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Jivan Sathe said: (Fri, Oct 2, 2015 05:15:43 PM)    
Politicians can work better if they have deep knowledge of the root causes and remedies on those problems. And it is possible only by the education so All the politicians must be graduated to their respective area of politics.

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Sahil said: (Fri, Oct 2, 2015 02:39:35 PM)    
Hello everybody.

Its great to see you all participating with such enthusiasm, but let me ask you one thing, how does a person's educational qualification has any connection with the mindset and the opinions of the person, say for example: our honorable prime minister Shri Narendra Modi is not well educated, but after all he is taking measures to improve foreign relations, while many of you may think he is having world tours and all. But its helping our country in many ways.

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Rahul said: (Thu, Oct 1, 2015 03:56:46 PM)    
If a candidate for a particular job is to be educated why a politician shouldn't be educated because he has to do the biggest job to run world's largest democracy.

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Soumya said: (Wed, Sep 30, 2015 07:57:18 PM)    
According to me education is must for every politician because the person is responsible for the growth and development of whole country and this is not possible without proper education.

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Pawar said: (Tue, Sep 29, 2015 11:46:13 AM)    
Hello friend.

Education is important for the all political person because education is this power is create anything and destroy anything. Thinking power is developed with taking good education and some cation, development planing. So on is to be think. I am sagest graduation is compulsory for all the politician.

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Chandra Kishan said: (Tue, Sep 29, 2015 09:59:52 AM)    
Hi friends,

As per my view's the politicians must be graduate so that they can understand about the route cause of the problems. A person who is not educated how can he rule. How can they would take the correct decision? We can see a lot of example in Indian history that we have been facing the problem only for basic facilities like water, electricity, home due to some uneducated politicians.

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Bhaskar Tejaswi said: (Mon, Sep 28, 2015 12:45:16 PM)    
When the constitution makers wrote our constitution, they did not put any clause regarding educational qualification for people for a good reason. It was because the leadership qualities of a person cannot be judged by how much a person has studied. It depends on the work he does for his constituency and and his decision making capabilities.

If an educational qualification is made mandatory, it will forbid people from remote areas of our country who have worked a lot for their society but could not make it to a school due to some reason. Knowledge can also be earned through experience but we don't have a formal degree for that.

An argument is often put forth that an illiterate person make a sound judgement. Let's be honest, even after having a bachelor's degree, we cannot be sure of the decisions we make. Politicians have groups of academics to give their suggestions and with the help of his/her own experiences, he/she can take decisions.

Also, intentions of a person are more important than his qualifications. Even if a person is well educated, he can still indulge in corruption.

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Akash said: (Mon, Sep 28, 2015 12:15:40 AM)    
Hi guys,

In this era education is very important for everyone. Politicians are those people who are chosen by crores of people to run a country. In this era a uneducated person is not able to handle himself he had to take help of others he is actually a dependent person in many of his works. So do you think that a uneducated person who is not able to handle himself can handle a country of crore of people.

So there must be a minimum qualification for politician because these people have the life of crore of people.

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Piyush Khanna said: (Sun, Sep 27, 2015 07:18:38 PM)    
Also one additional point to this topic is that when the ministers are educated they are strong enough to become a man in action also any important decisions related to the country or some major issues can be solved by him or her without consuming major part of the time.

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Rakesh V said: (Sun, Sep 27, 2015 11:07:21 AM)    
Hi everyone,

In my point of view education is the right of every citizen of this country as this is the only way to eradicate poverty & for development of the nation. For a politician its becomes very important to be educated because he/she is responsible for making right decision in the right time.

And in this modern world, to compete with other nations it is very important to have well educated politician who can manage diplomatic relations with other nations & also work for the development of the country.

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Rupesh Kumar said: (Sat, Sep 26, 2015 01:49:34 AM)    
In my point of view education is not necessaries for politician only know about what is the condition of nation also know about how to developed our country and how full fill public issue.

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Komal said: (Sat, Sep 26, 2015 12:42:35 AM)    
It should be the most essential for the politicians because the should have knowledge about there field they should be at-least graduate and know how to tackles the problems.

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Athul Nath said: (Fri, Sep 25, 2015 05:37:51 PM)    
Yeah, in my point of view education is needed for politicians. Then only a bright future rise. I repeat in my point view there is something going bad between protocols. For eg. The Bureaucrats well qualified well disciplined but in some special occasions they should have to bide to obey the illiterate uneducated leaders I was watching since my first news watch. So education is the best wealth in the planet than anything.

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Harshada said: (Fri, Sep 25, 2015 01:27:05 PM)    
Hello friends.

My name is Harshada Khopade.

According to me for any growing nation education is most important aspect in all terms. Politician should be with higher education because many leadership attributes are gained through education. Leader with no education can not cope up with the change hence it hinders country development.

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Komal said: (Thu, Sep 24, 2015 08:31:19 PM)    
Education qualification is necessary to be a leader to develop a nation in my point of view education is essential in politician qualification because he/she is the one who owns the responsibility to take decision.

The politician should have minimum educational qualification and must have good knowledge because knowledge gives right decision and development of nation is possible. Educated politician will also think about other people.

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Piyush Khanna said: (Thu, Sep 24, 2015 02:15:20 AM)    
According to me, the politicians should at least have a criteria to be eligible enough to be a politician of the count.

