Verbal Reasoning - Cause and Effect

Exercise :: Cause and Effect - Introduction


In this type of questions two statements are given. Out of these two statements one may be the cause and other the effect or either these two may be independent causes any effect or independent effects of any cause etc.

The following examples will you a clear cut idea to solve this type of problems.

Example 1:


  1. Ram's father was ill.
  2. Ram brought medicine after consulting the doctor.

Answer with Explanation:

As Ram's father was ill, he brought medicine on the advice of doctor.

Therefore, I statement is the cause while II statement is the effect.

Example 2:


  1. The Central Government has recently declared to finish the rebate on farming.
  2. The Central Government faces financial loss on account of giving rebate on farming for the last few years.

Answer with Explanation:

As the Central Government faced financial loss on accounts of giving rebate on farming for the last few years, therefore, they declared to finish the rebate of farming.

Hence statement II is the cause while statement I is the effect.