

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Kumar said: (Thu, May 1, 2014 11:07:36 AM)    
Yes, it is the fault of the media that Indian minds and being spoiled and corrupted, thus leading to increased rapes. It doesn't matter how some people don't want it to be the case, but that's the reality of the situation, and these rapes will continue and continue to get worse for that reason, until something is done, that's just the reality now.

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Vinod said: (Tue, Apr 29, 2014 07:55:01 PM)    
Hi guys.

Don't blame anyone who said movies spoils youth that's and all old people's psychology,

Movies are doing by the director's just for the purpose of entertaining us don't take serious about what they show in movies that is real life this is real life don't apply those things here if we apply we may spoil. Our life is in our hands no one can decide anything in our life we should decide & design it in right way.

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Suresh Kumar said: (Tue, Apr 29, 2014 03:11:16 PM)    
Hi friends.

I think Films are not a matter, our mind set is the matter. No one will tell you do wrong things, no movie in told spoil your life. Movies is a helpful now a days. All movies not like that, if bad movies is released you don't go. Matter settle. Thanks you.

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Shashank said: (Sun, Apr 13, 2014 09:26:52 AM)    
Movies-they do corrupt youth, what kind of message they give -smoking, drinking, rape, attitude, fight, aggression, flirt. These all messages.

Then how could we support ourself and others to watch.

Director don't know how they shoot the scene like B-GRADE type. What they want show us, what they want teach us, I don't understand"B-GRADE SCENE WHAT MESSAGE IT GIVES US".

"MODERN GENERATION" if you call this as the new generation then I don't want to be the part of this.

We can't even watch these kind of movies with our families. It is the youth who drags the thing by watching all these, if this type of environment he/she will get then defiantly his/her mind gonna be corrupt.

Youth mind is like clay, whatever shape you can make by adding good or bad thing to it.

It is the youth who is going to change our country, if his/her mind is corrupt then our country is going to be corrupt.

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Shivani said: (Thu, Apr 10, 2014 12:55:51 PM)    
I would like to say movies are compute the youth. In movies we has good and bad. Why in our Indian youth must taking only bad things? its the depends upon our wish. We go for good way or bad way. Mostly Indian youth now a days very dangerous because they don't no how to behave with parents. Now youth are very intelligent. Thank you.

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Papai said: (Mon, Mar 31, 2014 08:39:38 PM)    
Its true that especially hollywood and bollywood movies has a major effect in the teenage life and a source of corruption in them. A movie having a positive side and ideas really inspiring to the nation but the movie nowadays are having unwanted scenes such love, crime etc and thus changing their mind. As this is modern generation these thing will come to us. But it is your wish whether you will get in touch with the film.

My point of view is that films now-a-days has taken the time of education and wasting time in work.

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J@Inam said: (Wed, Mar 26, 2014 06:58:01 AM)    
I think we can't 100% blame movies for this. Like in Mahabharata if Duryodhana or Dushashan were not described, then what is need of whole Mahabharata ?

There are many movies, which gives us good messages like Oh My God, 3 Idiots, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Taare Zameen Par, My Name is Khan, Chak de India, Captain America and many more.

It's up to you what you accept and what you don't.

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Shree said: (Thu, Mar 13, 2014 11:51:01 AM)    

I think that we are not in safe environment. Because we here a lot of bad news from various media. All these bad news increased due to the bad mind set - today movies don't teach or guide the living being toward humanity but instead lead towards the 5sense animals. All movie consist of at least one awkward part of dance, Song to cover the youth (with bad habit). Because of this Good Youth too addict to bad habit. There mind set turn toward why not too try for such think.

So I request the Government, directory, film industry, all the Peoples of our society (human being) to take proper action toward building a good nation (only done by guiding the youth towards dignity, disciplined lifestyle, avoid sexual - songs, dance, scenes etc.

Avoid love seen among the child. Child should only have Affection. Love their Parents and Nation & all Human being, & all.

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Hari Prasanth said: (Wed, Mar 5, 2014 02:34:44 PM)    
Hi friends today's cinema has spoiled the youth in a wrong way. Youths are driven by their favorite actors and actresses and finally they end up in a bad behaviour. For instance if one's favourite actor is smoking, he will also be motivated that smoking is some kind of a manly thing and get addicted to it. These misleading activities must be strictly prohibited by government and censor board. This will help the youth to lead in a good way. Thank you all for providing me a golden opportunity to express my views on this topic.

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Suneetha said: (Tue, Mar 4, 2014 01:30:14 PM)    
I agree only 50% with the statement. I left 50% because all films are not bad because some inspirational movies are also taken. I agree with 50% because in modern films girls are wearing too short dresses it may cause effect to youth. But whatever we see we must leave there and we need not to think about it.