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Sandeep.Patil said: (Wed, Sep 23, 2015 08:32:22 PM)    
In my view the politicians should be at least graduated. The should not have any criminal background. Most of them should be social worker. They should have some of the specialty in there work. They should have experience in some of the social activities or they should have worked in some of the social groups.

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Pravin Chauhan said: (Wed, Sep 23, 2015 05:01:25 PM)    
Hello friends,

This is a good topic for discussion. According to my view, as we know that education is more important for all the people even thought politician. With out education we are same like as a frog in the well, take a example if we want to become a software engineer we have to complete some degrees, same as if any one want to become politician, government have to make some rule to pass that degree. Because our whole life and our country development is totally in hand of politician. So our politician should have educated.

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Shubham Verma said: (Mon, Sep 21, 2015 10:49:26 AM)    
Hello everyone.

Education is good for everyone, but its good when you utilize it in a correct way. For all the politicians education should be made mandatory. Best results could come out making the nation as well as the people using advanced technologies. Eg - The concept of bullet train in India. The PM has took the initiative to make India sophisticated and lead to better development.

Even without a qualification the politician in earlier times ruled with a correct judgement in all aspects and all were in favour not against it. So whoever is appointed, he/she must have a good knowledge of judgement, correct utilization of powers and a support from public.

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Ashwini Gharge said: (Sun, Sep 20, 2015 10:34:27 PM)    
Education gives us broad mind new way to look towards the problems. Education always helps to change our thinking as the changes happened around. So for politicizes I think educated politicizes gives best way for nations problems.

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Koushika said: (Sun, Sep 20, 2015 08:33:31 PM)    
Hello everybody.

In my point of view education is most important to politicians because education will lift them to take decision in proper and useful way. And most importantly it will so easier for them to represent their ideas to everyone in a decent manner.

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Kratika said: (Sun, Sep 20, 2015 02:33:33 PM)    
Hello friends.

Me Kratika Gupta.

According to me education give us the ability to explore our idea's, increases our knowledge and enhance our thoughts towards society and people. Hence if our leaders are educated then they can innovate their ideas more and can implement programs more efficiently, which can provide a high rate of growth to our country.

So there should be a minimum level of educational qualification should be mandatory for getting a ticket and take part in election as a "leader". Because a leader by winning election becomes a minister or MP OR MLA he/she has to run a "Administration", to run it efficiently he/she must have good knowledge of administration and also have faith and knowledge of our constitution.

So I think there should be a kind of skill testing exam should be held for politician so that their thinking toward citizen of India, thoughts for the growth, and idea's and the must skill that is "" LEADER SHIP "" skill should be tested. Most important thing is the skill testing exam must be transparent.

Thank you.

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Shafna said: (Sun, Sep 20, 2015 10:53:23 AM)    
According to my opinion there is no need of certificates or graduations. But they should have enough knowledge and experience in India's democracy, constitution, culture, and the development. But how can we know that politicians have those. So there should be test regarding this and a cut-off. So than respect towards them will increase.

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Pranita said: (Sun, Sep 20, 2015 08:28:40 AM)    
I completely agree that educational qualification is necessary for politicians. It is the need of the hour. Most of the politicians we have are uneducated. Some also don't know how to give their signature. Education is all about learning and making new and better things out of it. So education is must for politicians.

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Kapil said: (Sun, Sep 20, 2015 08:15:13 AM)    

Education is most important in our life so our parent spend lot of money for their children's education. Education is a basic need in human life like home, food etc because the world is moving towards digital world so if want to see our self in this world we need education. Now we comes to point education qualification of politicians, if a normal person can not live his life without education so how can they, they are our leader they should be well educated.

Education gives a wide and deep understanding of any issue of a human life. But one point is important that we can not define one's behavior by his educational qualification. So I think there should a minimum qualification criteria for politicians they represent our country in the world and for good representation and good growth can be done by a good education.


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Biswajit said: (Sat, Sep 19, 2015 08:44:49 PM)    
Hello everyone.

I am Biswajit and I have some opinion over this topic. I think that politicians should have a well and educated mind regarding about our government rules and regulations like democracy systems. So for a well and good politicians, a higher degree certificate isn't necessary because if we implement this rule then a politicians can buy it from a well reputed colleges or institutions as like buying vegetables in the vendor shop which the left hand game of some notorious politicians not for others.

On the other hand we can also say that there is no criteria to scrutinize them on the basis of the Government rules, democracy system like etc. So for this, people must be beware for this our politics and this is in their hand.

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Shubham Verma said: (Sat, Sep 19, 2015 07:52:17 PM)    
Hey guys.

Well coming to qualification of a politician, A politician plays a role of a normal citizen plus a politician. He/she must be qualified in order to provide the best knowledge to the nation that could help them to protect the people from other greats. We can take the example of APJ Abdul Kalam being the ex president of India, he played the role of both being a normal citizen understanding the problems of the people and a scientist i.e. missile man providing the nation with hi tech technology. This not only helped our nation to withstand with other well armored nations but also gave a great contribution to the youth.

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Saikumar Velagapudi said: (Sat, Sep 19, 2015 07:02:43 PM)    

My name is Saikumar. In my view education is fundamental right to every citizen. If we observe historical events and kingdoms the kings also learned the moral ethics in addition to their regular qualifications. This type of education must be implement in our country because today most of the politicians are demagogues so in order to bring change in politics this law must be implement in our country.

