.NET - Windows Controls

How can we disable the context menu for a TextBox control?
The TextBox class contains the ContextMenuStrip property. When we set this property to a dummy instance of the ContextMenu class, the TextBox control is unable to provide any context menu on the right-click of the mouse.

How can you move and resize a control on a Windows form?
You can make use of the SetBounds() method to move as well as resize the control on a Windows form.

What is use of the DropDownStyle property of the ComboBox control?
The DropDownStyle property changes the style of the ComboBox control. It consists of Simple, DropDown, and DropDownList as its values. When you select Simple, the list of items are displayed as a ListBox control. When you select DropDown, the list is displayed in a drop down style. When you select DropDownList, the list displayed in a drop down style and you cannot edit its text.

What is the difference between pixels, points, and em's when fonts are displayed?
A pixel is the lowest-resolution dot that the computer monitor supports. Its size depends on user's settings and the size of the monitor. A point is always 1/72 of an inch. An em is the number of pixels it takes to display the letter M.