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Suhana said: (Tue, Mar 4, 2014 01:20:10 PM)    
I would like to share my view on this topic. Movies are corrupting youth. I completely disagree with it. From my point of view that totally depends on our mind set. Both good and bad will be there. The difference is that we have to choose one thing from it. Just like a swan. It drinks only milk even though it is mixed with water. Therefore it is up to us how we have to mould ourselves by watching the movies. So, we the youth has to confirm that how we are behaving in this society. Whatever the fill we have seen we have to decide whether it impact is good or bad.

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Kapil said: (Sun, Mar 2, 2014 02:26:10 PM)    
Hello friends,

What I personally think that is movies are CORRUPTING the Indian youth. Movies like Dabang, Dhoom shows that voilence and robbery are cool way to take revenge. Many people, especially youth, nowadays tend to copy their favourite actor or actress and in this way, they are abusing others.

It is not like that all movies are bad, some movies are also good, but, they are once in a millenium.

So conclusion is that, the sensor board should strictly take action against such vulgarity and promote good and INSPIRATIONAL movies.

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Surendra Singh said: (Mon, Feb 24, 2014 10:20:11 PM)    
I think movies today had become a essence in modern life with so much stressful and hectic life. Movies also had an impact on youth in both positive and negative sense. Movies gives a broad understanding about different talks and criteria of society to exist in society. These also erupts social issues and make them a through view of understanding the real issue existing and right views to tackle those with higher efficiency. These also act as real motivator to some dreaming higher in life and had got ability to strive excellence in own field.

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Hussain said: (Sat, Feb 22, 2014 07:08:25 PM)    
Most of us watch movies for entertainment and hence the directors and writers get carried away and start filling up a movie with things that don't happen in real life such as songs with beautiful women dancing, thrilling plots of the underworld gangs and many more enticing stories and scenes. They have forgotten the real power of movies.

Movies is not just a tool for mere entertainment but is much more, it has the power to shape the way a person thinks about a particular topic, ex: movies such as "vicky donor" and "omg" talk about taboo topics such as sperm donation and religion and send out a message to the society and its people. Movies of such kind make its viewers stop and think for a minute, these movies convey a message to the audience and makes them aware of the various problems faced within our society.

Such movies will inspire the youth and take them in the right direction and bring about a mature outlook among the youngsters.

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Mallika said: (Mon, Feb 10, 2014 03:13:21 PM)    
The films are corrupting the Indian youth. They are having a lot of impact on the youth. Violence and the other rubbish things were included in the films. The inspiring movies were losing their identity. Vulgarity was increased to a peak. At Least the movies should educate people. But in reverse they are spoiling the youth.

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Jyo said: (Sun, Feb 9, 2014 03:22:14 PM)    
Hi Friends.

Now-a-days people are thinking movies are bad. It's right. I hate telugu movies. They don't know about in what way public will understand the movies. They always earn the money from them. They alway encourage the people in negative way and there is no concept in the movie. Entertainment NOT ONLY from movies we have many options.

Some people's are getting to suicide. Is this useful. It is useful for who thinks always in negative way entertainment if any one coming suicide they do not stop them they see like how he will die. Like as an entertainment.

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Kiara said: (Fri, Feb 7, 2014 01:10:16 AM)    
Hey friends,

Now-a-days, movies are misleading people. Directors and producers focus on how to make their business successful. All they want is to make money, so they include item songs and censored scenes which has become necessary for the publicity of films now-a-days, and are usually enjoyed by people with cheap mentality and illiterates. These movies affect the minds of teenagers too. People should realize that watching such movies provide no useful information or knowledge and so they should be avoided. If people avoid watching such movies, they will not be made!

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Asish Kumar Sahoo said: (Mon, Feb 3, 2014 03:03:20 PM)    
Hi, friends. I also want to add some points to this discussion. Movies are one of the way of entertainment. But what we think, what is our thoughts, are create a positive or negative effect on our youths. Maximum movies are entertaining and good for our society and gives some good message like OMG, KRISH-3. One is spreading a truth i.e. a believe of our society i.e about our mythology and krish 3 gives some message about scientific research. It give some imaginative scientific thoughts to our youth. So what we have to do is we should receive those which gives some good message otherwise we should leave those movies by discouraging the producer to produce those movies which deviate our youths.

Thanks you friends.

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Vidya said: (Sat, Jan 25, 2014 02:16:44 PM)    
Hello friends, are films really corrupting nation, people's minds? The answer will definitely vary from person to person. But in this generation the definition of good movie has changed. They just want full of masala n drama movie. There is nothing to learn from such movies. Govt should have a proper sensor board so that such kind of movies will not get permission to corrupt the nation.

