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Directions to Solve

In each of the following questions two statements are given and these statements are followed by two conclusions numbered (1) and (2). You have to take the given two statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts. Read the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the two given statements, disregarding commonly known facts.

Give answer:

  • (A) If only (1) conclusion follows
  • (B) If only (2) conclusion follows
  • (C) If either (1) or (2) follows
  • (D) If neither (1) nor (2) follows and
  • (E) If both (1) and (2) follow.


Statements: Some actors are singers. All the singers are dancers.


  1. Some actors are dancers.
  2. No singer is actor.

Only (1) conclusion follows
Only (2) conclusion follows
Either (1) or (2) follows
Neither (1) nor (2) follows
Both (1) and (2) follow
Answer: Option
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Chiru said:   1 decade ago
Tell me the solving of syllogism problems in another way,rather than Venn diagram approach.

Priyanka said:   1 decade ago
Here it is given that some actors are singers and every singer is a dancer so actors are all dancers.

Its just like a=b,b=c then a=c.

Riyaz said:   1 decade ago
Hello please we Need some fast sloving method needed. Who's know Tell me Here Friends.

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