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Rohit Rajput said: (Sat, Sep 19, 2015 06:38:13 PM)    
It does not mean that well educated person is with good habits and most important being a nationalist, In a world most of the example we have seem, As per my thinking no need of qualification, everyone can give a chance to participate.

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Rohit Rajput said: (Sat, Sep 19, 2015 03:35:16 PM)    
Hi friends,

Even in olden days where the education is not given much importance the kings used to rule with good educational qualification. Where as now it is much more important to get educated.

As a leading representative to some lakhs of people he/she should be educated. Now a days the uneducated politicians are appointing the personal managers with very high educational qualification to help them. It was also good to some extent but the appointed person may have the chance to wrongly utilize the power of the politician.

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Rohit Rajput said: (Sat, Sep 19, 2015 03:24:04 PM)    
Education is very important for politicians because we can't hold the state or country in the hands of uneducated people. This may stop the growth of a country by taking improper decision made by politician.

For Ex : In Loksabha or Rajyasabha we see the politician shouting like anything for passing their bill and also throwing shoes on each other which are sign of uneducated people. So, for the growth of country politicians should be educated.

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Amarnadh Reddy said: (Sat, Sep 19, 2015 03:20:10 PM)    
Hi, this is Amar.

In my opinion politicians are must having educational qualification is related about politics. In that case they can think individually and change the society at the same time experience also required to do better things compared to other regions.

In conclusion politicians is better to having minimum educational qualification it is useful to our country.

Thank you.

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Shanmukh said: (Sat, Sep 19, 2015 11:05:58 AM)    
Hello friends,

According to, my point of view education is necessary to every human being come to the politicians it is very important as they should solve problems in different situations rather than appointing personal managers for all problems he should also have some idea that how to solve those problems. So, education is important to politicians.

Thanks & regards,


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Chandan Mishra said: (Sat, Sep 19, 2015 10:31:18 AM)    
Hi friends. From my point of view there is non need of degree for politicians. Because if we talk about their degree so they can buy it from any institution. So there is no need of degree. I support only how the leader take efficient decision in any time of instance. So that leaders have more experience about their field.

Basically degree shows how you alter yourself from studies. But the real fact behind the good leaders is having more knowledge about his field. If they have more knowledge about their field. So they can do any type of work in any type of hardly situations. However I want to support the experience not need of degree.

Thank you.

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Mohammad Umair said: (Wed, Sep 16, 2015 11:49:00 PM)    
In my opinion there should be an educational referendum for the politicians as it will not only help them in understanding the situation better but as well as it will make them disciplined which I think has become necessary seeking on various events like one in up parliament.

Overall, if a leader is educated then it will form a clean image in front of the people of the country and people will try to take part in the politics actively and the young leaders with well education could come up in front and make politics clean, holy and work oriented rather than caste oriented.

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Animesh Mal said: (Wed, Sep 16, 2015 05:50:14 PM)    
From my point of view, politicians should have educational qualification. When politicians are educated they can do their duties efficiently. Educated politicians can't be manipulated by others. They can able to solve complex problems. Their behaviour will be good.

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Babli said: (Wed, Sep 16, 2015 02:23:36 PM)    
Kind of higher degrees is not required for the politicians from the incident times. The politicians are coming from various background, it may be family tradition or their willingness inspires themselves. A man need to be very careful about the situations he is passing through.

So to handle any situation the experience is enough, there should not be any higher or lower degrees. So it can be say that he must be educated as much that could help him not to stop in his way of politics, but he does not require very much degrees.

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K.Raghavendra said: (Mon, Sep 14, 2015 08:30:41 PM)    
Hello everyone,

I want a add a point to the above discussion is that, every politician should not be a degree holder because if we ask them for degree they buy it from the institutions for them it is like buying vegetables from the market.

They should have a basic knowledge about the government system for what it was meant for and what are the main objectives of govt while contributing to the development of the country.

Final conclusion I want to give is that instead of asking for degree they need to test the ability of the competing politician. And I think it won't happen in INDIA, because politics is a business. I hope for the change in coming years.

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Poumai said: (Sun, Sep 13, 2015 11:39:41 PM)    
Education is important for politicians say graduate degree at the least because they are administering people, for that they need to keep updated what is happening around the world. Since it is a globalized world anything happening outside the country can effect the country.

For this every politicians should posses good education and knowledge to govern and lead people correctly. Moreover the world is changing very fast and if they are not equip with knowledge their principle or philosophies will lead to bad governance.

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Vishal Kumar said: (Sat, Sep 12, 2015 04:07:14 PM)    
Hello everyone,

As per the topic I truly believe that politicians should be selected on the basis of their qualification. A IAS officer is selected after a lot of hard work and on the basis of intelligence and at last they have to work under those people who hardly have passed their schools which is injustice to the talented people of our country who works so hard to get a good job but some uneducated politicians of our country dot bother of the development but instead looks for some shortcut way to make a money this is why corruption poverty is increasing day by day we need good government consisting of educated people and with good legislative laws.

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Sajo Samuel said: (Sat, Sep 12, 2015 02:36:09 PM)    
The education is the only way to get more knowledge. In my opinion also the leaders should want educations but it is not the number of degrees and certificates. An politicians must have good knowledge about the nation and the place they represent. In our today conditions most of main leaders don't know the English language.

