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Tech mahindra Interview Experience - 11/07/2019 pune
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Priyanka Jaiswal
Position: Technical engineer.
My engineering field: Information Technology.
The company conducted 3 rounds:

1. Online aptitude and essay writing test.
2. Technical interview.
3. HR.

1. Online aptitude and essay writing test:

Online aptitude test was quiet easy. Even if you have medium knowledge you can easily clear the round. 

After clearing aptitude test essay test appeared. Those who has not cleared the test has to leave. In essay test one random image appear and we have to write eassy related to that img.

Just make sure your grammar is proper. Don\'t use complex word. Try easy English. Main focus is on grammar and vocabulary, content doesn\'t matter that much.

For aptitude prefer Indiabix and RS agrawal. Try to do their online test. For essay try writing about random things Atleast 20 lines.

2. Technical interview : In Technical interview they asked engineering subjects data structure, is, DBMS, prepare them really well. 

Go through your resume, you should know everything which is in your resume. Confidently answer everything. Even if you don\'t know answer clearly say sorry I don\'t know rather than blabbering.

3. HR: HR round was very friendly they asked question about relocation, shifts etc. 

Strength and weakness. Just be your normal loving self don\'t try to fake they\'ll easily capture you.