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Directions to Solve
Each question consist of two words which have a certain relationship to each other followed by four pairs of related words, Select the pair which has the same relationship.

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Mervin said:   1 decade ago
I think Soldier : Student both are different trades as ARMY : LOGISTICS.

Aditya said:   1 decade ago
What was the logic/analogy in this question?

Nikhil said:   1 decade ago
What kind of analogy do these words have?

Surabhi said:   1 decade ago
Ajay and Gowthami are correct

Neelanani&dea said:   1 decade ago
Yes, I Agree with gowthami.

Vinay said:   1 decade ago
Yes, I Agree with gowthami.

N Varshitha said:   3 years ago
Yes, correct, Thanks @Ajay.

Deep said:   1 decade ago
@Surabhi you are right.

Pravin said:   6 years ago
I agree @Ajay.

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