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Sanil Philipose said: (Sat, Sep 12, 2015 02:34:09 PM)    
A politicians should be well educated. Because a well educated person can lead a government in an effective way. Politicians should be well educated as well as they have an idea about new things. Government must take steps in terms of politician's educations. A proper background verification should be done.

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Tijo said: (Sat, Sep 12, 2015 02:33:39 PM)    
Education helps to think logically and take the guts to do something for the improvement of our country. They were not educated our country will tend move downstairs. Each member is responsible for the growth of our country. They were just try to get some money by negative ways. Take individual responsibility to go on.

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Nisha said: (Wed, Sep 9, 2015 05:40:53 PM)    

Non-Educated politicians are main obstruction to our country's development. Government must take the step in terms of politicians education. Our politicians should have the master degree related to the field for which they are appointing. Education helps us to think out of the box, practically and very important how we can utilize our available resources.

Our politicians always depends on others opinion to take any action. Even, they don't know about their rights and responsibilities as well. So, I am not able to understand that why they come in politics, if they don't know anything about our country. They come just to earn lots of money, by hook or by crook.

In conclusion, I will just say our politicians must be educated to take the necessary steps and actions for our country and their citizens.


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Gohil Karansinh said: (Tue, Sep 8, 2015 08:21:13 PM)    
Hi friend,

Education is important but first think about in political his background. In India many people are un educated but this mean no he has no knowledge so I think in politician show all thinks that should be as a leader.


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Sasikala said: (Tue, Sep 8, 2015 04:17:09 PM)    
I am Sasikala.

Education is an important in our life. But they current scenario politicians are not educated. They can educated they easily handle in any problem, easily communicate to people. Politician is educated they have developed in our country. Mainly gain some knowledge. They have use the knowledge to learn how to organize the people.

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Aravindan said: (Tue, Sep 8, 2015 10:01:12 AM)    
According to me more than 50% politicians in India are not qualified to lead the state/nation. The minimum qualification for MLAs, MPs & Ministers should be above IAS/IPS. Presently even the security of the present politicians are mostly well qualified (IAS/IPS) and it is ignorant that these IPS/IAS officers are compelled to do whatever these politicians asks them to do, even dance to their tunes. These politicians even do not know to speak in English. While travelling abroad they cannot interact with their counter parts in the visiting countries properly.

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Satish said: (Sun, Sep 6, 2015 03:03:21 PM)    

Education is very important. We all know the selection processes for various government sectors or company (PSU's) e.g. When a person apply for the post of clerk in any government company we all aware about the criteria. And process. So the persons those run our country why not have a such processes and educational criteria?

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Afzal said: (Sat, Sep 5, 2015 10:51:33 PM)    
As we all know that our constitution book is having the most pages over the other constitution books in the world. But don't have to be proud on this record because despite having so many pages, points, protocols, rules, etc. It doesn't having any point related to the educational qualification for the politicians. In ours esteem country India there is minimum qualification of 8th standard for a government Dustman but there is no educational qualification criteria for the most powerful persons of our country that is the politicians.

Many politician goes to the other countries for representing our nation but can't able to speak English properly. These politicians is selected from our country and goes to the other country and there if they not able to speak English properly then the people of that country makes the perception that if their leaders is like that then same quality their country's people have.

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Archana said: (Sat, Sep 5, 2015 05:58:29 PM)    
Hello friends,

I think education is necessary. We all know that we are live in technical generation and we all need new things in our country to develop our country. So, education is what we learn a new things and then we getting an ideas about that particular things so we apply them and creating new innovation and representing them. So according to me politicians should be educated as well as he/she have an ideas of new things.

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Mithu said: (Sat, Sep 5, 2015 10:58:12 AM)    
I think education is all about necessity, which helps you to communicate your society. Our politician or our minister should have a degree that he can execute his idea broadly or more efficiency in development.

But I think nowadays politician growing up highly as a result many undeserved people are eating job from deserving people who are very hard worker. It is very easy way to become a politician weather you are criminal or 10th fail. I think we are the reason for this corruption and we change ourselves immediately instead of avoiding.


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Vicky said: (Fri, Sep 4, 2015 04:45:37 PM)    
I agreed that there should be educational qualification for politicians or eligibility test of some kind for them to be eligible for contesting elections.

I believe, after all we are electing our representatives, who are to decided our future and the future of our country. Politicians which don't have any knowledge of issues of national interests, how they are expected to run the country. The person who doesn't know our culture, traditions, and most importantly about the problems which the country is facing has not right to represent the people in my opinion.

Some kind of eligibility test like CTET, NET etc should be made compulsory for contesting elections and this test should be taken by ECI to ensure transparency and this could be one of the solutions, otherwise just fixing educational qualification as graduate or post graduate will not help, as everybody knows taking paper degree will not be difficult for politicians.

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Subhash said: (Fri, Sep 4, 2015 02:15:35 AM)    
Hi all,

In my point of view, after so many years of independence we are still lives in a developing country where there are many problems exist. Poverty, illiteracy, corruption and many more. All these problems could be solved only if our politician and law maker are up to date in all the way.

First of all the politician must be well educated in their field and get trained well to perform. Proper background verification should be done. Most important thing is we the voter need to well aware about politician.

