Verbal Reasoning - Venn Diagrams


The main aim of this section is to test your ability about the relation between some items of a group by diagrams. In these questions some figures of circles and some words are given. You have to choose a figure which represents the given words.

Some critical examples are given below:

Example 1:

If all the words are of different groups, then they will be shown by the diagram as given below.

Dog, Cow, Horse

All these three are animals but of different groups, there is no relation between them. Hence they will be represented by three different circles.

Example 2:

If the first word is related to second word and second word is related to third word. Then they will be shown by diagram as given below.

Unit, Tens, Hundreds

Ten units together make one Tens or in one tens, whole unit is available and ten tens together make one hundreds.

Example 3:

If two different items are completly related to third item, they will be shown as below.

Pen, Pencil, Stationery

Example 4:

If there is some relation between two items and these two items are completely related to a third item they will be shown as given below.

Women, Sisters, Mothers

Some sisters may be mothers and vice-versa. Similarly some mothers may not be sisters and vice-versa. But all the sisters and all the mothers belong to women group.

Example 5:

Two items are related to a third item to some extent but not completely and first two items totally different.

Students, Boys, Girls

The boys and girls are different items while some boys may be students. Similarly among girls some may be students.

Example 6:

All the three items are related to one another but to some extent not completely.

Boys, Students, Athletes

Some boys may be students and vice-versa. Similarly some boys may be athletes and vice-versa. Some students may be athletes and vice-versa.

Example 7:

Two items are related to each other completely and third item is entirely different from first two.

Lions, Carnivorous, Cows

All the lions are carnivorous but no cow is lion or carnivorous.

Example 8:

First item is completely related to second and third item is partially related to first and second item.

Dogs, Animals, Flesh-eaters

All the dogs are belonging to animals but some dogs are flesh eater but not all.

Example 9:

First item is partially related to second but third is entirely different from the first two.

Dogs, Flesh-eaters, Cows

Some dogs are flesh-eaters but not all while any dog or any flesh-eater cannot be cow.