Small children's minds are also getting badly affected because of such movies. There is height of vulgarity in some movies. People see that and then they want to be like that character. That's why today people are doing crime. They don't have control on them. Spread good thoughts, inspire people then only next generation will have good future.

Rate this:   +35   -5

Nagasree said: (Wed, Jan 22, 2014 10:02:36 PM)    
Hi friends!I am a engineering student. According to me, movies effect young minds either in both ways. Like all you people said, good and bad. But think once, are we talking for the results of positive side? If so there is no question of discussing on this topic. Why because we will discuss and suggest ideas or solve topics if they have adverse effects i.e., bad effects. Everyone is not intelligent, good, and civilized. They may be illiterate, bad, foolish and not in ability to think what is good and what is bad. So censor must be strctly follow rules and create rules. Govt should ban them. We too must discourage them.

Rate this:   +12   -7

Mayu said: (Sun, Dec 8, 2013 05:00:11 PM)    
Hi everyone,

In my thought process, everything has a positive and negative aspect. Same as movies also have positive and negative aspects. Aa we see the positive aspect, the movies are being as an entertainment part and it tells us about real happenings of the world. When we talk about negative aspect, they show all sort of harassments and usage of drugs, etc. But anyways. Its all upto us whether we take only good things or vice versa.

Thank you friends.

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Moulika said: (Sat, Dec 7, 2013 07:36:07 PM)    
I am thinking that now a days people don't know which is good and which is bad. If some one says anything about good qualities they are feeling bore. Some part our film industry become business field. For good movies the collection was less and for a bad movie which was giving a bad message to destroy the lives of person it gaining a lot of money.

So in school days only we want to inspire the minds of children in a good way. The people should not allow bad films into theaters.

So our government want to take care about it. So I am advising you please don't waste your time by watching bad movies. Spend time to watch movies which is inspiring us.

Rate this:   +35   -6

Sahana Jain said: (Tue, Dec 3, 2013 03:11:17 PM)    
In my opinion, film is causing distraction to the youth. I wonder why youths are so mesmerized by the glowing box and the actions present within it. I agree that films do promote good things but its like a rose in a rose plant full of thorns. Its the human nature to get attracted towards the negative aspects than to the positive ones. But there are more films promoting negative things. So I kindly request all the youths to be in there limits as far as this matter is concerned.

Rate this:   +22   -5

Divya said: (Mon, Nov 25, 2013 11:05:05 PM)    
Even small children are seeing movie, so it should give good message. Since they cannot differentiate which is good or build. Movies are not taken even to entertain or to convey good message it becomes business.

Rate this:   +24   -7

Sajendra Verma said: (Wed, Nov 20, 2013 07:49:18 PM)    
As we know that movies have also both positive and negative things like all other things but matter is that what we choose positive or negative points. Nowadays it has taken a role of epidemic among all. We remembered that to become good person there is a need of many good things but only one bad thing is enough to be bad. So we should invoked only good things on self from every movies.

Rate this:   +17   -10

Ram said: (Wed, Nov 13, 2013 10:01:19 PM)    
As my point of view today Indian movies are going in a worst way that is always going in the commercial way.

And to movies will very helpful when the persons are getting stressed and for the youth it is better.

As considering now a days movies are helpful when taking a +ve point from the movie.

Rate this:   +12   -9

Akhil said: (Sun, Nov 10, 2013 04:42:00 PM)    
Movies are created to provide refreshment and recreation to people. Not only for recreation, they create awareness about happenings in our surroundings. But now a days movies had a great impact on not only youth but also on children. Impact mainly depends on us, any movie will have bad and good and it is ourselves should able to distinguish between them. If we take positive things in a movie we definitely have a positive impact.

Now a days, creation of movie become completely commercial, no body is thinking of the society they thinking only about money. There are also movies that make us to wake up. On the other hand film industry is giving livelihood to many artists, technicians etc. Coming to the point of youth, youth is a part of life where we get much to enjoy. In any stage of life, we do not have that much power and enthusiasm and also time to watch movies. Youth as a grown ups, they should make themselves to grasp good things in a movie. Movies has a power to make the world and break the world.

Rate this:   +58   -6

Somik Sarkar said: (Fri, Nov 8, 2013 06:51:01 PM)    
See, films has a great impact in our life. And it also have some good as well as bad effect in our society. Good thing is that if someone got some inspiration from a particular movie that would good. As an example : if someone watch hrithik roshan's film a dream about to make a good body like him. That's good approach but if someone starts follow him blindly that would be dangerous for him.