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D.Ranaadheer Raju said: (Wed, Sep 2, 2015 07:32:23 PM)    
Hi friends,

Education is nothing but of to develop our mind it develops our mind change our behaviour. Now what am saying I think most of the MLA's and MP's other did not speak English or other languages here the meaning is some of the politicians did not wt degree for MLA and MP others they are all grew up with some am not discourage all just am saying about qualification but really they are all have a good leadership they maintain well whatever now I'm saying please know what degree for politicians its not only for politicians its for all here the motto is education is not a spoon feeding its your own responsibility it changes your life so all of the people try to understand about education.

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Sneha said: (Wed, Sep 2, 2015 06:26:15 PM)    
Hi everyone,

According to me, educational background should be one of the criteria for qualifying or disqualifying a person for being a politician. Having said this, I don't completely agree to the fact that having a bachelor's degree or a PG degree is sufficient. The person's ethical and past background must be thoroughly checked and evaluated so as to ensure that the person aspiring to be a politician won't be corrupt once he assumes the designation as a minister.

Criminal background must be checked to ensure that the person has a clean past background and is not entering into politics just because he/she is not able to find any other job because of this reason. Also, an attempt should be made to verify if that person really has an interest to selflessly serve people of the nation.

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Akshay said: (Wed, Sep 2, 2015 08:35:42 AM)    
Hi friends,

I am Akshay. I think for politician to get enter into politics there should not b any education limit on that because any one can have good leadership qualities n other experience but when he is applying for any minister post at that time he should have certification in that field. For e.g if any politician wants to became Sports Minister then he should know max sports and he should me specialist in at least one sport.

Thank you.

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Keerthi said: (Mon, Aug 31, 2015 09:31:31 PM)    
Hello everyone.

What you people said is correct. I'm not denying you but I would like to add on that, a politician to be a successful leader he should possess some minimum education, qualification. Not only education but he requires some moral and ethics kind of qualities so that he can understand the problems of the citizens and respond accordingly.

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Mac said: (Mon, Aug 31, 2015 12:06:07 AM)    
Education is necessary for politicians. I think our leaders should have the basic qualification. I don't think a twelfth pass out would have much experience or knowledge of current scenario.

Politician should be a graduate. And I agree with some of my mates that yeah scientists, doctors, etc anyone can be politicians. Leadership qualities are not developed in one day. A good leader is one who understands his own flaws, works upon them; should be a good listener, and has the ability to change things.

There's a difference between a scholar and educated person, what I believe is that a politician should be well educated in order to control and lead our country.

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S Shrivas said: (Sun, Aug 30, 2015 03:50:10 PM)    
I think education is very needed for politicians, because if there is a calamity, or disaster happened then how to handle that situation needs a qualified mind, and also if the political member is not educated then how he can understand to use the new technology for the development of the nation, an illiterate person can't never brought change in the nation, so, I think education is very important in political systems as well as for politicians.

Thanking you.

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Shri said: (Fri, Aug 28, 2015 08:46:00 PM)    

According to me education is always good for everyone, either politicians or mango man. And I think politicians should be educated because they represent our country in front of the world. They are the leader of our nation they have some responsibilities.

The education means not like "he should be a degree holder" but at least they have some education qualification I think there should be some qualification criteria for politicians according to his job or should I say post.

It provides help for developing our country. We all know educated person are handle many problem easily more than uneducated person. Politicians make lots of decision for people so they must be educated.

I accept experience is also good but before experience education must. For example: In our collages 1-5 sem we learn about our field then they give us chance for training why? Because learning is important. At the last I want to say, only educated person should be politician.

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Rahul Sharma said: (Fri, Aug 28, 2015 09:20:25 AM)    
Education is important for all of us so for politicians too. As India is a democratic country everyone has several rights here, so we can't make mandatory for all of the politicians. Also politics and education is a different qualities. We can't judge politicians on their education qualities because politicians should have leadership and other important qualities.

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Maner Arifa said: (Fri, Aug 28, 2015 08:38:28 AM)    
I think education is needed but mandatory. For example someone having BE degree but he does not handle any situation at any time. He required some experience also. Disaster is happens in any state then how he overcome from this situation he need previous experience.

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Mamidi said: (Thu, Aug 27, 2015 06:21:04 PM)    
According to me, Education is the most important every Human Being, it's not only for Politician because our government rules didn't know most of the people. What are the rules have been kept by government how can follow there rules, how we can judge the government if they take wrong decision these all things people should know. And coming to politicians, our government has been preferable only educate persons. Because most of the politician they are doing there jobs only they didn't came to serve they people and there villages.

Friend's one thing must and should know every one. "If Politician's are educate persons there is use less MLC elections keeping by the INDIAN government".

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Anju Shinde said: (Thu, Aug 27, 2015 01:21:09 PM)    
Hello friends.

My opinion is education is very importance for human development when the politician that time very important because that time leader is born & When the leader that leader at least 12th education & known the language are spoken in India & he/she is handle the country that time leader is well educated it help the growth our country.

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Amit said: (Wed, Aug 26, 2015 11:11:13 PM)    
Hi this is Amit patil.

According to me every politician has to have minimum educational qualifications. Politicians are the people who governs the whole country, if they are well educated they will have the idea or knowledge about the present scenario and will act accordingly the scenario. In case if politician aren't well educated they won't be knowing about technology and other stuff which is necessary for development of our country.

