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Wipro Technical And HR Interview Pattern
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Wipro Technical And HR Interview Pattern


1.Tell me about yourself
(A brief description of yourself followed by what your technical skills are)

2.I'll first ask some questions on Software Engineering, followed by those in C and then about your projects.
(Though I didn't mention SE in my resume nor did I mention any project in SE, he was keen to ask questions in SE)

3. What are the different models of SDLC?

4. Differentiate between Spiral and Incremental model?

5. What is the disadvantage of Incremental model? Give an example to explain.

6. What do you mean by the Design phase? What are the tools that can be used in this phase?

7. Coming to C, what is hashing? Why do we use hashing and not arrays? How do we implement a Hash table?

8. What are function pointers? Give the syntax for the same.

9. Why do we use pointers in C at all?

10. You know about structures and union. Why is Union used? Give a real life example in which you'll use union?

11. What is SSL?

12. What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

13. Explain two of your projects (one should be FYP).

(This round took around 20 minutes)

HR :

The interview was such that no prior preparation could be done. The only preparation required was for questios like why did you skip some companies. If you say you skipped 6 companies for Wipro, you need to convince them why did you do so for a company like Wipro. They too don't expect that you'll give that kind of answer. you should just have a reason behind your selection of companies.

1. Tell me about yourself. She picked up some points in between and asked about them.

2. (We were asked to fill a form containing our details, including strengths and weaknesses) She asked about the weaknesses. Tell how you are trying to overcome that weakness.

3. What were the companies whose tests you took before Wipro?

A. Oracle and Convergys.

4. Why not TCS and Infosys?

5. Why Wipro now? How can it help you in building your career?

6. Are you hopeful in getting into Wipro?

7. My questions end here, do you have any questions to ask?

(I asked about the difference in the nature of training provided two months before joining Wipro and the three months training provided after joining Wipro.)

(This round took around 15 minutes)
The questions in HR were easier as compared to the those asked last year as they involved knowledge about self only. What I judged was that they were looking at communication skills, clarity of goals, strengths and weaknesses.

These are the questions I remember. Though there were some more based on my answers.

There were 2 round in the Interview:Technical and HR
The process is that they would take both Technical and HR
interview into consideration.It's not like u get through Technical and then attend HR interview.

Technical Interview: (25 Minutes)

I said my interests are Operating Systems and DBMS

1.What is a process and what is thread

2.What are the advantages of thread,how does the multithreading look like

3.What is MultiProcessing and Multitasking

4.What is a stack and Queue and its applications

5.Which one out of (stack , Queue) do u use for Infix and Postfix

6.What is indexing,what are the advantages and Disadvantages of it.

7.What is DeNormalization,where does it have it's application

8.What are the Different Objects in DBMS ( i didn't answer it,she said Objects are Views,Sequences ....)

9.What are Self Join and Outer Join,where do u use it.

10.Give a Sql Query which uses Outer Join.(she gave me 2 tables and question on it)

Finally, She asked do u have anything to ask?

1.I asked that Wipro has Development Centres in Bangalore,Chennai etc...So at each place,do u concentrate on Single Domain like Product design services at one place,IT consulting and services at another place or would u work on differnt Domains?

2.Does it have the Clients which come for the O.S Bug Fixes?

HR interview:(15 Minutes)

Formalities like Excuse me ma'm,may i come in??,Good Evening Ma'm....

1.It was not routine like tell me about urself but asked my family and wat does my father do...

2.Did u attend any interviews

3.I mentioned in my CV that i am glutton,i eat a lot ....So the question is do u eat a lot..

4.So how do u pass time...

5.why u have chosen IIIT and Computer Science?

6.If u r an employee of Wipro and How do u explain to other's about Wipro?
Ans:I said wipro is Technology Service Company. It has development Centres in Bangalore,Chennai,Hyderabad in India and U.S.A,canada,Australia,Japan etc... It's Vision is to become Global Top 10 Technology Service Company by 2010. (Here she asked so u have gone through website and I said yes). It provides customer solutions for wide range of services like Finance,Banking, Product Design Services,Business Process Outsourcing...

7.Why Wipro
Ans:Explained that i would like to join a service company rather than a product company.Also I said that I met some seniors who joined wipro and they told me that "if u want work,enjoyment and Development,then Wipro is the place to be". I said finally that I was inspired by the philosophy of Wipro i.e "Challenge to the Mind and Rewards to the Soul".

8.Tell me in one word that would describe you?
Ans:Commitment. I said that i am committed to my work. I give my best to the job that I take up and I won't give up until I taste the success of it. (I think this is answer which has impressed her).

9.Will u give ur 100% efforts if u join Wipro?
Ans: Yes ma'm definitely. Wipro is giving me a job and already said that I am committed to my work. My work is my job and I will be committed to my job.


What they see in you?
1.Confidence - how best u r selling urself to the company,the confidence that u have,
2.Content - Wat you are saying is believable or not.Are u saying it in routine manner or in a different way.
3.Enthusiasm - Do u really like to join the company.R u enthusiastic enough about the company.
4.Commitment - Do u have the right kind of attitude and committment in work.

Then u r the person to be in Wipro.