So in conclusion I want to say that first we the young generation should have to realized the facts and know the difference between films and real life otherwise it's not possible to change the whole thing in one night. Perhaps parents should help their children to understand that.

Thank you.

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Fraz Ahmed said: (Thu, Oct 31, 2013 11:21:24 PM)    
In my opinion the impact of Indian movies are very bad on Indian youth and also on the youth of other countries now a days Indian movies are playing a very wrong role and destroying the youth and I think it is one of the main causes of increasing ratio of rapes in India Indians movies are nothing but taking the youth in a very bad & wrong direction.

Thank you.

Rate this:   +15   -12

Ishan Rathore said: (Wed, Oct 30, 2013 11:50:43 PM)    
According to me cinemas have a great impact on our society. If there are good films that are inspiring so the youth of country is inspired. But if there are films including love, crime, sex, murder so the fellow youth of the country is doing so. India's youth is, like a pot of wet mud, in which shape you have to make it, it's up to you. So, films should be made inspiring and positive.

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Bhupesh Sahu said: (Wed, Oct 23, 2013 12:03:58 AM)    
Hello friends, now a days Indian-cinema is breaching the cultural values of India. They are just roaming around topics like love, crime, sex and they are pictured in such a way that it forces youth to think in that manner only. This seems like they are involved in this unnecessary things instead of thinking about their country. Films like satyagraha, aarakshan are not promoted at all whereas crap movies like chennai express, aashiqui 2 and lot more are leading the gross profits although they have demotivating stories.

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Manisha said: (Sun, Oct 20, 2013 10:26:48 AM)    
Hi, Movies are playing vital role in today's youth life. Movies takes us to the world of fiction, to the world which is not real. By seeing the moving we all wonder in that world which is fake, they lead the effect unreality, we also tries to do the same thing try to follow the same path which is seen in movie, it is usually not good. We think a ourselves to be great. Instead, of we should dare to ourselves. Although good things can be hired, but we highly refuse them. We acquire the wrong things more. Although we are big enough to differentiate between good and bad, wrong and right but we still get influenced by it and it lead to a bad effect on our character. As we talk about god'which we get from movies, we can also take from else where.

Every one knew movies is just a wastage of time and movie which are precious to all. And is affecting our youth or country future adversely and leaving a bad impact. From my and many other of acquaintances movies are just useless.

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Janaki Devi said: (Sat, Oct 19, 2013 08:43:11 PM)    
Hi everyone from my point of view, nowadays films are having a great impact on our economy. Most of the children are getting addicted to it. Instead of taking the films on useless stories, they can have some moral in their story so that the people will be entertained also learn something from the film story especially the illiterate people. Its depend on us either to improve our knowledge or else having a negative thoughts over the film industry.

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Nidhi said: (Fri, Oct 11, 2013 05:20:29 PM)    
Hi, nowadays movies have greatly affected youth s mindset. They are getting influenced by movies rather than taking inspiration from them. God knows how central board for film certificate issued certificate for movies like-grand mast, kambakht ishq etc. Thus now it's time for youth to enter into parliament and change it.

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Astha Pandey said: (Wed, Oct 9, 2013 11:55:32 PM)    
Hello Friends,

In my opinion, movies are the best source of mind refreshment or we can say entertainment. We youth are always waiting for upcoming movies of our favorite actors even we know it is waste of time and money. But, we do it. So, most of us are the regular viewers. And its totally depend on us which type of movie we are selecting to watch. As we go to watch it not it come to us.

So, movies are not totally responsible for corruption. If the viewer is selecting such kind of movie to watch then definitely he is corrupted.

I concluded that movies are only partially responsible for corruption as some times they also inspire us in positive way. It depend on us, we are taking it in which way. And we youth are mature enough to decide what is good or what is bad.

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K.K.Hema said: (Wed, Oct 9, 2013 08:43:07 PM)    
Hi friends,

I'm HEMA, an engineering student.

In my point of view, movies/films only have meager good effects on youth. Mostly, it has adverse effect on youth. Certain scenes like robbing in the film dhoom or scenes like eloping with someone like in the film Jab we met, initiates people/youth to do the same thing in real life. I do agree that there are some other films which makes youth to realize about their position in life, which also leads them, to be successful in their life. BUT We cannot totally blame the movies, it also all matters about the mind set up of youth. There could be both good and bad things in films, but good things must be taken by them, all other bad things should be neglected. Step must be taken to forbid all the pornographic movies or video clips from internet, because use of internet has been widely developed and it is also being used by all age groups, so easy access to these films may destroy their mind. Thus in my point of you movies can be watched and enjoyed, and forget all about it at the end of the film.


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