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Rishab said: (Wed, Aug 26, 2015 09:47:10 PM)    
A few things we need to keep in mind when talking about making educational qualification for politicians essential in India, are is it viable, is it democratic? and some other key terms. Now, examining the current scenario in India, we find that not all politicians are well educated. Yeah. Some even have fake degrees. Educated leaders are the need of the hour for a developing nation like India. It will not only help all sections of the society but our economy too. It is, in fact a very viable solution. But there is another Side to this argument too.

Making educational qualification essential for all politicians deprives people from a poor or backward region the chance of holding office. It is, frankly speaking undemocratic.

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Kritika said: (Wed, Aug 26, 2015 09:16:18 PM)    
Education is extremely important for politicians, because they are the ones who become the role models for so many people, they're the people who frame policies and help new ways to implement them, they're the ones who give a vision to the country.

Now if we give a broader perspective to the situation, we need a minimum qualification even for a sweeper's job. Does he need to apply any formula to clean the floor? it's just the enlightenment that education provides. Therefore, there should be a minimum qualification for politicians.

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Abhijit Saurabh said: (Wed, Aug 26, 2015 11:46:41 AM)    
I agree to all of you but my opinion is education is very important for politician. Politician is an educated then he describe the needs of people and growth of our country.

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Shri said: (Wed, Aug 26, 2015 01:49:46 AM)    

According to me education is always good for everyone, either politicians or mango man. And I think politicians should be educated because they represent our country in front of the world. They are the leader of our nation they have some responsibilities. The education means not like "he should be a degree holder.

But at least they have some education qualification I think there should be some qualification criteria for politicians according to his job or should I say post. It provides help for developing our country. We all know educated person are handle many problem easily more than uneducated person. Politicians make lots of decision for people so they must be educated.

I accept experience is also good but before experience education must. For example: In our collages 1-5 sem we learn about our field then they give us chance for training why? Because learning is important.

At the last I want to say, only educated person should be politician.

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Nikku Singh said: (Tue, Aug 25, 2015 02:12:18 PM)    
According to me, Education become a most important parts of life. In present everyone give us a competition in every field. So competition become tough. We all need to hard-work.

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Pooja said: (Tue, Aug 25, 2015 12:54:22 PM)    
Education is must and we also need a government in India who can lead the huge crowd to lead technically not emotionally. We have been always parted on the basis of various criteria which need not to be mentioned.

Even a poor is now doing great endeavors to climb the mountain of backwardness, discrimination, illiteracy and poverty. It is also a fact that today also many are starving and die due to no medication facility. But that doesn't mean to keep the politicians uneducated.

It means if even a poor person is toiling to bring change and, that they very well know that can be brought by proper education only, then why these people will be uneducated? Also every minister should have proper knowledge of hi field which implies their education is required now.

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Diksha Goyal said: (Sun, Aug 23, 2015 10:47:35 AM)    
Hello friends,

As we all know that education is a very important part of the country. India, in which country we try to educate every poor child then the people who are going to rule this country or we can say going to develop this country, how can we take their qualifications so easy. At least they should know the condition of country and what are the factors which can improve the condition of country qualification should not based on only degree, it should be based on their quality of leadership and their way of thinking about each category of people who live in this country.

As many people in our system have fake degree so if we goes on the basis of degree we can never understand actual qualities of the person. As we know now a days Jitendra Singh Tomar having fake degree was MLA of Delhi government. So educational qualification should not be only criteria for a politician other factors are also effect our countries requirement.

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Pavan Kumar said: (Sun, Aug 23, 2015 02:07:56 AM)    
Education is something which teaches the sense of right and wrong to people. I'm not saying that uneducated people don't have sense of right and wrong but education gives a broad way of understanding the same. And being a leader, he should be able to understand a few things which only a educated person can. So at least a minimum education of class 12th should be made compulsory even if not some higher degree.

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Ash said: (Sat, Aug 22, 2015 01:38:44 PM)    

According to me, education must be mandatory for all politicians. It is because politicians are one who play a major contributions to the development of nation. If he is well educated then he will be more efficient in generating more ideas, ways, management and many more. There should be specified education limit for each politician, so that he can give his best in that particular era.

For example, for education ministry if one is educated then he will be aware of various education field, its pitfall, lack and can implement the necessary solutions for it. It is only possible with open thoughts, self esteem and helps to leave behind the political thoughts which mostly harming the nation at most.

Thank you.

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Saim Ali said: (Fri, Aug 21, 2015 11:15:55 AM)    

In my point of view Politics and Education are not similar it is two different things. Education is one of the medium to identify the wrong and right thing, So it is not mandatory that a politician only educated by the literature, history geography, rather he should know how to help the people of a largest democratic country through good service and punctuality and maintains the good behavior and relation with them. Politician not to be a good teacher and this is not his role.

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Suman said: (Fri, Aug 21, 2015 09:48:58 AM)    
I support @Shwetha Ayyagari that it is best idea that by giving the training to the politicians after the election or training before the election makes the politician a better in all accepts like security issues of the country and more secret issues of the country and the plan is like after the nomination is given to the election commission that they are send to the training and no personal prompting is given for the election by the politician but all the promotion for the politicians are given by the election commission that leads for lot of money save and the better parliament is formed.

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Jithender Reddy said: (Fri, Aug 21, 2015 09:21:50 AM)    

Education qualification is important to the politicians. The candidates who are elected as politicians if he/she is well educated the can think/resolve the problems which are occurring in there constituency whether they can report in the assembly to take major action on it.

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Sabitha Kumari said: (Fri, Aug 21, 2015 01:28:05 AM)    

I say up to certain extent education is important. For example we can see our former Prime Minister of India Mr. Manmohan Singh well educated and was and economist of India earlier. Presently we can see Mr. Narendra Modi qualification. Overall political leader must have over all exposure on economy, gross national product, employment, technology and culture.

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Salman said: (Thu, Aug 20, 2015 10:29:46 PM)    
Hello friends,

My opinion is there is no need for politicians to have educational qualification. There are many people who say education qualification is necessary. But there are many instances to prove them wrong. It was a former chief minister of Tamil Nadu Mr. Kamaraj, who was a good leader who did not have his education but was the one to implement compulsory schooling to all children below 13 in the mid 1980s along with the mid day meal scheme to attract the poor children. Where did all this idea come from? Was it because of his educational qualification?

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Imran said: (Thu, Aug 20, 2015 10:27:32 PM)    

I believe politicians has to be educated. As, they represents our country to other country in this green planet. I believe educated means not getting degree certificate, it has to be helpful for people of our country in terms of development such as nations economy (imports &exports) , technology in defense, technology in agriculture, IT sector, automotive sector, power generation by different modes other than renewable energy, control measures in terms of population and pollution and many more.

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Joni Rajput said: (Thu, Aug 20, 2015 05:09:04 PM)    
Education is really necessary for everybody either he is a common or political party related person. At least there should be a minimum qualification according to post. Second thing a political leader should have good communication power and understanding and decision making skills so that he/she can understand easily the problems. At least if a leader is not so educated then he/she should be honest and should be able to resolve issues of people.

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Naresh Kumar said: (Wed, Aug 19, 2015 03:00:27 PM)    
Education is important being a politician he should have a knowledge regarding the current situation and should be have a regular interaction with people and should not show is powers to a common citizen he should be kindhearted to everyone and he should deserve for it. Language is another important for a politician he should know at least the common language spoken in India and the politicians are the pillars for our country.

People should encourage there children for politics so the next generation can have a educated and qualified politicians so there will be a possibility to changes in our country and development in nation.

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Shrikant said: (Wed, Aug 19, 2015 02:14:32 AM)    
There should be qualification criteria for politician. If a simple government office peon need educational criteria why not the person who is responsible for country. The bureaucrats are IAS/ IPS cadre and with whom they are working are illiterate.

The minister who is responsible for education is not even graduate. I do agree experience is important so the education. One can not negotiate experience for qualification. Especially for the position where they are dealing with country.

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Muniyandi said: (Tue, Aug 18, 2015 09:55:00 PM)    
Hai friends I am Muni.

In my point of view education should compulsory for all politician leader, because a well educated person can lead a government in a effective way and easly understood the problem of public. Now a days Indian citizens are selling their voting rights for money. In our nation who have more assets they can became a political leader.

They are buying the voting rights of our citizen by giving money people choose a not suitable leader. It is far away for a wise man to became a political leader. My suggestion we should keep some criteria for a candidate to became a political leader and contact entrance exam to the candidates otherwise people should choose a ideal person.

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Bazz said: (Tue, Aug 18, 2015 08:16:43 PM)    
In my opinion, education is mandatory to be a politician. Education helps polish skills and enhance leadership qualities. A well educated person can definitely help accelerate development of a country. Today when Indian politicians are taken into consideration, most of the common people have a bad picture of them in mind. To change this view point we the coming generation needs to bring a CHANGE.

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Yusuf said: (Tue, Aug 18, 2015 12:27:56 AM)    
Hello everyone.

First of all I would like to say that there are four basic needs of a human being. Food, clothing, shelter and education, and without these basic needs its very difficult to survive in today's world. A well educated man can run a house in a far more better way than an uneducated man. So if an uneducated man cannot run his house properly, then how can anyone expect from him to run a state or a country. An experience person could be called as well trained not educated and there is a huge difference in both the terms.

Experience can teach him how to do it but education will teach him When, where and how to do it. Certainly there should be an eligibility criteria for politicians. I am sure an educated politician will run the country in a much better way. In my opinion, uneducated politicians are becoming a constant barrier in success of this rich and amazing country.

Thank you!

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Kaushik Sankrityayan said: (Mon, Aug 17, 2015 11:41:32 PM)    
Hello friends,

Yes, it should be mandatory to have minimum qualification norms to become a politician. The first reason is they are the person who handle the responsibilities and if they are not qualified then how can they understand various scenario of economy. To get any kind of job we need to have minimum qualification required then why not there is any minimum qualification requirement of politician.

According to my point of view a politician should be qualified because an educated leader manages, organizes, motivates and directs the country for continuous growth. And they also take right decision at the right time. An uneducated person can run the political system with the help of his experience but he can't manage the work's properly as like an educated leader. Education of politician must include the knowledge of agriculture and technology means he should have all the necessary knowledge for the overall development of the country. It is not necessary that he has a number of degrees but he should be aware whats going on in the world.

He should have good planning skills and decision making capability, he must be able to understand the problem related with the people and country and able how to handle them. Due to illiteracy our ministers and politicians doing fake politics they do not works for public service and they also depend on govt officers for English speech and many other works. As far I think education qualification is must for public delegates.

They should and must have minimum qualification because if the leaders will visit the foreign country, they should communicate in English only and they must gather information about their country and their technology to develop and change our country in various ways.

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Rohan said: (Mon, Aug 17, 2015 10:40:34 PM)    
I agree with Anusha's point. It is not only the education which makes a politician good leader but also he or she must know what people need from him in this democratic country.

Rate this:   +15   -4

Ramya said: (Mon, Aug 17, 2015 10:05:15 PM)    
I think it is not about the education but it is how they handle the situations. Now a days we are seeing in the assembly, I will not specify the names, most of them are literates. Instead of solving the situations in the state, they are fighting, shouting at each other, behaving as they like.

If this is the case there is no difference between a literate and illiterate. Education teaches us how to live in the society. When there are any conferences with other countries they need to talk with them in English, at that time education is must.

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Patil said: (Fri, Aug 14, 2015 11:08:48 AM)    
Lets see friends, if our bike punctured we went to puncture shop and take out puncture, similarly car servicing, marketing, shopping etc we do near the people who does not have the qualification in their stream but they have experience. Many tailors does not did fashion designing, most of the farmers does not have agriculture degree even they do different vegetables and we eat them.

This shows experience is more important than qualification. As it is a group discussion the negative points are if we are not well then we prefer doctor with qualification instead of local doctor with experience because we care our self, similarly nation is like our health if we do not care then we only the people who will suffer. So the minimum qualification for politician is required.

Rate this:   +34   -6

Sanny said: (Thu, Aug 13, 2015 10:05:10 PM)    
Hi guys,

In my opinion politician should be well educated because politicians are those people who are leading our nation. So they have many responsibility. An uneducated man how much can do.

And we know that that education is the true power. A pen is stronger than a sword. So politician should be well educated then he can understand the power of education. Education is only thing which can solve many problem like high population, pollution etc.

Politicians have to make many decision at a time. No need to say that an educated man can do better than any uneducated man in this case. An educated leader can do proper utilisation of power. So every politician should have minimum degree in any field. Its necessary.

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M.Kumar said: (Thu, Aug 13, 2015 12:15:52 AM)    
Yes education is one of the main aspect for every individual. Every individual in our country should be literate. Education is important for everyone, so it must be important for our leaders.

A well educated person can easily understand the problems of the youth. I guess there must be a entrance test regarding politics is well so that a deserving candidate should apply for politics.

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Mohammed Nawaz said: (Wed, Aug 12, 2015 12:59:35 PM)    
Hi friends,

Many people thinks that a particular language is enough for a life for an individual. (For example: Hindi, Telugu, English, Arabic, etc) But when the time comes to read or write anything they keep their mouths shut. You can write or read only when you are educated means (i.e. literate) when one normal individual can't serve his life without education then how it can be possible for a "politician who is going to run a state or a country or etc". Today or else tomorrow he/she may become a "Prime Minister" "Chief Minister" or "any other Minister".

So, according to me a politician should have a minimum degree in any field. (its must) I hope you people may have heard this "idiom" that the pain of a educated people can only feel by an educated people.

Thank you!

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Yashushi said: (Tue, Aug 11, 2015 01:16:23 PM)    
In my point of view every politician should need a minimum qualification. Moreover its very important too. In other countries all politicians were educated and developed their countries too. But why in our India the most of politicians were uneducated? And its still called as developing country.

Rate this:   +7   -5

Azeem Khan said: (Mon, Aug 10, 2015 09:28:10 PM)    
Politicians must need qualification. There should be some fixed minimum qualifications by state government, and should have also not criminal case against him or her.

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Pankaj said: (Mon, Aug 10, 2015 03:40:46 PM)    
Dear friends,

I am Pankaj from Ambala.

I think that a politician must be educated politicians are the pillars of our country. So that leaders should be educated. I'm not telling that they should be well educated, but they should have at least basic qualification. So that they can guide the nation in right way. Its helps them to understand problems and find solutions for that particular situation efficiently educated leader can display his skills more effectively.

Rate this:   +12   -2

Abhijeet said: (Mon, Aug 10, 2015 08:47:16 AM)    

Education is not important if someone has a good knowledge about their particular area and have a faith to have a good things for our country and our society then they must give an opportunities. And till now what these educated people done? The one who deserves should get an opportunities.

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Fxvinay said: (Sat, Aug 8, 2015 12:49:06 AM)    
This modern life definitely need educated politician because if politicians are educated they will be able to better understand the country's current situation and requirement and their will be quick decision making. May be this is not enough, who knows his intention is making money so his background is very important.

Thank you.

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Dinesh Kumar said: (Fri, Aug 7, 2015 10:39:36 AM)    
Good morning one and all.

This is Dinesh Kumar. There may be many points discussed.

My view is, education is the weapon for modern human. Education is important to politicians because they are the leaders who are going to help us in many ways. But sad thing is now a days in our country most of the politicians are uneducated. So, there should be minimum education qualification to politician.

Thanks for the opportunity.

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Nikhil Dhoot said: (Fri, Aug 7, 2015 08:41:19 AM)    
According to me politicians should be educated. For every person who want to become a politician there should be some minimum qualification fixed by the government and that to above graduation so that these people have some knowledge about the world and our economy. Also just having bookish knowledge is not adequate we should also have our politicians to be civilized so that they show a friendly relation with public whom have elected them.

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